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Survivor Mr.Who

Survivor Mr.Who for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 111% located at 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Feedback timee!, there is a slight problem in the quest section where the quest 40 and 45 is kinda switched, 40 should have shown the obsidian ore and no.45 should have shown the iron ore. And there is still some part where the words still haven't been translated, the part always shown in korean is in the antenna and when you trying to build something at night the part that is sometimes korean sometimes english is when is getting dark prompt.All clear,just asking why do animal carcass so tough?
Really addictive, really fun game that doesn't require in-game purchases or for you to wait around for stuff to finish. Kind of like dont starve, but with better controls and less detail.
If you're interested in simplicity but a bit of difficulty this is your game. I just got this recently, and I do enjoy this however it does upset me that death is permanent, but I'm glad updates are permanent on your character. I like the concept of this game, I do hope however it will be continued to be updated and things added to the game. I havent noticed any glitching or crashes, and a I use a Note9 to play this game.
this game is really good and I was enjoying it but I've experienced the game exiting by itself. Restarted my phone, redownloaded the game and everything, but still the same thing. Please fix that.
This game is good and all but the tutorial doesnt give you all you need. i just played but still can't figure out how to survive past day 16 because the enemy got too hard to overcome in a day. maybe make it less hard for a newbie? because collecting materials and creating item/building requires time and you only gave us a few minutes to do all.
It's a great game, but there are a ton of bugs. No save feature, spend hours collecting and building just to lose everything once the app is closed.
This is by far my new favorite game. My only criticism is that some words and textboxes havent been translated to english yet, and that some of the icons look very similar, but other than that, this is an amazing game!
Good Game The game itself was good with alot of fitting elements. I would just like to see more being done on the game as it has great potential. One big thing I would reccomend is adding a multiplayer feature. This game would be really fun if you can play with friends. Maybe also add some other characters because there's not many currently. I also think you should be able to level up pets to be bigger and better. If you implement these things it can easily be a 5 star game.
This game was fun until I encountered several bugs and screen hangs. The game breaking but is generation of infinite resources just by deleting and building turrets. The endgame is pointless and the game ruined because I end up doing this whether I want to or not. This is disappointing because the game concept is great (slimmed down Don't Starve with a good interface and quest system) even if it has horrible and incomplete English localization.
I hope they could let the enemies come after a few days. sometimes it impossible to beat the enemies when you struggling at the basic level.
It's fun but can you make it so we can play local mutiplayer? It's more fun that way. Thaanks! Still waiting for the multiplayer. 멀티 플레이어 추가
Good angle on survival genre, could be a fresh breath for some people, just wasn't for me... Nevertheless it surely has a place and is a good game in its own right
It's actually a fun and cute game. I enjoyed playing it :> I am hooked with the game as well. However, some texts are not translated yet, which I know the developers will work on. It isn't really that distracting but I didn't get that I have to be home on my first try since words in a different language appeared on the screen. Still, I did enjoy the game and would keep playing. Kudos to the developers for this wonderful minimalistic game.
Collect as much food during the day. Dont stay at base, go collecting. Let a few enemies survive to have time for collecting. Surround your base with stone towers, build high damage towers in the middle. As the stone towers get destroyed, they act as barriers that will block melee attackers from entering. Use these tricks to stall the game and farm. Pets are so good when having lots of them. Can move the whole base near a nest. Some buildings are not necessary. Find the game a waste of time.
Bugs 1. Hitting live animals consumes toolkit. 2. Upgrading Druids empowered skill stuck at 3% 3. Big Sis and Druid are mixed up to unlock empower. 4. ***Resource spawning*** 5. Resources spawn outside map so you can't reach them. 6. Quests are no longer in English. 7. I've "unlocked" Big Sis Empowered but I do not have it. 8. Resources don't get harder to harvest as the days get higher, why do animals? 9. Need to rebalance gems.
This is a great game and some pepole will agree but thers one problem you will begin from were you start if you die or exit to the menu i hope you add respawn point and save your level
My chosen language is English but the text is still in a different language. You can't save. There's no description of what the items do, and you can't teleport home during any time during the day.
I can only play it once ..I can't click the start button ...I always go to settings then clear data...so I can play again ...there's no even continue ....
This could be the next minecraft but there's no Save/Load button. The map is huge but you easily get lost because there's no compass to tell where's your home and you can't zoom in or out the map. Some items are confusing where to get them because there's no details. You can't jump to your home during daytime. You cannot craft while traveling.
The game is great! BUT it would be more fun if it can also be a multiplayer. Like using hotspots. It will also be more fun if you add more characters and things! Coz i reached the end of it, got all the characters and stuff. And my brother wants to play with me so please make it a multiplayer game too! Also, the game is fun!
Overall it's good game, and the graphics is type of my favorite graphics to play. I think u need to translate all the text in this game, there's some words that still write in korean letter. Just that, overall good. It's remind me of Craft btw, but this in island.
This game is incredible 😍 I really love this game. The controls are easy, graphics are great and as you survive in the game it gets more challenging. That what makes it addictive.
You might need to work on certain texts that are in Korean when the language setting is English. During the night when you tap on the built option, or press the "repair" for things such as the sunbed, they show a text in Korean. Just a heads up.
The game is fine, not a pay to win one.But there is a problem, at first,it worked but after a few gameplays the game just shows the title screen, tapping doesnt seem to work. I tried reinstalling but still doesnt work. Please fix
The experience in this game is close to somewhat phenomenal. But somehow there are alot of bugs, one I encountered when I reached day 25 and when I re-opened the app it isn't responding. Please fix these bugs.
This game is awesome I kinda think of this game as wild tamer another game by this company and it's really fun and addicting I just kinda wish some of the stuff was in english and more things in the game but it doesn't matter alot at the end of the day and there are some tiny bugs sadly but it's really fun so that kinda makes up for it
The gameplay is interesting. But the controls is quite bad, very hard to control the character, it needs an improvement. I also suggest to add map sign (like an arrow) to point a direction for player to go to their home/base, so they won't get lost when gathering things. And not all of the text are in english yet, so definitely needs improvements in there.
I love the game and loved Wild Tamer as well. I wish there was a glossary or more information about what each item is. It says "redwood" when picking it up but I can't click it to see. Ex: I know that I need "marble" so I will go hunt for the rocks that give it to me, instead of walking around hitting every rock I see in hopes I find it. Also more info about the pets, drones, buildings, etc that is more readily available would be nice. THANKS
Brilliant game, few bugs but they are being fixed very quickly. No real pay to play which I like, gems are fairly easy to come by without paying and the whole point is to get more to upgrade so paying would be kind of pointless but the option is here if you want it. Takes a few playthroughs to get used too but for a mobile game the controls are easy to pick up, all in all its probably the best free game I've played on the mobile and I've only been playing for three days.
If you're interested in a rogue like survival game with tower defense elements then you've come to the right place. Very good game but nothing for casual mobile gamers. For me its something you wanna play when you have some spare time and you can actually concentrate on the game. So I'd advice to actually make half hour sessions or smth like that. Ads aren't too common and pay to win doesn't seem to be necessary to do progress either. Anyway, just try it out, it is genuinely good.
The game is awesome and very interesting and Addictive, but when you play for about a certain time (like 10 hours a day) it gets boring because it got only one place and limited space to explore but its good, So as a Fan of your Game, I suggest to add Map,Turrents,Character improvements and Explorable places and new Trees,stones. I loved the game very much and i praise the creator and whoever think of this game its very good. I gave it 5 star if you add something on it thats Good for survival <3
The game looks interesting, i was really looking forward to play it but i cant', i think it's a bug or something, when the game starts , the moment i'm able to control the character my hunger bar starts to go down suuuper fast and i don't know what's the problem, i tried to eat food, but i didn't change a thing, so i was wondering if it is a way to fix this or should i wait for a new update :)
If you want to read new update you just have to do is copy the update and google translate it simple.
Some glitches, eg, sometimes repair all feature does not work but fixed by restarting the game. Ads don't work. Also needs explanations for recipe ingredients.
Love this game. I know this game was probably not made in the United States but please translate everything into English. The grammar does not bother me because I can still understand it. Right now I am experiencing a bug when I try to use the improved-material building, it does not let me access it and my character freezes. Please fix these two issues and I will rate it 5 stars because I wanna fix the plane and beat it.
Seams a nice game. But I don't like the fact, that after you die you have to start again from stratch. It is still a decent game with interesting mechanics, but it's not for me.
The game is fun in some ways but after 20days of survival its hard to collect some items because when I roamed around the part of the map, i get to have one obsidian(if lucky i get 2 to 3 in one collect),and the day time is too short for collecting in passed 20 days, give us more time if we don't have enough materials to collect. And oh, i think you have a problem with english for the language, some part of the game is not in english, by clicking the achievements or goal is not in english.
I love the concept and I like how easy it is to collect gems. I wish there's a tutorial/guide book and a save button.