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Survive! Mola mola!

Survive! Mola mola! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SELECT BUTTON Inc. located at 〒150-0021 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1丁目21−10 代官山デュープレックス 603. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Honestly have no idea what the complains are, either im so lucky or the game is bugged on the death system since i rarely die even on the 50% chances one.
It's still a very good game, But I got bored, I decided to uninstall cause the games too shallow, and the survival chance on adventure is reversed, making the game more impossible, but it's probably a bug. But once again I just got bored, I'll probably return to this game after another 4 years or so.
If you don't mind the typos in some of the scripts and fatalistic 'game over' screens, it's a fun little game. I didn't feel overwhelmed by the ads, but yes, you can buy features with money if you don't have the patience. One feature I would like if the game gets updated is that the Achievements should have progress bars.
Very cute and simple game. You'll never havr to spend to long of a time on it all at once. The translation is a little blocky but it adds character to the game!
7/12 times I got the #05 Hello Mr. Turtle! event in hardmode with #01-#10 unlocked. I've never seen event #02 in an entire week of hardmode.... help?
Prepare to die a lot, and to not even be that mad about it. It'll just give you more bonuses down the line anyways! This game is a cute time waster to come back to every once in a while.
Used to love this game until the ads came. I've always been an active player of the game but recently gave up on the game because I can't even play 4 seconds without an ad popping up. I'd love it if the ads popped up less but right now the game is sort of unplayable at the moment due to all of the ads.
It is amazing and I love it. The life of the sunfish is so sad and amazing I have come to respect it. The game is quite enjoyable as a pastime would recomend.
Love the concept, I get fustrated every time my fish dies,but who does want their fish to die? I just wish that there was a mini game in this mini game. Like it helps pass the time. However if you lose the mini game too much the fish dies. But other than the lack of full attention towards it,it is a great game.I love all the aspects of it.
Try to add an update where there is a thing call Auto-Grow and you can gain weight easily buy buying it from the Skill shop with MP. 50MP for 0.01kg/sec. I think it would be very efficient and others would think so too. Please do not make it until you have to pay for getting the Auto-Grow. I give you permission to change the name of it and I give you permission to use my idea. Thank you for reading.
I downloaded this game because of ORV and lemme tell you, you thought you understood ORV but when you play this game everything makes sense. I opened the app and affectionately decided to call my sunfish Yu Junghyeok (in my head cause you can't name your sunfish, keeps you from getting attached) Listen my fish has died so many times and I enjoy it I am finally on young man fish level. I wanna rank first in this [email protected] game.
it's a simple game with simple controls but I do have to say I got very invested. I really want to have the biggest sunfish.
Not much of a game, really. The graphics are lovely and the story is cute, but the gameplay mostlu consists of waiting and watching ads. You can ditch the ads for a microtransaction, but then it's just waiting for food to appear and then waiting for an adventure to become available. It's alright but certainly nothing I want to 'play' for a long time.
Very cute and simple pixel graphic time waster. Feed your mola mola friend as long as you can and collect all the sudden deaths. There are many rediculous ways the poor mola mola can die.
Random pop-up ads along with an ad banner are extremely annoying. Progression is very slow in the beginning. Not sure about later on since the ads made it unplayable.
Everyone complains that this game has so much waiting, but that's okay. I dont mind a few minutes of waiting. Once you are farther on the game the game gets really fun and waiting isn't too much of a problem anymore. Just be patient, people.
The game is good but for some reason every single adventure I die. My success rate is supposed to be 99.9% for the first one but I've never not died? If this a bug or am I missing something?
I want this game plzzz say yes you injoying this game im yes for now is you just bored in this game!!!!!!!! ilove you mola
Love the game. It is similar to "taming a stray cat" but instead of the cat running away the mola mola dies. I have a strategy that saves my points and is actually very useful. Every time the mola mola gets bigger or evolves, I will use my points to get a new adventure, a new type of food, and an upgrade to the food count. And also, make an option in the settings to restart the whole game, If you can that is...
Very similar to magikarp jump, in that sense that the game is not bad. With all of the things it asks for before you download I wouldn't be surprised if it heavily sells any info they get from you. It asks for mic permission but doesn't use it in game, very sketchy... I'm fine with the game but am a creeped out on how many app permissions this game needs...
I love this game, honestly. Sure, my luck is horrible, but I still think that my Mola Mola constantly dying to a 1% chance is something you can only get in a game like this. The graphics are charming and this game was honestly my childhood. My sad, sad childhood.
great way to kill time, wish there was some sound effects or bg music, a little more to do on the game would be nice! I would especially like if there was more ways to interact with Mola!
Mola molas are very pitiful to watch, seeing them die from the most stupid things possible. Give it a 5 outta 5, game is a mastapeace
I have a 99% survival chance on the first 4 adventures. Yet I die everytime to them. I thought 99% meant I will gain something 99% of the time. It just means you die 100% of the time. I have yet to gain anything despite playing for 2 days.. I used to play this game and I would survive them easily but now it just kills me.
its a good game all things considered. my only problem is that it takes a bit too long for food to spawn... i would appreciate it if you shortened the time for food to spawn. thanks☺
GET IT I RECOMMEND IT! ITS LIKE A 1985 NES-stile game where you eat and eat and eat. no wonder there was a sequel. its not called survive mola mola 2 but a forget what its called.
I have a 99% Survival rate on most of my adventures, but no matter what I die every time. There is no way my luck is bad enough to go 20 times and die each time.
A nice twist on the magikarp jump formula, with much more momentum and reward for events. Unfortunately I'm eating it this low because I was stuck with a constant, pervasive bug that clearly caused me to always die from adventures, regardless of survival rate, and looking at the reviews I'm far from the only one. This very quickly stunts progression horribly, and ruins almost all the good the game has going for it. Whether or not this game is good all depends on if you're stuck with this glitch.
Simple fun. Let your mola eat, hope it doesn't eat too much at once, and never underestimate your Mola's ability to off itself even when the odds are with them😂. Exactly what I expected when I heard about it from the Omniscient Reader manwha. The graphics are cute too.
Cute, but... There's NO difference in survivability based on the prrcentage for me. Every time I adventure I die despite having a 99% chance of survival.
This is something similar to Magikarp jump and it's so cool with all the adventures and the wide variety of food to feed to our beloved mola mola. The graphics is unique and so does the sudden death achievements and the once on a while golden fever turtle comes by.
This game is so glitched I have a 99% chance of surviving yet I die everytime bad luck I think not. But I know something that really is 99% how bad this game is. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
Love this game. If only there were more games that involve Sudden Deaths and obtaining them all. This game has got to be by far, the Best iv ever played in my life!
Most of the times after i go on a successful adventure the game freezes. So i have to quit the game and go back.
A nice little casual game. I'm quite amused. I wish there were a bit more to do, but perhaps as I progress there will be more options
I love this game. You should get it. The thing is that I wish that the golden turtle would come more often and that when you died, you didn't have to start all over again. Like you could start where you left off. Also I wish that there was a way to earn Mp, you know without using money and doing those tasks but that's it. I love this game!!!!!☺🐟
The sound didn't work! I tried installing it more than once, even tried on our tablet. Literally no sound in this game. It's a shame, looks pretty cute. Hopefully it'll get fixed!
OMG it's Soo funny!the mola is so weak and inoccent! The story is sad but the game is epic.keep on updating it,I'm looking forward to it having more food choices!
Amazing game, most beautiful thing ever. Unfortunately when ever I go on an adventure my mola gets a stroke and dies.
It's pretty good! I find this game similar to the game called "Don't get fired!". This game is fun, and luck based. Not much fun-ruining experiences have happened to me yet in this game. Would definitely recommend. Edit: I actually found the game from the Battle Cats crossover event.
I actually love this game very much. But if you uninstall it or get a new phone you are out of luck. I've maxed out everything twice, paid to remove ads several times. Yet I have to start over and watch ads !!!!!!!!
I'm a fisherman. Throughout my career I've wrestled mola molas several times. This game brings back my youth in a very nostalgic way. Possibly the best game ever conceived.
Mildly amusing, however either I'm extremely unlucky or the statistics aren't what they say they are. "99% chance of survival" and I die three times in a row? Seems a bit fishy tbh. Good time waster tho
It takes to long to lvl it up and doesent give enough points when you die. So yeah this game is kinda trash
I love this game so much. I've downloaded it on every mobile device I've ever had. My only complaint is how difficult it is to get Mola points later on.
This is a very cute and charming game! It has a fun story, good graphics, and a little bit of a dark side. The only thing that kind of bothers me is the fact that there is no sound. Even just a little bit of music would make it better!
This game is very cute and very fun. I love the art style and all the backgrounds. In the size gallery, it says 64%, even though I have all of the sizes. What is happening?
I found this game cuz I was reading "Happy ending for the time limited villainess" in chapter 3, the main character mentioned about a game where a sunfish would die a easily and a lot of times too. It's fun to play tho its kinda annoying that it dies due to little things. Still, its entertaining. The face of the fish is funny.
It's a pretty fun game. One weird thing is that everyone seems to complain about dying in adventures but I have the opposite problem. I just want the weight bonus for discovering new deaths but I keep surviving even though there's only a 50% chance. I don't know if there's actually something wrong with the percentages or if I'm just really unlucky, but it's starting to feel kind of ridiculous.
Remember having fun with this game before, but there seems to be a bug rendering the game unplayable. All adventures, even if I have a 99% chance of surviving, result in a sudden death.
This Game Is So Amzing I love the graphics and how Mola looks so Cute! the one thing with me is it's kinda sad but that's also kinda fun!
The game's really good, one thing about it that makes this game a little bad is that I ALWAYS die when i do the adventure thing for some reason. I have every event thing to 99%, so I'm not supposed to die, but i do, every single time. I don't know if other people have this problem, but please fix this glitch.
This is just crappy magikarp jump. I saw this game because of the battle cats collab and I thought "Hey this looks neat. I should download it!" I was wrong. Within the first three minutes i got so bored I tried to tap the mola to death. I cant see a way to make this better without it being another magikarp jump.
The one after voyerger look like the kid but with clothes and also the adventure system is wrong I have never survived a 99percent adventure
It's a fun game and before it worked fine bit I recently got this game again and everytime I try an adventure I always die no matter what I do
I'm starting to think that the percentages for chance of death are lies, all of my adventures have a 99% survival rate, yet when I use all three at once I almost always die on at least on of them, and most of the time two of them, and suddenly I started getting a lot of bubbles, died from it then got a 100% survival rate against it, but now I always still have a cloud of annoying bubbles, the only reason that this isn't a one star review is because I got a good unit in battle cats
This is a very nice game, unfortunately, the probabilities of a sudden death are off. I almost never survive, even at 99% . Is it possible for this to be fixed ?
Its pretty neat but I really dislike the whole wait time feature, you really cant enjoy the game for more than 5-10 minutes a day.
the concept is good but when it needs to start all over again after every death makes it a bit annoying. the gold turtle is not much help imo, the food that came with it is not much different than what you get when waiting. the MP is also hard to gain. the only thing that make me stay is because I want to unlock all mola
I love the game a lot, but the missions are impossible! I die every time, no matter the precent chance. I have a 99% chance on almost all of them and have still not succeeded in any of them. That is the only reason this review is 4/5 stars. Please help with this problem.
Great cute game but... it's just crashed and completely stuck! I'll habe to reinstall it... which is annoying given I'd got quite far 😐
Great game only 1 issue. My mola keep dying on a 99% survival rate adventure I have lost 125 mola this is my 126th fish please balance this. But overall great game love it
really good except everytime I have done a action for free mp I never get it and i have waited a while to get bit other than that really good love the hard mode
Superbly cute. And,okay, YOU CAN DIE from 2 many things.But increasing its survival chance per death AND learning from YOUR mistakes helping it out makes this game fairly good (Even if waiting for adventures takes 2 long)GR8 job !
I love this game!! But a thing that annoys me is sometimes there's no sound? I'll have my volume up and the BGM is turned on but I hear absolutely nothing. It's a bummer because I actually really like the music in this game.
great game not for constant use but great for playing every now and then. loved it and would play again.
I really like the game! I just started playing the game today and it was awesome! The mola mola is weak , so , it would die easily and I like how you have to start over but you increase the stats.
I love it it's so funny I know they are not good at staying alive but it is the funniest game on the app store😂😂😂😂😂😂
Death rates are bugged - It took something like a dozen adventures at 50% chance to die to actually die, and at 75% it's even worse. A misplaced decimal, perhaps?
It's amusing to play. Just wish there was an exit game option for those who have everything on touch screen.
I decided to play this game since I enjoy the development teams other game Cook Hunt so very much. Which is very addictive and a lot of fun, give it a try its a great time killer and its super cute. This game is interesting its not on that level but its okay. It's just for a game about failure and trying again the pace is super slow. Of their three games on the play store; Hunt Cook, Magikarp Jump(yeah they developed that, pity its not mentioned on the Google store or linked to their other games.) and this one. This is definitely not the best but its fun in its own way. Give the others a try too.
It's so hard to die. Why is it so hard?? My molas are so appallingly lucky that they can do 10 50% missions in a row without dying. They ate 1500 kg of a new food without choking to death. The game about how hard it is for a Mola to survive has only proved that Mola mola are fantastic at surviving. It's still cute though.
Cute and unexpected, played magikarp jump first then decided to look at select button's other games. Realistic game about how useless the mola mola actually is.
This game is an 8-bit adventure into the life of the mola mola better known as a sun fish. The controls are simple, you just tap with your fingers. If there was anything that this game needs it would be a connection to google play or cloud save features as if you download the app on another device there is no way to restore your purchase history or level. Overall this game is pretty entertaining but I wouldn't put money into it.
Super fun. My fish keep dying for weird reasons and it's interesting to see what will kill the next fish. Still want to see my mola mola grow up big and strong though!
Now I really did not want to give this kind of rating. But your game is just frustrating now. The percentage of the sunfish dying in the adventure portion is not displayed accurately. You die there 100% no matter how many times you die in a specific event. Fix the game. I loved this game two years ago. Now it's just stupid.
You can definitely see the influence this had on Magikarp Jump, but it doesn't play as smoothly or interestingly. Still a cute way to pass time.
SOOOOOO KAWAII NO JOKE this game is so awesome but the part that breaks my heart is when the mola dies,.......but you get a new one any ways so yeah you should definitely download because trust me i am an otaku and I love to show it
BEST... GAME... EVER! This game is so funny! When it says "wait! Something... ... Is wrong?..." The mola makes a super funny face! I rated this app all five! Who ever made this game needs to make something like this game!- end of comment.
Really slow moving game. Takes way too long to evolve Mola Mola, and food shows up inconsistently. Also some food kills Mola Mola sometimes but not other times. So basically you cannot learn from mistakes and effectively manipulate game play. That means when you do win it is sheer dumb luck, not skill. 😑
Its such a cute game! It sounds pretty messed up when you say it out loud though lol, its a really simple game 1. Feed mola 2. Go on adventures 3. Evolve Or 1. Die for the 5th time in 3 minutes lol Its a super cool game! And its a good thing if the fish dies because you get points to level them up!! 10/10
Very good game, i love the design, the fishes and overall, it's a good game. But i had a little "problem," why did i died 4 times when i tried to "sunbath" in the game. I even had the sunbath survival chances up to 99% but i still died, until now i haven't managed to succeeded a proper "sunbathing". Is the game buggy or am i just extremely unlucky?
This game is quite a nice little time waster, with goofy music and graphics. It can also be quite the educational one too if you want to learn about the dangers sunfish, or mola mola, face. It's slow at first, but as you pick up the pace and experience more earning money and getting to different stages become easier. It's all about a game of patience. Death is convenient, but in a good way as it increases the chance of survival by a hefty lot, and can benifit weight percent increase as well! Overall, it's a fun little game I woukd recommend if you want to learn about how easily sunfish succumb to death, or just for some casual, patient fun.
I downloaded this about a year ago and it used to be so much better. Every single time you die or evolve, "Do YoU wAnT tO sHaRe FoR fEvEr? " And there is no way to turn it off. Not that many ads however. The death chance percentage is totally off. Every single time I try a challenge, I get an instant death, even though the percent is at the full 99 percent. It used to be so much better, please fix it.
Good game great time passer. I was playing the for a while now, and I keep on dying at 99.9% mark. Great game though just dying to much :/
Super fun and interesting! The English translation is rather cute, the sprites are very cute, the whole game is just downright adorable. My only real complaint is that when your mola gets really big it's really hard to play because it basically takes up the whole screen and you can't see the food anymore.
Boring af. The only thing you do is waiting for food to appear so you can eat it. The majority of time spent on this game is waiting.
A really good time killer, and even though you have to start all over again when you died, it still gives you a lot of benefits.
The idea, story and visuals are hilarious! 😂 IRL how do these poor things survive enough to breed? Players, would recommend. 5 minutes to feed/adventure and log out, or linger feeding respawn. It works like any pet or sim game where you reset for upgrade points, except instead of getting as grandiose as you can, you can do 1-minute generations 3 in a row. 😅 Developers, adventures say 99% survivability but more like 99% mortality. Why? Thankfully eating survives 99% of the time. 👍
I used to play this all the time and random got it recommended and tried it again. It's as good as I remember it and a nice way to pass the time. I'm glad it's still around.
A fun game about growing fish that will most certainly die. The game is a fun idol game and it is fun unlocking stuff. The only problem I have is that the pop up Ads are very intrusive. It would be fine if they just had a little banner in the side of the screen, but instead they pop up annoyingly so I accidentally click on them. It would be better if the advertisements were implemented in a better way than this.
Im not sure if this is a bug or i have THAT bad of luck but i kept dying on the adventures. EVEN IF THE SURVIVAL RATE WAS AT 99% if this is a bug i would really like you guys to fix it
Cute and simple, but not as good as magikarp jump. Long waits for food to appear, upgrades take forever, and adventure mode takes 3 hours to fully "recharge". Not fast enough for me, sorry.
The game is pretty good, but I got stuck at the Voyager and I don't have any other death options. If you could add the natural death option for the Voyager mola Mola, then that would be nice. If you read this then please reply so I can know that you read this. :)
It's a fun little game. Play for a few minutes at a time, no penalty for not playing, no real reward for being on all the time. Just a fun little thing to check. I wish more games were like this, actually. It's kind of relaxing.
It's a game about a fish that obviously isn't fit to survive natural selection (much less its own prey at times) but got the right spirit. Help the poor soul, its doing its best.
I'd like to give this game a good rating but I can't unless an issue is addressed. I have died on every single event that I've done. All of them at 99% survive and yet out of the 60ish total adventures I've done I've died literally every single time with 0 success... It's stupid
Really simple and easy to play! Great game to play as a filler while waiting for stuff to refill on other games. Cute little fish, cute little scenes!! Great game!!! 10/10!
Cute, educational. Adventuring death rates seem off. I've only died twice and I've gone adventuring 30+ times. Makes it a bit hard to collect all the deaths if the mola is immortal...
The game is fun and if you die it's not all that bad at all, the only problem it has is it's boring but i don't care :)
Love this game. As you get larger it gets more and more frustrating when the stupid thing chokes on jellyfish
This is a simple game you can hop on for a minute or. The biggest problem is that the adventure system which normally functions as a high risk high reward mechanic. But everytime you use it the mola mola dies, or atleast that is what I got from losing it eight(ish) times in a row. Otherwise it is a fun game.
A good and funny time killer game. I wish you could upgrade your survival chance with points instead of only gaining them by dying. I also reccomend more gameplay options like minigames to do while waiting for more adventure points since just waiting for food to spawn in the meantime gets boring.
While this is a fun and cute game it has some issues. Despite purchasing 20,000 mola points with ad removal, ads still appear at the bottom of the screen. However, now the ads cover the adventure, skill, collection, and recommend buttons instead of being below them.
I love this game but I really hate that you have to wait so long to do more Adventures could you make the wait less time?
this is bad so bad every time I do a risk/99%of survival I DIE I've never ever got bigger from a risk FIX THIS NOW
Good time waster, and hard mode was a nice addition, since my 20th fish or so had such high survival rates that it was practically immortal, haha. If devs are still working on this game, I'd suggest fixing the overlapping text on the sudden death collection screen, and have some of the translations proofread (the "towards the light" event text is particularly bad). Aside from the minor UI stuff, pretty good, though I wonder what will happen after unlocking every mola and every death...
Seems fun but the adventure kills me every time and I still haven't gotten the achievement for dying on 99% survival chance. Hope it gets fixed soon. Fun and silly.
It's cute and funny. Pretty annoying in hard mode when even a 95% rate on an adventure will still kill you, but I will persist!
this game is wonderful i played it a while ago i think in 2016 i came back and it was even better good game
I tried this just to find a fun little game but this is probably the exact opposite. I at first thought it'd be a fun game that wasnt terribly punishing - you have a new game plus that reduces your fatality rate and gives you points based on how old you were when you died - but the system is ridiculous. Even with 99.9% survival chance you die on every adventure or choke on jellyfish or eat too much squid. It's a cute looking game, cute art. But the controls and actual gameplay? Rubbish.
This is the MOST INFURIATING game I've ever played, and I saw this in a good way. I went totally blind into it, and I can't believe how hilariously frustrating it can be raising sunfishes. Definitely a funny, casual game to play.
It was cute. Good to pss the time. I mainly played because of the novel Omnicient Reader's Viewpoint, one of the main characters was compared to a Sunfish and playing this game was more fun because of that.
My Mola Mola will not die! I'm trying to collect all the adventure deaths before I move on to hard mode, but the game won't let me. I just keep dying of old age over and over and I'm getting really frustrated and bored. I still have three deaths I need to collect and at this point, which apparantly is going to take forever. Now I only open the app when adventure points are full and close as soon as I'm out of adventures again.
Nice game but even at 99% survival rate it's like 50/50 because you still die even all 3 events back to back were all 99% to survive they were all deaths.
The game is simple, cute and has factual sides. The game used to crash out in the first few hours, but it runs smoothly after that. Some people may think the Mola takes an awful lot of time to level up(I kinda think that too), but in overall, I recommend this game.
I am having so much fun! I actually found out about this game from a manhwa, Happy Ending for the Time Limited Villainess! And it is so worth to look for this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
i really like this game and i enjoy it so much, its fun and im emotionally attached now to my mola molas
In the recent update there was a glitch that made the adventure ALWAYS kill you, no matter how much survival chance you have and it's REALLY FRUSTRATING!!! PLEASE FIX IT It'S SO A NNOYING AAAHGHFHFHG
completed missions for mp but didn't get the reward, and then instructions told me to contact support, but here's the thing: THE SUBMIT BUTTON COULDN'T BE PRESSED
Deleted. I found the gameplay in terms of controls and graphics perfectly fine, however I don't like games where my pet drops down dead for no reason. I would recommend the game to people who like killing digital animals.
Amazing game so far. I only have one problem; literally EVERY time I use the adventure feature, my Mola dies. Every. Single. Time. Even with the survival chance up, I died 3 times in a row to the Ocean floor buffet event, at 99% survival chance... however my Mola never seems to choke on its food, which I know is something that happens... Not sure if this is a fair trade though... tbh it might just be my terrible RNG luck.
5 stars for battlecats collab its by definition a terrible game. the game makes you wait 3 hours to do anything interesting and chances are they wont even be worth it since you just get event 1-3 nearly permanently. after youre done your 3 events THE GAME TELLS YOU TO KILL TIME the thing you play to waste time, tells you to kill time in order to play again. it advertises other games while you wait play it. the ads go RIGHT over the main buttons garunteing that you cant play effectively either.