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surviv.io - 2D Battle Royale for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Kongregate located at Kongregate 149 New Montgomery Street 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Surprisingly laggy for a 2d game somehow... And you get a ad before starting a game and after playing a game and sometimes you can't even get out of the ad
Lag is fixed, but hackers are everywhere. there's an aimbot that kills me once every four or five games. It doesn't seem to be being fixed as it's been like this for a while now.
Ok so this is the best shotter ive ever played, its really nice and its like 10000 times better than riped-off-surviv.io (called survive.io) the gameplay is good, i really like the potato-mode and the wood-mode, becomes better everytime it update!! i think it can add more houses? more buildings, it would be more better with more building ofc, most of my friend plays this game also, better play with friends!! i think it would be better with text message, so you can chat with people. nice game!5/5
Dev just threw a web browser into an app, a couple terribly unresponsive joycons, a perma ad that covers 30% screen, and profits from the original author's game. I'd be surprised if this was the same author given how much this app tarnishes the reputation of the actually desktop game.
I really wish developers would remove the ads they either get right in the way of using you items on the bottom or make it so you can't click play. Huge fan of this game so please do some make over work for customer satisfaction.
Adds have destroyed this game, there are many buggs due to adds. Sometimes an add pops over your healing items. This game has become a living ad.
I love this game, but the mobile version is completely unplayable. It lags like crazy whenever i do Anything. Even if i dont move, my frams are 1fp3s, or 1 frame per 3 seconds. Its completely unplayable. (edit) look, i dont care about your if these probloms are insisting message, every single person whos reviewed other than bots have these same issues. Stop avoiding the problem and just freaking fix it.
It's a good game and good controls but could you add vehicles like theres a garage main base and you could take vehicles and drive them please add this because it would make the game much more fun and you could also have team members in the back of the buggy and buggies and off road vehicles other than that good game gg
Sometimes Ads pop up on the bottom of the screen which is bad because it makes it impossible for you to use things like bandages since the ad blocks the entire bottom of the screen
This is more of a Ok game. Very addictiving btw. Ï have been playing since July of 2019 and there is a lot of lag in the game, a bit of adds, if you get lucky to see one. This is a great game, ok graphics, a little hard to control, and can get you to rage ( My little Brother does. ) Thanks for improving it though, and may all of your wishes come true with the best of luck!
Love the game could play it for hours but I can't even play it on mobile it lags so much but only when I try and move to the point I can't see anything and I just teleport please fix
I loved it. Now it's just buy stuff but trying to login it won't let me trying to play the actual game it won't let me either so I just don't recommend anymore.
This game is great but the only problem is, it gets laggy for mobile users. Besides the lag (and a few minor glitches), THIS AN AWESOME GAME!
I like the events but make a new event called nuke mode nuke mode or event has a spawner in the middle and If you take up the spawner you have infinite health you and make your own weapon and you can search a weapon and If you accidentally. left the game on nuke mode the game will save you can make a house and has infinite weapons in the weapon collection and infinite telephones to call a airstrike also a nukestrike that's when a bomber drops nukes and infinite strobes for making regular
The lag is still not good but the game is still good πŸ‘Œ but you need to fixed the lag piz fix the lag
Very bad, just shows a disoriented black green screen. Can't play. I have cleared app data and all but nothing f works.
The game worked fine using wifi connection, not much lag. But can hardly call it a battle royale when you put in a game with literally 2 people on the whole map. Basically it's a duel me vs the same guy every match. Is there only 1 other person playing?
Lag is unbearable, the game only works on anything that isn't a phone as it seems. For a game as low quality as this, I'm surprised, pretty sure the devs don't care about this review though, most likely will get a useless reply. Nice try though, a total 3/10.
Can you please fix the internet i love your game but you need to fix the internet on the game please and right now in 2020 there is a lag please fix i have a lag
Can you pls fix the laggy part. I'm on tablet and I'm not sure if it works. But I'm always playing it on my school iPad and its FUNπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ. PLS fix the lags kn tablet and other electronics pls.
The game itself is ok but it just wasn't made for Mobile very well. Also, you only get 3 daily reports, and sometimes I can't even report. Teaming In solo has become rampant
Its fun game but the hackers and the lack of updates is horrible the constant lag and frame drops even tho its a .io game and games over 1gb never lags or has frame drops'
I love the game. You basically survive loot places shoot people win and gain clothes to stylize your character anyway you want. But I highly do not recommend this app for mobile!! IT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO LOG IN!!! And if you want to play on your phone just go on to the website.
Kongegrate I Can't Explain HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GAME IVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 2 YEARS NOW! THIS GAME IS FULL OF secrets lore, awesome weapons I don't even know how much times I loaded into a time hmm... Possibly 71K. Times it's just this game ONCE I PLAY IT I NEVER STOP ITS SOO ADDICTING!!!! KONG THIS GAME IS A TOTAL MASTERPIECE I HOPE LAG GETS fixed it's really annoying but anyway hope you see this good review on your game surviv.io is my favorite battle royale game IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE
I dont really recommend this game on mobile. It is so laggy(on most phones). And it is too small. You can barely see the map and your ammo with you fingers covering almost the full screen. I recommend to play it on computer. The game is amazing... just not on mobile
The game is good, for me the controls are very comfortable. The reason I'm putting four stars is because there is way too much teaming in solos matches.
What is this?. Game? Nope it's not a Game. Why? It's a Damn Loading screen I have too much memory and I turned on my WiFi it does not work even wait for too long if you don't know creator of this game I have waited for 3 HOURS. 3 HOURS I AM SERIOUS I'M NOT LYING AND IT'S STILL IN LOADING IF YOU CREATE A NEW GAME PLEASE NO LOADINGS I HATE IT SO I RATED IT ONLY 1 Fix and I'll Rate it 5. Fine I'll go there
It's a great game and very fun. But when you play with lag the game is unbearable. It doesn't matter if you have good Internet, also the ads suck. It's an ad Everytime you die, and some ads won't go away, the only way is to go to the app store.
I gave this 1 star because of how many ads this game has, everytime i leave a match, an ad shows up (i have to wait 8-10 second to skip the ad), next match, leaving the match again, another ad shows up, and the main menu is full of ads (yes, literally there's 2 ads on the main menu and for me that is alot of ads, also 1 of the ads on the main menu is blocking my space bar keyboard when i try to change my name).
Great game, everything's perfect I just want an offline mode for practice and other than that everything is perfect
The game is pretty good but the lag it's very bad besides if you use internet bluetooth it gets even worse so I would say mabye turn off the internet and mabye it will be much better or download the one booster apps it can be better either way just read this message then bam! Victory royale!πŸ˜€
Worst game I've played. An ad covering your healing button. And you think this is a game right? Wrong. You won't get anywhere in here except a freezed frame. This "game" is incredibly terrible and a disappointment. Reply:the game is still not working. Most of the game play is just a freezed frame. It's not fun. I'll try again. Try again reply:wow! The game is actually working now! And this is a amazing game! I guess the problem was a bug that's sorta common but hits hard.
It's a good game I have some ideas which can make it better For example adding clan mode and a secong game coin called diamond πŸ’Ž which can only be earned when you complete clan mission which comes when you are in a clan and clan earns xp when you complete mission and when clan level increases player gets more reward. Adding new mode: Adding a nightmare mode here are monster everywhere when you kill them they drop random cursed guns which are very powerful. Add an option for player idea votes
Great game but can you plz make this game auto rotate it's so uncomfortable to play because screen doesn't rotate and my headphone jack is on right side
virtually unplayable..the ads are intrusive and interferes the gameplay with extreme lagginess that's beyond imagination..it used to be smooth but nowadays the speed and delay has been horrendously unmanaged..get this app out of the store Google..
I've been playing this game since the beginning of 2019 2 years now and all I've seen is a decline the cheaters the bugs the Devs seeming to not do anything about it the lag is caused by poor optimization even on PC (witch is the platform I play on). I really want this game to improve because I like it so much but the dems just need to do something anti cheats better optimization And a whole bunch of other things could be done to make this 10 times better.
Extremely addicting! The only issue is the amount of lag when on European server. Nevertheless very fun, and the developers are always adding new stuff to the game! Edit: the original game was fun, but the lag nowadays is just hindering the fun of the game. It's been going downhill ever since kongregate took over.
One big problem: This game crashes every 5 seconds for no reason. Fix this please. BUT.... When it does work the game is good fun. Fix the problem for a perfect rating
Loved this game on pc but this game has NEVER been functional via mobile in my experience, due to crippling lag. It's been up for awhile now and you'd think it'd be functional eventually WRONG. 2021 and still unpayable garbage.
The game itself is great, but on mobile it's a no go unless you want to pay to remove ads. The ads on mobile are extremely intrusive after a match you're hit with a video ad, and once you make it to the main menu you will frequently have another ad (this one tends to be an image based ad) but it covers 2/3 of the screen with no visible x button to close it. All in all great game bad mobile implementation.
50 vs 50 my favorite game mode was ruinedbecause now the leader has to be the first person in you understand how rare that is and because you stupid ads ( june 2020 day 22 ) is am soooo disappoint at the new interface also who would buy $100 worth of potatoes golden potatoes maybe or some crazy gamer but most but the majority of these players are just normal people like me I've been playing for over a year I'm very disappointed And every time you die in not claic game mod it gos back to it.....
Kongregrate dev iam telling you last time fix this bug or whatever this is which is not letting me start the game move the joystick and lag I ridiculously annoyed by this thing iam try to Re - Uninstall and install surviv.io but it's still not working idk if its only me or others are also experiencing this problem
well the only problem i have is the emotes you need to subscribe and follow Edit now the problems I have are bigger when we switched developers I expected a change but I didnt expect it to go far from the original premise but then it took a turn towards the pay to win side of things and I wish I could go back where the challenges were simple and micro transactions were almost nonexistent.
I've played this game since the release of Version 0.6.2 and I've enjoyed the game. Sadly, I can't recommend this version of it in its current state, as it has constant lag spikes, bugs with the overall game, and WAY to many ads and other microtransactions for an IO game. If the game ever becomes stable and gets content besides Battle Passes and Loot Boxes then I would perhaps rate it higher, but in its current form the game is in a rough spot. Play the PC version if you want to play this game.
Loved the game since it came out me and my friends would spend entire classes looking for a unblocked version of this game
Hello, This app has been a very good part of my life and a good experience with me and my friends, I loved the desktop site version it was amazing, But I feel like adding the old control's back on the mobile game would be so much better the new ones are really difficult.
Well its a little bit laggy...but gonna get use to it some day...control can be train in a couple a days and skin can get in matter of time btw...also love play it with friends though hahaha...😁😁😁
This game is just out of control. Even with the new system of endorsing and reporting there are still hackers out there. The 2 main hackers that I've been seeing are [YT]EIHACKER666 and [YT]Creaper445. This game is just unplayable at this point. The amount of hackers is just increasing. Barely anything is being done to get rid of these hackers, and its sad to see such a good game be destroyed like that.
Fun game but it's incredibly laggy on mobile and I cant even log in, don't play on mobile it's the worst experience ever.
They actually deleted my review lmao this game plays ads after every game which are like 30 seconds when you're new. To remove ads you have to spend $25 which is absurd people don't have the luxury of spending that money on a mobile game get it together it's kind of embarrassing. There's better ftp options with no ads. And the controls bad and not changeable
good and ideal game. But excessive use of ads makes game laggy and unplayable often. Please ensure this! Please make a Middle east server
I like the game but pls fix the lag!!!! Hey kongregate, i also say i love the game so much it has no lag when in pc but in mobile its lag, i enjoyed it in pc, its only lag depends on wifi strenght, but in mobile its lag every time pls fix it in androidπŸ™‚
Great live gameplay with real teammates/opponents! I've played surviv.io (on both app & desktop) for 3+ years. It's a simple, top-down battle royale game with tons of modes & special events. The app is a clone of desktop & I don't feel disadvantaged when playing against desktop users. (My aim sucks on phone so I change my playstyle.) The dev team is constantly innovating and adding new features. Active Discord group. You can join a game any time of day & tons of people will be online!
I've played this battle royale game almost ever since the beginning. And I've always enjoyed playing throughout my history but after the last year or so the game has been lagging so much more and has been so much slower and not nice to play. I feel like they need to fix this lag immediately so players can continue to play and enjoy this game. I also feel like ever since kongregate joined this game, the game has just not been the same. Anyways I feel they should if anything just try to fix this.
Unusable on 21:9 screen. No I'm not going through your convoluted support process, I've reported it here do it yourself.
I've been playing surviv since early 2018 and mobile since it came out. The game was originally really nice and enjoyable, but it got consistently worse with every update. The ui got a terrible rework, ads started covering up important things and it became clear kong believes in quantity over quality. Today's update just tipped me over the edge. The ui is unusable, the battle pass covers 50% of the home screen and the play button is tiny. Teams are also unusable since the buttons are too small.
I really like it it's a very good Port you guys did a good job on fixing all of the problems you had previously, the only thing now is it could use a bit of policing it's still a bit laggy and the controls are still a bit awkward there's a little slow to use, other than that it's a great game I love it one of the best ports I've seen, and maybe at a button so you can pay to remove the ads, also multiplayer is extremely lucky for some reason.
Game is laggy when you're playing But when you die the lag is gone Fix this lag -poor moderation The laggier the person the more damage they do The anti cheat is so bad that there are still hackers in the game -add more reports per day because when I use my last report there is always a hacker after that honestly this game became terrible
Game does not run smooth enough to be a competitive game, I can understand an idle game but this is a complete issue, will not run well enough to actually play the game. Fire button is atrocious and poorly calibrated Basically either fix it or take it off the market.
I enjoy the overall battling of pvp. But I can't change my name, and not only that, but I play on android phone and it lags soooooooooooooo much, fix it imidetly
Im on android and everytime i keep on trying to play and it only says do missions to level up and i waited for so long and nothing and i can only play one time plz fix these and ill give five stars
I wouldn't recommend playing this on your phone, without balancing and performance optimizations a phone can't do the job. You will almost always experience lag. It is free to play in the web browser if you want to play it. I have a lot of experience with this game and I have been playing ever since it came out, so trust me on this; the game was better before kongregate bought it, just my opinion. Don't be offended by it. You can tell I liked the game by my pfp. xD
This game is EXTREMELY laggy. The screen just kept getting dark the back to the game then dark again. The worst part is that I was doin 50 v 50 turned out to be leader then the screen started to light up black AND white. Please fix this cause I like this game WITHOUT lags.
Nice game it so superb but pls fix t hi is bug when I flare the flare gun no air drop Comes. Playing fix it at PC and mobile
It doesn't even work: I open it then my phone and the first thing it does is shut down and when I open it the second time it doesn't shut down but stays in a eternal loading screen and I end up spending time for nothing.
I've played this game for about 2 years now and at first it was a good game. I played with my friends almost everyday for 2-3 hours just having fun and yelling at each other but lately there have been a lot of hackers in the game, but you can report them is you see them hacking and endorse players that are good. But if the hackers don't have an account you can't report them or endorse them and you cant do anything you just have to try and kill them and that's not easy. So overall this game has been ruined by hackers and we just have to deal with it
Wow when i heard this game lag i think its graphical lag on lower device but no, even on mid or high end phone this game is laggy so much it's crazy, the game got serious lag spike it's unplayable for some time after the texture load the game would run smoothly but if i go to another building or meet enemies it immediately kill the fps it run from unstable 80Fps to 2-10 Fps whenever there something happen. This is the only 2D game that laggy on high device and it is still in unplayable state.
I give this a two star because the game is Very laggy. When i press any button it just takes a long time to get in the game and IF i get into the game it takes a very long time to load, sometimes for hours! Before when i played this game it was all good just perfect for me, but now i just dont like the dang lag and how much times it takes to load. Developer just please fix the lag so i can play again.
Yeah it stays on a loading screen for me too and i love the game I play on pc and laptop it would be better if i didnt stay on a loading screen
Updated Review- dev of surviv.io- i tried clicking your link to your support website it keep saying this company help center has moved or removed and l would love to add ideas to your games and request but the website keep saying the company help center is gone or moved and l live in wasinton either my country is not avabile for your website
I give it a three star because I love the browser version but the download version is very laggy but over all very good game and love the new update 1 hour per challenge also some of the GP challenges take away instead of add them to your account happens to me twice
It is laggy as hell and I can't do any damage. To much hackers can't do head shots and spawn too late bad loot. Take too much damage. I literally got killed by a player that had an m9 pistol while I had a full set of level 3 armor. Bad game.
Was excited to play this, then it kept lagging in the main menu, and I tried to join a game but the screen was just green. I've heard this is a fun game but fix the errors please
Just installed and the only thing the game allowed me to do was link my facebook then it became unplayable it sits at a screen saying survive as if it was attempting to do a tutorial and just doesn't change also the game seems to be too large in terms of aspect ratio when the game let me see a menu things where cut off around the edges..... Very disappointed my wife on the other hand has no issue I'm on Android and she is on ios so maybe that's the problem????
its a really great game its litilry one of the best shooter games i have ever played and i recommend it but theres 2 problems 1 is the lag cuz its so laggy 2 is not ads ads are not that long its that we can do squad and we cant change servers so pls fix this and the lag is the main thing
I would love this game, but it is laggy, you can play it on PC only and I would tell creators that they have to fix the game, game looks like smaller, but it is too laggy, so download it on PC only
Will you try to make this game as much downloadable possible, lag can be deleted, I all sprites were downloaded and the game would only process player position the game would have 0 lag. Also some adds cover the entire home screen not letting you to click the game modes (duo squads...)
I have enjoyed this game but it is so lagging now and during the time of fight lag is on another level..😫 I hope it will resolve as the earliestπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Okay, so, most things broken. I found a glitch that teleports you in a building, the parma crates are useless, as it reverses my purchace, instead of me getting anything, the battle pass was never needed, and so many other things. Is not a 1 star because at least this game has consistent events, which are always fun.
This game is complete garbage. The lag is too heavy, controls are very wonky, The loading times are excessive, the ads come up after every match, AND from time to time whenever I get into a game it crashes my system and I can use it for about 2-3 minutes. Don't waste your time on downloading this game. Complete garbage unlike the PC version.
Great game but can you maybe try to make the awm s in like a box in classic?πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The game lags so much that I actually lose, so there's actually no point in playing it if I already know if I'm going to lose also it cant even login in. Edit: Is there some reason that the same people keep getting in the same position and hackers win also, the algorithm is terrible because I never get to be commander or, medic ect. Is there a why reason this is.
Horrible uncomfortable controls i can't even shoot there is no how to play i pressed it onece and forgot everything i can't shoot anything overall horrible i haven't even played in 3 minutes and it sucks
The app loads and then when I click battle it keeps saying failed to join game does anyone know why this is as it is annoying it never used to do it but just lately it has been doing it loads
Wow !! I downloaded it again after it was deleted and hit with a shock season 4 is here !! So cool and better performance. Thanks ( love the black screen and how they show the board after you die.)
The game plays ads between every match & the controls aren't very responsive; plus, the server ping makes the game unplayable.
This is to bad that I describe If there is any option to give 0 stars i would have give to this game my character does,t even move and the lag omg the just like out of control please improve this game thus game need a lot of improvement .
This was one of my favorite time killer games until recently. Now the matches lag so bad that it's just not fun anymore. Even on 1000mb wifi it's the same thing. Yes I've Uninstalled and reinstalled. Yes I've checked background apps. Funny thing is there's no lag when playing through my browser, only the app. Note 10+
Unplayable because it's extremely unoptimized. And the ads cover more space than the actual game itself.
Really fun game, I've been playing it for 2 years now. BUT they completely ruined it. Its WAY too laggy, I get qued in with PC players, the controls are terrible etc. IF you want to play this game play it on a PC or laptop and not on a phone, trust me it's not worth it to download on your phone if you already have a pc. I have quit the game already (I come back and play it once in a while) after 3000+ games and 319 wins and 7000+ kills, so take my word when I say this... DO NOT PLAY ON MOBILE.
The game is more fun on pc bc number one when I downloaded it on my phone it was lagg and on my pc it doesn't say join steam loggin or something like that and I don't like the adds on there bc every time it pops up my mouse doesn't click on it and it automatically pops up on the add like can you fix this pls I am begging you people.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Surviv.io is one of the best games I played since 2018 until now. You get to fight real players, get rare guns, and experience fun game modes! I would love to recommend this to my friend and from the others out there. The only thing that is bothering me is the lag when too much players are in combat. But overall best game I played till now!!
Runs at 2 fps. Its not because my tablet is bad, its because the game is bad. I can run PUBG mobile fine, but this runs terribly on every device Ive played. Needs optimization.
One of the best games very intense awesome game oh and please focus on fixing the lag it would make the game way much better thanks.
Stop it with putting the crappy ads in the game I can't heal up it ruins the game I don't like the ads they shouldn't exist!! delete them now from the game!!! WHY THE HECK DID YOU CHANGE THE POSITION OF THE HEALING ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
The game in previous versions were fun and optimized but sadly the last few updates have made it pretty much unplayable. The game itself is good and was optimized in the past. Please fix this so i can have the same experience as i once did i love this game so please fix this whenever you can!
It would be a good game if there was no lag but like every good game requires a 1000 dollar wifi connection to play smoothly not going from .10 to 3 frames per second.
Kongregate what have you done with this game? The lag is unbearable you can't even play. the third season of your game also takes up almost all the screen. Ads block my health bar from sight. Kongregate please fix this.
Surviv.io is such a good but on mobile, its just complete garbage, whenever i try move it just drops to like 2 fps but when go in a straight line it goes back to normal then if i try move any other way its back to 2-4 fps same with the melee/shoot controls its literally unplayable its not my wifi or my phone because i had surviv.io on my phone before and it was never like this. Its just pretty sad to reinstall this game and come back to this.
Really fun game I played it over 1 year ago. It just that you cant log in ans you sometimes lag a lot so can you fix this plz
It always takes me back to my homepage if I play and until you can fix the issue then I will rate you five stars
When I go to play this game it lags very bad and my tablets fast when I go to load I can't move see my character and then I go all over the place then there is 30 people left and I have no weapons at all I thought this would be a good game but not I do not recommend you downloading this.
Its so laggy it does tutorial then I gets stuck on the first picture you need to fix this its very annoying it used to be my favorite game but now its so laggy please fix this
It's so laggy in every server I literally move to one spot ot takes ten seconds for my player to even take a step sorry it's too laggy I'd rather play helmet royals where theres less lag
I l I love the game I have how do I never played it but I see people played it before and they comment below that you need to take time to game creators because every game glitched out
Such a fun game and in my opinion less complex than on the computer. EDIT: I recently installed the game again and it's INSANELY laggy. Can y'all fix the lagginess please.
I love the game and play it everyday but I'm getting fed up with it. It happening way to often were I'm in the middle of a match and it freezes for no reason and won't unfreeze so I have to restart the app plz fix it
How much lag can you justify on a game this simple? And the buttons moved to where I can't start a battle. Waste of time.
Been playing this game on both mobile and pc for about 3 years or more, was very fun at the start, but it started to decline upon Nick and Justin's leave, the server quality is much poorer, resulting in more lag, the devs don't do anything regarding cheaters in my opinion (I've reported hundreds of times yet nothing has changed) and the matchmaking system is pure chaos, the heavy unbalance this game experiences is just nothing other than stressful.
I hate this game, 1 a million ads after you die,& 2 always buffers I do not recommend at all do not play this game ever it's literally worst than fortnite πŸ‘ŽπŸΎπŸ‘ŽπŸΎπŸ‘ŽπŸΎπŸ‘ŽπŸΎ
Game is ok and I wouldn't mind being shown an ad at the end of my match. However, there are banner ads covering up the medical items so you cannot heal during the game. Uninstalled, as this is a huge oversight and obviously shows the devs' priorities.
I've played this game in the past but now whenever i want to play but it keeps asking if i played before and i click yes, but it still says if i played before.And if i click no,it does not let me play at all,the mode and team icons become gray and i cannot click on them. Im on mobile and i don't know if it affects it or not,i have tried to make an account but it keeps saying "operation failed please try again later.i really want to play but if this keeps happening then i won't play again
Loved this game on pc but this game has NEVER been functional via mobile in my experience, due to crippling lag. It's been up for awhile now and you'd think it'd be functional eventually WRONG.
I downloaded it over again after A month before that i havent played since 2019 I think it went all down hill aftern Kongregate Took over but no disrespect but it was much better with its original owner so mayb if you guys have a way to change everything and delete all the things that were added since 2020 Maybe it couod work better but yeah so much lag is about it so please just change it back to the OG surviv Please
The game is good, for me the controls are very comfortable. The reason I'm putting three stars is because there is way too much teaming in solos matches and hackers everywhere.
The concept is good, easy to play hard to master but it will be your unlucky day if you encounter hacker mid game
That did good on the game and they do update every single day so I'm going to rate this four star yes they can keep on going with this game and they can try harder and harder to make it the best game possible
It is so laggy it also never fills up with players In a match like when I join I'm the only player in the game please fix this and make the game better k Kongregate
This game would be cool if it didn't have so many lag, i keep teleporting cuz of the amount of lag this game has on mobile. also the shooting controls are too hard to use so i don't like this game. I'm really sorry that i don't like it but it's just impossible to play with all that lag and these controls. Edit: btw this is just for phone, on PC this works perfectly. It's my fav IO game to play on PC :)
Ok, so the game ist great but the lag is making it hard to play and since like last week or so I can't join any game. I can join in maybe 1 of 50 games, which makes this unplayable.
Ok. Overall the game is good. But theres a little bit of lag. I hate lag but its still good because it doesnt costantly give you long unskippable ads like moomoo. Also how do you use emotes on mobile? Please tell me how l use the emotes.
Its a good game. Just needs a hell of a lot of optimization for better battery performance and less lag spikes.
I play the game on PC and I like it, but on mobile its just brokend it doesnt work. I wanna play the game also on mobile so please fix it!! thank you
The game runs at 5ps sometimes 10 at most and im playing on a very recent phone This game doesnt work on phones despite the fact that games that are infintly harder to load such as minecraft and others types of games that make thousands of calcultions a second The main reason the game has slowed down drematicly recently is cause of how many ads get loaded at once you go into the game and it loads 3 differnets ads all simultaneously it also brings up the battle pass which also really slows down
I love this game is very challenging,and your also have to have stratagy to win and it downloads so fast also it bever lags🀯
Please read this... i really like survivio and i used to kill my time at survivio untill. Season 3 came out and i cant play survivio on mobile.. it crashes my device and it says "system ui is not responding" what happened to your game? What have you done in season 3 update? Did you know that 2/3 of player in survivio was using mobile? Please pay attention on mobile updates not only on pc. I was expecting that on next season, survivio dont piss off my system ui again
THIS GAME IS SUPER LAGGEY although great grame (when i play on my grandma pc) im not tryingto be rude or anythong but its very lagggey like bro!! So if your tablet or phone has good battery life dont gget this gameπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜’
When I started the game was perfect but now lag is horrible tho I don't want to be toxic because of all the ability and being able to do nice things that's why is see some more effort into this game devs I know everything is hard but plz just take away the lag plz I know everything is complicated but if it is a online game then it's internet requirements must be met with the mb amount I love the game but do some tests and everyone will love it I still support you guys I love the game thanks😊.
Like other views it lags a lot so when I go on it, it 5 to 10 minuets to load and no players but when I play zombs royale it's fine and doesn't lag so if your reading this don't download it. As it saves your time
Everything was going good until the big update came where they had completely deleted all my progress and changed my battle tag to my account name I had no idea what had happend it used to be my favourite game and I would of rated it five stars if this had not happened but not anymore!!!
Yeah, im sure its a pretty decent game, according from the video displayed but although i stand right next to my internet it WOULD NOT connect. And it not, most certainly isnt my tablet because ive ran games on it with high resolution, higer resolution than this one brings witgout any signs of lag. I just want to put this in an emoji, the creator/developers are: 🀑. I could create a better game. Sorry if i went a litte far, google play you can remove this, im not going to spam on other accounts.
This is the laggiest game I've ever played. My tablet almost crashed after five seconds of it. When I was actually able to get into the game(it was like 2 fps) I couldn't even see myself, and I died before I even knew where I was. This has been garbage since Kongergate took over. One more thing to say, it took me multiple attempts to log in, and every single time it showed up the same thing- LoG iN wItH gOoGlE. If you play on a chromebook, this is for you. Or you can play it in the browser.
Love this game but y'all have GOT to upgrade the service capabilities. It lags way too much. And the button arrangement was just fine before everything is so small and jumbled up. Minor details but y'all have so much potential
i love the game ive been a fan of it since it came out, but now that ive tried this on my phone which is the only device i can play on right now. it hasnt been very pleasing..ive tried website versions the app store version. and they all act the same, cant there be a way to make details less good to improve performance? or some kind of change to improve the performance for mobiles? (p.s i am kinda playing on an oldish phone but it runs with games very well this is the only one i have lag on)
I tried this game on my browser and it quickly became one of my favorite games, so when I decided to download this app I didn't realize that the web version is so much better than the actual app. It is way too laggy to play, especially because it is a Battle Royale game. Battle Royales need attention and acuracy, but with the lag I can't even walk, just teleport. I would have given this app a 5 star if it weren't so laggy.
Its so lagg even in my ipad the main screen is lagg in game lagg even the game is only 30 less mb and i have strong wifi so lagg if you fix it i gave you 5 star and please change the weapon colors cause it is so wierd cause the weapons are green change it to eealistic gun colors and can you add some modes that you can select like all modes are there and can you add some spin shop like epic ticket buy with gems normal ticket buy with coins and some player are pro even im a rookie fix it
This game is great!I recommend it for any Fortnite fans out there. I also play this game on PC. This game lags only a little bit of the time, though.
I love surviv.io and its a good game i play it on my phone and chromebook but all of a sudden it gotten too laggy and i dont know why on my phone i cant move withkut a major lag spike and on my chromebook when i move my cursor and i get random lag spikes kongregate please fix this
The only problem is lag, but it's a good game! I'm giving it 5 stars cause though I deleted the app, I went on my mobile browser on my phone and just played it from there.
The is ONLY a 2D game but the lag it possesses is UNimaginable, I have 144mbps Internet but I keep freezing mid-game. The laggiest 2D game I've played, not worth downloading trust me.
This game is sooooo trash ads every single time when I die or win and the lags are very Stupid it interupts my game every single time I play it so I do not recommend this stupid game
First of all, I can't even log in to my account. It keeps giving me error. Second, it gets laggy when you encounter enemies. Third its absolutely not worth it playing on mobile, 100% not worth it. Highly suggest you just play it on pc its completely free.
I don't know why but I lag everytime I get into a game why so much ads as well so the game decint ads Microstation is that ruined the game
I keep lagging really bad and I cant even play but it looks pretty fun I tried to play but I literally cant but it would be a lot better if there wasnt lag please see this it looks so fun
This game is the best io battle royale game I ever played it gives me the pubg vibes because some of the sounds are in it and its bassicly a 2d pubg such a great game keep up the good work kongreate πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
This game is cool. But it does lag a lot on every tablet I've played on. I use the arrow keys on my chromebook to move through the game but the arrow keys on my tablet keyboard will not work for movement. Any suggestions on why? I've tried Bluetooth wireless keyboards and wired keyboards and the game will not move the characters with the keyboard arrow keys or WSD keys either when trying to play on the tablet.. So for that I give a 3 star unless that function gets solved, if it can.
This game was amazing and it still is. Ever since the devs randomly choose modes everyday, it always kept me playing. One thing that would make this game the best, in the comeback of seasonal modes. And maybe new weapons and locations.
Kongregate... i know your having a bad day because alot of people loved this game but you ruined it since in 2020... we cant play the game anymore because its unplayable even if we turned off the high resolution... the game was looking better than i thought but... lags are everywhere... you cant even play it anymore if you have 20 MBPS lower... only high internet peoples can only play it... i liked it... but... it turned into laggish... please improve the game quality and no more lags pls...
Amazing game but sometimes it has LAG i think you should add a crashed airplane with an airdrop in it would be nice to have thatπŸ˜˜πŸ˜ƒ and a special mode cus the others are boring plz do that I will be very happy and i love ur game also im playing on mobile
There are five problems with this game 1. Its just great on pc but on mobile it wont even let me login 2. You need to fix ads because its so numby 3. The shoot button is so hard to use 4. It wont let me play 5. My internet is fine but something told me my internet was horrible like $h!t please fix this its horrible This game would be famous if it only had an accesible to mobile like [email protected]|<
Lag and advertising everywhere, the game is great, but they have ads in game that block the screen. The lag and ads ruin the game. ☹️
Bruh this game is the worse.... it lags way to much and I'm trying to log in but it keeps crashing.THEY SAID THERE GONNA FIX THE CRASH BUTT NOO IT DIDN'T 😫 😭 THERE NOT EVEN GONNA FIX THE LAG ANYWAY..
It was really fun at first but recently the lag was unbearable to play a single match. Just wish the lag didn't have any problems cause I was playing on mobile.
This is a excellent game.i and my brother loves playing surviv.io in laptop. But many times my game crash,lags,hackers are there in game they shoot me with famas i 1 shot how! If i shoot with famas a player will not die in 1 shot.such youtubers like GAMERIO,SKRIMP,IHASYOU they are litrelly pro but not kill a player in one shot so please improve these things so that we play survive io happily.ok bye
its soo laggy for a sec tho its like i can only play once and reset the game or my phone so i wont get lag but its worth it if you try youre best to play this game while you hve lag
Add a option so that our ideas can go to the developer in game after that I will give 5 star surviv.io is a good game but please add an option so that developers can read ideas given by players and this will make game better and also there should be a vote option if the player idea is selected for giving new update you should give reward to the player and posting idea should cost 100 gp and the idea got enough votes is selected there should be a option to see new and top ideas. Have a nice day
I've played this before couple years back but now it's gotten to unbearably laggy that it's almost impossible to play the game
For the past 3 years this game was super fun. But in 2020 this game has started lagging behind. I stopped playing because the website was lagging as well.
Kong ruined this game. Hackers galore with nothing being done about them. No updates except for paid cosmetics, either. The game used to be good. I could slightly recommend it on PC, but the mobile experience is something you don't want to touch.