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Swagbucks LIVE

Swagbucks LIVE for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Prodege. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely love the game, but only 4 out of 5 stars for Hal -- he starts the timer on the questions before he starts reading them, and he needs to turn up the volume on his mic. I have my volume turned up to the point where it blares if I go to another app, but I can still barely hear him.
I enjoy using the swagbucks Live app. It's challenging and fun. Update still enjoying the trivia games and esrning SBs. Update, still going strong, earning and emjoying. Most of My Christmas shopping will be covered by Giftcards from Swagbucks. Update: Same as above. I love this game and app and earning SB for giftcards
Swagbucks Live is fun! I'm just waiting for them to hold a STAR TREK SWAGBUCKS LIVE EVENT! The host has stated on several occasions that they would, but not so far!!! The app occasionally has comm delays and you can't hear the host, but fortunately, it's only been occasional. In addition, they could more often increase the total value of Swagbucks that are available to the tens of thousands of weekly participants. And why not hold an occasional sweepstakes that would award a couple of thousand Swagbucks to a few participants?
Overall it is a good game . I do agree that there is enough room on the screen to get more separation between the answer buttons to avoid accidental taps. The other issue is that when it glitches on the last question you get kicked out of the game. When this happens SB should make it up to the players that it affected. It happened to me the night of the 5,000 prize and I would have gotten 400+ SB , but only walked away with 8. BOO HOO.
It's free and not really hard, one or two hard questions out of 10. Revised: okay unless I'm an idiot, slightly harder then my first game.
Fun and easy way to earn Swagbucks. Swagbucks and Swagbucks live are Legit companies. Wish they would get rid of the robot on Swagbucks live as it's annoying. Other than that, I Highly recommend both.
Update 07/08/2020. I still enjoy playing Swagbucks Live! There have been issues where I missed a question because I was not given the full ten seconds. Or issues with technology in general. This is my first time getting all the questions correct. The questions are quite challenging. I recommend to all trivia fans.
It can be a fun way to spend time and make a few cents. Sometimes has connection issues and those can be frustrating, still entertaining when it runs smoothly. Dropping 1 star because of the pain they are with requests for review, both in app and in email, months after I've already reviewed. Love Swagbucks but don't need the spam
It's fun to get swagbucks even if you don't win and learn new things. I do wish we were allowed to change our answers in the 10 second period also having the 10second window after he finishes reading the question. Alot of the time he doesn't finish reading the question before time is up.
Pretty much the easiest trivia ever played so unless you're actively trying to lose you're practically guaranteed to win. Payout though is, on a good day, around the equivalent of 65-75 cents. Free pocket change though so if you have nothing to do, may as well right?
It's fun to guess the answers to the trivia questions. Doesn't seem to pay a lot, but I don't make it to many of the games. When I do, my internet connection disconnects and get disqualified. I've won a few sb, but takes a lot to get the gift card's. All and all it's a fun game
This is a fun little game to build up small amounts of SBs. There are a lot of complaints about the sound, but I don't use the sound at all. Do wish they would actually start at 8:00 instead of 3-4- minutes later.
I play as often as i can, sometimes its glichy and other times its fine but no matter what its fun and when i dont know an answer i still stay in the game for the swagbucks, and when i dont know the answer i learn something new. A little netter in the gllitch department
The game usually runs smoothly and the host are entertaining. The questions themselves range from ridiculously easy to incredibly hard. If you use the Swagbucks site you should play Swagbucks live. You will typically pick up about 5 swagbucks for playing the game, which equates to 5 cents in real money. That being said, I can't help but think that the game is rigged to keep players from winning a lot of money. There are a total of 10 questions in each game and approximately 20,000 players competing for a share of the $1,000 prize. By the end of the game there are usually around 4,000 players still left in the game. The last question of the game is often one of the easiest questions of the game and yet many "players" miss it. What I have a problem with is how can so many people answer all of the questions throughout the game and then miss the easy question at the end. I mean players correctly answer questions the host even says are obscure knowledge questions and then miss a question a 5 year old should know at the end. Anyway, if you enjoy trivia games this would be a good game for you to try.
It's fun even if I miss a question or 2. I love getting the bonus swagbucks. The most challenging part to me is remembering to show up on time! I like to listen to the questions so I don't miss a NOT. It would be helpful if the buzzer didn't go off before he finishes reading the question. That's the most frustrating part right now.
I really love SB Live, except that the clock starts ticking before the question is asked. I think the question should come first and then the 10 seconds.
This is a very fun & fast Trivia Game. It only last about 15 mins but is an awesome way to earning extra Swagbucks! The host & prize money could definitely be better but overall I am a repeat player still.
Difficulty of questions seems entirely random - sometimes too easy and sometimes too hard. The faxt that the grand prize is split between everyone who won makes this activity worthless, as you will only win 10-20SB, at best.
Swagbucks Live is a fun and quick way to win swagbucks by answering some trivia questions! Most questions are easy. Even when you get one wrong you can still win bonus SBs.
You get a few cents per play, every little bit helps. Yes they take forever to start a game, but they are waiting on people to join. Yes they wait to give you an ad before the last question... They gotta make their paper too...it's all part of the marketing. This is still pretty fun playing and especially my wife and I do it together, it's just plain simple fun.
This is fun game, no strings attached just answer trivia questions theres 10 questions they're usually randome but sometimes have themes, the host Hal is very funny and wacky and a great host. The only issue I have (hal...,) is that theres been some questions that I knew the answer to but hal didnt finish asking the question before the time ran out to pick an answer- so there has been some games I would've won and gotten all the answers right if I had enough time to pick the answer- but I like this game mostly because hal is so cool
Swagbucks live is a really fun little extra that swagbucks offers to its users. You won't win a ton, but I just play for the entertainment. I never miss the Friday afternoon game.
Fun game, & you win points that adds up to money! Still playing it over a year now be like games Comfort over your home this is it . I'm still playing and it has improved so much!
It's fun, and it is nice to earn swagbucks even if you don't win a share of the grand prize. It takes up 15 minutes or less, and you should end up with a minimum of 5 swagbucks even if you lose. There are ten questions, and once in awhile I learn something new. It is definitely worth playing when you have the spare time to do so.
Nice trivia game, but the prize amount is small. You're going to be sharing the prize amount with thousands of other players. So the amount you'll get is pennies. However it will help towards your daily goal, if you're really hardcore about Swagbucks.
This is a fun way to earn SB. My only issue is that the game is scheduled to start at 8pm but it actually started several minutes later. Long enough for another couple thousand people to log on. This was a little frustrating
No one can login if it's logout by mistake I was loging my account but it was showing to verify number and otp not come. Then I sign up from my new I'd of Google I sign up it show this email is already login ed then i tried to login then i done forgot password and no email come I sign up from my friends email they doesn't play then also it show already exist account
Sometimes the game works great & sometimes there are glitches. The game is fun though. During the pandemic it has been Hal doing it all. I can't wait until we can see all the hosts again back in their studio. I miss seeing them all!
Love, Love, Love Swagbucks live!!! The app worked great with no lag at all. I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends!!!
This is such a fun way to pass time and definitely something I look forward to every evening during the week. The bonus points are awesome and the questions are sometimes challenging...but that's a good thing! Swagbucks always finds a way to keep me entertained and allow different avenues to earn gift cards that really come in handy!
Fun trivia. I'm not good at trivia so it's nice when they have the easy questions on Monday. I've won a couple of times! I do have one complaint. There are some long questions and I can't even finish reading them before the timer runs out. The host should read the question first and then pop them on the screen for those long ones. I don't have many issues with the app and when I do, they tend to fix the problem fast. Hal's been a real sport having to take over the game since COVID. Good job Hal!
Awesome app to earn from knowing trivia. Their game is Monday to Friday. Monday to Thursdays' games are at 8PM EST, Fridays' games are on 3PM EST. You earn SB from their game, along with their website, will help you earn gift cards and PayPal cash. I've been a member since 2010 and I love their trivia game.
The game is fun and entertaining. I don't win often, but you can always make a few Swagbucks for answering questions right. The hosts are all amusing, and the Pandemic version of the game with just Hal as host is also pretty fun.
I enjoy the questions but all the extra talk makes me crazy. It's one thing to explain the answer but the insescent chatter makes me want to turn off the sound & just read questions myself. My daughter also plays & she complains of the same thing. Ten questions could easily be done in 6-8 minutes but instead it's almost 15. Drivers me nuts. When it goes back to live people, the girl is so annoying I do turn off the sound because her talk is like nails on a chalkboard.
As long as you can find a way to remember that this activity is at 7:00 every weeknight, it's a fun, quick way to get a handful of Swagbucks. I don't know who the host is, but he gets the game running promptly with just enough explanation, his square humor not withstanding. If trivia is your game, you will find a good variety in the questions, which are seemingly random. In total the game takes about 15 minutes or so to play all of 10 questions. Only downside, all winners split a 1,000SB prize.
Hello, I thoroughly enjoy playing #Swagbucks LIVE with the variety of trivia Q & A. However, there has been several times where the game has locked up, and then lose the chance to answer a question where I am eliminated for something that wasn't my fault. There has to be a way people can get credited for issues like this. Thank you, Chris Ruzzin a.k.a #Cruzzro
It's a lot of fun and I look forward to playing and makes it fun to learn random things and earn $$ while doing so.
Frustrating when there are glitches that cause you to miss a question. Thus, eliminating you. I see comments that I'm not the only one. Missed out on around 43 or so SB recently when this happened. Until this quits being a problem, my rating of swagbucks Live is poor. I should've gotten wins and way more points on quite a bit of occassions. Submitting a notice thing did nothing. I got no response. You guys owe me a lot of points... Thus, poor rating
Always fun to play the trivia game from the confort of your home. Only three wins but feels very rewarding. Haven' t been that lucky with the power ball.
My only complaint is the timer. Sometimes the person reading off the questions says something incorrectly & it throws you off for a split second but that split second is all it takes to be eliminated from the game. This just happened to me on question 8 of 10. I answered everything correctly and then the host misspoke when reading question 8. Honestly, I would've got that answer wrong anyway but the timer has caused me to be eliminated even when I did know the answer! Still made 10 SB
It's cool to get a few cents and some of the questions are fun however the house is super annoying and talks way too much between questions.
Just played my first game ever & it glitched out on the very last question. I feel like I just got lucky, though, to get the answer right. Also, the host talks too much
Totally fun to play. The host is entertaining and makes me laugh! I haven't walked away empty-handed yet.
Could Hear Host better today. Usually he's not close enough to the Mic. Some ?'s are really out there. You don't really win anything but it is Fun. The second's should start when? is Finished since many times you have 2 seconds left to decide or you need to give 2 more seconds. Plus needs option to change Answer before time's up when we accidentally hit wrong icon
Love this app! You CAN get many different gift cards on this site. I have already cashed out and got 2 gift cards. This site IS definitely Legit!
Fun and easy app to use. I enjoy playing the trivial game it is very informative. I enjoy the different trivia themes and the host are very engaging.
Swagbucks live is awesome I only put four stars because one time I hit the correct answer and it told me that I had gotten it wrong and I was eliminated I messaged about it and have yet to hear back if I can redeem my Swagbucks from that I will change it to five stars
I like it but I miss there being a live host that we can watch. With technology the way that it is, there is no reason that Hal or any other host couldn't be on camera in between the questions.
Doesn't want to load, I am using a Stylo 5 and it is just stuck on the In Game loading page. Shows me the numbers. But my boyfriends phone(Stylo 4) runs the app just fine. Contacting Swagbucks Customer Support is a joke and they never reach back out, even after months. Its honestly not worth it anymore.
I really enjoy playing this trivia game. Hal is a super host. Some people may not enjoy his singing, but I do. He's entertaining and very knowledgable. There have been a couple of other guest hosts, but I prefer Hal running the game. Thanks for having it around. I acutally play it on my chromebook and occasionally experience a glitch, but it might be my wi-fi set up.
It's fun and it works. You can chat with other swagnauts and get between 15 and 30sb if you make it through to the end. There are much faster ways to earn sb, but it's a fun game unlike most other tasks on the site.
A fun way to play some trivia and win a few pennies. The questions get more difficult as the week progresses. The payout for winning is miniscule, but it's free to play, so I'm not complaining. The host is entertaining and the questions are interesting.
I really enjoy this and wish it was available every day but maybe that just makes me like it more - that you're not inundated with like 2 games a week and if you miss this one, you'll miss out on something else. Gives you something to look forward to. The host is funny and down to earth. There's really one one brief ad, which is often just another offer to gain even more points. Transition between questions is quick but not too quick. So far it's been "just right.". Thank you for all you do
Swagbucks LIVE has become extremely frustrating and barely playable due to apparent glitches almost every day. Lately the game has buffered several times per question, which has interrupted the audio and delayed or prevented questions from appearing. This has often resulted in elimination without being given the opportunity to use a rejoin. Sometimes the countdown timer has expired before Hal has finished reading a question because it has been written too long. The games usually take longer than they should because Hal talks and sings too much between questions. Also, Hal is not very funny. Please bring Nathan back ASAP.
Love the game, however, sometimes it glitches and game selects random answer. Wouldn't be a problem is we could change our answers during the questions timeframe. Also, please make it so we have at least 10 seconds AFTER hal is done reading the question and answers. Often, people whom have issues seeing/reading, don't have time to hear the answers before times up!!
Horrible glitches and yet no help from the Swagbucks team! Today's game started LATE because of the GLITCHES which affected numerous people. But did they address this at the end of the game..NO!! This is the part that makes this app bad, today in the comments there were a lot of people hoping they would at least address the fact that so many of us were eliminated unfairly because of all the glitches. But not a single word...I wish there was a 0 star option. Don't waste your time with this app!
The game lags horribly, but only on days when I know the questions. I just got eliminated even though I answered the question. It "timed out". Would give zero stars if I could. I really hope people don't actually spend money to rejoin as it's a huge ripoff. Also questions and bonuses are very American. Would rate 0 stars.
it's always fun to test the brain with trivia questions. The questions do get harder as the week goes on, but I have won all of one weeks games at least once! If I can do it, so can you. Great to get the swagbucks added to my account so I can get gift cards.
I love playing this game and hate when I am busy and miss getting to start on time. I like that we get the opportunity to rejoin with one missed question. I think the response time is just a bit short though. Sometimes I am clicking the button and it is too late to get my answer in. It's just a fun break from the day to play and try to earn a few swagbucks points.
CONS- - The game glitches a lot (you can uninstall/reinstall/update your device = no difference - You have like 3 seconds to answer the questions - the guy speaks too much - the chat is too fast to type anything -you can get eliminated by just joining because 1 glitch ruins it PROS - You learn a lot of new topics - People come from all over the world to play and chat (if you can keep up with the fast strolling) -You win Swagbucks towards Amazon etc
SB Live is similar to HQ Trivia, but the questions are easier! And you can win money even if it's 1 cent every game!
Interesting trivia questions...sometimes harder than I would imagine a game like this would be but still pretty fun. I just wish they could bring back the Live in studio hosts and hostesses!!!
Overall this is a fun way to earn swagbucks. I wish they would let you change answers until the timer runs out. Sometimes we make a mistake! Also, I am ready for them to return to a video host.
Really fun trivia game with a great host my only gripe is that so many people share the prize that it does not amount to much I feel that you should get the contestants down to at most 100 people then it would be more exciting and rewarding
Game play is very random. Every game you feel like a genius or an idiot. But if you are playing for the "swagbucks" don't waste your time. You will have to win TEN THOUSAND games to buy anything more than toothpaste or a six pack of Mac n Cheese.
I won several times so far. The trivia games are fun and challenging. But I wish we had the option of changing our answers. I also wish they had more offers/promotions for Canadians. Sometimes there are glitches and the host can take too long to ask the questions.
In general, this is a fantastic trivia game that is free to play and gives rewards. I do wish there were more games per day and/or the rewards were larger. The game runs very smooth and it seems to be fair and legit. I have made a small payout and am now just saving up swagbucks for a rainy day. 😃
This is so fun, I get right excited trying to get answer.🤫ask my bf if he knows. Only thing I would like to change is, when you hit answer it sticks in. Doesn't give you option to switch. More then once was in such hyper & panic mode selected wrong answer by accident. Unfortunately I couldn't change it. Currently :Sept 30/20 Still only keeps 1st answer. Now I have taken 2 star because the comments are ridiculous. I like Facebook Swagbucks pages, no negativety on those.
Fun trivia game with few glitches. I have been playing for a couple of years now and find the games fun, interesting, and the hosts entertaining! Hal has done a great job during the pandemic, stepping in for the other usual host that were also. I miss seeing those hosts too. I play Swagbucks Live almost every night and even if I only finally win five cents, it was worth my time. I definitely recommend Swagbucks Live and general.
I like how they are doing it now. When it first began, the questions were so hard, I never won and got eliminated right away.I quit playing. I like the idea of having 1 SB for right answers; you can keep earning even if you are eliminated. Overall, the questions are easier and even though there are many winners, I enjoy playing more...I guess I like to feel successful!
This is a fun,trivia game. Some days the questions are relatively easy and on other days they are really difficult. Prizes are not large,but you earn points for each question correct even if you are eliminated from the grand prize.
Fun and easy way to earn Swagbucks. Swagbucks and Swagbucks live are Legit companies. Wish they would get rid of the robot on Swagbucks live as it's annoying. Other than that, I Highly recommend both. Thursday's are the toughest questions, but don't be a sally and wimp out, come join the fun!! 💗💖💞💘❤️❣️💕
Only have had a couple issues a couple of times, with some glitches. Its bound to happen when you go live with that many people. When it happens and so many people freak out I just don't understand today and people freaking out over something like that. Just chillax and let them get it fixed, and be a little patient. It's not the end of the world.
This is a decent game, but it no longer sends a notification that the game is about to start, so you'll need to create a calendar event. If the notifications come back, I'll increase my rating back to 5.
This game is a lot of fun to play in the evenings. The payouts are small because there are always so many players competing for a piece of the $500 or $1000 (or sometimes even more) grand prize, but to me this app isn't about making money - that's what I have a job for. This is about having fun, testing your knowledge of trivia that - let's face it - would otherwise be pretty useless, and sometimes learning new things when you get an answer wrong. My only issue at the moment is that I miss the regular hosts. Not that Hal isn't doing a great job (I'd actually love to see him become a regular host when things get back to normal), but it would be nice to see the regular hosts on there once in a while, even if they're just remoting in from their own homes. How about it?
Great App !! . And it's lots of fun and also earn a little extra spending cash on the side . The live trivia Monday through Thurs at 8 & Friday's & 3..is a great group of people. Keep up the great job Hal & Jen ❤👍
Fun trivia game that is live. And it has trolls in chat of course, which make it even better. You win Swagbucks which can be used to trade in for cash and prozes, but you only get like 10-20 because 18k people win.
I like when the host can make you feel comfortable while playing with singing and laughing with all that's going on in the world we need more laughter and kindness and caring .The questions are hard though I like when it is easy .And for the people's who complaining on here about sharing SB and anything about earning SB just be thankful that you can earn must sites doesn't even have nothing like this and you can't earn so stop complaining and be thankful listen you can't please everyone
Lots of fun! Trivia for all ages! I would definitely recommend this for everyone. Plus you score points to trade for gift cards! It is a win win situation!
In general, this is a fantastic trivia game that is free to play and gives rewards. I do wish there were more games per day and/or the rewards were larger. The game runs very smooth and it seems to be fair and legit. I have yet to bank enough to attempt a payout.
It's an easy way to earn Swagbucks, but all the reviews addressing the glitches are 100% correct. The questions are timed and multiple choice. The worst part is that the timer starts as soon as the host begins reading the question. Sometimes he finishes reading with 1 second left on the timer.
Prizes for trivia?! Yes, please! This game adds swagbucks to my account for every right answer. It's fun if you can deal with the idiot narrator. He's the reason I took away a star. Usually I just pay the game muted. The preview in the app store is so misleading, you don't win cash, it's swagbucks and only cents at a time. It does add up tho if you combine it with the other swagbucks activities.
Really fun, cool facts. It's a bit annoying that it doesn't start exactly on time all the time. Some days it's a bit late by a few minutes but no other complaints
I enjoy learning new things but I really feel stupid sometimes. I suppose you never stop learning. Maybe in about 10 years I'll have enough SB to get a gift card. Never say never! It's really annoying when I got lousy reception and it doesn't receive my answer in time, and I was right ! Especially when I'm wrong a lot of the time.
Considering that there are players from all over the world, the questions are almost exclusively America-centric. Also, more often than not, the timer ends before the whole question has been read out. This is discriminatory against people with dyslexia or significant sight impairment.
Fun, easy way to score a few extra SB. I enjoyed playing and look forward to more. App was user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Love Swagbucks period. Yet on SB Live there still tends to be some lagging which can shorten your answer time. Otherwise it's great! I have actually been a winner 5 X's over the past few years!
I love this game it passes time and its something that I look forward to Monday-Friday and it also helps me reach my Swagbucks daily goal a lot of the time. I haven't experienced any glitches on my tablet or on my phone
Can be quite laggy, and if you go into it looking for a get rich quick scheme look somewhere else. If you win your likely to get less than a dollar worth of points. But it is fun to play the trivia and doesn't cost money to play.
They need more time for answers because the majority of time the buzzer goes off before he is even done reading the question! Or maybe don't show the answers and start the timer after he reads the question. I mean he already drags the game out talking about irrelevant stuff so why not drag it out by using one of those 2 recommendations?!?!
I highly recommend the swagbucks Live app. I Love it! To sum it up in two words, Exciting & fun. The exciting part is a timed multiple choice trivia. So, if you don't know, guess because the answer is there. I got a few right that way. If you lose, they offer rejoins and either way you earn swagbucks/money. I sign in every night 8pm EST and join others. It's a great way to end my day. Fun, playing with others, earn$, and links to deals, promos, savings & apps.
Fun game. Could use a few more seconds to answer but still fun! I also wish it was possible to change your answer. I've accidentally hit one answer when meaning to hit another.
It's free, no video ads, and some pretty fun trivia. The bad parts are sometimes some things are mis-coded causing some confusion, and humans are fallible so sometimes the answers are just wrong (though typically that's also fixed... typically)
Played the live trivia. Was assume. Wasn't too hard and it's easy points even if u get eliminated from getting grand prize you still can cont. to play and get points. Commentator or Host not sure what he goes by, but he is very entertaining to listen to. Makes the game fun. Great job SB matches my initials too...win win win 🏆
It's a fun interactive way to make a few points. There is a nice variety of questions and I quite enjoy it! I do wish the grand prize winners would recieve more points however, but overall lot's of fun!
Always enjoyable and can always depend on a question that is unexpectedly difficult and a couple that aren't! The host is usually pretty funny as well.
Very enjoyable little trivia game. It runs LIVE for about 15 minutes most nights at 8pm. Although the host isn't my favorite he's not so bad either. I found this to be a refreshing new avenue for bringing in some extra SB!
I enjoy playing Swagbucks Live. However, I wish they would return to the old format where we see a live person talking. Looking at the same screen is getting old. I miss the awesome personalities that used to facilitate the games.
Good game but best if you're in their time zone (or an insomniac in another time zone). There are 4 (i think) live games each week. 3 of them are at 1am GMT. The fourth is 8pm GMT. The host talks a bit between questions but not as much as other live games. There is usually a good mix of questions, and I have won a few Swagbucks from bonus questions.
I gave the game 5 stars because I really enjoy it. However - I do agree with previous posters that the timing is definitely off. It doesn't seem very fair when the host is still asking the question, or correcting something they said wrong, when time runs out. Or, it takes just a bit longer for the written question to actually show up on our screens. You really need to get your timers in sync, and give everyone the same amount of time to answer the question.
Love this game. People in the comments kinda get rowdy and take the fun out of it so I appreciate the option to turn them off for my self. Otherwise great game entirely!
questions are usually extremely hard...but I like to play anyway...sometimes there are " technical " difficulties...but are fixed pretty quickly..
Love this app! It's fun to have a trivia night Mon- Fri and Hal is the absolute best host! He's fun, engaging and when the app has an issue he always works super hard to fix it whether it's a sound issue or the answer was wrong (one time we all got extra rejoins because the supposed right answer was wrong!). Definitely recommend because it's fun and you always get sb's for questions between q2-q10 that you answer correctly.
It has been a bright light finding Swagbucks Live during the lockdown. It is nice to be able to have something to look forward to again.
Don't play if you expect to win more than a few cents (typically 6 to 20 cents per game, the highest I've seen is about $1). If you are impatient and don't like to hear the host having fun and singing, don't play. My husband and I usually stop what we are doing to play and it's fun to compete against each other and earn a few cents worth of SB.
My wife and I have been playing together ever since the Global Bastard has been keeping me home. Love it! I think we should be able to change answers, in the case of 'Oops, my thumb brushed the wrong one". Other than that, love the game!
The game is fun and I understand the format. My only complaint is the buttons for the answers. There is so much empty space on the screen, but the buttons are right on top of each other and there is a pretty good chance that I will get myself out because my finger overlaps two buttons when I go to press them. I really wish the buttons were spaced out more.
I've played this a few times and it's fun. If you enjoy trivia it's a great way to kill about 15 minutes at 7pm Central. The only improvements I can think of; a little more separation between the answer buttons and maybe the ability to change your answer (at least once) for those unfortunately tapped wrong answers
Great way to earn easy sb especially if you only need a few points to reach daaily goal. Once glitches are fixed, would rate 5.
A nice quiz to have a bit of fun, and earn a couple of extra swagbucks. One issue though is the rejoin feature. It defeats the purpose of having a grand prize that is split amongst the winning players. Example today the grand prize was $1,000. Many people played, and there were so many rejoins that everyone who made it to the end, got a wopping $0.20. Yea 20 Cents. In comparison to its competitor/inspiration, HQ, the wins mean less and the questions are much easier. Too bad HQ is closing.
Love the format. Edit: it's just a drawn out advertisement for SB. Getting every question right still only gets you the same 12 points as people who use "rejoins" and other tools. Not worth the time.
Really fun game to play. I look forward to it after a long stressful day at work. This is a great trivia game. SurprisIngly I am actually able to answer most of the questions correctly which makes it more enjoyable. Hooray! Join the fun!
I really enjoy the game and it works well for the most part. Some slight performance issues at times but I plan on playing it every chance I get. I like the easier games as it gives everyone a chance at winning once in a while at least. I did lose one game on an incorrect answer a while back. The real answer should have been earth but for some reason it was Mars. Earth is the bigger planet between the two!
It works most of time. There's been some game with horrible glitches - usually audio related that disrupt the game and cause you to lose. The payouts are small - but in the big scheme of SB - worth it.
I love Swagbucks live. Answering trivia questions can be both challenging and fun. And it's great when I win!