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Survival Island: EVO 2

Survival Island: EVO 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC located at Harju maahond, Tallinn, Prohja-Tallinna Iinnaosa, Randla tn 13-201, 10315, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If possible, since enemies follow you if you're spotted and will always track you down no matter how far away you get. Can we get bombs? So we can damage large amounts of enemies or have them stop following us because it gets quite annoying after awhile. Other than that, the game is great, can't wait to see what new Islands come out.
I give it 2 stars but it's lagging too much and many bugs I find anyways I gather many resourses then I can't put those in my chest if I put it disappears please fix this bug.When I travel it's turn off my phone so many more buggy things are annoying so that why I uninstalled it.
Way to many adds. The game as soon as you open it up in the process of configuration blasts you with multiple adds. Unable to play because of all the pop ups. Lost intrest instantly. Games doing this are a cancer to the gaming comunity. I dont mind moderate advertising. I know you need money. But this is a joke. Game could of been fun. But ill never know due to the masd spam.
This is a carbon copy of the last maverick except rendered completely unplayable by the first person controls. Even the build mode is first person lol. Literally the worst game developers here. Once again at level 18 that's it. You can craft everything that there is in the game. Theres like 2 areas that you can play. Just the same half assed money grab that you've come to expect from pridegamestudios. Great job guys. I love the irony in your name.
right thumb moving sensitivity terribly low. hard to move. Adjust sensitivity max still same. That hammer button should move away. Difficult to move the screen.
I am very very disappointed in the updated game I loved being able to hunt fish and build my house and out right survive I want a copy of the old game . I can't believe I kept this game knowing that πŸ’―%change happened I am trying to play still being a loyal player . I just want the old game I don't care if it's unsupported the building and hunting was awesome . This new game is really a poor choice.
Introduction of pirates made the geme unfair as the player don't have any weapon at the beginning. Having a bot to travel between islands but not a weapon to defend dosen't make any sense. And why can't theplayer jump? Once I got stuck between a rock and some trees and I couldn't walk out even through the way I walked in. These things are making me think the old version wasbetter. The controls became buggy with the last update and why can't I steal weapons from pirates?
this game is awesome I was on lv 19 and suddenly I came on 17 but the game graphics, controls were awesome
Not much to experience. Just by having good amount of meat and weapons, it's easy to clear the 3 islands you give. having to get copper armor is useless at the moment. I dont understand why only specific trees and rocks are resourceful. Wood washed up on shore isnt usable for some reason. What I would want to see (including others) maybe some tameable animals, being able to build your house where you want, being able to craft things you to to craft other things like the furnace, added controls.
Game is good but spawn trees and ores frequently.. and how to complete gather water challenge? Any help....
I love survival games but its not bad and the jump buttom is hard to push sorry dude.You need to edit this
The game was alright to a certain point, I had disliked a few things such as only having one gender. I'm female so it means a lot if a games cares enough to put an optional to change genders. Another thing was the lack of a jump button, trying to get onto the platform with a furnace on it was quite annoying. Lastly it's a survival game, I get that you have to explain the mechanics but I felt that you were trying to hole my hand through the hole intro.
great game decent graphics plenty of variety of enimes and animals u need a better inventory you cant collect enough resources to build base and use the the wood working bench to upgrade wood to upgrade regular walls it also takes a stupid ammout of rock and wood planks to upgrade very basic wall i could understand stand if ya did that if walls n floors doors n windows were at lvl 2 or 3 and the cooking takes to long so u never can carry food or water
This is a decent game. Only problems are the durability on weapons and armor is terrible, building a base takes a very long time, even though you can't build a base that won't let you the enemies in, and they take so many resources. This goes back to the durability of stuff, because when you get some decent weapons or armour, they break so quicky, that they are useless. Even the guns, they break so quickly and take so much resources. Still a good game, but only gonna play if I'm bored.
They uploaded this with an old save file and so I lost 2 levels. I was level 16 and now 14. I love the controls and gathering system is hard until you get a nice balance. Now I have to rebuild the resources to back where I was. Game still fun just frustrating to lose so much.
This game is much better than the first one (which seems to have been released more recently?) Please make the hitbox for looting a bit better and also give us the ability to jump and sprint. Better enemy AI wouldn't hurt also.
fake fake fake.. not actually a game it will just show a picture of the game then redirects you to pro version
It's strange how the payed version of evo 2 is exactly the same as evo free version. Game is very small. Not a lot of options. Get the free version instead. The payed version evo 2 even has less options then the free one. Could be a good game. But i think it's a classic case of generating money and spending none. I don't see the game being updated at all. So all and all. Good for maybe a few hours. Gets real boring after.
Just seeing the complaints about the amount of grinding it takes to build even a simple base.... Thats the whole base of the game, without a base whats the point? Run around aimlessly on an island and sleep on the ground? Im not even gonna bother installing i just wanted to let you know you should pay attention to reviews ✌️
I love it. Not many ads, good graphics, ok controls, good and original storyline, but a glitch I have is when I equipped my clothes they didnt appear on my person. I suggest that you add a way to pay for decreased craft times. I wouldnt buy it as someone who is quite poor but many people would.
I was death in stairs and when i come back after rebrn i do not get my body it was showing skull it has been 2nd time it happen i want it ti get repair and get my loot .
I was enjoying the game, it's bit clunky at times though. After the recent update it now won't load. Throws me into the games store repeatedly to update and open and after going through that process crashes out. I don't think your performance fix worked. Please review I would have given you a much better score prior to this update.
This is a good game. But you need to add some more new and interesting features . why you added pirates it make us angry. you go and learn something from ark survival evolved. Ark survival is a very good game very very . you were stupid not know how to make game
love this game soooooo much πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I realize that at first time play this seems hard but after you play and play, adjust to game you will get to now and have the grasp to survive along with ur enemies..its a little bit tricky to kill pirates but you will know it as long as you know back out or attack them. looking forward for more updates and fixes for some problems if happened..
game will not load it will start up on the phone but doesnt show any sign of loading when it gets opened it just sits on the loading screen
add fish and a fishyank so you can build aquariums and have new ways to get food and could you make it an offline game
Can you guys please Change the fact that they follow you everywhere no matter where you go it gets annoying.
how to make boot or ship and play with the friends and goto the water and survive and hunt plz plzπŸ™ may first survive best game game is good 100/90 see subnautica took copy
I don't like the updated version I am a big fan of the game before update;because before update it looks like much realistic but now after updation i don't like this game . Earlier i want that human being other than the character should be added and you done the same but that should be performed in earlier graphics. The update disappointed me.
This is one of the useless game. In this app, you can't cut other trees. And also, you can't catch fishes to survive. You can't jump. You can't run faster if enemies want to kill you. I hate this game. And you need to explore level one by one to Make weapons and others. What a joke, Survival.
Nice game but the hunger and thirst mechanics need some adjustment - no one gets hungry and thirsty that fast. Also, it would be better if we could play this game without an internet connection, since there's no multiplayer yet.
Very nice, I always like to look at different new games just to see what's fun. Came in with kinda low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised to really enjoy this one. It could still use a little work but very nice start
Developer does not provide support for bugs and missing in-game items cause by game errors. Contacted support because my purchase was never delivered only to be told "too bad" they no longer provide support for this game.
This game is good but there is some problems. First thing is you cant jump. You can build only in the building site.you cant craft iron armors and iron sword.You have to buy them using real money.There is no modern types of pistols, colt or the shotgun.You cant craft door for your house. The Resources on a island is limited.
Improve controls and gameplay it might save your game, controls for me you need improve because it was very slow to play, Hover and tap is what I used to for inventory stuff? Hold and tap its kind slow going. The view you can't zoom out when your zooming for inventory keep this in mind. Zoom in it gets really stomach jerky feel so if your trying to zoom out and not make your stomach feel urr yeah it camera movement needs improve little bit more. There has to be some restrictions on camera...that player can set. Animal movements don't wander in places they wander everywhere...even on safe zone. I am not sure why tutorial map has huge build zone why not just totem and zapping for animals and pirates? Makes sense to me...
I loved the game. Well, before it got updated. It was terrible! I looked forward to playing this game today and when I found it got updated, I was disappointed. So instead of just deleting it right away, I played for a bit. And it was worse than I imagined. You can't even jump which is pretty crappy itself. And also when I killed a pirate (pretty dumb) I couldn't even loot him. And you can't swim either, you just go under. For a fact, in the last update there was a bar for the limited time under water. For some reason in this update, it doesn't even have that. I'd give it a one star rating, but that extra star is just for the graphics. It's okay but not the best.
I really love the game. It has been very challenging however since the newest update my game has been buggy. and now it won't even load the main menu screen. is anyone else having this problem?
Great concept!! The controls are wonky.Not to mention they do not give you but water to start. Then you some how have to find food but the kicker you must some how swing a stone hatchet while chasing an animal much faster than you. If you do not die from lions that is so close to start you starve.. thanks but no thanks..untill devs give this more thought i would say pass.
I'm impressed. SIE makes up a lot of what a mobile game should be. Entertaining gameplay. Lots to do. It would do well for some outside the box features like enemies, weapons, and even more things to do. But I guess that's what the pro version is for. I would also like to see a third person view and character modification option. Overall, above adequate.
I really like the graphics and game play. It's a lot like Ark Survival Evolved. A few things I'd suggest are... 1. I'd really like the option to play as a female character. 2. It would be nice if you could either build storage bins to put items you've collected in, or be able to throw them away if you don't need the item anymore. Other than that, I have no complaints and am enjoying exploring the island and hunting. :)
can this game be a offline game , I request the developer to made this game offline I love this game but its online I beg to developer please please please please made this game offline , otherwise this game is awesome
good game... maybe an update to let resources grow every 24 hours on your island would be cool.. maybe a friend clan type add on.. but still love the game haven't found a better survival game so far..
Quite a shock when the game totally changed. Now more challenging but with very little logic. Nice parallel of last day on earth in terms of resource regen etc. Difference is that at least in last day you can actually make weapons that give you some advantage. Every time I go back to an island the pirates have multiplied, just makes it too hard and too repetitive. Also, internetor serve connection keeps dropping out.
It would be great a game if only the controls were smoother and the weapons weren't so weak against the enemies. Plus enemies appearing out of nowhere what's that about I call that cheating when you clear an area it should stay clear till after leaving the island. Sorry very disappointed had high hopes for this game looked very cool.
Why does this game, a game that needs internet to be played, show up when I search for offline games. you guys need to get your priorities straight.
I love this game. I just wish the enemies wont follow me if they are already not visible in the radar. Also what's the difference between this 2016 and the other one that was released in 2017? I also have lots of questions and I can also give tips to those who are having a hard time at the beginning, is there a forum or thread I can post on?
Good game with great potential but it has its own cons, first of all it is impossible to craft what you want because you need gear to unlock them and each time you should reset gears by spending couns, second of all you can't jump or swim, and you can't craft a decent weapon you can only get it by luck.
I enjoy this game very much even though I only have the demo, the only thing is that animals can attack you through floors, you should allow already made structures to be moved around instead of having to break it and if you break a wall etc. It should give you atleast some wood back. Otherwise it's a good gMe😁
Ok this will not be short because I have alot to talk about. This will be written in pro/con starting with the pros: 1. This game has so much potential. With the base building pirates and upgrade system this game has a great ammount of potential. 2.The idea of pirates is very original for a survival game. Sure you have other survival type games where it's a top down view of a ship and you battle but no. With this game you have islands infested with thos rage infuses and that make you think ahead. 3. The crafting system in general is not original however it is done well in this game. With leveling up and the skill points it makes you work to get the item you want to craft. 4. The big picture of this game is well, survival. And in this game it's very well layd out as suck a game. With resources you have to gather while fighting off pirates and your hunger/thirst With limited carrying capability it brings the thinking ahead for your survival to a whole new level. Cons: 1.This is a survival game so why buy items when the point is to go out and get them. I dont understand the need to add crates and other thing that you can buy when the point of a Survival game is to survive on your own and make your own stuff. 2. This is a minor con however it does need to be stated that the auto feature needs to be removed. It in it self removes the fun of exploring the world and looking for resources. I get that it can be boring to look for wood and other resources however that's how the game is ment to be. Its ment to be a survival game not an autonauts click the button and let it run by it self game. 3. The tutorial needs to be skippable and possibly removed. I feel as with many other people that in a survival game it's better to just drop you in the game and let you go at it. Many survival games sont have a tutorial such as Minecraft (the original edition) just dropped you in and said hey here's a map and a ton of achievements you can see and figure out what path you want to go down first and see what you need for the next step" and the game ended up being great. A tutorial somehow brings the fun out of learning how the game works and shoves all the information in at once. 4/5(it brings up the traveling aspect as well for an example) It all leads down to money. Weather it be traveling or wanting more skill points there is always a way to buy it. This is another #1 of cons is very very annoying and kind of disgraceful because I'f you wanna go somewhere you have to rather wait 10 minuets to get there or spend energy and a lot of it to be there in like 5 seconds. If you travel alot that energy runs out fast and guess what you eather leave the game and wait till you have enough energy(from my experience having to leave a game because you have to wait on it is a real quick way to lose a player) or buy it. I would reccomend just making it like 1 minute or 45 seconds maby. Final statement: This game has alot of potential however it just dosent live up to it. With no real goal it's just boring and filled to the brim with adds and for heavens sake an entire button you go to to get rewards first thing you see is BUY ME or LOOK AT ME BUY ME. Make something that people would actually enjoy spending hours a time on. Make is something the old play store(with actually pleasant, fun, STORY focused, plot twist, character loving, game) would be proud of calling #1. I see potential but I see the urge for money shooting it down like the duck in level one of duck hunter. I hope you read this and not send a copy pasted reply and take this into serious consideration. I wanna see this a the game the people in my school talk about. One my game design teacher would quote and say "this is the game I want you to make I want you to make something this great". You have potential just live up to it.
this is a very good game but the pirates are to strong and you can't escape from them and one more thing tools break so easily in a next update can you make tools not break easily and pirates are not so strong and make it easy to escape although its a good game but im giving it 5 stars until its all done
This was a good game, but you need to add jump button because its hard to play game witout jump button, please add that button
the graphics need more realistic look to it. more plants , water and other basic needs.. maybe more like green hell.. plants, animal, insects etc. hope to see this fixed.. it would be amazing.. this game has potential..
I want to suggest a update: I want you to make things respawn like: trees,stones,ores,ETC I would like it because I was stuck in the game and I did not have any healing items, I needed more resources to do it. And I had 2 HP and not to mention the enemies swarming the resources I need. So all I am saying is that I want resources to respawn at home base and other islands. I was litterrally VERY CLOSE to rating it 1 star, but the game is good and all so I rate it 2. It is 5 stars if you do it.
I like it because this is the game what I want.I like the graphics.But pls. remove the ads because it disturb my game.
was loving the game till now !!! will not load and if I reinstall I'll lose all the progress I've made..... pissed off 🀬
Great game! Although I've a few suggestions... First, can you PLEASE add a bow because the boars' speed is as fast as sanic fest (HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO KILL THEM????) and it's impossable to "run" from the pirates because they have slightly more speed than you and they start poking me in the butt as I run till the inevitable fate of death. That's when the "brand new" RUNNING feature comes in. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work! Ps: Can you please add an offline or multiplayer.
Pathetic... Downloaded this game and started to play it only to be placed in Google play asking for 1.79 for the pro version of this game, just flat out greedy as you have in app purchases and still require the purchase just to try a game I may not be interested in!!
Played 3 weeks continuously and now nothing much to do. No missions or objectives. Explored all islands crafted everything it has. Gameplay is good., Graphics are good., Crafting makenism of house sucks., It is not propprtional to building. Animal killing is so easy and same for all no strategy required. Other 5 island are waste of time as they doesn't have anything. Except coconut tree and animals. So many things to improve. It looks like beta version so many improvement needed. Overall you are doingg good. kindly make Running mode as default and Re work on construction of house so we can make cities. And add more stuff like herbs to make bandages flowers to decorate, traps for animal.. rain catcher, stone required to lit fire.. disguise clothes.. Overall its a good game but i will improve my rating if you improve construction thing so stuff dont overlap each other. Thanks guys.
Y'all utterly ruined the game. The art style is dumb if I wanted to play a game with the art style of overwatch or fortnite I wouldn't have downloaded this game. Y'all had an awesome start on the game before sure it was boring cause y'all made it too easy and not far to progress so it got very repetitive; but at least you could place objects more freely and it was more crafting and hunting based. This new game has a few improvements that I've seen so far; you can upgrade objects, human enemies, looting (that's not auto like the previous version which is good), improved user interface, and the disappearing island is a cool concept. LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE IS WORSE! You can't even manually save in this game every time you leave the app it loses some progress often times a whole level of progress, you only have one animal to hunt now as opposed to several cool animals in the last version, and it's not even multiplayer that I can tell (I was looking forward to the last version becoming multiplayer) "coming soon" what a crock. Take what y'all improved on in this version and add it back to the old version or make two separate games is my advice I doubt that'll happen cause y'all probably spent loads of money on this but none the less that's what would make this actually good.
Graphics are crisp and bright. Stumbled across a few glitches. First glitch: Walk toward rocks from the raft get stuck in between circle of rocks look up at the sky and a circle of rocks appear with krypto letters. Second glitch walk off the bridge and stuck in water. Need to restart game to get out of glitches. Controls get stuck quite frequently making it hard to move items in chests. Same boring trips to islands to get same boring materials in chests. Nothing exciting so im un-installing!
Great game play. Smooth and nice. Are a bit difficult but the game is great. Only problem is that instead of us having to repeatedly press the action button when cutting or mining resources. We should just be able to hold the button down and it would keep doing the action.
The game is good but the water maker is too late it 1hr to make water that why I gave 4 star graphics and action explore all good but the water maker make fast like 10 min thanks
All Your games works smooth on my device, I literally loved all your survival games, specially "Live or Die:Survival Pro" I love it all. And I think that "Survival Island " should have a multiplayer, where players can kill each other, and Raid other people's bases.. The only thing that needs improvement is the sound effects or this game and it also needs some new background music, and also It would be better if the story on the first part is a video, cause It's kinda boring to read that much, and also please expose more of the characters body parts! I hope that you liked my feedback on your games!
Totally unfair! Lack of instruction and guidelines, you usually starve to death before being able to hunt, fish, or forage. Don't waste your time!