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SuperStar JYPNATION for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Dalcomsoft, Inc. located at 06626 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 343, 7층(서초동, 신덕빌딩). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Been playing this for 2 months now. First month was great, it's a 5 star, but after some update i got bad. Crashes every single time even while playing a song. It also crashes when an update is pushed be it playing or just in the menu. Now it's really annoying to play this coz of the endless crashes. Hope they fix it and return to what it was before. Without the issue, this is an excellent game.
I really like this game,really. But I wonder if you guys could add some of the Japan release song for some artist, exp. Twice ? Really appreciate it if you guys could take it to consideration in the future. Once again well done.
I really like this game! it's fun and clears my mind! the only reason why I gave 4 stars was because sometimes it just randomly kicks me out of the game. it's still a good game tho (^^)
I completed 20 songs monthly challenge, the problem is i didn't get any rewards at the end of the month. I would've given this game 5 stars if this were to be resolved or I could at least get a compensation for my hard work last month
Great app, just perfect, only problem would probably be lag on phones no matter how fast they are, I can't do the side by side taps and holds, but either way it's awesome, also could we possibly have a one in a million event, I love that song and would love to see it on the app
I have been playing for months now and it's pretty normal but then it starts to crash. It jas been like this for weeks and I can't even play atleast 2 songs. Please fix this.
I'll give this game a 3 stars, this is a GREAT app, I love it and I enjoy playing this but there is one issue.. I downloaded this again on today and I played it on 12pm, when I wanted to play again on 6pm, it won't open.. It just leave me on black screen, JUST a black screen.. This didn't happen to me once, it happened all the time after i downloaded this app and my friends got it too, she face the same issue.. Please fix this, i wanna play again.. Anyway, great job on this app, i love it.. ❤️
it keeps on lagging, while on game. sometimes it is really frustrating when it said "miss" but i clearly pressed it. i really love this game and i hope you fix these problems. edited: okay i'll give two stars just because the only good thing you did these last updates is, adding new music. But srsly, you still need to fix the bugs. It keeps on crashing while on gameplay. I can't even pkay two songs peacefully, it keeps on crashing. Hope you can fix this immediately. Thank you
i love the game alot but to get limited card themes for diamonds are a little bit too much- and maybe try to not put the same limited theme cards in the same pack pls. but other then that the game is great!
I like this game very much , but since 221020's update , I can't open my game anymore . It's just keep on black screen and I uninstalled a few times already. When I install it again, it can open already but it won't finish the data download, I have a lot of space in my phone but the game still can't finish the data download
I can't open this game, a black screen will appear. I forgot since when it was like this, I thought this application should be updated but I checked the play store, it can't be updated yet.
I love the game, but after a month of playing the game everyday, I couldn't open it anymore, and it just keeps on loading. I waited for at least ten minutes and eventually gave up. This happened for a week and I am disappointed. Please fix this.
It's great game, but why is my ranking score is not having progress, I'm always playing everyday more than 20 songs per day, I'm also completing task but my score is just so wrong and stuck. Hope you could fix it.
I love this app,but can you pls make twice limited cards in some place that is for the card selectors and name it "twice (event)" and can you pls make a place called "stray kids (event)" so you can put skz limited cards on that places, its just i wanted to buy it from the card selectors. So yea i hope you will do this, cuz i really wanted to buy it and collect it. And umm maybe you could do it for the other groups too. So yea that all what i wanted to say so i hope you'll do this.^^
Thank you. Somehow after i tried to install-uninstall for several times, i can finally get in to the game. But still, i encountered the same problem with other players which is control issues in the gameplay. Eventho i clearly 100% pressed the button, it still counted as "missed" and i'm sooo annoyed. It never happened in the past, also i'm quite pro at this game, so it's weird if i got a lot of 'missed' in almost all of the songs
I love playing the game, although i think the songs should be updated, especially Sunmi.. Itzy's songs are updated and it's sad to know that as a fan of Sunmi her songs are not updated on the game.
Great game and user experience. I really love the color theme and song choices. Looking forward to many more updates and in-game events. Keep up the good work!
It's good to play, but everytime when I finished the game, it suddenly exits the app and my score isn't credited or tab. And it annoys me everytime I am having a mission. Cause the game will not be recorded.
I played this game since 2019 and i used love this game. but after the first update in 2020 this game becomes unplayabe in my phone (nokia 6.1 plus SD636 4/64) after i finished a song or selecting song the game always freezes and then the game crashes. How I'm supposed to play? It think my device is good enough to play this game since i also play Superstar IZ*ONE without any problem. Please help me!
Its a very fun game until today i logged on and it said i had to start from zero again. And when i tried to log in but it kept saying there wasnt even a acc that had the things i typed in. I played for a few years already and I'm devastated that my account is forever gone. Please fix it and bring back my account, and i hope this doesnt happen again.
Pls help me. After the last update the game dont open. Its stuck in the loading screen and it would not even load. Is this a bug? Pls help me.
This game has all my favorite idols in it and it's a great game! But sometimes the first song I play freezes up and causes me to miss the notes like a lot of notes
It's good overall. My friends and I are just disappointed because it's been more than a month and there isn't any updates for NiziU. But when it came to WayV and Cravity for other superstar, it only took the same week as they debuted. I've been asking the devs about it and have been replied with the same format of email stating that they're doing their best to update the game. They did, but with just the user interface. I'll delete this review if they would do something about it.
turns out my internet is just slow. thats why it restarts. really wish for an event where you can choose one limited edition card. it's hard to complete LE set without paying.
I really like this game because i can play while hear my fav song at the same time. That's why I really want u guys to please make "Superstar Produce". Those groups that were in the survival show. IOI, Wanna One, IZ*ONE and X1. IZ*ONE's songs are so good i wanna play it in this game and style. Please make it because i won't get tired playing this game..
Came here because of twice, stayed because of the gameplay, I like it. It has the dreaded Gatcha system but its part of the fun. A fix with the gatcha system will go a really long way tho since the problem is the repeating cards when you are buying with dias.
I would rate this 3 star, 2 being the lowest for me. For the starter I think I've been playimg this for a week from now. At first there were no issues that I have encountered but now there are some issues that i need you to fix. For the developer i think your control has some kind of issues. When I'm playing i clearly pressed the button but it didn't register somehow and guess what it says "missed". This happened to me alot, so please fix it. I'll be waiting for the next update in order to play.
Actually i love this game... But after the lastest update, this game keep crashing.. I can get 3 stars easily but i get 2 stars because of it.. Please fix it
Just three things here.... I'm actually playing this very often and this usually happens. In the middle of the game, I am 100% sure I hit the right button. But, sometimes it says that I missed. Second, can u make an event that us players could get a better chance to get limited cards.... I really beg u guys for this... Lastly, since the last update, the game often crashes not just the time that I play, so it's really annoying. I mean BIG TIME... Plz fix this. But for an overall, not a bad game.
I absolutely love and enjoy playing this game. Usually when I start playing rhythm games I tend to stop after a week or less. For this app, I been playing it for over a month and don't plan on stopping any time soon because of how much fun it is. Unfortunately, I cannot give this game 5 stars because of how bad it glitches or stops mid song. I would open the app and start playing a song, after 5mins it would completely freeze and glitch as of I failed the song. Please fix this bug problem!
I really love this game, but maybe its better if the songs are full not just usually the first verse just like guitar hero but korean songs.
Highly rigged. Faulty system. I spent 3200+ diamonds for the new Twice theme for the event and I DID NOT get the complete set. The game kept repeating the cards it gave me. The cards are NOT even limited edition. I worked so hard to save and get diamonds, and I saved them for months. And now I didn't even complete the event.
I have been playing this game for 10 months. but there is a bug for a week. the beat not and the song stopped in the middle of the game. And sometimes reload when counting score.so please........... fix it. thank you
I hate that they removed the limited theme b cards when you get an a card. It just wastes so much gems that ive earned hard just to get scammed. And also the droprates of getting a limited theme in a 30 pack is just terrible.this just lost my motivation to play this game. I love this game but this is just disapointing
This is actually a really good game. For those complaining that you keep missing the keys is purely because you're bad at it. You can even go to settings to sync so i do not get why people complaining about the missing of keys. And please stop saying that the game keeps exiting on its own or freezes. It is not the game's issue its your phone's issue. Just get a new phone goddamnit.
I love this game sooo much. Eversince the new update came, it ruins the mood. Like it lags a lot even during gameplay. It's hard to keep those perfect stars and scores if this happens every single time. I hope you can fix this. I'm also looking forward to more improvements and surprises like the new lobby designs
I DEFINITELY HIT THE BUTTON BUT IT ALWAYS SAYS I MISSED IT. It lagged a few seconds and it said that I missed the notes when I definitely hit it!! Please fix it!! Its been months and I think the devs doesnt want to fix this issues when it happens to everyone here, I am disappointed :(
I love this game, but I was sad because it is more difficult to complete a limited theme because you can only get S normal cards in events instead of B limited cards. I only collect diamonds by watching ads and missions, it is very annoying because after an event ends I only need 1 member left to complete the theme (it will be my 4th time if I will not get SUNGJIN STOP theme) . I would suggest an event where limited card selectors are the prizes or I wish you could trade cards with other players
I really love the game but after playing it more than a month I notice some problems like lagging in the middle of a song
There is a lot to download but otherwise I love this game so much I play it every day that I can and would totally recommend it!
I play this game everyday but why some songs aren't included. And why isn't there any english version but that's my only concern.
I logged in my girlfriend's account in my phone using gmail. Suddenly when I want to log in my own account, which is linked in my gmail, it logged back in my gf's account and it seems I cant logged in back even with clearing data. I got huge progress (almost 1.5yrs) and there's no system that could protect them from logging in other acc?
The game is fun and kinda addicting, but my problem is the controller of this game. Even if I clearly hit the button it still says 'Miss' and it's so annoying. Hope you'll fix this problem.
As long as the update still going on, and lot of songs that will be update in the game, I appreciate it..
Almost perfect. When you fail a song, the buttons for replay or go home are in the exact position as where you tap, so I touched the Lobby button by accident in so many times... If you can fix this the User Experience will be upgraded.
I absolutely love this game. But, there are somethings that I really want to be improved. First of all, The Lobby BGM is very loud and repetitive. I suggest that you can play the Songs from the Idol, or give the player a music player in the Lobby. Second, There are some issues with the Control. I can sometime miss even though i didn't. And Lastly, I am sensing some Bias Cardpack that won't really give the card that i REALLY need for the weekly mission. I really hope you can fix all of this.
Why is the game become more and more laggy after udating, and there is some slide bugs in Twice Lalala song (like this /\/), no matter how many time i retry i always miss on that part
it's almost addicting, but it's very fun to play, but if you don't have money, and you need to buy things from the game, it's impossible for you play, but overall it's fun and i recommend this a lot.
I really like the game. Sometimes the game registers a "miss" when I clearly pressed the button on time, but it's a minor issue that happens sometimes. I would like developers to recognize the hard work of the players making a "star road" o something like that, so players will be more motivated to get 3 star on hard songs. Like, they're really hard songs out there, and I will be grateful if that is awarded.
This is so not a good game. It tells you to choose a nickname and when you choose one then it keeps saying that it is already registered. I chose my name then also it said already registeted. It does not move forward
I Gave 5 stars to this game last time,I gave it 4 stars now because whenever I try to play the Game,it is Only Stuck On Black Screen..Please Fix This Game..
The game is great but it only plays shortened version of the songs,this removes some of the best parts of each song out of the game, if it had full length songs it would be perfect
Why do I have to download so much before I can open the app? It's like that every single time. Why can't I just download it once? Before, this only happens if there are new updates for the game. Now, it takes too long before you can open the app because of these downloads for 'additional resources'. And the app crashes a lot, too. I used to enjoy this app before because it's different from other rhythm games and I get to enjoy songs from my faves. Please fix these issues.
The app is good, fun and challenging, but sometimes it would suddenly lag then I would miss a note. My phone's just crappy is all.
Actually its a good game but there's one thing thats been messing my game up its when i click at the same time at 2 different tiles with 1 tile in between after i click that the middle one is the one being clicked not the 2 tiles ive been wondering why i cant get a perfect and keep missing and then i saw it please fix it thank you
the best game i ever played but some of the song of the groups are not at the app like fake and truth from twice but i really recommend
I'm giving three stars because I'm kind of disappointed right now. I recently re-installed the app and when I play, it crashes and close the app itself. Please make some actions about this because it affects my gameplay.
It's great. I would just like to suggest for the devs to create an easier way to get diamonds. Not everyone could play everyday like a hardcore gamer. So not everyone can do the daily and weekly quests. It's really hard for me especially since I have school and I have to focus on my studies. Hope you understand
I like it and it's fun, but where is ITZY CARD??! I played this like 2 weeks, and I can't find ITZY card.. Please.... 😭😭 I installed this because of itzy and to see itzy but itzy card is nowhere... Please let me get itzy card ..
I actually like this game but i haven't play for so long cuz i kept forgetting to open it and when i want to play after a long time the screen just turned black didn't show anything so i uninstall and install it after that i can play the next day the screen turned black again so i can't play and I'm just too lazy to uninstall and install it again idk if that's the bugs or cuz i didn't play for so long but if it's bugs pls fix it
I open the app and the screen is all black. I tried to delete and download it a lot of times and have the same problem. I can play other superstar games, but this is the only one I cannot. I'm crying.
Idk why. Only superstar JYP have connectivity issue during in game download. I have to reconnect many time to finish the ingame download. In my phone have other 6 superstar game that don't have issue with in game download connectivity. 50 mb need to reconnect more than 10 times. Wow really wow
The gameplay is good but its keeps going homescreen after it goes black and whenever I play on a song in its first verse, it keeps on being laggy and it's unfair because as the game crashes I lose headphones at the same time. It's really annoying. PS. Please make another game this time for Cube Entertainment. I would add another star here if you guys made one for it. I also love (G)-IDLE.
Hello Jyp Superstar..Idk why but this game always crash after i finished the song lately..and the score didnt record...
Good song good gameplay great reward but please make the inventory system when u see the other card the non equiped one you can upgrade and lock from side by side view just like in superstar YG and please add fitur go back in music select when you press the pause in gameplay
This rhythm game helped me to learn a lot of each group's songs, tracks and albums. It is extraordinarily fun with different events every week, coming up with different challenges. It improves my reaction speed as I noticed the huge difference when I first started. Learn more about your favourite K-Pop Groups in JYP Entertainment! Start collecting LE cards of your favourite Artists! 10/10 Rating!
It's a very fun game and has all of my favorite artist, it's has great quality sound and overall it is a great game to play. Especially for us kpop fans.t
I don't understand why I have to download so much just so I can enter and play the app after I installed it, It says please wait and it starts to download again it takes a long time to download so I just exited the app and just played another game. Please fix it
It's a good game that's why I rate it 5 stars. But may I ask why the superstarbighit is not on play store anymore? I'm a big fan of bighits artist. I wanna know when it's gonna be available and why it's not available anymore. Anyway 5 stars👍
Even though I have all the different Superstar versions, JYP is the only one I play. This is by far my favorite out of the 6 versions. I haven't had any bugs since I first downloaded it. I hope Dalcomsoft keeps JYPNATION running forever because I love playing it whenever I get a chance to! :) Edit: since the Live Theme update, the game takes forever to load
At first... There is no problem but... After a few days I can't get in to the game... I have install and uninstall... And this is annoying to me, I hope you can fix it:)
its fun to play but really frustrating whenever you finished the game and it restarts. sometimes i never get the rewards after song because it restarts.
Hello I played this game for over a month now and I just want you to fix the controls since it kinda gets stucked on the single button please consider fixing it thank you. Btw i really liked the game.
It's a fun and great game but I do have a problem. Whenever I open the app and pick the first song I'll play, it'll always lag which makes me miss some notes. I don't know if it's my phone's problem or it's the app.
The game itself is very good, but the problem is that it's a pay-to-win game, you have to spend money to get a high rank card, while people who don't want to spend money they need weeks or even months to get an R rank card, it's just very frustrating to get to the #1 in the weekly ranking without spending cash, the R coins are just useless because it's just for buying background, and most good backgrounds need to be bought with 300+ or more diamonds, if this problem was solved, it's a 5 star.
amazing game sometime gives away signed albums to people who finish the missions even though i never got it before but thats alright
The game is bad In the following ways: 1. The touch timing is bad (I'm using OnePlus 8 Pro) 2. If we miss a tiny bit of a beat, more than half of your health is gone 3. Challenges in hard mode are insane, how we supposed to get 490,000 score. If we bring that score. The reward is lame a headphone and some C rank card 4. Some songs have so many beats but y'all put a lot of beats that the only solution to pass those is to play with 2-5 players in hard and normal mode. I've been playing for 2 year