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SuperStar SMTOWN for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Dalcomsoft, Inc. located at 06626 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 343, 7층(서초동, 신덕빌딩). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Recently when I play a song (for every song) it always shows that I missed some of the colored circles when I pressed it at the right time. I even usually get the golden perfect for pressing it at the correct time. Now no matter if I press all of them or not it says I missed some and I end up getting 2/3 stars or sometimes 1/3 stars. I can't get a screenshot because it's during the game.
After the new update, the game is not loading, it won't start, it's been two days and I'm still trying but the blank screen is all I get,
I would've put this at a 5 however I was logged out apparently with the latest update and now it's asking me for a registered login (even though I've used my email for the last few years and nothing has changed) and no matter what I do I can't seem to log back in because nothing seems to be 'found' and I don't know how to get it back. I put a lot of time into this so for that to all be gone now is just very disappointing especially because I really enjoyed this game. Can I get it back? No idea.
This app logged me out and I can't remember my username so I'm SOL. Thanks a lot. The new integrated login thing messed everyone up. Now all my saves are gone smh. That's at least 2 years worth of gaming gone smh
It's very annoying because the game is crashing all the time even my phone is new. Hope you fix this.
bluetooth did not synced, tap not recognized and keep missing notes, videos didn't play properly. . .
I don't like the current interface. It's not pretty. Everything looks too small and cramped even the buttons. I uninstalled the other superstar games for the same reason. I stayed playing sm superstar not only because i like them better but also because it looks prettier. I like that pink is the prevailing color. Right now, its too dull. Just put it back to how it was before.
I have been playing this for awhile and put a lot work into this game and this last update won't let me log in and says my account can't be found .-.
I love the Game but there aren't enough B side songs from albums. My suggestion is that every time a Group or Artists Anniversary Day or Album release date happens add more songs from there albums.
It used to be WONDERFULLLLL... But now it keeps getting slower and slower, I tought it was because my phone was too old but I bought a new one that is way better than the other and the app still keeps geeting slower. It just takes soo much time to load compared to other games and it has started marking some notes as wrong even when I do hit them, I read other comments with the same issue, I tought it was only me, but since I see it's not the case, I must talk about it too.
Why this app keep asking for relaunch since the last server maintenance??? I've tried to re-install, worked once, but after that it keeps ask for relaunch
I keep losing my game accounts everytime it got updated. It keep saying that my ID is invalid despite how many time that I have to registered the ID and when i use my gmail to sign in to the game and try to get my old accounts back, it'll say that "there's already an ID using this gmail". I've been playing this game for a long time and even do some in-game purchase. This actually makes me really mad.
Please bring back the old look huhuhu.. Everything is so small and cramped now, buttons are everywhere and its so frustrating. Been a player since 2017 and I really like this game. Please bringback the old version!!!or just the look atleast
Seriously like i downloaded it and it was in the middle of the downloading progress and then it crashed and then i opened it again and it just stayed on that black screen. For real everytime i download this app it crashes it was cool a year ago but it started crashing. Please fix this, please.
With the new update it made me make a whole new account I lost all my cards that I worked so hard for in the past year highly upset!!!!
i can't even play because it loads up to 3.3% and it's stuck there, I wanna play it so bad but I can't. and I'm scared to uninstall it because I don't wanna lose everything I have in my account that I spent so much money on
I like the app. It's working well, however I gave 4 stars since it kept on updating the reason that it consumed a lot of MB in my phone storage/memory card.
I really love this game but I purchased something in 2019 and never received it. However I let this slide for a year. I purchased that pumpkin pie package. I purchased it on Oct 27th of 2019. I tried asking for help but it didn't really work out. I didnt receive it at all. I also have proof that it is in my history purchases. After that day I had purchased it, I thought it was just a glitch that it would just deliver slowly. It never came to me. I didnt know what the problem was.
Plssss fix the loading issue...Im stuck at the beggining of your app it takes 10 monutes just to open it thats why i found it boring to open because of the loading...and also pls give us higher drop rate card and increase the rhytym points we should get....its so hard to earn rhythm points....and pls be fair last time i spent almost 3k dias just for rv theme cards and you gave me all dupes...also please make event every week cause it bored us to death withouth event, ..
ive been playing this game for almost a year now and this recently just happened... its been months since i last opened my app and now it wont even open anymore??? like its just pure black screen why is that?? ive tried reinstalling it and everything is just the same??? its been months now thats why i havent still played the app. and its still the same black screen. please fix it.
I really like this game, I like that I can listen to my favorite songs while I play and it's a fun challenge! But I hate how almost everytime I open the app it tells me to download some extra resources for a good running game, and it doesn't give me a choice. The game was running well before I had to download the extra stuff. My phone has completely run out of space and I really like this game. I don't want to have to delete it, I just wish it wouldn't take up a lot of space.
The game is super fun but the often blackening of the screen isn't. There's also connection issues and surprise lags that suddenly kicks you off of your fun.
The game was very glitchy but the game is fine now so I don't know what happened to the game but I'm excited about the update
I changed my review now... The app got better for me, it is clear and fun, I was able to Obtain my rank in the game, and my in-game purchases weren't gone. Salute to the developer. I don't know about the problems of the others but I really don't experience it on my phone...The team did a better job than before. Thank you
Could you guy bring back the Bonus Song filter? It sucks having to go through groups/song to find them with there being over 600 songs 😐
I dont know if others had this problem but.. it signed me out randomly and when i logged back in everything was gone- i had to start over i know i had at least 1 R card and a good amount of s and a few groups complete so honestly dont play unless you can handle having to restart. Also same what someone else said- the dalcom id erased everything password wrong so. If you can give us our stuff back that would be nice
This game is actually fun to be honest but sometimes when i hit the notes, It says i keep getting missed or getting the try again screen. Sometimes you need to make too accurate to hit but im actually just as near to hit it but it still says keep getting missed but i don't know if this is from the new update but i like some of the other stuff like getting rewards like gems or rhythm points from completing some card books and for working hard from upgrades,
I've been playing this game since 2014. I love the new update but the problem is the beat map... too small that i don't even know if i missed the beat or what. I used to have a high score with 3 stars in hard mode but now it's kinda imposible because of the small beat map. I hope you'll hear me out and fix it. Still giving this game 5 stars.
I'm sorry but can you guys not change the layout because it looks so cheap. You could have just keep it as before. You didn't have to make almost or all your games the same layout. I swear, first it was JYP and now SM. 🔫
Another data to download.. Like seriously? I waited an hour for that 117mb with that additional file.. Another hour for that resources being stuck at 89.3% ..and heres another download for "787" MB and I have to wait a day for it to finish.. So.. I can't even play it when I want to.. I already used up my data for that frickin download.. And here's...gwhdncjejndnfienfjfkf
I don't like the new ui. As someone who have been playing this game since 2018, it makes me uncomfortable. Some features looked smaller and there's so much blank space. The old one was prettier, simpler, and unique. Plus, the accuracy is ridiculous! Even tho my timing was spot on, it still says "good" or "perfect". The timing is super late. Upgrading cards has become a lot more difficult too, especially the R-rated ones. Still, kudos for reducing the diamonds needed for expanding inventory.
I have had an account for a few years off my Yahoo email but now I have to make a new sign in? I don't want to have to start over. I put a lot of time and money into it. Plus it's so difficult to even go from the app to my email without having to start over. I'm highly disappointed cuz I love this game with the passion.
They give out very generous rewards and often, in comparison to JYP and BTS Superstars. Love the huge song library, graphics are my style. It's very simple to navigate and learn the UI, the hard modes test your reflexes and rhythm, but I also highly enjoyed the almost tactical aspect of cards, choosing what's worth sacrificing, balancing theme grade and level, constantly locking cards for future upgrades.
The New Update sure is great and The UI had new features and so... However, Load Times is so slow than the Previous ones like Going Back to the Lobby Menu, Load Times is Laggy as well as Loading a Song is Slow and It takes a Several Seconds or so unlike the Previous Versions, It's fast to load atleast a Few Seconds and that Load Times issue also Suffers too from other SuperStar Games like SS JYP Nation and Maybe Others.
I played when it first came out via extensions to get the Korean version on my phone, so I was excited to learn the game came to the US playstore. Unfortunately with the new update I have no audio in the app whatsoever, no lobby music, no sound effects and the music doesnt play. I've checked my settings, I've checked app settings, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, all other apps play sound, but not this one which is becoming annoying. If that gets fixed Id gladly change my rating to 5 stars.
I was playing just fine yesterday, but today it says that my Server connection has expired. I can log in and all buy it wont let me enter at all.
My app was updated to the latest version and I lost all my data. I'm not even able to log in with my dalcom Id even though I registered it. When I tried to fix it by forgetting the password, I got a popup message saying invalid account. This is so frustrating. I meet my account back.
Not sure if it only happens to my phone, but when i played hard level it become lag until i miss one of the note then only it played smoothly. Also when i surely hit the notes suddenly they said i miss it! Why !? I hope you could fix this
31-03-21: previous complaints I had were fixed. After calibration I am hitting most notes, and I know that I did miss a note (for the most part.) The new UI update is nice, but some personality feel as it was lost.
It's a really good game, I prefer playing this game at night because I always miss something when it's daytime. It keeps telling me to relaunch application, I even restarted my phone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but the same thing. Everything is okay with my Internet, so I dont know what's wrong. Edit: I now can access the game.vyayyy
I really like the game but I got signed out recently and when I tried to sign back in, with both dalcom id & my Gmail, it said the information was all wrong even tho I put it all in correctly. Im kinda disappointed because I ha like almost all r grade cards in about half the groups and i don't really have the time to go though all that again because some of those were limited cards
I really love this game, i already 4 years playing this excellent game. But i got a problem recently. I play this game using wi-fi with a good connection, i can access other app normally, but this game always says "not connected to network". Can you help me about this? I wanna play this game again so much
I love SuperStar SM especially NCT, but SuperStar LOONA when... Loona literally have solo albums, sub unit albums, and full group albums. Not to mention their diverse discography in every single songs they produced, and there's enough songs for a SuperStar game. Loona is well known globally, and there's a lot of people waiting for SuperStar LOONA too, so bet there will be tons of players once you release SuperStar LOONA.
I used love the game but ever since I re-download it, it would load to 98.8% and then stop. Like everything froze and I can't play the game
Slow. After playing a couple other games, the speed of how fast the notes move are really slow. I wish there was an option to adjust the speed of the notes as they fall.
The game is very good but, I'm having problem to get in the game. The game screen would turn white and then kick me out. I tried to redownlode it again but, it does the same thing over. I really injoy the game but, it has bugs to get in the game. It is the only bug that I had face yet.
It's such a fun game!! I love all the loop artists/idols in SM so this was a very fun game for me to play as a kpop fan!!💜💜💜💜💜
Seriously I hate this game so much because some of the song when I play it is stuck for a long time and not playing otherwise this game is great, please fix this. 🙏🙏🙏
Okay, since the new update the game is constantly interrupted and exit itself. I check everything there's nothing wrong with my phone and internet so it's either the bug or something else. So please, please fix the problem.
Takes up too much space! I had to sell a limb (not literally) to get this app on my phone and then they update and its just too much. As far as the gameplay, easy is fun and normal is hard but hard is extremely hard. I dont know anyonw who would enjoy hard mode, its just too much. Honestly, normal can be hard mode. But regardless, i enjoy the songs and the game as a whole.
I absolutely love and enjoy playing this game. Usually when I start playing rhythm games I tend to stop after a week or less. For this app, I been playing it for over a month and don't plan on stopping any time soon because of how much fun it is. Unfortunately, I cannot give this game 5 stars because of how bad it glitches or stops mid song. I would open the app and start playing a song, after 5mins it would completely freeze and glitch as if I failed the song. Please fix this bug problem!
Can't log in. I love the game a lot. But i am always facing issues with logging into the game. I get stuck at the loading screen, goes for a ten minute walk and return, and it's still stuck at the loading page. I can't even log in to collect the daily rewards.
This app is very good except for the actual rythym game. My WiFi is fine it's just that sometimes it lags which causes me to fail a song. And even when it doesn't lag the center and the sides of the screen won't count even if I hit those buttons. Please fix this because I honestly like this game and I don't want to get rid of it.
There is like this glitch in this game that is not letting me touch the thingy when I'm playing a song. I hate it!
I've been playing this game for more or less 2 months, and I enjoy it very much. The biggest problem however is that it's super buggy (the app keeps crashing, keeps making me restart the app almost every time I finish a song or even as I open it; the screen blacks out for about 30s every time I play a song; loads too long despite strong connection). There are updates every week but the buginess never goes away. It only gets worse. Hope this gets fixed soon because I really wanna keep playing!
It won't run. It worked perfectly the first time I used it when I reinstalled it, but now it's not running. Edit: I reinstalled it again and it worked perfectly, but now it isn't... Again. It's so annoying to uninstall this thing and then install it yet again in order to play it.
hey whats happen ? i only not playing it yesterday and now it was stuck ? only black screen i see . please fix it . my ranked will drop if im not playing it. So please fix it as fast as you can.
I love playing this kind of game and I love the songs from SM so much. It was difficult at first but, I could get 3 stars for the hard mode now.
i logged in today and something has popped up on my screen said that my server connection has expired. I ignored that and then I logged in again and my account was goneㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I don't know how to backed up. I hope u fix this I have a lot of cards there to complete but now it's gone
I loved it at first, but soon enough it became really bothering. This is the third time that the card pack I bought/received as reward went to the message box (because my inventory was full), and then when I come to open it after clearing my inventory of some slots, my card pack just disappears. Once is understable because it could be a minor crash, idk, but three times????? fix it please. I'm losing good cards because of this. My coins are used up and I don't even receive anything I bought, this is dumb. Also I don't understand why the cards that fail in power ups still disappear?? If it doesn't work in the powerup, shouldn't it remain in my inventory instead of being considered as "used up" and just disappear? And what's with cards that show high probability of successful power up STILL not working, but disappears after it fails..... c'mon you KNOW you're better than these cheap tricks... In short they eat my coins and expect me to use actual money to buy resources. Sorry but until you fix your bugs it's not happening <3
PLEASE RETURN IT TO AS BEFORE😭 The previous one was simpler but comfortable when played, the newest version in my opinion is not that beautiful, when it is played VERY VERY VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. Please return it to the beginning. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's unhappy with this update.
After latest updated version, i feel this game running more smoothly, but the biggest problem is buffering when i try to play song, my connection is stable, opened another game fine also, but when i play SSM, after this update, i dont know why the connection always drop and buffering everytime.. Fine when play keynotes, but when ready to play it showed black screen about 5 - 10 seconds, and buffering when high score appeared.. Please fix it ASAP! Thanks..
i love this game soooo much because u can listen to music while playing plus i reallly like sm artists so thats a plus for me of course but i really hate to wait at the main screen you know when you about to enter the game after the dalcomsoft word pop out. After that the game wont load and if it do load, it will leave the app. My data is not that weak i also use wifi so im not sure what is the problem but anyways i hope it get fixed. update: my app wont open
the game keeps on crashing WHENEVER I try to watch an ad then receive some diamonds. right in the end of EVERY AD. it's really pissing me off. PLEASE FIX THAT. btw, i hope the feature that allows user to filter bonus songs come back.
I love this game and been playing it for months!However I can't access it for 2 days already!It just says to restart or retry,but it is still not working.I already tried to clear cache and uninstalled the app but still not working.Please fix it!Thank you
When I clicked on the game, it turned all black screen, so I restart my phone and try it again... But it still black screen. So I had to uninstalled it and download it again. Then it worked. But it take like forever to download and update.
It wont let me log in at all it keeps saying my info is wrong when I put it in correctly this is making me sad cause I work hard on collecting my jonghyun R cards please fix this :(
I don't like the new update of this game. Their are some bugs. Sometimes the game was freeze . Please fix the game and dont update again. Thank u !! 🌻💗
I love this game, I really do. But this past month whenever I play it, in a middle of the game it freeze and it makes me mad because I lost the score. At first I thought it'd because I play it while charging my phone, but even when I'm not charging it still freeze in a middle of a game. Please fix it, thank you in advance.
This game is good and all that, but the only thing is that I can't even play the songs and whenever I log in there are question marks everywhere. As in everywhere, I mean everywhere. The question mark will pop up as the profile picture and it will pop up on all the cards. I don't know if it's just me but please fix this problem. Thank you!
I love this game and I'm an avid player but after this new update where they integrated everything my account was completely reset and I lost all the cards I had built up over the last two years and I tried logging in with the original passwords and ID but it kept saying it was wrong and now I am heartbroken because I've spent so much money and time only to lose everything.
It is a nice game and will always be. But recently it takes too much time loading. I hate losing daily/attendance gifts especially when you had the time to play in the last 3 hrs, but it kept on loading, loading, loading... I'm backing out for now, I might be back after wandering around, who knows. ELF.
Hello! Why this game keep saying try again and relaunch application when my WiFi full signal and good connection. Please tell me why, i want to play and get SHINee background.
UPDATE LOGGED ME OUT!! I have played this game for years and connected it to my google play account for easy access if it ever reset like this. But now I can't even log in! It seems most people are experiencing the same proble. PLEASE FIX!!!
Uninstalled the game cause I changed phones, now O can't log into my account and says my email doesn't exist. As someone's that's has been playing since launch this is insane! I'm losing years of progress!!! Help please!
Game keeps crashing! Then the screen would turn black when I'm trying to play a song and I can't even seem to compete. It takes too long for it to load and there is just too many problems. The app is taking too much space. This should really get fixed.
SM what happened to your apps,, it keeps saying I need to try again to download the whatever it is but then it's stops at 70% like that and ask me to try again and sometimes I opened the apps,,nothing appears just a black glass
I really loved the update, everything is working really well. But I have a suggestion, why don't you let us choose the group's image that will be shown when we start the game? Also randomise the images of the group we selected. Thank you for keeping the game updated.
Bring back the version before the update, now it's just hard to understand and everything are cramped together. It's so hard to press something's cause of the small button, and everything is hard to understand the version before this is much more simpler and easier
It becomes boring to leave the game every time it crashes 🤦🏻‍♀️ in a single moment I have entered up to four times! Please fix that! I really like this game. One week and still can't play...
i love how the new update can customize your in sync but after i don't know how many, i still can't seem to sync it. nevertheless, the new update is less laggy and smooth for me so my rate will remain four stars for now
I have had this game download for 3 days at it has only worked for one. It would be only star if you didn't have my favorite kpop song of all time.
Ever since the UI update, I have a problem. The app just frezee when I try to do something like go to the store and than playing a song or go to inventory. The ads also often just frezee and the app just closed. I can only play about 3 songs before it happened, and because I played straight away. If I do something before that, like buying card pack and power up cards, I can't even play, and need to restart the app. It got worse since the last update today, It frezee almost right away.
Why are you making us do the signing up thing again!? I forgot my password in my account and now I can't open it anymore I worked so hard leveling up those cards!!!! PLEASE I NEED HELP
It was good to be back on this game but when I tried to open it yesterday and today, it won't open. I mean it open for the first day but yesterday and today, it really won't open. Please fix it because I can't play this game as I was suppose to do.
I just lost all progress from the past 2 years due to the update and I had so much progress that I can't get back to. I also had an account but it will not let me log back into it at all.
I'm really love this game although some song is hard to get 3 stars , but today suddenly i can't open this game and also have a warning that I've to update to smooth the game , while I'm waiting to finish that update , suddenly it said that i don't have internet access . Goshh I'm really hate this situation . I'm so disappointed ..
It's a good game, but since there was no warning about this conversion, I guess I am not playing it any more. I can't remember my ID and what I thought it was is not right. It tells me y ID is already registered so I know it is registered but I don't have a way to retrieve my ID. Should have gave warning about conversion and allowed people to log in to the game first and gave option to see the log in. Mine auto logged in, so I dont remember it. I'm not starting over.
I have a problem that I never encountered before. The app keeps saying that I should relaunch the game everytime I opened it. Then, after I uninstall and reinstall the app, it won't be opened at all. Please fix this I don't want to lose any of my progress in this game. From a very old user (SILVER III rank, 2018 user)
I love this game. I have played most of the other Superstar games. This one is my #1 in everything even tho in bts i got an R card first. I am having some problems with lag when i shouldn't be having lag. Mostly for SHINee Songs. I love Shinee in all but not the problems I have been having while trying to play their songs. These bugs need to be fixed.
1. I'm not sure what it is but since yesterday everytime I hit a note it acts as though I've missed it. Almost every single note I'm 100% sure I pressed says I missed it. 2. This has been going on for a while now but when I'm doing the long notes that slide for some reason at the end when I go from a slide note to any other note it does a slide across the whole panel and messes me up, like my finger just swiped across the whole thing but it didn't. Please fix this if possible
I enjoy the game very much, and think it's very entertaining however albeit it's a good game after this latest update when I play the buttons sometimes when I hit them come up as missed and I lose my score :( Plz fix this quickly please!
The new UI update makes it uncomfortable.The lobby has mostly empty space with small icons.The cards have reduced in quality specially when you enlarge them. As for the game play, the accuracy is off and notes appear slower. I been playing since 2015 even though I didn't particularly like the 2018 update it was better then UI update. Bring back the old version.
I love the game, but the lastest update made the game acts differently. I have no problem with loging in to my account, but whevener I tried to play something, the music wouldn't even play—even tho the beats are still there—and sometimes, the beat wouldn't even appear on the screen. Please fix this mess:)
hi. i really like this game but somehow today i cant get into the game. i try reinstall it but the result is same. at first i thought it was my wifi but turns out it was the game. can you pls refix the bugs? i need to play to get weekly diamonds. thanks
I've been playing since the game release and with the newest update I was logged out of my account before I could register with a dalcom ID. Now it won't let me back into my account even if it has the registered members option, it says my information is invalid no matter what I do. I love this game, but if I can't get my account back I guess it'll be time to uninstall because that's 7 years of progress just lost.
i love this game, it combines so many fun things, rhythm, kpop, leveling up and upgrading, challenges. it's one of my favorite pass times, i play it every day
I've played this game for about 2 years and I really like it but the problem is the bugs sometimes it will just lag even though my wifi is super great, and I hope you put an update were we can trade things with oder players like trading cards and such thing it will really make me happy and its also really hard to get a limited edition card i also hope you put an update were it will be easier to get a limited edition card and not as a pack thats all thank you😊😊
I started playing this game when I was on grade 9 way back 2016 or 2017 and until now, I still love being hooked with this game. I just don't know why this game never gets old for me :>
I've been playing this since the game was released, and basically the only game that I never delete since I first installed it- unlike many other games that comes and goes. Simply love everything, and the newest update was awesome! Can finally experience the personalized background of our artist of choice like other SS games ❤️
Great game and great customer service, but there are bugs in this game that many people are having issues with lately. Even when the bugs are supposedly resolved, something different happens. When you contact them, they are very nice and friendly and try to resolve issues quickly, but the game suddenly is more buggy, and it makes it really frustrating when the issues cause you to miss notes or lose out on diamonds and the like. Edit 170321: Very few bugs lately.
Hey, I would like to ask if you can fix some bugs because it had been 2 days since the last time I was able to play because the game won't open and I'm just stuck at 5%, when my internet connection is really good. I love the game but this is just so annoying.
I love this game but this recent update has ruined it. At the loading page it'll crash before it's done loading, so I can't even play the game. I tried reinstalling it and sometimes it'll load completely and tell me it needs to download for a smooth running game and when I click continue it crashes. Please fix this, I want to play!
I don't know what the heck they keep doing to it, but now I can't log in to my account. I follow the steps, and it tells me that my login is successful, then takes me right back to that screen! Give me back my account, DalcomSoft!!! I don't want to lose all my progress from the 2 years I've played! 😡
I'm so pissed off! in the new version it is very difficult to power up it always fails! and when my card is power up the score doesn't increase! please correct as before!
Used to really love this game a couple years ago. But now it won't even open on my Galaxy S9. Just stays on a white screen forever even after reinstalling... (Edit) Decided to reinstall on a whim and it seems to be working just fine! Would highly recommend that there not be an inventory limit though considering there are more cards to collect than playable songs it seems.
PLEASE BRING THE OLD VERSION BACK. I'm sorry but the new update wasn't good. I've had enough. I gave my patience to the lobby where everything became small and compressed into one page but I can't play it anymore as the notes and rhythm lines became even smaller like how tf would i tap the other after the other. It's just too frustrating. I'm playing this game for 4 years and this is the worst update. Just being brutally honest.
newest update was really bad... i love this game but its crAzy cus i just can play 1 song and after that i must close the app first and start the app again :( if not it just blank :(((( pls update this bugs!!! :(((
The card distribution for the game is just so crappy to the max. Sure it's fine when you do it for the normal theme. But it's a limited and there is a lot of people who can't afford to buy diamonds like some so. I suggest you fix this before you lose a lot players because of this so irritating 🙄
I've been playing this game for years. I like the updates as well, so many freebies are being given and that's a big help for non-money spender players. This also promotes the artists songs, so people can discover different groups from SM ent. here. You can also see the diversity of the songs of their artists.