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SuperStar STARSHIP for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Dalcomsoft, Inc. located at 06626 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 343, 7층(서초동, 신덕빌딩). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The graphic is bad or maybe it's just my phone. Love it but always left the game by itslef and say 'Unfortunately,SuperStar Starshil has stopped' it's very annoying
I love this superstar version ... Is not that hrd to get cards and etc but i will give you 5 stars if you can insert more boyfriend songs.. It will be more apperciate .... Thnks
Dear developer, please fix the problem when the game is loading after it's installed. I played it since it's released and few weeks ago i accidentally uninstall it without even realize it. I'm so upset and then i install it again. But it was doing nothing, just black freezing screen as long as i waited for it. I tried to install and unistall it 2 times and still the same, it didn't work at all. It's so annoying because i really love this game. Please, pleaseeeeee fix it soon, thanks
Sensitivity SUCKS. In-app purchases are overpriced imo. It's actually a fun game, albeit the sensitivity's lameness.
Sensitivity sucks I can't play the game properly. Card distribution sucks as well I get the same card everytime there's a event and Superstar Pledis and JYP has x2 on their rhythm points whine Starship dosen't, powering up cards also sucks cause even if I use a cards to uprgrade S cards out of 5 cards only 1 or none will be added, YOU NEED TO ADD SONGS TOO I'm honestly getting bored playing the same songs. I have been playing superstar games for a while and Iam really disappointed with this one.
I really love this game and i have nothing bad or twrrible to say about it! But sometimes when im offline and i see it doesnt work, I usually turn off my phone and ect. But sometimes it logs me out of my account and makes me re-sign in. I dont know why it does this and its kinda annoying. But other than that, This game is great! If you could maybe fix that, That'd be awesome!
Out of all the Superstar games, the Starship lobby tends to give me the most lag. Although playing the game itself is fine, the lobby runs at about a 5 second delay from when I touch something. I know this game has a different lobby background, so that may be why it's slower. Otherwise, like the other Superstar games, this one is great!!
It's annoying it takes 32 minutes to load?! I wanna try it but seriously why does it takes to long to load.
It's not working.. i played it a while ago but it keeps lagging and exits on it's own. and when I reset the app it's not working anymore. please fix this I need to play the game. Thank you
i've been playing for weeks now, but when i opened the app yesterday i did not load and taking forever. the other superstars are loading properly but this one doesn't. i tried uninstalling it re-downloading it but, still nothing happens please fix it. and btw i like it cuz it has CRAVITY. edit (03/24/20): it worked for 2 days, it loaded perfectly, it was smooth but today it doesn't load again. fix it please!!
This game is great. I played it a lot and there's a lot of artist in this game and the songs are great. So far, no game crashing or freezing since the last update. For that, I will give it 5 star.
I can't get perfect score. I have hit that beat but it wasn't be detected by the system. So i lost many time.
It's a great game, some minor glitches at some times, but nothing major so far. Would appreciate better card pulls and I'm hoping for the addition of more artists, especially from Highline.
Its a great game but it keeps on updating and updating I'm running out of storage. And it keeps on hanging. But its great though.😊
If I could give it 0 starts I would. I was very excited to play it but once I try to start a game, it won't load. It'll just stay in the same percentage forever. I lose a headphone for nothing. Fix this.
Love the game. I'm also a player in Superstar SMTOWN, BTS and JYP 💕 It's just that updating takes longer time though only minimum update size, but still, 5 stars because you never disappoint me 💜 Just give more missions with diamond prize, I'm one of the players with no money to buy some and add more songs for Boyfriend like Janus ㅋㅋㅋ 감사합니다~ Also, please have a Superstar FNC too, I love AOA, CN BLUE and SF9 ^^
I love this Superstar games, and literally downloaded the whole series, and didn't deleted the SBTS one. Im still hoping for Superstar Bighit if its possible and also Superstar DSP or CUBE if ever, but ye! Love the game!
I'd play all superstar star series. i just thought the latest song you added ( say yes - sewoon ) is the hardest i ever played. Not only me i guess. There is no record on HARD, means nobody clear it so far. Remake it please, or shorten it. Remove the second chorus, it fell like damn long song with freaking insane killing part.
The game is really good and I enjoy it very much but whenever I get out of the game and comeback again,it always shut me down so I wish that it could be fix😊. But overall,I enjoy it very much so keep up the good work Dalcomsoft✨
the game close it own after i play 2 or 3 song like my phone is not enough memory to run it which i have 4gb ram that ideal for any game out there. but why every superstar game i own keep closed on its own? im not gonna blame my new phone for this when other game is fine with it.
Rating this 1 star for now because it keeps on crashing, especially right after the song. thus my progress doesn't get recorded. please fix this! It's also the same with ssbts :(
Very nice game, I get to play and enjoy CRAVITY's (and other SSE's artists) songs! There's just this time that it says I missed the note while I clearly tapped it. Please fix it soon, thank you Dalcomsoft!
Since I stan all Starship Artists this app is perfect for me. I also love how it is updated with the new released songs of my favorite artists. I hope you could add more songs of Boyfriend and Sistar. Thank you
You need to increase the upgrade chances more. It consumes so many rhythm points, very obvious that you need lots of irl money for this game. ADD MORE BOYFRIEND SONGS AND THEME. I am deprived of them, I need more. Why is there cut in MONSTA X SONGS? I looked it up and it isn't necessarily Wonho's lines... but why?
I remember very clearly my password and the email but the game just wouldn't let me log in, my acc already very big, so disappointed with the system, they said that the email that I used didn't existed So annoying, just don't play this game everyone
Its good but JYP and SMtown are updated versions, this one have old UI, bit lag on lobby and after playing a music. Looking forward a optmization for this Starship and Pledis version, beside that the game is great!
Overall, the app is good but the power up success is very difficult to achieve and so expensive. And Sewoon's Say Yes (HARD) is insanely hard that no one's cleared that song, pls remake it. It's too lengthy and insanely difficult.
I love the game,but the way you distribute the card packs is way too off I am not a rich player but I really really love cravity so I work hard to earn cards but why is like that the drop rate of card pack is way too off I lost almost 160 thousand rhythm coins just to buy card packs but I still didn't get the whole cards and now the event is gonna end..unfair all of my effort is wasted,this should be fix the game must be player friendly so everyone can enjoy it,I really felt dissatisfied and sad
It's really good, sometimes it lags a little bit but the rest is okay. Also I would like to play Wonho's songs since he already debuted. I hope you include him soon!
im using it okay just a few weeks even when it keeps stopping but idk if I'm only experiencing this one, but i keep downloading tge song even if i downloaded it already and played... it's happening currently after the maintenance yesterday Plus... It's just so upsetting not to see all songs of my fave 😢 add more of Jeong Sewoon's songs
The games was super bop! But I have complains too bout this 'bop' game.sometimes it took a long time to loading and sometimes I did touch the button but it didn't responded so I lost Soo many points and that's makes me Soo mad. That's all the rest was fine.
Some time the game is good, but I feel frustrated when I have to spend my 90000 RP just to add star in the artist's card and all of it failed.... I hope that you can fix this
Still only 2 stars because Wonho cards have not been released for all the songs he was a part of with Monsta X. His cards should be released on all previous songs(he is still on the background pictures) and he has signed with a subsidiary of Starship Ent., Highline Ent., which is the same company that DJ Soda is signed under. Also do not like that his cards we have previously gotten cannot be accessed to be locked, this leads to accidentally using them for upgrades if not paying attention.
I love the game, i love the events but the cards i get from card packs i buy keep repeating, i'm running out of rhythm points and diamonds :(
I'm sure it's this game is like every Superstar game before which means a good game, but I can't play it due to "Network Connection". Please fix this, thank you.
I really like this game, but the problem is. they didn't really have much sides event.. All this game event is when a new song is added to the game..
This is a fun game, I've been playing it for awhile and I really loved it! One issue though, when I go to change my profile, like my pic or something. It suddenly crashes and takes me to google. Other than that... I've been playing it alot especially the Monsta X songs, I recommend this app for sure. Please fix the issue though.. Love from a Malaysian Monbebe!!
this is an amazing game. i love rhythm games and i've played some superstar games before. i'm only facing one problem now and that is, the group "boyfriend" 's songs will not download at all. the downloading bar becomes completely yellow but the number stays at zero percent. and i've checked all the other artists but they work perfectly fine. i don't know why this is happening.
It lags... It doesn't take many notes.... And counts as miss... I redownload it... Updated it... Nothing good!! Just because i like the idea i am giving it 3 star
star passes allow us to get extra stuff like live themes, so I wanted to buy the tiers to ten so that I can get the themes. turns out it's just the free one and I can't get it unless I buy the star pass. it was a scam actually, since I wasted 500 diamonds for a few coins and b cards. please fix the tier rewards when buying tiers, it looks like I'm getting good prices but turns out I'm not.
Game play is good. But very poor customer service! After the update, it's not letting me login to my account! I need my account back, i've already sent am email and i still havent received any respone regarding my concern
the problems that i've encountered with this game were app crashing and its uneven distribution of cards. it would be highly appreciated if these problems would be addressed! thank youuu || add-on (05/13/2020): i have updated the app to its latest update but i had a hard time opening it as it loads so slow. i have checked my internet connectivity already and it's doing alright. i don't know what's the problem in here.
four stars because the app suddenly exits with idk what reason??? i've been playing so hard, got it perfect but it suddenly exits the app? i am quite mad i was trying to complete the picnic missions. please fix this. it's annoying : (
Dude, there's a bug at the start of the game, the autosync is suck, i touch my phone repeatedly but there's nothing happen, the autosync keep telling me to retry then how can i play this game if the autosync doesn't work properly ?
I really liked how it was made, but sometimes its chappy or like it lags or hangs while im playing but still it is the best!💖
I actually enjoy this game i dont think there's any big problems but after i played this for a day, i couldn't play it anymore today it gets stuck on the loading screen please fix this
Please fix your audio in Shine Forever. I don't think you noticed but the audio suddenly got cut during kihyun's part so the tap didn't match with the music. Please fix this asap. Thank you
I can't update the game It keeps saying "waiting for download" for a long time Is it the system corrupt or what?
great songs i love starships songs but please fix bugs everytime i open the app it always hang then go back to home
Love the game. I'm also a player in Superstar SMTOWN, BTS and JYP 💕 It's just that updating takes longer time though only minimum update size, but still, 5 stars because you never disappoint me 💜 Just give more missions with diamond prize, I'm one of the players with no money to buy some and add more songs for Boyfriend like Janus ㅋㅋㅋ 감사합니다~
It's almost perfect but the problem is it's always lagging. My wifi and phone doesn't have any problem, everytime I play, it said that I didn't tap it even if I did
I really love this game and all the other superstar games that you have... But for some reason, it starts to crash and I can't log in on my account, same goes to my account in superstar bts.. I used my Facebook account in those two games. I hope you guys can fix it immediately. And I hope you guys can put an option to link it with other accounts so that our data could be save in other accounts. Thank you.
It's really laggy and always freezes while playing a song. It's really a hinderance since i can 3 star song in hard in ssjyp. This need's more fixing. Not stable as the older games, but not as unstable like sswoollim.
All the stars are for putting CRAVITY in it. The game force closes multiple times I wasted so many energies because of the force close. Please fix this
The tapping on the beat maps aren't normal. I can't even get a 2 consecutive raves because it always misses the beat map even I did tap it.
i really like the game. i am one of those who installed it at the 1st release but im kinda disappointed now about the drop rate. how come theres no L.E in 5x 30ncp(35kRP each) this is the 3 day of Soyou's event i already bought 13x 30ncp but i just got 1C(dance) and 1B(Rhythym)..
I actually love this app, this is my favourite cellphone game lol but since the last week, I can't play no more. The app doesn't load and the screen still black until I close the app. Please fix this, I miss playing SS:( EDIT: 2 weeks, I can't still playing. Please, fix it.
I love the BGM and the colour theme. The overall gameplay system is the same, but I hope they add more of Boyfriend's songs in the future.