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SuperStar WOOLLIM for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Dalcomsoft, Inc. located at 06626 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 343, 7층(서초동, 신덕빌딩). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It doesn't seem to start when i opened it. It was just black screen. I've waited for like 7 mins. But nothing happened. It still doesn't open to the game. Please fix this😭
It's suuuuuuppperrrrr FUN! When you are woollim stan, you definitley download this app. You gotta support woollim family. You're playing and at the same time you're jamming to the music.
I like this game so much. It regularly updates with every comeback, adds new songs, got lots of interesting events and rewards.. all in all, it's a good way to show support to the company and their artists..💕
It's nice just like the other superstar game with a few differences. But it's still nice!!! I love this because i've been imagined how good if i play superstar with an infinite song and it came true! Thank you so much dalcom soft♥
i really enjoyed the game, no lie. but i can't play some lovelyz songs and it really sucks because my ult group is lovelyz. they keep relaunching everytime i want to play it. but other all-songs are perfectly fine. was uninstalling because the app is running so slow
Okay it was so good until two weeks ago it started not counting the Rave points while playing!! Everytime It brings me back to not counting point even though i didn't miss a beat now i can't rise my points higher, the song that i achieved 3m and more 2 weeks ago i cant even achieve higher than 2m because the extra point aren't counted!! Please fix this it bothering me that now i can't gain more points to go higher in the game
Been playing SuperStar since SS SMTown. And I am super grateful they considered Woollim 💕. Graphics are sooo good and beautiful. But I'm kind of disappointed about not having a gift card whenever a new theme arrives. But overall, this game is really amazing. Please keep on making SS WOOLLIM beautiful and grate.
Everything is overpriced and takes forever to do anything. I spent over 2 hours playing songs to collect enough RP to power up an S card. The S card failed to power up 10 times in a row when all 10 cards used were A cards and showed a "high probability" of success. So after 2 hours of gathering RP, 10 rank A cards gone, I have nothing to show for it. What a waste of time and resources.
It's great but here's the problem... after playing for a while, the app lags and it won't register that you clicked on the beat, instead it will record it as missed. It's frustrating to see only 2 stars especially when you know you deserve 3.
I installed this like 5 months ago it was really good but i had to uninstall that because of my storage. And i installed it again 2 days ago for the first time after 5 months it was good. Today i wanna open the app again but it showed black screen then i uninstall and install again for the first open it's okay but the second open it shows black screen again. Please fix this, i really like this game
People say that the game is bad 20 mins is too long for headphones(its not) and that they keep missing when they definetly clicked(just click it better all the superstar games are like that) the game is good i really like it i dont even really like woollim ent but the game is good But i just hope they keep upgrading the way it looks i think the graphics could be a lil better
Any way I can support my favorite artist, I will. It doesn't require a lot of "grinding" to be competitive. And purchases aren't necessary.
I love this game, particularly because I am familiar with all songs by Woollim artists. The only issue that I think need to be fixed is that sometimes they say I "missed" some notes eventhough I am sure that I tapped the note well. Also, sometimes the app does crashes and I need to play the song again but headphones has been deducted on previous try. Kindly fix this and I will edit my feedback.
It's great but why I suddenly can't open the app.. it's been like a week or more and it just black screen
when press and hold the notes, it suddenly didn't detect halfway causing a break in my combo (miss), sometimes i did tap the note well and the board did light up but it was counted as miss. there's also lag during gameplay. Most events need a lot of spending of diamonds / money to complete though. Please have the setting for members to see when their membership expiring (monthly diamond membership). Maybe add the options to connect with friends so we can compete with 1 another on a leaderboard.
Hi woollim! I really love playing this game since the day it started. But now, it's not working. It won't open. I even deleted some of my apps.What should i do now? I hope you could fix this soon. I really want to play it.
I love the game...but suddenly I can't open my account 😓😓😓 is there some technical issue? It suddenly said that my account is not verified 😠😠😠
I know this superstar game just got released recently, but all i wanted to say is that, it's extremely terrible and unstable. I can't put swear comment's in here, i wanted this to sound professional since i wanted the dev team to read this. But god... It's just... it frequently lags up or rather freezes while playing a song. It's really annoying. I almost can't 3 star a song in hard mode properly. I thought ssstarship is the worst in terms of stability (or whatsoever), welp i guess not.
the game is ok, the problem is that it keeps on crashing. when i first open a song it crashes, when the song ends the game crashes which uses up headphones and doesn't even count the points. please fix this, i've been so mad last night because i finally finished wannabe with 3 stars then suddenly the game crashes not counting the points and the stars :'(
I love this game because I feel nostalgic to those songs of Infinite and Lovelyz but I hope the powering up the cards were more on a successful side. I mean, on the other superstar game like JYP, I can even use C cards to power up B to S cards but here in Woollim, it always fail and also, can you make it into atleast top8 for us to rank up? I always got 6th rank so I fail to rank up every week 🙄 I'm so close to uninstall this because of these issues.
Overall game is good and fun.thank you create this game.Please add and update Infinite wallpaper at (screen lobby) and add card L cause it can be more complete and perfect to play.i think game can be more interesting when woollimz song and card also provide in the game soon..Please upgrade and improve infinite all member in one background when play the game like another woollim groups in app cause it not affair to inspirit. I really love this game.
Please add infinite L and Hoya card .plss it's inspirit request . They are also in the group infinite.. This game is really cool. I like it . But my only wish is to add L and Hoya card....
I'm so much addicted to this game😍. I love it. But as a fan of all groups, I like all of the songs. I hope you'll add other songs from GNCD and LOVELYZ. I'm really waiting for Destiny and GOLDEN CHILD SONGS💕
I really love the game. I am able to listen as I play these early songs of Infinite way back. It's nostalgic. The only setback is that there are songs that I really want to hear and play such as from the units, Infinite H and Infinite F. I know there are members who are part of these units that are not in the company anymore but I guess the songs are owned by woollim and you can just put the members who remained. Well I'm just expressing my hopes here. Still thankful for the game ofcourse.
I love playing the game for I love Woollim artists, esp. INFINITE. It is just that sometimes it takes a long time for the game to open and also when it comes to powering up the cards, it is a bit complicated.
Once again, repeating the same problem from jyp. I have 200% sure that I've tapped the beats, but some beats are still count as a miss especially hard mode. EDIT: I don't know why card power up is so freaking hard compared to jyp and sm. Everytime you want to power up, it cost you a lot of rp and always show you fail. I don't like this...
The app is good, i like it so much! And thank u for this cuz im really a woollim stan. But recently, i had to delete the app data so when i tried to login using my fb, it doesnt allow me. Why?
I didn't have a problem with this game at all when I first downloaded it. Then after it updated last time and added The Chaser and Synchronise by INFINITE, I noticed every time I try to play Synchronise it acts like I already did. It has an ending score but I didn't play that song. The app won't let me. Then I have to close the app and reopen it to finish the mission or keep playing other songs because it freezes on Synchronise. Can one of the app developers or game programmers please fix this?
the app is great. but please fix the track of Nam Woohyun's "hold on me". i think there is also alovelyz track with the same problem. it does not match the beats. Hard to play if beat and music are not in sync. will change the review once it is fixed. thanks
I really love this game but there's some problem these days.. First, whenever I open the app it keep log out from my account. Second, when I start to first play one songs there's delay when start and also lack when I back to music select. Please fix the problem..
Oh my God after the latest maintenance i finished the sujeong missions multiple times.. after i finished the songs the bar on the top left said event mission is completed but when i go back to the main lobby and try to claim my rewards the event page is not changing as if my missions are not completed yet. I tried to re-do the missions and it ended up the same. I'm wasting my headphones for nothing. Edit: apparently i have to close and restart the game. Its kinda annoying so pls fix this
I loved this game so much because I really love Woollim music, but why the card's chance to power up in here is very difficult and very expensive compared to other superstars? Can you just make it same to the others pls? I'm really poor in hereㅠㅠ thx
This game is really nice. Some songs are not in the game yet but it's very nice to play. But when I play Dam Da Di, there's no Jaeseok's photo. They cropped it. I know that jaeseok is not in woollim now. But I hoped he is included.😢 Also in INFINITE, there's no card for Myungsoo. He isn't also in woollim now but I thought that he is still in INFINITE.😢 However, this game is so good. I love this.♥️
everytime i finished playing one round, the apps will automatically closed and i have to reopen it back. it took a while to restart the game as the opening is a bit slow
I love play this rhythm game, song update every week. I was quite slow learner and I often use "rehearsal mode" for training new song expecially hard mode. Please bring back that feature it's really helpful.
I can't login via FB last morning. I dunno why. But please DALCOM SOFT, I hope you solve this problem. I was sending an e-mail to you about this complaint. No need reply, I just want this prolem solved soon. Thanks^^
The game lags a lot despite having the graphics set to low. Because of this I cannot pass a hard level with 3 stars.
Before, it was good!! I like playing it! But i uninstall it because of my finals then i download it again. at first, i can play as usual but then the next day i cant play and its annoying cause i want to play but i cant. And i dont think its my phone because i have a huge memory card as for wifi its fast but still cant play
Nice graphic, but i need to turn it down for perfomance. Actually prefer this ver, less artist=easier to manage. (probably because im a woollim fanboy) I can probably collect most of the card until more artist ia added in the future. If only there an option to look at the card in fullscreen/preview mode available..
Been a recent avid player to Dalcomsoft's Superstar games with JYP, SM and Starship; and now, finally, one of my top favorite companies: Woollim. Dalcomsoft's game design of the previous games transitioned perfectly into the new game. I couldn't ask for more! (... or maybe also ask for WM Entertainment next, and then maybe Blockberry Creative...)
I dont like new feature at the theme point. Why not just stick give theme buff rather than give rhythm point. Theme buff is important too to help get high score. Hopefully you can give back theme buff again. Please!! I feel dissapointed at theme point part. Other new feature is good. I WANT THEME BUFF BACK!!! 😭 I will give 5 star if u give back theme buff
I had a good time playing this game and grinding for cards when all of a sudden it won't login using my facebook account. Now all my progress is gone. Damn.
It's fun playing, but I really can't understand the card value thing. Even if I have so many R cards and get 3 stars, I don't get better points!. And also, I haven't received the monthly reward yet. Last time I got it just after a day but now it's been 7 days, but no reward has been sent to my account. Pelase look into it properly.
I waited for this game for 4 years, and finally 😭😭😭 I am an inspirit so I upset there's no myungsoo card because he no longer in woolim again, this game is crash too when I go to main menu, but overall is great!! I hope there's another infinite songs ( not only main title or main track )
such a great game! but, since i upgraded my android to android 10. I get some stuck when I return to the music menu from lobby
Works realllyyyyy slow when downloading updates. Stated only 12MB, but it takes really long time. I do use connection data that quite fast. Please fix this!
Recently, the ads button does not work. I could not get the free diamonds nor the extra rps after completing a song. Kindly expedite this issue. Thankyou for considering Woollim for this game!
My first ever game..ilovedit . . But I've be using it since the release but now it is showing problems.its screen shows blank when i open it I've uninstalled and again installed for several times.i was thinking it was Because of my storage so free up storages but still it is showing us again.after installing it it works well but 2nd time it again shows blank Idk whats the problem,but i hope you can help me:')
I enjoy playing this game but what bothers me is the cost of RP everytime I power up my card. It's higher than the other Superstar games.
So I got into a lot of woollim groups due to produce 48 and Also This game I'm very impressed with the controls scores and how to get cards very much flawless game
I enjoy the game and have once downloaded all versions at once. A downfall i can name with superstar wollim tho is that it does not allow me to adjust my timing like the others. I like everything else about it tho.
Its broken. I've played the sm town, jyp nation and bts years before and tried to play it again tho using other agency. And I can't clear one single song. Sometimes, touch/tap won't register and sometimes late registration of the touch/tap. It needs major adjustment.
Well, I gave a 3 star cuz I like Infinite but I didn't give a 5 star cuz I cant even open the app. Keep saying relaunching
I like the game, it's really fun and entertaining. However, there are things you could add to make it better. I would like if you add: Myungsoo/L cards as he is still apart of INFINITE just in a different way, sub-units INFINITE H and INFINITE F songs as well as cards for them and backrounds, more songs for EVERY GROUP because the ones you have are just the most popular songs and it would be cool if there were more, and lastly group cards should also be added for a better experience.
While I'm in the middle of the game the app suddenly crash and will bring me at my home so I have to reload the game again, but it do its things again and again
It's already great that woollim is trying their best to put every song into this app, so theres not much to say!!! Its so good to just play and groove along to infinite like I'm also dancing, it's just a different kinda feeling of being closer to infinite! It's definitely fun, just kinda hard to get used to and very competitive
It was fun to play this but a few days ago it be like when I have tap the beat and it say I miss to tap the beat when I literally tap the beat please fix this because of this problem my rank is go down
hi woollim, i've been playing this game since may and i really don't have anything negative to say about this app other than the poor graphics. recently (to be exact, since thursday), after the golden child "OMG" update, my app hasn't been working. it does not open and it immediately says that i should restart the app even if i just opened it. what do i do about this? i want to play but i can't :(
Honestly amzing. Like nothing is wrong with this game. So fun. Great music and love to play the hard levels.
The game is okay but it needs a work with the graphics, it's kinda low and less classy to look at, too simple design when you play begin to tap, like hey I know there's more better than that, I mean you guys can make it better than that and because of that it can be sometimes boring to even play because it then feels unattractive the longer you stay within the game. You've got BTS the nice design, why not here in WOOLLIM too? Please S'perfect and perfect is too confusing, where is the difference
After the latest update, i couldn't open the game swiftly like how it opens swiftly in the past. Plus when i play songs, most of them just stuck in black screen.
When I try to power up my cards, it often fail. For example, I need to power up an A card and I use card A,B to power up but it almost fail! I'm so pissed off right now!! But i still love to play it. Please add more songs of all artists. More title and also side tracks! Ps. I think 20 minutes is too long to wait for a headphone😑