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SuperStar PLEDIS for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Dalcomsoft, Inc. located at 06626 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 343, 7층(서초동, 신덕빌딩). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The app keeps on crashing everytime I play a game, it lags most of the time, it shows a lot of black screen before loading the song and lastly the app stops for no reason. Please fix this bug. SUPERSTAR SM aren't experiencing this type of problems anymore so please do so in the other SUPERSTAR game. Thank you for your consideration.
Everything was fine but it always have a trouble with mission and rewards. I didn't even get my monthly challenge's reward, and that seriously made me upset.
Idk whats wrong is it my device prob or this game. Everytime i play this game it will stop immediately when i start the game, get the diamond through the ads, i finished my game but i get nothing after that because its stop suddenly just like that and i have to start it again and again. I know its just not me who r having this prob. I hope u can fix this. Not only superstar pledis that i have tried but superstar bts also and it still show the same results. Overall, i love this game
I'm already at gold II and and i didn't play this game for almost 2days and when i open this game i can't log in into my Facebook account what happened???? it keeps on saying 'Touch the screen'! I uninstall this game and download again but still i can't log in into my Facebook
Why is the app suddenly closing?? Whenever I play a song it will suddenly close without recording my score or anything. This is very frustrating. Fix this bug immediately. I've been a user for a long time but only for these past months the app has been like this.
I am a Samsung user and my phone works properly and yet this app keeps in skipping some note that i tapped, i even screen recorded it. I saw a lot of same issues from Samsung users. Please fix Dalcom Soft.
I actually enjoy the game quite a lot for sometime but I lost interest since I actually don't pay the game. The events really help out as a f2p. In summary a great rhythm game for carats, it's mainly around seventeen I feel like since they have the most music but overall alright. The calibration kinda wack but manageable.
I love this game so much but can you please give us more ways to earn rp? like from SM Town and JYPnation. Pls pls, I rrally love this but it is really hard to earn.
I really have a good time while playing these but suddenly the app was closing itself. I tried to open it many times. Can you fix these please? This is really an amazing game for us kpop fans. Thank you.
I love this app so much that it is the only melody-gaming app that is relatable to me bcoz I used to play this type of game before but the song being played is not synced. The only synced are the songs which are not familiar that much to me. The bad thing for me about this, the app keeps lagging in my first play (the first song I play whenever I open the app). Another is it is hard to accumulate diamonds through ads. It keeps loading then in the end, it would just say that video loading failed.
It is really a nice game but it always turn off by itself and i already email the developer and i already what they want me to do but the result is still the same..it is still turn off by itself...Again,i love play this game but because of that problem,i dont know what to do,this is my favourite games so please fix it
I updated the game and I tried to open it this morning and it wants me to login. This is odd because this doesn't usually happen. So I chose to login with Facebook but it won't work. I really don't want to lose my progress. Can you please help me?
Everytime I wanted to play it keeps on loading then stop then exits itself. Most especially the updates of events are no longer found everytime you open the app gives a new songs but not an event.. Can you please tell us what's going on to this game?? We love SSP but if this keep on repeating we will not consider it.. Please tell us if this game will continued or not.. Thank you
Just love the game. At first, I thought it was slow, but that was because of a horrible VPN app I had downloaded. Songs updates quickly too.
I am so excited to play the game with the rewards which the game offered to. Unfortunately, the monthly challenge score did not give any rewards to me at the end of the month as promised. I heard about this sooooo many times which I believe superstar pledis would solve the problem, however it still happen. So please give me the rewards which I deserve to receive. Thank you.
The game is great! But I really dislike the long lag time when we click on the song to play and after we finish playing to get the results. wish it could be shorten
I love it!😃 yet I have problems, I cant open the apps now I'm uninstalling it and installing it again yet it still doesn't work🥺 pls fix it, I really love these games🥺🥺🥺
whenever i finish the game it crashes. good thing it saves my progress tho. it doesn't happen a lot when i first started playing. it will happen only one time but now it just happens too much that its annoying now
i love this game i hope there's another option instead of closing the game i don't wanna waste all the time i spent earning those cards :( i have been playing since the game started :[
I enjoy this game I downloaded it for a few days, the third day it stopped functioning. The screen would be black and I couldn't press the back button to exit or anything. I tried multiple times going back on the app yet it repeated the same things. It's 3 for me although it would've been a 5 if not for the app malfunctioning. I downloaded this game to play and it's a really good game but I can't play it due to issues and it's a waste of storage. The same thing also happened to superstar sm.
I just wasted my time downloading this. The loading thing dont stop at all. This is the worst Superstar game i played. The app isnt responding. Sorry. I like Seventeen though😅. Stream Homerun.
I should have gave this app a 5 star rating but I'm having issues playing. I downloaded this game yesterday. And now when I play this app, the screen just goes black. I hope you can fix this issue. But the app is good though.
I do enjoy this game & NU'EST is one of my favorite groups so I love hearing their songs. But the card system on this game is TERRIBLE!!! I play all of the other Superstar games, but this one is by far the worst one with cards. It's so hard to get the higher rated cards. So you think I'll just collect a bunch of cards to level up right? Wrong cause it costs a ridiculous amount to level up & the success rate is awful. I do enjoy this game, but please think about fixing the card system!!!
Love the mechanics. Simple but still challenging. Altho lately, been having a problem as I keep getting "miss" even when i already tapped on the key/note. Its frustrating as it keeps breaking my combos. Hope it gets fixed pls.
I loved this game way too much! But its sad that its gonna be removed... I've never had soo much fun playing any other games. Truly saddened..but all the best for your future activities.
I love the game but I don't know if it's my phone that's not working well or the game. Whenever I wanted to download a new song to play it always stops loading in the middle. Then after that, when I try playing a downloaded song it always stops on loading resulting to wasting some headphones. It doesn't happen on Superstar BTS and JYP. I hope you update the game settings with "download all resources" like the one from Superstar BTS.
Why is it ending?!?! I've been playing it since they released it 2 years ago. I've put in so much time, luckily I didn't spend money on it, but I did watch a load of ads so they still made money. This makes me scared for the other SS games I play. My guess is they are going to make something for big hit but I don't know because the gfriend game is sort of recent.
why does it not working properly when i open the app,, please fix this and also pinwheel is not in sync with the song 😭😭 kindly fix it please, i can't play it conveniently bc of it.
I don't want this to end but what can a mere fan of Pledis artists at Superstar games do? I really liked this game and how it's for Pledis artists only. I was really looking forward to the anniversary missions. Anyway, thank you for this game, Dalcomsoft. This is one of the games that helped me during this pandemic.
WHY I CAN'T OPEN THE APP AFTER I UPDATE IT!!! I love this game so much... but I can't open the app. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!
I love this game but this is the second time when it loads then without be able to go to the lobby and it shut down. Whyy i wanna play for the last time😭😭
I only give this 3 star, because or Wifi is not really slow! I have a serious question!?! Why I can't claim my monthly challenge!? I finish all of it! I cleared more than 50 songs! Please Fix this!
Honestly it is a very fun, entertaining, and nice game. I like the layout of this game better then all of the other SuperStar games for ex. The homepage or lobby. -If I were to have a complaint it is that sometimes while I am playing it bugs a little and says that I am not tapping the notes, but that rarely happens.-
I think there's a problem with it comes to the server. I need to uninstall and reinstall the app whenever i will play and took time and it consume a lot of data. I hope you will improve the app because i really want to play this.
Hmm,is it a good app?Yes cause I can play my fav idols songs 😍👍🏻 But this game ruined my mood sometimes because it keeps crashing when im in the middle of the game or when the song is finished and Idk why 🤷🏻‍♀️ is it just me or everyone also face the same thing so please fix it if you can .
Giving it 3 stars cause I love this app bit no update since early November ? I do not understand it has missed out on all the holiday content and no new song updates or anything. I am starting to wonder if this game is gonna be scrapped soon dont wanna invest time in it if there is no updates coming ?
It doesn't give me nuest cards and seventeen cards!! They are my favs!! And the card system is so terrible!! Pls give cards in a systematic way
It's a really nice game & it also works fine but one day, I opened the app and suddenly my account was gone? On normal days, it would usually go straight to the home page after the loading screen but mine stayed in the loading screen with "Touch to start" in the lower center just like how it would be when you first opened the app. I haven't connected my account to any other platform and I don't know how to retrieve it.
When i play the game, dunno why sometimes there is 1 bubble that suddenly can't be touched, so it become a miss:( though it could be perfect but this small bug won't let me get 3 stars
It's crashing a lot, especially when i complete a level. A few times would have been fine but it's happening each time. I love this game but i cannot keep on playing if it crashes every time and doesn't record my score.
I've been played all the superstar and superstar pledis was the most stable after superstar jype. Thankyou to the team that handle superstar pledis, u did a good job... All the best for future!
I never won an album 😂 I hope that after I finished the last level, i can get an album.. Anyways, I like the app ❤
I love this game but after this recent update, it keeps crashing and whenever i play a music, the screen suddenly stops and i cant even press on the screen... Please fix it... The same goes to Superstar JYP... Please fix the bugs...
I really like this one but it's going remove? I spent so much time playing it to get R cards for each groups and now it's getting remove? It's probably for the BH labels SuperStar but I hope u won't remove the GFriend SuperStar because I also spent a lot of time on it. Or maybe (somehow) u can save each players' data for each group and put it into a different SuperStar since I feel like there will be a BH SuperStar soon since the BTS SuperStar has already removed (I think)
I really love this app among all the other Superstars. But I'll give this 4 stars because I wish there's an option here to "Unequip All" and the Artist Pack that's available to SSYG where you can hear their voice cheering you on before you play (even if its just SVT and Nuest). Also it's good if there's a Superstar Ranking like SM & JYP .
I've already uninstall and reinstall this apps few times but, it still do not working. It is not able to launch or respond at all…
When I first play this app, it was going smoothly. But now that it just undergo the maintenance update, whenever I try to open it, it keeps crashing. Help me fix this problem please.
Actually the game is very good, but from yesterday suddenly the game stop functioning and I can't play it, the game can't load and the screen would be black
It's always crashed since the last update while I still can play other SS. whyyy PLEDIS whyyyyyyy This is the last SS I wanted to uninstall tho :((((
Please don't get rid of the game like you did with ssbts, I like the songs and groups, I like playing this game and would hate to see it go and so would a lot of other people especially if they spent money on it cuz they can't get that back.
After updating this app I can't open it anymore. The only thing that shows is black screen and after that it will quit itself. S.O.S T^T
Sometimes when i open this game its good actually i love itt! Then couples of days , the screen started blanked again maybe it just because of storage , then i cleared off my stuff , then i tried to download it back. When i open it , the (screen blank , white screen ) even my storage have a enough space. Am my phone broke or this game?
it was fun for the first few days of playing it, but as it got longer to like a week or so it was loading for a long time and I'm telling you our internet is fast and fine but it doesn't make any sense as to why it was loading for so long. i first thought is was because of our internet connection, but then again there is nothing wrong with our internet so it's probably the game. i hope you fix this, and it also crashes from time to time which is kinda annoying at some point made me stop playing.
I really like the game but the thing is its so hard to power up cards and it requires alot of RP than other superstar games like SSJYP and SSSM. Please do something about this. Other than that the game is great ^^
This is literally the game for me.I love this kind of games.I would definitely rate it a 5 star!!Although I have faced problem where whenever after play it and before would stop functioning and would go back to my home screen.But it's fixed now....kind of. BUT ITS STILL A GREAT GAME.
I like this game very much.It gets me competitive and i love the music.But it wouldnt work after it was updated.I logged in using facebook and after that i waited long but it wouldnt go to the actual game.I waited for 3 hours and it still did not work. Now its saying that it stopped.I cant even open it now.
Pls reconsider of removing this game, everyone who had played this have earned so much already. Even I would be totally upset of Superstar Pledis get removed, I have 3 starred some of the hardest songs including SEVENTEEN's "Run to you" and "Getting Closer", Orange Caramel's "Magic girl", and Nuest's "Love me (verse 2)". Please, i dont want to lose all of them, superstar pledis is the only game i've got hooked on to. I am asking for your consideration to just continue on updating the game. 🙏
What just happened to the app????!!!!! Why is it not working anymore God Damn i gave so much time to it i don't want it to go to waste.... i thought something was wrong due to storage but i tried everything the app just crashes every time it reaches "now loading"
It takes ages for a song to load. I know the problem is not with my internet because the other Super Star games are working just fine.
This app is really good I'm satisfied with everything but there is something I'm really disappointed about, while I'm playing the suddenly stops and it's really annoying because it happens a lot. So please fix this problem and I'll give back your 5th star.😁
I really enjoy playing this game.. so I recommended this app for anyone who like some groups from Pledis Entertainment. By the way, I stan and ult Seventeen ><
Is it just me? The I accept button of terms and policy is not showing up. I can't start the game. Help me
I would've give it 5 stars but for some reason when I try to log in the game crashes :^ Edit: I tried to login again and it worked.
Can you at least pay attention and update the graphics just like how you make SUPERSTAR JYPNATION very good when it comes to graphics and all. The graphics of this app is so outdated. Let's be fair to all your SUPERSTAR GAMES.
여러번 시도해봤는데, 앱 자체가 켜지질 않습니다. 로딩중에 매번 89.3%에서 멈춰요. (Tried several times, the game doesn't load when it reaches to 89.3% loading.)
It's really a recommended and good game. I've been playing this almost a year with my old phone. But I already had my new phone, so I've tried to download it many times but sadly it won't work. Each time I try to open it right after downloading it, it will always appear a black screen. I've also tried to wait for an hour and minute but sadly it still doesn't work. I don't know what happened or maybe it's just my new phone who had a problem on it. :((
I love it, but I wish you could add more groups, because I think there are more groups in PLEDIS, I may be wrong, though. Other than that, it's great! Graphics and controls are great. Nothing I really wanna change. ^^
The game is so good!!!! I have been playing this everyday for 2 months now!!Although I hope that you do more events like the one on Valentine's Day "collecting chocolates", since SuperStar PLEDIS don't have arena and superstar play :///.I hope they add superstar play and arena here too like they did in SM ang JYP. AND!!!!!! I really appreciate the UPDATE PREVIEW!! I really like how they put in small to large details to make SSP better. Really looking forward to the next update too
I don't know what's wrong with this app. First, it still works and i enjoyed play this game. But then, when i wanna play this game in the next day, it just shows blank space for a long time. I can't run this game anymore. Please fix this soon
This game is supper fun. I played almost all the version that you guys have, and I am not getting bored of playing these games. I hope in the future you will add more grouos. For example, The Boyz, ONEUS & ONEWE, A.C.E, VICTON... There are more groups to name. I would love to see these groups one day ❤
This game is one of my favorite games. 😄 But I really hope that this game is similar to Superstar SMTOWN. Like.... Superstar league.. card selector... I think, Superstar PLEDIS is not as attractive as Superstar SMTOWN. 😕 Everything in store even when power up card are so expensive.. and too expensive...Please fix this 😓
Please update the app, the last update was months ago, now the game doesnt even function smoothly for most of the players, for some (like me) it doesnt even open into the loading screen.
This app is really good I'm satisfied with everything but there is something I'm really disappointed about, while I'm playing the app suddenly stops and it's really annoying because it happens a lot. So please fix this problem and I'll give back your 5th star.😁
although it's the same company that made other games that very similar to this one, it's very different, the prices are lot more high, there are some things (that you need) that are'nt there, take a lot of space, but it's fun and gives you more than the other games as rewards, so it's your choice!
I'm downloading this app again and I still cannot use it. It's always loading for so long. Please fix this app
I changed my facebook password and log it out of all devices and now I CAN'T LOG IN MY GAME WITH FACEBOOK! PLEASE HELP ME RECOVER MY ACCOUNT 😭
I knew it.... this happened to superstar bts as well.... i played that everyday for over 2years :( and now this.. i just wish there will be superstar bighit labels or whatever next. Good luck to everyone!
I love to play this game but it like to closing down itself (crashing) lately. I don't even play the song yet but then it crash, so I don't get the point or finish my mission. Please fix this bug asap. I've been experiencing this for awhile now. Thank you
The game is really good and amazing but I hope you could add more pristin songs like 'we like' and 'black widow' (for me) even tho they aren't on pledis now... Please add more pristin songs?! thank you!
I've been playing the game eversince it started. And it's great and all. I'm just sad that it's ending now. When you gave effort and stuffs. A few minor bugs, but that's not an issue. Also, please say you're making one for SVT. Please please please please please please. As a Carat I'd be disappointed if not :(
Everything was up quite smoothly, until today. I've had this app for like a month or two and it works just fine. But when I open the app just now, the screen always froze after 'now loading...' and then it crashed. I reopen the app multiple times, I restart my phone too, I even uninstall some app because I thought the issue was in storage or something. Nothing works.
The game is really cool and quite easy to tap according to the beat. But I don't really understand why there's a fail whenever you power up your card. Such a waste of cards . And then I would really appreciate it if you add the artist's package feature in this game just like the one in Superstar YG. Other than that, it's good.
The game is getting boring, it doenst even have any Christmas or new years events, i think superstar getting comfortable hiding behind idols fame than increasing their quality. And wheres my monthly bonus, im doing every task u ask me to do, n then u gave me nothing, at first i understand if it was weekends (its the internet we dont have 9 to 5 hour, upgrade ur quality), but its not weekend anymore. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME REASONS TO UNINSTALL YOU!!! IF I CAN ILL GIVE YOU ZERO RATING
The game is fun but what wrong with this game everytime i open the game it blank. Well, when i found out that the game would be blank if your storage is full. Then when i clear off my stuff the game was ok when i download it back.Few months i have been playing this game it's started blank what's the problem? My storage is ok, my connection is ok. So please fix this carat are tired of this ( not only carat )
I can no longer access my account that is connected to my facebook. The app just won't let me log in with my facebook. I worked so hard for all I've accomplished in that game and I've spend a lot of time in it. I'm disappointed. I know it isn't my phone because the other superstar games just work fine
I really love this game . I'm a seventeen fan ( Carat ) the problem is that I wish it had a lot of seventeen songs I really don't wanna play other songs of other groups. So I wish they include a lot of seventeen songs. And make this game offline. I will play this game 24/7 if it was offline so these r my only concerns. But still love it.
I will definitely rate this app 5 stars but for some instances when I played too much of this app it took too much of my time it loads 1-2 minutes. Please fix this. 😢 I want to earn 3 stars huhu