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SuperTuxKart for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by SuperTuxKart Development Team. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was in 9 STK is my favourite game. I played lot on my Computer. Now I installed on my smartphone. Let's i check it and is enjoyable...
Clunky UI. In more ways than I can mention. Eg. Controls setting --> touch device. (Does nothing). If there are no options, at least say "no options available". Preferably let me swap sides for steering wheel and brake etc. (Update: intermittent bug? Menu was available after reinstall, didn't let me swap sides though). Give up race and exit race are exactly the same aren't they? Or please explain. Seems could be a good game, but some areas are so lacking in polish, i might never give it a chance
Great game on desktop. On mobile, but the controls are really bad to the point where it's almost unplayable. Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars.
I absolutely love the game, but the controls is very bad, needs to use more popular controls like asphalt or nfs Thanks for your respond, you can make the right part of the screen accelerate and the left brake. The gear box is a cool idea but it's not very ergonomic.
How a rising player feels against the cheating AI: - he almost never gets basketballs - he is shot down with a basketball at least twice per race and all bowling balls from AI hit him - his bowling balls never hit the AI - in most races he is overtaken in the last 20 seconds of a race by a speed cheating AI - the AI slmost never shootd down each other if the human player is near If you wanna see it or if you big mouth need proof, race Hacienda track in Expert level against 5 AI karts on a phone.
I get to play the game for about 2 days then when I try to go into the game it crashes when it almost gets to the menu screen. Fix this please. I tried the beta version and the same glitch occured.
Open source and free game. The interface is hard to deal with, and takes a bit to get used to the controls. After that, the gameplay experience is great, it's a really funny game, with online multiplayer and different modes. Let's see if it stays better than Mario Kart Tour!. It also has addons for extra content.
like the concept of mario kart with tux. ive played supertux also and was fine, but this wasnt. is not easy to get on how to drive because the steering wheel is only a picture. it works with directions and not like an original (like other games where you turn right or left). Also could understood how the right buttons worked. the items on the races are not good to be thrown because you cant adjust
Love it. You need a high end phone/tablet (or a PC with a fast GPU) to run all the visual effects at or near 60 fps or faster. Still enjoyable without them .. played the original version back in the day (mid 2000s?) and the new game engine takes things to a speedier level. It's great to see all of the open source software mascots represented. Did I say that I love it?
This is so awesome, i would recommend anyone to download and play. I love the game, I love the ai. The tracks are new and unique. The thing that needs improvement is the controls for the karts, it would also be nice to use an auto drive option. I'm looking forward for better touch controls in the next update.
I've loved SuperTuxKart since I played it about ten years ago, on my first laptop (with the Ubuntu operating system). It was my first racing game too. Recently I remembered it existed, and I wondered if I could still download it. To my delight, it had been consistently updated the whole time! And I can even play it on my phone now! I wish I could show my 12 year old self that SuperTuxKart is even better than ever and is playable on a phone. He'd love it so much.
This game is perfect. If you know anything about open source things, you will love this game. Actually, unless you hate kart racing or penguins, you will love it. I am so happy they not only ported this game to mobile with all the features of the original, but they added more; online and offline multiplayer, a story mode, and since it's centered around open source things, if you don't like the characters or tracks, you can make your own or use other people's! Also, free game. WITH NO ADS!!!
Note: I had a different comment on here last time but after the Developer team explained the rationale behind having mirrors and powerups/weapons on the sameside of the screen, I am giving this game a 5 star. Absolutely love this game.. To anyone wondering how to fire weapons at a bot-cart following your cart from behind, just tap the mirror button once and then quickly tap the powerups/weapons button. But make sure your cart has a straight road ahead before doing so. Works like a charm..
Love this game! But is there any way to change the it to a standard gas and break pedal instead of the lever that goes between drive, reverse and neutral? It makes it so hard to play when you hit a wall or something..
I really like this game, and it's very fun! I've been playing this game for 6 months now and still having a blast! The only gripe I have with this is the powerups. They aren't very good at helping you catch up later in the race, as it's easy to get WAY ahead. Maybe add some more powerups?
I really don't know how devs keep online mode alive, but this game is completely free and completely doesn't has any donate thing, gameplay smooth and good, graphics are poor, but what you can say against completely FREE to pLay game!?
Great experience, but the game crashes on startup loading screen when there are too many Kart addons installed... Could you possibly fix it ? Using v1.2.1
Excellent game experience, the video game is so neat and graphics are so cool! characters are so hilarious, they did a good job!
Game looks like Mario Kart but the controls are not responding like it should. Can you fix that please?
No Chameleon as playable character? Literally one of the oldest and most recognisable animals in linux world (after Tux) is OpenSuse's chameleon. Please fix this.
This game is definitely great. However there are some details that need some polishing. The UI should be improved and organized a lot more and a new button based control scheme (instead of steering wheel) would be a nice addition. Keep up the great work, guys!
A great game and a good port. Not as nice to play on touch screen but thats just because im from the controller generation. Way better than a lot of the free and paid garbage games with no content out there these days.
it's definitely good for open-source, love this for the devs. hate the controls, figured that would have been fixed by now since it's user intuitive
This isn't simple a Mario Kart clone. It's a full-fledged kart racer that's every bit as good, if not better, than Mario Kart. Spectacular game on Android.
Great on my Xperia L1. Got it on my phone because it wouldn't work on my puny Pentium PC :/ One of the few apps that actually booted in Nox Emulator for me, but the models went weirdly everywhere when I tried it. Fine on my normal phone. I like that it is open source, but the graphics look a bit like an N64 game. Otherwise, great fun!
The game is good but not optimized enough. I'm using lg g8x that has snapdragon 855 & 6 GB ram, but with lvl 6 graphics I get only 30-40 fps. I've played much graphically rich games (Grid Autosport, Riptide Renegade etc) at max settings & achieved 60 fps (display is 60 Hz). Also, this is the only game that I've ever played which really heats up the phone. Like really hot. Even pubg, cod never heats up my phone like this.
I my life these is my first Playing PC Game....IAM always played that game in. My 5th standered..now PUBG lover
I love this game so much I ilke the graphic and I like the charecter in the game and I think that supertuxkart is the best raceing game eaver I don't now would't like this game is so much fun and cool and im giving is a five star rateing beause I love this game so much and who ever made this game your the best good job keep up the good work im pround of you and if you make more games pleas let me now because I want to play them and if you make more games I bet that they are good to like this g
Excellent game; well thought-out course designs make every race exciting, wide variety of race modes and characters, open source and free. This is probably the best racing game available and is certainly my favorite.
nice super marvelous graphics iam one of the most famouse youtuber in india TECH WITH JISMON iam very glad to do a video about this
Why does this game need so much system requirements for running at maximum graphics settings The game doesn't seem that good to me in terms of graphics Rest all are good
I used to play this game in linux system. I also liked the multiplayer mode by which we had lot fun. It's a very nice thing that it's even available in android. Thanks for the development.
Great game, but pls to make a resolution settings because i can't change it, i wanna reduce the lag spikes
For those not experienced in such games this may drive you crazy while you learn. HOWEVER, once you begin to get the hang of it, this turns into a fun little game. I experimented with cars and tracks and have favorites for each one. At first I was off into the lake or over the cliff quite often. That is less frequent now and I even win quite a few races. For just plain fun give it a try. It will make you laugh! For that alone it is worth playing!
I love the port of STK to Android, but it lags on anything I run it on. I have a Moto G7 and it can handle most games. The game was not optimized for Android.
The game has potential and is mostly fun, but it has one very big problem: It's single player mode is extremely unbalanced. I don't expect to win every race, but it really doesn't feel as you're racing against other players, strange behaviour of NPCs and powerups - it's too much calculation explicitly against the human player, not natural. Racing on a phone against other human players is very hard. I suspect other "good" phone racers are actually using an Android emulator and better controllers.
The same great super tux cart I have enjoyed on various Linux distros for years. Well worth your time.
Mannn I've been playing this for years on PC, way back with the old menu music. This has been ported perfectly to Android! I can't believe how natural and intuitive the controls are. It's beautiful. I wish I could use my phone as the controller on PC lol. The races are fun, no gacha gimmicks and what-not. Just straightforward racing action. Love the gyroscope controls and the speed control. ONLY gripe is braking. D, N, R, it's hard to just stop. And animations, esp. cutscenes, are kinda bad.
Amazing!! I get full desktop game experience on the phone, good job dev!!, I feel this game is more suitable for mobile lol
this game can be a lot more laggy than before but it is a gorgeous game and I think you should add sonic the hedgehog to the game
Really good game , why dont you guys have a gew adds for income??? would love to see a buy a coffee option
Great open source game! The only bad thing is that it dumps lots of local storage into the Android data folder. Fix this issue and you will win me back. 😁
One of the games I played when I was 7 or 8 alot. I am glad that I can play it on my phone now although it has changed alot. Thank you
I like the game but the controls are little bit boring, please work on the control threw next update.
superb app.I first saw this and participated the game in our school's computer . after I played in computer,I loved this very much.😍😍😙😙😙😙.so after it I came to home and searched in my phone.I am really satisfied that I can play this game now also in phone.every students in my class including boys and girls love this game. I am giving these 5 stars for the computer version of this game.
Excellent !!! Respectful of other people's lives although it's free. No bothering adds and performant.
This game is literally my childhood. No adds. No in app purchases. Just a fun mario kart clone. 10/10 Better on pc!
Most underrated app ever. Open source games need better recognition. I love all the linux program carts, gimp and Blender are my favs.
I have played the games and found it much enjoyable...no crashes at all....I have played this game on PC windows and linux and android with no issues at all....please support the developer
Overall, a very good game would reccomend. To think this can be played on a tablet / phone is beyond what i can imagine (cause i play on a computer that just so happens to have the play store(might be a chromebook)) Story is great, havent tried multiplayer as of this review but it's probably the highlight of the game. If anybody is reading this do download very worth your time and a great thing to do if you were bored
Great racing game ❤️♥️💚🐧🏎️but can y'all add another track to the main game? Not a add on.
A decent kart racer, to be fair. There are a few issues. Even with all the graphics set to high, it still looks closer to gamecube era, still its the best attempt of a kart racer I've found on Android. Get this instead of MK Tour.
One of the best racing game that I have ever played. The graphics are cool and easy controls. Awesome game. So I am giving this game 5 stars.
A good game unfortunately this game doesnt support baked lighting for the environment that means youll have to deal with the ugly fullbright lighting or with the low framerate
Amazing graphics, could not tell apart from real life, driving experience is totally accurate to real life, this is by far the most realistic game I've played since Minecraft
Bug: The higher the font size, the smaller the minimap. But only with largest font size, the track choice screen shows all tracks in 7 columns. Review: The AI is constantly cheating the human player in every race, based on the player's progress/skills. The problem here is, it doesn't feel like competition, it mostly feels like a cheat. Mario racing games are about love, friendship and fun, but this game is about hate (just look at their community and how they talk), competition and frustration.
I haven't 400mb free storage, but I made 2.5gb free before install it. But it's control is too bad. No fun playing on the computer.
The game works very well, quality is almost as good as the PC version. Accelerometer controls work the best for me, and with the exception of throwing items backwards (requiring to fingers), it's absolutely great.
I love the game! I use wii remotes, i love custom tracks and racers! If you dont like the controls then, pair your wiimote
I like this game..but i can't play with my friends. Please improve the multiplayer playing using wifi, hotspot
AI is cheap & it sucks 1. I don't know how can AI use basketball in novice mode of racing while in supertux difficulty the basketball is available. 2. In novice mode AI racers are as slow as player but in supertux difficulty AI racers are way too fast. Despite of these problems it's a nice game
Such an underrated kart racer for Android. You can download others' custom karts, tracks, etc. and then race them, or you can use the premade karts/tracks that originally came with the game. This game is exactly what you'd expect from a kart racer, but it also uses the nitrous mechanic which not many kart racers use. There's even an awesome story mode which is set up kind of like CTR's story mode where you're thrown in a hub and you do races. My only gripe is that there are occassional crashes.
Open source SuperM***oKart tribute and a very good one at that. No ads. No in app purchases. Just great racing kart fun with M***o and friends, oops I mean Tux.
It's a fun game that works great on low graphics settings on my phone. It's just a shame every update erases your personal high scores. A previous update also included more courses in the standard category, but now they're gone again. Love it though, and keep coming back to it. Edit: thank you for the helpful reply! I have now found the button for the full assets. Appreciate the work you're putting in.
The P E R R E N I A L cartoon racing classic!! Plays like a gem on hi graphics mode (samsung note 9). Thank you for the amazing port.
Amazing game! i am playing it on androidx86. Can anybody suggest me other games that runs on androidx86? thanks
This game had one Job. I came here from its successor from Linux. This is some another thing when compared to the PC version. The controlling of this game is the worst. Very very baaad game. If you are also a person like me who came from PC version of this game, don't install this. This is just simply waste...
It is a very nice game in a rated 5 stars because I finished whole story would I'm trying to finish it like in Eliminator button and time to do it and it's a fun game that's why rated 5 stars gooooooòoooooooood♡♡♡♡♤
I have this on my Linux running laptop and figured I'd try it on mobile. It runs a lot smoother on my phone but the trade-off is that the controls are harder than just using my xbox controller to go. The steering wheel setting is a lot easier for me than rotating the phone to turn. Immediately I got my favorite add-on cart and got into a race on Hacienda to try out the android port. Wasn't disappointed, especially since this version takes a bit more skill if I look back and use a power up. <3 <3