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Survival Island: EVO raft

Survival Island: EVO raft for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC located at Harju maahond, Tallinn, Prohja-Tallinna Iinnaosa, Randla tn 13-201, 10315, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I personally thought it was fun, but i don't really know if others are into this kind of game. There is a game in ROBLOX similar to this one, called BOOGA BOOGA, which has less bugs. So uh, it's a fun game aside from the bugs.
Don't waste your time. You have to sit through 5 minutes of ads every time you log in. Absolutely ridiculous.
The best game ever, i have ben olaying this game and I'm in love with it, cant get board. This game is the best, you should download it!
Serious problem with this game. It's fine whilst playingbut if i want to load a saved game or if i die and want to go to the main menu, it plays me ad after ad after ad. i died and had to go to the menu and itplayed me Θ› ads in a row before i had to close it down because it was going nowhere.
Nice game, Awesome survival experience,super adventurous game and no words about quality in such a size
4 ads before I could even start the game. Then when I hit play, 2 more ads. I understand why some ads are needed but it was ridiculous. Cannot comment on actual gameplay, never got that far. Immediately deleted.
Love it....buuuut..... is there any chance we could get multiplayer soon? Also it would be absolutely wonderful if cooking could be its own separate craft menu, that way I can build some floors and walls while I'm cooking some food. Oh and one last thing I think would make the game super fun, can we get some random weather generator up in here? A typhoon would be interesting, especially when I'm stuck in the middle of the ocean going between islands.
Good survival game, graphics is alright and the introduction story is captivating. Nice work trying to piece up a reasonable storyline with the result of island survival. So far the most intriguing survival games I've played and by far engaging. It'd be better if it could be completely offline, jus download the entire islands and resources in one go and save offline rather than connecting every single time I wanna play
This used to be my favorite game.. And still would be if I could use. The probe that I paid for and it would work but I paid for the probe because I liked it and I can't even use it. Doesn't even work when you try to play it tells you some garbage and hitting it hasn't worked since I bought it. I think I ended the play it 6 times. And then it doesn't work anymore.
The game is very good and nice because it's graphics is alright and the game is very adventures I like the game so much please make game like this don't make the game like pubg , free fire , call of duty
I'm so excited about hey are all good in game and I enjoy playing online for a day and nice graphic design of island and the game control just little lagging and medium animation animals the are huts i like it we were in the jungle its perfect game etc.πŸ™‚
This app is the worst I got food but always dead when hittiby an animal it takes like a year!😣#the worst ever
Sucks the game is bad how the hell you make the animle spawn point with, your eay closed and the mab is tooo small need a lot of work ther is a lot of games free and better.
this game is fun to play but I gets boring after a while can you guys add more animals and stuff just steal from other good games 🀣
New update made this game worse. The new cartoony art style looks awful and the fact that you lose all your progress with this update makes this game worthless and not worth the time to play anymore. Rhe new update also made the game a lot more streamlined, before to took a ton of materials to build a house, like how it is in Ark, but now its become much more dumbed down and simplified.
I had no choice but to rate it one star because I couldnt get to the actual game. The app started with an ad, and then another, and then another, and then loads more. I finally got super annoyed and deleted it after the 6th or 7th ad. Sorry I couldn't review the gampelay, but I'm not gonna sit there and watch ads for 5 minutes.
is a one star because I got stuck in the checking for internet page. i delete and reinstalled but still stays stuck there. so i never get the chance to play until the bug is fix it will be a zero since i can't give a zero is a one star.
This game is a bit annoying if anyone could tell me how to place the floor I will be really happy as I don't know how to
I used to love this game until you people started messing with it! I just saved up and bought the lion but when I made the purchase the game took my money but didn't give me the lion! I watched a lot of videos to get that lion! So I took the game off my device. What the heck man!
This game is amazing, i loved the game since i got it. You can build houses basically anywhere, you can craft cool items, etc. Anyways, i think this game also has a great story for it too. But one of the problems is the boat, whenever i get on the boat to get to another island, it travels slower and whenever i use the joystick it goes into another direction. Please fix the issue. Thanks!
Doesnt work with chrome laptop. It works great on the iphone but when i downloaded the paid version onto my laptop, it doesnt work. the inventory never loads so you can't really do anything. I'm kind of pissed that i paid for it and it doesnt work tbh.
When I sprint I'm like flying, and when I stop it makes me drop down again. Also the graphics aren't as good. Anyway, I think it's a good game!
The graphics in this game is really nice. I love the characters they look awesome. And also this is the first time I am giving a game 5 🌟 ⭐ πŸ’« 🌠 πŸŒƒ
What a joke. I installed the game and started it up only to be hit with ad after ad after ad. I promptly uninstalled it after the 8th ad. I don't mind ads for free games but would you let me play the game for at least 5 minutes before dumping ads on me? Or throwing only 1 ad at me every few minutes? I can't even talk about the actual game because I never got to it. What a waste of my time.
This game is so boring. First 10 min is cool for thise graphics and mobs . But after 10 min is fully boring.. choose your way.. thank you
I did play this like 3 years ago... but.. now...... Hmm It's getting better wow, well i will gave it 5 if this game will not super sip the battery.. pls and oh btw the food is rly hard to find AND SNEAKING IS NOT WORKING AT ALLLLLLLLL!!!! I hope u will fix this pls I love this game.
Great game non stop grinding rite up my alleyway i highly recommend if u like games where u start at the bottom and build everything a most have in my opinion
Game is great overall but one aspect id change for it is lackof things to do....just gathering resorces and killing animals gets old fast....maybe some pirates like in the second game sharks ect
This game is wonderful but the idea of needing internet so you can play even solo its really bad By the way when the multiplayer will be available and nerby friends
The character moves so wonky, like on a boat. The island you play on is super small and offers hardly any resources. As far as the graphics; it's easy to tell what trees are, but everything else is pretty much a blob or line. Don't get me wrong, I see the potential. But, it has a long way to go. I mean these phones nowadays can handle a good amount of graphics without being uncomfortable to hold (i.e. Call of Duty). Also, I think you should get rid of the gimmicky accents on the HUD and menus.
From reading other reviews im seeing idiots thought they could just run anywhere on a hostile island and not be killed by the wild animals....all these animals have boundaries and can easily be run away from....google should remove those poor reviews that are based on player error not gameplay flaws.... game is good for the most part it does seem like it wasn't fully developed pre update however im just now updating to see it there are upgrades beyond bone.. would like to see a metal level.
For people who bitching about being kill by animal..well just die noob..if you actually played the game u will understand the mechanic..so take a little time instead of bitching about it..
It's a very good game but I give it three stars because when you start the game it will take internet connection but I search surviving offline games under 100 mbs please don't take the internet connection while I start this so I will give it four and then we can tame animals so five stars
5β˜… its very cool if you donload in the game very cool no lag no hang all its not lag donload guys...
Yes i know but how the heck one lion can frickin kill an elephant jesus i need some holy water wtffff how?????? Also its so boring nice game but its so hard to get an pet and also can u tame an many animal and why when i have an fox the fricken lion kill it by one hit N THEN I FU#&!?+ KILL THE MOTHERFU?$#!*@ LION THAT STUPID LION WASTED MY FU#$!?* PET FOX CUZ THIS FRICKENG LION THIS IS A GOOD GAME YES I KNOW ITS SO BAD (1/5) I HATE THAT GODDAM LION I HOPE U CAN MAKE THE LION AN LITTLE STRONGER
This game is awesome, and I loved it since I got it, but it's too difficult for me to find some food???? Ohh and it's too tough for me to keep safe from danger. Anyway but I still love the game.
Very best game because I gave 4 star because after some the available loot will disappear so it is difficult to find loot due to this I didn't give 5 stars
Why does the developer force to enable data connection even I the game is offline or they just want to get some ads by forcing, and there is no option to get free coin other than buying or watching ads and without coin you cannot buy pets.
MULTILAYER PLEASE!!! Love the game has great potential. Graphics are good haven't bumped into glitches. The ONLY problem I have is hunger.. I'm always hungry lol 2minutes in the game and I'm starving ugh. Other than that I highly recommended but wish I could play with a friend or something it's a long way on your own and just not fun when no one gets to see your hardwork, pretty much just building and stuff for yourself but doesn't feel like anyone appreciates all the work you put in. Try it out!
terrible game don't download it does not even load and it would be terrible even if it did loadπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ί
This game is full of enemies. 30 seconds in im being chased by an alligator and a lion with no way to defend myself. As far as I'm concerned this game needs some fixing starting with the hardness and the balance of mechanics.
Problem: I paid for survival island evo pro but after the update it became normal...I press creative...they take me to play store survival island evo pro and it says 1,250 LBP and I paid for it before...I had it pro before the update...now my dad says it's my problem..he doesn't want to buy it again..do something
This game is the worst dont install it it will just quit on its own and boom your back from the start i lost my home,food,tools,and many more
It won't even update the new maps when downloading , its just sticker with the loading after trying to apply the update!
This has a lot of potential! Although, I would rather you work on filling in the empy landscape before you work on new islands. Also add sound effects for like swinging weapons and stuff, and maybe make walking/running speed 1.5x faster? A few other things I want secondary would be like caves, more flowers, quicker startup scene, boats, music, ability to place wood to make small houses (kinda like rust?) Regardless keep up the great work and I will definitely support this.
i really like the game, except for the hunger part, its really hard to find food and i lose hunger so quickly. also when i click "creative mode" it brings me to the app in the app store?? why is that?
It's boring because now we don't log into it free I have to use data if I don't have data which means I don't play so it makes the game a boring game while knowing that it is a nice one so I'll you to change that
There are too many problems in game. Paid app with ads really? Sensitivity sucks, when it will go high automatically no one knows. Some items you can not use ever, like glass. You can see through walls if you try to push your character's face . You can not take a nap or sleep on bed if it's inside your house outside? Yes you can. Only 2 thing in whole game no.1 gather resources to Build and no.2 kill animals to eat. Nothing else.
Great game, most reviews are outdated or from people who didn't understand that there are tips whenever you try something new and gave up. I would rate five stars but there are some glitches that happen like animals going through buildings when fighting (only with very small buildings like tents and one by one houses) Other than that the graphics are good and there are only ads when you choose to watch them to speed tings up and when you leave to the main menu.
If the game is a little bit more easy tjen it will be good,the items and all should be easily available.
Pros: Fine gameplay, graphic is ok, exploration and hunting. (Sometimes animal stuck in one place, and this can give you a free kills when using bow) Cons: Do not have story objectives, building glitch, no farming and not much to craft. Other than main island, there is not much resource to gather in different island(s).
bro your game is awesome i really like this game:) plz can you add somethink like (M.C) found a girl and then he protect her....... plz answer must......
Do not download they make it way to hard right from the start you constantly die from hunger evem when you kill an animal. I killed a zebra got one piece of meat one that lasts two mins an your hungry again. One bannana lasts the same as one meat. Bullcrap game its lame seriously and i play alot of these games this one is below the standerd. Pay to play all the way. They can suck on a
This game overall is pretty terrible. You have to go through the tutorial every time even if you already have a saved game for one, for two the controls are not very responsive, for three when you build a shelter it makes literally no difference. Animals can still get under your foundation and attack and kill you, and nothing is set uniformly so you literally cannot get a solid design. This was so bad that I was not able to construct a complete building because the pieces would not match up. The idea behind this game is great, it's execution was half assed at best.
Is it amazing but there is a bug if you play a video it plays about 4 more but I think this game is amazing & should be on Xbox, ps4 & more consoles 8/10 :)
Well, it's a good game I geuss... but it's got alot of problems. You will spend a majority of your game time trying to get food, and when you get that good you will have to get more. It's almost impossible to kill animals, they are way too fast and they run as soon as you get close. Just use the bow? n o the bow is more innacurate than a blind man trying to hit a dart board. Maybe this game could be better, but for now, I will stop playing. Wow I spent too much time writing this review
Graphics is poor.. Should have add some snake should have add fish including 🦈sharks under water. Should have add couple survivor.
Just downloaded and was enjoying the game however less than an hour in i started building a hut that was ok went to put my stove/cooker down glitched through the ground and now cat get out if I go to the water im swimming fine but try to get on land and im swimming under it can't get out of the ground. Now you will probably say you're less than an hour in start again and I probably will but shouldn't have to.
1) make it so i can move things after i place them, like the bed/stove/ECT. 2) if i select an item I'd like some details on that item. like how much damage it does of how much it increases my stats/food/water. 3) what purpose do leaves serve? as if yet i see no reason for them
I would rate higher but the crafting is what is bugging me. I should be able to put multiple items in a crafting queue, And be able to select and look at different craftable items and their recources while crafting instead of having to wait for the one type of item to be crafted first. The crafting times are already too long for some items I should be able to plan what I need to craft next and make sure I do have the recources to craft what I need instead of planning it before I start crafting
A very good and adventurous game...I have been playing it for more than one month.... Nice, fabulous, outstanding game πŸ‘πŸ»
This game is nice. I mean if it's compared to all the survival games out their, this is the best. However, I had to uninstall it. It takes so much of my battery and my phone heats up. This doesn't happen when I play other games like pubg. Ldoe takes so much battery life but at least it doesn't heat my phone up that it's unbearable. I had to uninstall it even tho I like it. Edit: Also, like the other commenter said, it can't put the clothes on. I put clothes in the cloth slot but he's still naked.
Why do I have to start from the beginning Everytime I open to play how annoying. Two stars I enjoyed the game until I oog out and came back only to start
Unexpectable experince while playing the game but I want to suggest that if there were some tropical things can happen so it was the best game like raining and other and an cool enviroment
This is a great game I ever played. I giving it three because, when I played it there need a lot of wood to build a house and we need more coins to get pets. As my gaming I never ever saw anything to get coins. I hope there will come a lot of updetions. I say you all to try it
Game frozen on load page and says you feel very hungry and wont let me log in and if i delete game progress it will delete everything
Graphics are good . But in the crafting why have a wood station and etc. If no matter what you build you have to wait till its finished to build something else . What is the point of having the bed if you have to sleep out in the tent . With the items that you can craft all it tells is what the item is and not what you can use it for . You got a good game here . Please make some changes .
This is junk. I literally havent been able to play, I just get hit with 30 second ads back to back. I literally have seen 6 ads and I havent even started. absolutely garbage
The graphic is the best. But I wish it had more features like rainy/stormy days, more ecosystems in islands including more wild fruits and animals, wandering-dangerous animals at night so you'd have to fight them or stay inside , underwater fish at lake & sharks in the ocean and you could kill them with spears , mysterious things in other islands like native tribes and you could find your partner. Oh my, if you add these features, this game would be the bestest game on Android. Thanks
Its wonderful ...I believe z next update ll b even more joyful .... Consider zis points.. 1. Add weather changes 2. hunting tricks, traps 3. Include map for a long way on the ocean for days to annowen islands...
Your games is good but have a probelm that,,,when I jump,,,this corrector was flying and can't down,,,why man...!.your game is same as like sarvival advanture,,so ifyou fix this probelm,,i think you do better,,fix this and recponce,,,as soon as possible
There were a few bugs. Where pirates were invisible and when I used lock on it didnt work on them.(They did show up on the mini map) I just kept losing my stuff so I just kept getting mad from dying. it's not a bad game just has a few bugs, probably from my bad internet connection and slow internet
Ridiculous, impossible to find food, sneaking doesn't work at all, right out the gate there was only big game you can't take down, and chasing the smaller game takes more energy than it's worth. 10 minutes in, I'm deleting this garbage. Others did it way better, not sorry. Drains battery too fast, would give 0 stars if possible. -5 stars from me. Bye.
I was hoping this would be different from all the other survival games available, but it was not; the onl real difference is that it is in first person. The major problem I have with games of this type is that your items degrade insanely fast, making it necessary to carry multiple weapons and armor sets for for even a short jaunt to the less dangerous islands. If that problem were fixed, this game would be worth playing.
There's so much to craft and so many things to build yes first time you play its hard then on like day 4 or 5 in real life you have like pickaxe stone cutter and more I recommend this game if you are in to this game.
great app. the graphics are the best and the aim of the game is really fun too. all the adventures are very fun to complete!
This game is amazing! The graphics are perfect and sound affects are wonderful and realistic! I am in love with this game βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸ˜„
Sucks! You move extremely slow you have to watch videos for everything. It was the most disappointing game ive ever played.
Is a good game but the graphics aren't very good.I played thise game for 30 minutes and then i installed.But the starter story was fantastic and very interesting
The game is amazing.. the graphics are beautiful.. add more things for example more human, fields.. waiting for updates..
The game is unbelievably good but unlikely the game crashes but it will save all ur data but when it crashes for the first time all it will do is crush but I love this game 5 stars for the developers but 1 will go for the crashes fix it
i thought this game is an offline game? it's keeps on checking my internet connection ever since i updated it
Controls are terrible.. You fly when you jump which was neat. But attacking enemies is hard. ... My weapon would just freeze.. Finding food.. Next to impossible.. Lions spawned in the water and killed me while i was farming canes.. Making the walls buildable with wood should be in game.. This game isnt terrible.. Its just very poorly programmed. Building a tent that you cant sleep in.. Yet another stupid idea.. Did i mention lions were as small as the foxes.. And elephants climb trees..
Good game on survival topic i searched so many games like this and i became a fool through seeing images but i love this please improve squad in this game please,...,πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™
This game is really good! the game has all types of stuff needed for survival. Really hope this game gets more popularity
Good hunting game why it's online you should make it offline so ican rate it 5 stars and please one notice to be said
Really nice and cool graphics and to be honest kinda like minecraft except not blocky and it is quite hard but also fun
Been playing the game for a week and was fine now the game won't load up just crashes every time. I'm just glad I experienced these problems before I spent any money
it would not let me play the second the game came on it flooded me with nonstop ads i could not play the second an ad stoped a new one started I tried exiting the game then going back into the game it didint work i shut off my phone then then tried the game again it flooded with ads I uninstalled the game installed it again and still cant play
Would not even let me into the game. Every time that I tried to start the game, it would reforest me to the play store so that I would not their one dollar "Pro" game. I would be unable to tell the difference due to me not getting to try the nonpro version. I would rather have has them charge me upfront. Not worth my time.
It's fun to play for a good while but after getting all the items to advance your building, there's really nothing else to do other then just collect more materials.
installed the game before doesn't say anything about paying to play. when I go to start a new game it straight away takes me to the app store to buy the add on for 99p. this is rip off way of trying to get people to play DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME
I think if you get it to run more smoth and have more things to do like mine in tunnels and a forrest and even plant trees it will be more playable and better graphics plz
This game needs work ,there's fact animals can attack u within a range of 2 meters without having to touch ,i didnt even realise i was being attacked ,but everything else is awesome including the animations and ui system.plz fix this
The game is good but i did not like the feature of the game they should improve the sound quality. Gameplay is very worst I didn't like it . Control are also very bad they should improve their game . The graphics are nice but not the best . We need to buy the coins throw internet and I didn't belive that this game need internet this is the worst part of the game . So,I suggest not to download the game and very important thing is that the game is very slow.....
I love this game but please let the the multiplayer one please I want to play with my brother in multiplayer mode.Everyone love that multiplayer mode Please....!
this game is absolutely amazing, the graphics, the gameplay and etc but the one problem for me is that i cant play it because we don't have wifi so i cant play much. please do something so we can play it even without internet connection. thank you
Amazing!!!very good game i like when you explore it!me and my brother played this its a fun game!!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ˜
Love the game but high battery consumption and the add more trees everything i see is coconut tree not like in the movie that more trees and bushes and more animals like birds and snake but the game its like a safari desert please upgrade the game i love the game so much so addictive
Its a very good game but there is a problem in building a house some walls did not set on the second floor. Its a very very huge problem for me I request to game developers to fix it
worst game ever I just downloaded it last night and I spent all night trying to play it bug everytime I click play it crashes tells me to re-download and the plays 5 ads to much especially as I not allowed to play game. Avoid game at all cost it's not worth your memory space would give 0 stars but you can't. highly dissapointed
Really good graphics, great game play , needs to have more interface ie options to sleep in the bed and also I look forward to other items being added like metals for armors and tools
So, realistic game . Download this game in super speed mode Play and rate this game And I am sure You rate it 5 star Download , play ,enjoy And rate it.the game
Amazing game for this type of survival, but the reason I give it 4 stars is because you can't turn leaves into fibers so it is hard to do anything that needs rope or cloth(pretty much all bone tools and armor).
I love suvival games but this one needs a little bit of work. It's to hard to get food, it's to hard to find resources. Other than that it's a fun game.
This is a great looking game and I had high hopes for it. But after trying to figure it out for an hour I de-installed it. There is no help option and you can't do anything beyond walking around without purchasing coins. I give it a one only because the graphics are great but the gameplay is not.
This is a very good game, You just fix the boat issue and also make it a multiplayer game and it is best.
It gave me like 5 adds in the beginning before I even started playing, other wise the game is pretty good.
This game sucks , at first its ok, but when it comes to building, the placement of the roofing doesnt go the right way, and its super glitchy. Do not even attempt to play this game.
Good app, it's the best survival game I played so far.. It's much more interactive than the other ones I played.
Good gameplay. I would like to recommend some rains, sometimes. you know since it's tropical . And birds too πŸ‘ i had this game couple of years back. Got bored eventually and uninstalled. Still, it's a good game got it back again. It's kind of soothing , the solitaire
The graphic of this game is superπŸ‘, but they can improve the game like the improve the island animal etc .
Does not work at all. I want to play it but when ever i try it just keeps getteing stuck at the checking internet connection.
Fun, takes a minute to get used to it, but constantly tries to push itself to the foreground. Example: tried listening to music on Bluetooth and app would close the music app (uninstalled it and music played fine, reinstalled and issue started up again) so, fun game, but buggy
Great game a little lag you can handle but i gave it 4 stars because of the crafting can you make it 5 seconds or 3 because its so time consuming but overall love the game so fun evo1 or evo2 you should play 1 just suggesting πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love this game. But there can be improvements. Put some sound effects on the weapons. And the guys should run faster. Also weapons and looting equipment should be able to upgrade. Fix any 2 out of the 3 problems and I'll give a 5 star
It's the woret game i played during my life. It's just wasting time and data!πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ
I will give no ratings because you are not taking out creative mode and multiplayer Please take it out I love the game so much
Like the game and set up.. its annoying that you spend so much time fighting and dodging animals to gather then as you create the item it doesn't go into inventory but resources dissappear.. or you build a bed and hand icon doesn't show so u cannot use the bed to heal.. if it wasn't for the stolen resources or the bed glitch I would 5 star it easy..
I played this before 4 years but a couple of years I downloaded it and it said I need a connection and I have a good wifi but it just said no connection this is ridiculous fix it plz make this game offline
i start playing the game a couple hours ago its realy nice bat sudenly when i want to play it again it crush men i cant play it again it say "these apps is no longer in my hardrive" bat i just install it men whats wrong with these apps
still confused on the whole "creative mode" thing everytime I tap on it I'm brought back to the play store but other than that it's a great game
The only problems with this are that hunting seems to be your only source of food. And the movement speed is really slow. Other than that, good game.
I flipping love this game! Thank you for all of the people who help to make this game! Even tho it have some problems but Its much better than other survival games there. :>
Love it.. it is a fun game. Please make more game like this one especially the kind that lets us play on/offline altogether. I have mastered all maps of the island .. need more games with graphics that is this good to explore
The game is good but the problem is it sucks because every time i enter the game it needs connection for the f...king internet. Why don't you make it offline
This game seemed good at first, but than my antivirus picked it up as a Trojan. After I installed it, ads would play in the background of whatever I was doing, but I didn't associate the two until my antivirus picked it up. It's a good game but beware of the possible consequences of installing this app.
Good game, but literally I hated the sensitivity of the game and I also hated that there is nothing on new islands
This game is ok except the controlls are maybe a bit too sensitive and it takes to long to load but otherwise great game
3 years, waiting for the multiplayer and it still say coming soon. 3 years this game no improvement. This game need more island more animal and NPC.
The controls on this are horrible!!!! Delayed firing when trying to kill....but makes sure you miss your shot though!!!! Going to delete this not worth it....
Good game but you need to add fish, sharks, more detailed island and animals and you need to add something so your able to make a boat/raft.
It's unpolished and hard to use controls there is too much reliance on ads to progress through the game and no progression of the story.
this game is fun but it really needs to fix is creative mode just brings me back here every time but over all a VERRY GOOD game.
In This game , the whole experience is really good, especially the graphics is really great.and also I do like all the characters in this game.thank you
The game is the best survival game Go for itπŸ’™i love it but the animals in this game are rare they just come out of no where and kill you... please fix that.. otherwise the game is perfect β€οΈπŸ‘‘
had so many damn ads the game couldnt even get started so i had to unistall YOU ONLY NEED 1 AD when it starts up, you dont need 20+!!! its not worth my time to go through never-ending ads. take out some of the ads so someone can play your damn game please!!! unless the game doesnt really exist...
This new big update made this game much more worth my time. these new graphics are amazing and this game has so much potential. the only problem ive ran into is the backpack wont open for me. i hope you fix this bug. other than that I give this game 4 stars hands down. I have played many many survival sandbox games on the pc amd some mobile alike and this is in my top 10. Good Luck Devs! :)
No chance to play the game. Ad after ad popping up. I really don't know what this game is about. I never got beyond the ads...! I stopped trying when the 4th ad popped up... STUPID.!
Was so hard to clear the second island, I kept dieing and losing all my weapons so I had to try to retrieve them which was even harder. The sneak mechanic has its glitches, like when your sneaking through the island and suddenly a pirate from across the island notices you.
don't download!! multiple unskipable ads before the any play... not even tutorial! tried to start a few times... i saw ad, after ad, after ad... then i quit. never even got to play only saw ads! waste of time and data.
I am taking back the stars. Somehow I can't load my pet. Is it bug or what? pls fix it..so I can give you another stars. ty
had this game before n it was fun, but now i cant get the creative mode to work, it always brings me back to the play store. can someone please fix this??
It's a good app altho if it auto saves it likes stops the game for 2 seconds and if i was fighting it would stop then after I i die, it's still a good game though :)
Good game, but when you have downloaded other islands nothing is there only plane island with no trees and animals. The inventory gets limited and full when you try to add some resources they don't show up at all.
Love thise game but lots of bugs to be fixed and 3rd person view may give us more nice way to see our surrounding. I would love to se thise game grow .no 3rd person view yet ?
I woke up this morning to play my survival evo pro that I updated 2 days ago found out it had been downgraded to the early days survival evo. Now have to pay to upgrade to the version I had three days ago and it's called survival island evo 2 now. At least the game had my save file from when this was played ages ago. Hopefully if I buy the new version it will have my save file. It took me ages to build my house. Edit: I don't have to rebuy it. That's a relief. I love both versions
Good game but can you add names of the animals and add more islands and make graphics better as same as ark survival
This game is very very good i like the game they good story and graphic and all other like tame the creatures you add some more things like ride in creatures and other weapons like guns and bullet etc this small things can more likely to the game i recommed you to this things add in next update thanks for reading your game is best
I did play this like a year ago... but.. now.. it's now a not nice game....Too many ads.. asf.. and the Controls..
GAME IS REALLY GOOD BUT there should be a way to move or delete item after u placed it I couldn't any way to delete or move placed items.(((😭
Worst game i see ever how the roof build Sometimes roof is comming sometimes roof is not coming so i uninstall.
Ok, there are a few games like this now. I do love how this is an offline version of that style of game, however, it suffers from the same game breaking issue that they all do. SEVERELY LOW ITEM DURABILITY. In a game where gathering and crafting is the core mechanic, items NEED to have a well balanced item durability. Items need to have 3 or 4 times more durability than they do now. Otherwise you spend all your time replacing items that break. This gets boring fast.
I enjoy the game and ive been having fun but the major flaws at this game that its hard to hunt an animal, when i have to chase it they just randomly despawned onces it goes over the hill or turns to a different direction where the player can't see it which is pretty painful to wait for thats animal to spawn again. I would also like to suggest features such as make some of the objects movable so i dont need to craft the same thing over again last thing, make the boat move so we go to diff island
Everything is good but in order too be able to play it you need data and your enemies are too strong lastly crafting need lot of resource
I kinda Love And I kinda Hate it but I'll at least rate this game 3 stars. When I just started I was like what do I do? Then when I was buying something with coins a crocodile killed me!
Wow, controls work well... with 1 exception, the fracking equipped item won't function with each tap like it says it's supposed to, try to get some dinner, you die! Try going without, you starve! Most games you tap the icon for the equipped item so the engine can tell, nope, the equipped item area and the view slider overlap so it can't tell... uninstalling, waste of fracking data and time.
seriously 15 ads and counting, just that alone is enought to make someone not even want to rate the game. not even worth the one star i gave it
Best of Pridegames NO glitches wish they had more crafting like they do in their other games but hell it actually works, would give 5 stars if more craft was add. For now i got a bunch of glass and nothing to do with it.
Such an awesome game! You can choose to play online or offline and do your own thing. One thing I wish would happen is when you want to build somehing in the craft menu, it would tell you what it is. It may seem simple but some things are rather confusing. Also when your running off a mountain or higher elevation, it makes you "fly" until you stop walking and you fall down to ground again. Other than that completely addicting!
I reached level 40. No new recipe that I can craft. The game no longer challenging. Only the challenging part are to find fiber. Fiber needed to make clothes, weapons, ropes. I'm suggest that leaves can be made into fiber. I have a lot of bones but always not enough ropes to make weapons because not enough fiber. TIPS: Hunt animals is easy. Just go into water and kill all the wild animals. They can't swim. That's how I get unlimited meat. Besides, we can hunt animal from house with no wall.
this is the best survival out there right now out of all that I've tried, this game is # 1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
You shouldn't make the tutorials freeze all but one control "button" or touch, because once you exit the app before the tutorial while you are making the chest. You are spawned far away from the build area once you get back on the app. And you can't build a chest from where you spawned.
Great potential, buttttt free version consumed with ads in hopes youll just spend the $0.99. Uninstall.
it's very detailed it's like we're life you can go to different islands make clothes and make houses and is very kid friendly no blood in stuff like that so if you don't like blood is very good game I think you should get it let's see if they could do some updating but still very good
Why I am not able to use walls ,when I click to put that walls on land they said object need to join another but my object is join to land then what should I do and second one is that where should we caught fish
first resources is too little things like food is too less and the animal can easily kill you...i press running mode but i dont think the character is running...how on earth do slow walking animal like elephant can kill my character who is running that easily?
This update is horrible. I like the old version better. I got the Pro version for free when they had a deal, but I'm going to be deleting it. You guys have literally ruined it. Instead of building on the old game, you guys literally scrapped it and started from the beginning. Too bad, because it could have been something good.
This game is best and I hope the multiplayer will come soon and I hope u will add more features in it I would like this game more if this game have more things to craft and if we can see the full body of the game character
There are faults with even the most basic functionalities. For example, I don't have enough resources to craft a first aid kit, but they don't provide a means to get the resources. Unbelievable!
This game is all JUST ADS. Tried to get to the start menu and had to go through 5 ads before I gave up. There's also the option to buy the "pro" version. So basically this app is just an ad for their pro version and other games. Don't waste your time...
It will be batter if we can get treasure box to keep in house and also if we can make traps it will be good for defend other players
It has potenial but also copied a lot of the UI and loot from other games. It's also missing sound effects. If you swing your sword at nothing, it is silent. If you stand on the shore with the waves, it is silent 🀨
Not good the move stick to move the person not great have touch screen don't like that way let be up also kinda hard some anyways graphics need prove but nice game
maybe add some more furniture and attacking animals?? it gets a little boring after some time . maybe some dinosaurs? that would be nice :D I would give 5 stars for that :> but for now it's 3..
it stays stuck on the first screen. Checking internet connection when my internet is working perfectly fine.
Its a good game but there aint much to do add some more things to it and it would be great and when you quit the game all the hard work you do like cleaning the land of trees and bushes come back its annoying
Love thise game but lots of bugs to be fixed and 3rd person view may give us more nice way to see our surrounding. I would love to se thise game grow .
Great game but i can't connect to any fb or google accounts so once the game is uninstall the game will be started from the beginning so i need u to fix this things,make it connects to the fb or google accounts so that we can play well