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Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Island

Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Island for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by JOYNOWSTUDIO located at 2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay Kornhill Apartments. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I got to the experiment area area and I killed the Mega Metunt but the game said to be continiued and I enjoy playing it and if I continued from where I left . Definately I would give 5 + stars
It is hard and not enough collectibles at a time should be more! The town is to hard to get through to many people to fight at one time!
The game is incomplete. Been waiting for 8 month but still the developer hasn't updated any to the storyline
I am giving you 5 stars , cause you are keep on asking others for it "for encouragement" it's says bug fixes on the update but still exact problem everybody had. I downloaded this game for already 4 times just hoping it's already fixed but this time it's not it's even get worse for example. Side quest child 1 , finished but screen stuck on the end of the mission, I didn't continued playing it cause it's sucks . Please, not just for ratings cause others pay for this game. Thank you! I'm waiting
It's a great game to pass the time after I spent so much time trying to kill the bear blocking the part to enter the town , reach the town and the game starts to lag and then cut off, if this can be fix I have no problem giving a 5 star.if I can't continue playing I will have to uninstall it .
Gonna give it a 2 star. This is the second time downloading and enjoying the game only to find 4 months later it's still incomplete. As for the immunition purchase please separate bullets from arrows, it's pointless buying arrows I'm not even gonna use.
It's fun game but some item in the game useless I don't know how to use it even the repair kit and some other thing.
Could have given 5 but need help to know how to catch fish.. I do have bait and hook but still catching fish is not possible and please fix some bugs too
I am about to download this but as I was reading the reviews it seems like a waste of time and data so instead I canceled and I know that it is not justified that I am giving it 1 star but still I will give my legitimate review when those mentioned bugs are fixed
Surprisingly fun. But the translation is pretty weak, and it's also somewhat short. Also, there are some issues with control and occasional bugs, but not too serious.
Okay the problem of the game is that the thing keeps freezing after a certain death so like i died then i respawned then it freezes the game jus stops working oh ya btw oso.....i almost beated the monster thing but i died so it freezed and i have to exit the game which all the monster's health reseted!!! Meaning i have to beat the monster WITHOUT dying which is hard so the MAIN problem is the freezing thing/bug which makes players exiting the game and.....the progress is not saved hope u fix dat
I like the game. Please release the latest chapter as soon as possible. And please fix bugs and spelling errors. I want to rate 5 but there are issues to solve so I give 3. Bugs in the side missions eg. Child 2 and family. Or just review the map." The town". There are logs in that area. Thank you I had a good game.
Im not satisfied, because no skills or perks to upgrade your character's ability and once you died the mission will glitch.
Horrible cheap cheasium... Lets ignore for a second the poor poor google translate translation from chinease... Insanly bughy often text disappears diverts to chinease bounce out of frame and so on... And thows are some of the less annoying bugs... Also story line is poor bloated and well racist... (Not that i usually care but still... Very rscist) Lacks meaningfull content but other then that not horrible
Attention: This game is a cheap version of ARES VIRUS. This game has great potential tho and could have many happy players if the devs would stop being so lazy and fix the issues. The english is the worst ive ever seen in a game. The game crashes constantly. The pro version has the exact same problems. Theres no way to contact the devs except thru here. I would honestly help and fix the english translation issues for free. Just to have an understandable game for everyone! Im getting a refund.
I have seen that in 2 months after someone complained about issues you still have not sorted them are you even going to sort them or just keep taking people's money ? You need to do an update on this game for all the bugs, I have trouble with missions also when I press follow mission it doesnt always follow and when I go to the uknown coast there are supposed to be wolfs there and other animals there is nothing there at all at any time of day no resources either.
I loved everything about this games just a few bugsad i think u will improve it and always add mor amd more things . The game in not that hard or scary and thats what i love. Pls make more games like these.
I have played this game I love it but the problem is how to defeat the bear you should try how to train your Dragon it is the most amazing game and on television but I love how to train your Dragon hidden world I love that one most it is really cool and I subscribe it that is all Nothing any longer but a good game
It's a great game with alot of bugs and glitches. There's a bug that actually forces you to restart the whole story that I got unlucky enough to get on my first 2 runs in a row. Once you fix most of these bugs this game will be great. Besides the bugs you won't have any issues with it, tbh it's probably the best real time survival game you'll find, once you get past the bugs that is
Great game but I've hit a stand still. I missed a crate somehow and cant continue that quest. In another quest to get the 3 keys the last one almost killed me I went home to keep all I gathered and still cant find any sign of the third one at all......this point I'm not sure what to do it wont let me continue the game.....
I suppose to give it 5 but every time I watch an ad I get only 5 gold and theirs a 5 time limit, and the most i want to be changed is every thing you get or trade is not craftable, like the healing spray and the minigun and almost everything is not craftable.
This game is really nice to play why I give 5 stars it's really really cool but wane problem I do have why the game end like this u come almost at the final and they say u people is working on it but when please make it until the end please I back u I love it
Hey Guys, I like your game so much, it's actually a great game. There are a lot of bugs thou. I hope you will solve them so I can give you 5 stars. Finally, will you update it or not ?
i love it i just wish it had a optional quest arrow to lead you to the item of your mission it has the item where you can choose the side mission by clicking follow i wish it would show a arrow that leads you where you need to go for the mission
I have just finished the game. It was quite fun, especially because it requires you much preparation before battles. Gather and gather, upgrade items, trade needed equipments. But I have to give it 3 stars because, first, of faulty controls. I had trouble moving especially during fights because the analog won't react on time. Next is the dialogue, I can't understand some lines. Then, there was an issue where I brought extra arrows for boss bandit fight but disappeared when I got out of the cave.
Super game I will not forget this game in my lifetime I also suggest others to play this and I am sure that you will like it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™
Cool, just need a little upgrade for the character to move just a little faster, and there should be still pheasant and woods in the refuge, thanks....
There is just one problem i dont know how to use repair tool please help me and im waiting for game to proceed because it says to be continue
Game is good. I finished the main quest except for the side quest Johnson's son. I killed all the bandits inside a house in the town where johnson's son and a lying bandit located. But after that the game freezes so no other choice but to force stop. I did it 3 times but still it freezes again and again. Also Larry's box where is the last one? Its missing. In the next chapter i hope it will be fix. Ty
please fix the bug in others quest it is "child 2" and the town there is something lag.Aside from that all-in-all its amazing
The game was good, now here's my suggestion, how about get the character an ally? then add another gender. Then make a couple system/children system too! That would be great
Please fix the bug on town where you meet the child of Johnson & bandit!! Also change the way we can catch some fish on the lakes
I liked this game. Can you pls add skills to the character. The Dog and the another person must fight also. New quest and new places. Please update the new version of this game.
It's a fun game. The design is good. Crafting. You have to get recipes for many things. Some of the quests later in the game give you recipes that, I thought should have been given earlier in the game. (Ie- the sheriff gives you a wooden crossbow recipe that is worse than the long bow and metal crossbow I already had.) The English text thoughout the whole game is bad, making the plot a bit confusing (definitely written by someone who English is not their first language.)
Overall good game but can make it better...i can give you guyz 5 stars if you can make it more realistic....i mean there's no update since 21 Aug so i thinkk you guyz should update it.
The Game is ok. I love the narative however the game has terrible English. I cant understand the dialogues. Its annoying bc I try so hard to understand b I still cant. The campfire glitch is disappointing. I upgraded it to lev 3, traded stuff but the recipe doesnt show the shellfish soup for example. I cant cook french fries. The glitches r annoying. I cant fish at the beach it always says didnt catch any fish. The game is ok otherthan the glitches & the language. I hope u change the english plz
I also did the town task I defeat all bad idea but it freezes I also search on YouTube but there ist one vidio means it is serious problems next problem is Larry resources in town I take all 4 uncle on 4 but it my bag was full soo 2 I take but it doest shown now I have 2 and why it happen only me my bag was full cause and I came again to take in house of town but not can in one house there were 2 Larry resources where it happen soon fix bug than do chapter and represent I did it too all but lv 2
can you please fix the main quest tab pls because while i was playing i completed to go to the east forest and rescue th dog and when i came back to the cave when the character started talking to the dog the game just crashed i dont know why and when i realoaded the game the main quest will forever be "go to the east forest" so please fix that bug and i also did try to start a new game but still it will be stuck forever stuck there you can not do anything
This game was nice but it still need to fix a lot of bugs.This game will so great when bugs will fix. So I hope these will fix soon.
Its good and i hope for the next update there is more equipment and weapon design can be found in the game with high qualityπŸ‘πŸ‘
Unable to repair the tools!. When we go to the lab and complete the sub mission of researcher the game gets freeze. I think more chapeters should add after expeimental area in next upcoming update soon. And add some more sub missons with higher wepons.
Its a wonderful app,but i came to a level where i was required to kill a bear,and it all became hell for me,its like the game stops there. So highlight me about how that bear can be killed,so that i can finish up my game Otherwise,its a very interesting app
Text bubbles needs work. Many typos and translation issues makes it sound like the story was written by a elementary school kid.
I've played this several times, and I've killed the villain (boss) , I like this game's theme music , please don't change it
Overall good game, if u could update like better hit mechanics and faster walking, that would be great. Also if u could gather resources like closer to each other that would be great. And one more... Crafting on the go would speed up way better than returning home, everytime u wanted to craft something. Please update better dodge mechanics.
Quite a good survival game, which stands out from the rest (a unique story). Only two things that caught my attention, (from what I could play) is that there are a few grammatical errors in the story. But nothing too big. The biggest problem is that yesterday I was playing this game for an hour and today I played it again, to find out that the game reset my progress. This will be probably keep happening so I'm uninstalling until this bug is fixed.
Good game. Please add repair tool kit purchase in store supply Thank you And please add new chapter fast. I have completed the previous chapter. Now I'm waiting for new chapter to come. So please launch it as soon as possible. Thank you.
The game itself is good but I have had to restart the game and lose all my progress due to the game freezing and the storyline would be better if it translated right maybe add a preferred language option and I am tired of losing my equipment when the game freezes
Every time I'm fighting the bandit King the game automatically restarts I don't know what that's about but it's kind of s***** because every time I want to leave I can't
Game is similar to Ares virus except this is offline. Gets stuck sometimes, controls are laggy. Keep improving.
Im already addicted to this game.. But there is a side quest in the town that i succeded but it stop to move.. Then i'm on the 73 day a quest on the beach.. I already succeded then it stop again.. Pls fix it.. I will rate it 5 stars if you fix...
so many bugs even in the main and sub mission and the zombie will not stop attacking even if ur not in their area they will not stop unless u go to the previous stage please update
When you sell weapons for gold in the Store you should give them the weapon and not make them make it. What is the point in selling weapons then? if you have to make them yourself you may as well just play the game and not spend money or gold. If i domt get the weapons i bought i will come after my money. This in a way is a scam.
Good game is the best game I've ever played but they haven't updated it for a long time so it's kind of boring for me now but still this game is very difficult for you so download this game very quick I promise you have a nice time when playing this game by the way I'm a game judger Plus this game is very long to finish it took me about one month this game is not boring but the best survival game there is all you peoplequit being given this bad ratings about 32 1 you are dead just kidding
All you can do is hunt for food , they give you just enough to survive not to keep hunting ,VERY BORING AND REPETATIVE .
Reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because when I purchase an item from the ingame store there is no option to find what I purchased like it don't exist and no crate that holds my purchased items
Now I have completed this game. It is easy to play and win no need pay. I have been killed last boss King of Mutan in the experiment room. I played on one week only. I want to tell all player how to win this game. First watch advertising to get coin to exchange blueprint with merchant or resident in many location. Second collect alot of wood and food water herb and herm. Kill pheasants to egg and material to make arrow high damage. Upgrade your workbenches to make weapon high damage.
Nice game! But i suggest you to make it supported by googleplay games,by that i can play it with different devices.Also,i hope you can try to make it an optional online...what i mean like when you have some difficulties to beat certain bosses,you can call your friends ti form some kind of guild like DnD games,just a suggestiin thoπŸ˜™ keep up the good work,really love your work!
I kill moutant in the experiment area and main quest to be continue... πŸ˜” i waiting to new version , please hurry up to update. Thanks to developer
This game just the copy version of ares virus because in that game you can go collect resources for a year and still have fun collecting it but in this game its just feels like collecting resources is a chore to do and everytime i play this game for long enough it will eventually crash where in ares virus game it will only appear a lag spike and not crashing at all so if you wanted a actually good survival ark zombie plague island game i recommended ares virus and i think thats it bye peace.
It's a decent game. The broken English kind of deters me from playing forward. I really don't understand any of the dialog after entering the cave but im gonna continue to play and see how it goes. The controllers seem kind of off as well
This game is great but when you start enter the town(i dunno) its super lag. So i uninstalled it. Hope it will be fix someday
Another game that could have been fun but game controls suck bad. Not a fan of touch screen joy sticks cause very easy to press to high or low and kill your self. Couldn't even get past intro or pick up the gun. I would try again if given different control options.
Awesome game with big flows. This is a perfect survival game because you don't have to worry about organizing 50 storage boxes. It stores everything for you. Why one star? I gathered a lot of wood and feather and made 32 arrows. All of the arrows disappeared immediately. I lost all the woods and feathers but gained no arrow.
Like the game but it keeps freezing when i die when fighting the big bear please fix as i cant progress in the game!
4 star because some items that I buy from NPC can't work or it doesn't give me recipe while I brought it.
Fun game. Definitely enjoying it so far. Though it seems you need an English speaking editor. ( I. E. Report not reprot ) there are also some NPC names that are not translated into English. This is not deterring me from the game just little things that are an easy fix. Keep it up. Looking forward to see what is next.
I have played this last year i think they fix the sherif quest now i installed it again and im gonna try if it is nice to play now. But the creator is so responsive makes me like this game thank you whoever you are..
I give you 3 star because that side mission of grandson was stuck after i beat 9 bandit, why ?? Please fix this problem and i will give you 5 star but overall this game is good game like ares virus ....please make more story game like this .... i like it but please fix my problem ...tq P/s : Please update this game
Very enjoyable to play (I am on day 60) I would give five stars for the game itself but: 1. Every day or two you have to restart the game due to screen errors 2. Items purchased in The Refuge (over 30 to date)repeatedly vanish 3. Completely locked up 6x 4. Many of the incorrectly translated English conversations with NPCs are completely unintelligible 5. Many of the subs screens have not been translated from the Oriental characters. Once fix this game would be five stars!
Please update your game please.πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— my dad and I enjoys this game and he already finished the whole game until the part where someone give him a new map and says soon. The whole island isn't explored so please update it I LOVE YOUR GAME! 😊
Good game, but I have some problem second quest. Save boy in town. I kill bandits and game frizz always.
Plz add more durability to the the weapon and armour because it break really fast and i dont like that. Because I have to repair it every time. Plz add more durability.
i like the game very much ... its like last day on earth but a much more easy and cooler version ... but i want more places on the map and weapons to build ... please update as soon as possible
There seems to be too many bugs in this game. First of all there are times when the game freeze the moment you die or after completing some quest, then the exchange in the refuge- items bought disappears and the open dialogue or action button pops up even when not needed. You need to fix this asap...and yea even the dialogues are broken english
Poor english translation. Many times, when you bought from Marchant and return to cave, you lose your merchandise. No means to get them back.
The game is fun, but there is a lots of problems with texts, where english is shown as japan or chinese(not sure what language is that), story texts has problem with converting into english and some grammar mistakes. Still can find lots of bugs. I hope dev will work on that, as they are already fixing bugs. It's hard to find interesting story games with infections, and this is one of them, but as i said, lots of work need to be done.
i keep losing the freegold after switching offline.im planning to increase my bag inventory with that. and the side task of child II keeps crashing after fighting the bandits. it is a really great game, just the bugs are really annoying. im hoping those will be fixed soon. THOUGH IM GUESSING IT IS AS IT IS BECAUSE YOU NEED TO BUY THE PREMIUM VERSION. QUITE SAD.
I also did the town task I defeat all bad idea but it freezes I also search on YouTube but there ist one vidio means it is serious problems next problem is Larry resources in town I take all 4 uncle hey that than do youtube many are confused they need who to do soo who don't khow they will look on YouTube and what the hell with using guns if you play like our soo we will khow what to do you make and we fell hard I through I will delete but fast do like our and play this and show l