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Sushi Diner - Fun Cooking Game

Sushi Diner - Fun Cooking Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Sanopy Limited located at Sanopy Limited Rm 01, 23/F, Futura Plaza, 111-113 How Ming Street, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Interesting game. It's hard to win some stages if don't buy stuffs from shop with diamonds (wasabi and drinks), so spend your diamonds wisely. 1 bug only: sometimes it kicks me out, mostly when I have 1 live left. Fix it and your app will be perfect!! I'm here and waiting for the update cuz I completed all the stages and goals.
I enjoy this game for the most part! Ads haven't been a major problem and go away fairly fast. The price of the food upgrades is fairly steep compared to how long it takes to collect gold.
it's a fun game but i keep getting two stars on each level because of the slow refilling on the tea, slow dish-washing, etc. and it's beginning to get annoying. plus we only get five energies. that makes no sense.
love this game, but I just wish that certain upgrades didn't require such a large amount of diamonds to purchase, and it offered more ways to earn those diamonds
always bugged when proceeding to other stages, upgrading materials cost only 1, then hangs when you buy it. best game but got disappointed, tried to rejnstall it numerous times, still the same even tried to use a different phone.
Looks very promising but I can't give a fair review as the game shuts down before I can start playing! Please fix this bug asap; I see that I share this problem with quite a few other people.
Love the game so far just wish you only lost a life if you fail the level, not lose a life every turn.
its a fun game. have to be on your toes and strategize. sometimes its impossible to keep customers because everything takes long to load like the tea and the wasabi.
Its very humane to get the needed stars to advance to the next stage, which then introduces another way of sushi making to not get bored of the game. i like its innovativeness and the graphics are kawaii :) just 5 energy is sooo few to keep binge playing haha
9/1/20 - Nice game, but no buttons for level 5 and up 10/18/20 - please make sure that it actually saves to facebook so that I don't start over from the beginning
It's a great game. The only thing I don't like, is that sometime it has bugs and ....yeah. But in conslusion it's a cool game with yummy food hehe
I love this game! So addicting! Sometimes you get "stuck" and you have to redo several level in order to get enough money to purchase what you need. Really fun!
Fun but not enough energy if you screw up. What the heck is 5 energy to start with? And not only that but you cant start over without losing energy.... This game used to be better before the energy. I would sit and play it for hours... When i noticed the energy thats new, i was sorely disappointed. Just a money tactic sadly, which they dont even need because it was already a great game you wanted to buy gems for....
Before the glitches in this game came to light (For me) I would have rated this a 4 star game because of diffculity in certain levels. However after reinstalling the game to play again since I couldn't open it to play I found more glitches. I now can't see the octopus sashimi or even pick it up to cook in level 5 Kyoto. Please fix these glitches so players can play again and I'll change my rating. I really love this game and it only sweetens the pot that I can play this offline.
I wish you still kept the old game for us loyal bound people. I used to love the cat coming and stealing the food and I used to do every challenge. Now it even looks different. Is there any way you can bring the old game back?
So many orders, so little plates. Game is too hard to beat even in the 4th stage. Controls are terrible. The knife is so small sometimes you may have tapped on the sushi by accident.
Pretty Fun, definitely addictive. I enjoy the Ramen game created by the same developer. This is just as fun, not as pretty though.
I will change it to 5 if you can get that glitch on 10 on the Kyoto when do delivery it freezes up and restarts the game over and over. I really do like this game. I been trying find a way around it but just restarts 10 over and over again.
I really love this game but I think the ratio of amount of lives to how fast you lose them is not sustainable.
In real life I love baking and cooking so I enjoy this game, but reward (gems and coins) a lil bit lower than expectation :)))
I really love this game! I played years ago and had so much fun i downloaded it again to play the updated, expanded version. i love that the developers keep adding on to this game! Fun to play, great graphics!
Fast paced and addictive! I feel like a real sashimi samurai! Good graphics, sound and controls. All in all, a well polished game that is challenging and fun!
Good, just the customer patience is soo low. Also, give us more energy!!!! Over all very good, good, graphics. 😊
Hi I've lost everything. All my purchases after trying to log in with my Facebook. I uninstalled and when I reinstalled the game was back to square one.
The SLOW grinding, refilling of tea and cleaning dishes make this enjoyable game frustrating because there is no way to speed it up with the small coins won..
Really good game. I enjoy the difference of the Sushi Diner than any other game comparable to Ramen Craze. Overall a really sweet little gem.
Update- can't find my last review, wondering if dev's had it removed 🙄 one star because after purchasing their overpriced bundle that promised no ads, I still had banner ads. Then I saw a button that said Remove Ads, so like an idiot I paid then another 2 dollars thinking it was a glitch. Absolutely no change. Remove Ads just removed video ads, not very visible banner ads. Dev's also have posted no way to contact them.
really good game. I've been playing since a few years already and I'm always excited for a new stage. HOWEVER I've been having issue with the ads that pop up all the time. I don't care that they show up all the time, but I came across some ads that just won't close and then I have to close and restart the application, hoping the same ad won't show up again. If it does, I have to restart, AGAIN, until the advertisement stop showing up. this time, it is the "Episodes" set of adds...
I was going to give it at LEAST 4 star (leaning towards 5) until I connected my Facebook. Ive tried everything but the app closes every time I open it now.
a little laggy. sometimes the drag and drop of the orders dont work, interrupting the flow of the game.
Nice game but the progress is really slow and quite frustrating, since the levdls are impossible to pass (unless real money is spent).
The game is sooo bias.. it was intentionally program so thato force player to purchase the diamonds. Every customer will order 3-4 plate one time. There is no high increase of waiting time when finish order but when the guy with the radio came and make noises. The person next to him has drop almost 50% of their waiting time. And here you expect people to pass even the first sushi stand at lvl below 20 some more??
Buttons are deceptively placed to trick you into purchasing premium items with gems that can only be earned through watching lots of ads or paying money. You will not be able to win most levels without spending gems You can only play 5 games in one sitting without paying for more energy. The game will physically stop detecting screen inputs if it wants you to lose, and then after you have played enough times in a row or made a purchase, you will score 20%+ unexpectedly Basically a slot machine
Good, just the customer patience is soo low. Also, give us more energy!!!! Over all very good, good, graphics.
Fun gameplay but it's set up for you to buy gems. Like Ramen Craze, if you want to get five stars, you'll have to spend real money. The thousands of gold you earn quickly become useless.
I like this game a lot but it doesn't seem to be supported anymore. I notice the last time it was updated was over a year ago which is probably why some parts of it are bugged. I would love to continue, but it now shorts at the same spot.
No new update. It's a crazy game, some stages are impossible to pass, IMPOSSIBLE! And it depends on luck. How to pass if there are 4 persons need drink?
Fun game with challenges that suit and it doesn't get boring. I also play their other games, ramen and the like.
The game is fine and quite fun overall. I do think upgrading things is just too expensive. Another issue is the Facebook thing. It would tell me that it couldn't connect and then, magically, one day it did?