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SuperStar GFRIEND for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Dalcomsoft, Inc. located at 06626 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 343, 7층(서초동, 신덕빌딩). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
iam just lost my acc,this time 3rd time same acc, when i try to sign in its just back too new acc how about my old acc..just make ,u can bind with social network or gmail..its easy to login,after long time u dont remember your dalcom id u can login with gmail.. and not lose your gameplay .. i love playing this game but its hurt when u lose something that u play for long time , your card that u spend and struggle to level up ...
I am playing this game since it was first released and it is connected on my facebook account. Unfortunately today, I can't access thru my fb account and it crashes everytime I opened the app. I don't want to start over again and make another account. I hope they can fixed this, It's a shame that my progress will be lost.
Overall the game is great but there is a lot of bug in the game the last i play i can't claim my gfriend limited profile set even after i email the support team they responded casualy untill the event ended the support team didn't it and they say that i cheat in the game although it's the bug from the game. Sooooo please fix the game so that i can play normaly up untill now i am dissapoited because something that i didn't do something wrong. And now the game is based on pay to win game.
What I love about this game is the generosity. I love the game and I'm enjoying it so much, but glitches were so annoying and I hate it when I do card power ups but always end up failing, such a waste of money and card. Please do something about it.
This game is really good. Even a fps player can do well, it will just take time and patience ofc. Anyways, what problems I see are one glitching problems, the music and the flow of notes suddenly glitches. Then there's account loss. I just lost mine for some unknown reason. I would really appreciate if you can help me to recover it developer 😣🙏 Anyways, it says my account session has expired? Then it proceeds to making me.choose which social account I should registered 'again'.
I'm always stuck at a black screen when I open it and I'm waiting for about 30 mins and I still can't play with it please fix it
Hello, I have no problems with game so far and it was great but my concern is that I do not receive my rewards for Monthly Challenges. It's been almost 2 months and I still don't receive anything. But other than that I love the game very much ^^ Thank you! (Edited: I got my rewards for july thank you very much!! ^^)
Hi! I've been playing this game since it first released and it was really great and I really enjoyed the game. I have a problem though. I haven't received my monthly challenge rewards for September. I thought I would receive it by today (the end of the week), but I checked my inbox and there was nothing. Could you please help me confirm this? Thank you very much!
I really love this game so much as GFRIEND is my ult for this gen. This is my first ever and one & only SuperStar Game yet (planning to add SSYG, tho) and I have been playing this since the official release. I’m having a great experience using the app and probably the only problem I encounter is that sometimes, I’m missing notes even if I tap those notes for sure. This happens more than five times already but other than that, the app works smoothly.
I love it! However i noticed that some songs have this problem that even if i tapped/slided the button it missess at first i thought it was my error but it always happen only on certain songs and my game gets laggy whenever i play hard mode but when i use normal mode it fine so it's not my connection please fix it.
I opened my game today and it asked me to choose my log in preference which is weird because it never asks me to do that. I selected my social media account since it's linked to my SSGF account but it won't open, when I selected Gmail it prompted me to a new account, asked me to select a new user name and I lost all my progress. Please help me retrieve my account. EDIT: Thanks for your reply, I already sent an email. Will update rating once this gets fixed. Thanks Devs.
Is it crash or something? When i open the game, it won't appear, and instead a black screen appears. please dalcom soft, why every time I play this game, it always gets an error, even though I'm on sabgay love this game ಥ‿ಥ
The gameplay was really good but I'm having problems with the monthly challenge reward. I don't know where to claim it and didn't even send it through inbox. Now my record is being reset again and didn't had a chance to collect the reward. Plsase fix this issue
A great game! As a fan of Gfriend and rhythm games, this is really fun and exciting to play. But please fix the bugs. It gets laggy sometimes and it also crashes. Also, the success rate of the cards is low.
Hi! I've been playing this game since it first released and it was really great and I really enjoyed the game. Thank you very much!
This game is really good, I gave 5 star over all! Try it if you're a buddy or just a fan of GFriend, you won't regret playing it. 💗💗
As a buddy, I'm really glad to play gfriend games. But it really frustrates me whenever notes missed even though i tapped it. I thought I'm the only one experiencing this but after reading some reviews regarding this, there's really a problem. I hope it will be fixed very soon. Everytime I nearly finished the song then there's this one note that missed eventhough I tapped it really gets into my nerves.
I don't think I could get back my account as I already emailed the dalcolm support. I hope in the future that they would improve especially in the account system. They should make people sign in using dalcom id and remove the other third party accounts such as google and facebook. Giving a three stars, because overall the game is fun but their account system is not. It will suddenly log you out which I didn't do anything at all.
The game is really fun. Whenever I get miss the beat the member's voice encourages me. It is an enjoyable ride of getting 3 stars in hard mode.
I'm really excited to play this game but it takes a really long time to start the game. I'm a bit disappointed.
why i can't get my account back?! i connected account with my google account and now i just get restarted?! GIMME BACK MY ACCOUNT😭
I first downloded this game during its first launched i even pre-registered it,then i connect it to my email account.But why my account suddenly dissapear after i did not play the game for about 3 days then when i wanted to play again suddenly i need to create a new account. Please help me to fix this problem i want my old account back i really loves this game and have waited for so long to play it.
Yes, I really love the game, I really enjoy playing it. BUT, the glitch really distrubing. Since the last update, suddenly the notes and the music is not working in sync. I've tried syncronize it both manually and automatically, still does not work. It causes me missing a lot of the notes. Even if I am trying so hard to "catch" the notes, it seems like I miss all of it. I thought it was my storage memory, RAM, or else at first, but it turns out everything is still fine. Any suggestion?
All members of GFriend has been play and being excited here the events, new release songs, rankings, and even grade cards from C to R can you high rank from the best players.
I open the game few hour ago, but suddenly the account log out and it say the account already expired.... But when i login use the same email i use before, it wont download my old account.... Please help me....
I really like this application, but lately I often quit the application, even though I'm playing :( Is that a bug? If so, please fix it immediately, it's very annoying
I hate it how I would signup almost everyday. Although it's very fun to play cause I love Gfriend, but I'm really annoyed cause all my cards that I've signed up are nowhere to be seen now. I play this game everyday to get more cards but it couldn't let me sign in to my account. I sincerely hope Dalcomsoft will help me.
I got back my account after banned for almost a week. I start playing it again, but it is often freezing by itself. And it's annoying when it's happened in the middle of the game. Can't even finished the song. I don't know why it is happened. It doesn't happen when I play another superstar game.
Will highly recommend this app with great quality, and has active missions and the sounds are so natural and never buffers after the songs starts and lastly has a great rewards for buddy(gfriend's fandom) so good job, keep up the good work. Thank you
Well, the game is great. But I always get distracted of one song. The 'Me Gustas Tu' the song starts off right, later on there will be like a glitch sound then it became like the song finishes off first than the taps. It is so distracting that I dont play it unless it is on a daily mission. Hope it will be fixed soon. But overall, I like thus game!
Its a stress away game that i love, but i'll give just 1star because its not a balance gameplay. Mostly, every event are all in favor of those player who can afford to buy diamonds. How about those who cant? Those who effortly goes to grind cards? So i think thats really unfair. I suggest be fair for every event so that anyone could play happily.
I'm still waiting my September's monthly rewards... I already complete 41+ monthly score.... Its already October 4th...haven't received it... And the developer ignore my email
There are so many things wrong with this game.1 it takes way to long to load.2 the hit sensitivity is not properly functioning (the game says u missed when u clearly didnt).3 the leveling up system is inconsistent.4 the items in the store are priced so high your forced to use money to buy things.5 the game is constantly crashing and logging me out of my account.6 it is hard to obtain a lot of RP without buying or watching ads which is frustrating because now I spend most of my time watching ads.
Actually, I love this game. But when the time that I updated the app recently, I always experience crashed when the music ends or sometimes even I just restart playing it. I experienced crash application. I already changed into low resolution but it still happening again.
Very good style among Superstar series. I've been enjoying absolutely. After playing Superstar (of course all the games) for more than 5 years, I appreciated SMTown and Gfriend the most. One more thing, how smooth the game is depending on your device. My overall experience of Superstar is still good enough.
Thank you for making this I searched a lot back then for Gfriend games and this is the one! My problem is the app are lagging when I'm playing. I was so confused, can you help me fix this? From what I read, I am not alone having this problem. Still, I gave it 5 stars for this honourable app set for Gfriend. Edit : the games keep crashing but I still wanted to play it.. T。T some buddy said because of the storage almost full that it keeps crashing but nah I just bought this phone?
This gaming app is the best ever. I can't stop playing this game. Sad to say that there is no Superstar BTS anymore but I hope to have Superstar Dreamcatcher and Superstar Mamamoo/RBW soon :>
I really love this game because I really love GFriend!!! There's nothing that I can wish for this game, it's just that for every challenge, I don't get 3 headphones, even it's just my first try. I hope you can do something about this.
Game is good. But sometimes when i play the game, the note will coming faster than the actual beat. it's up to 0.18 seconds which is really frustrating. i'm using redmi 5a, yes it's old but how can the diff between note and actual beat can be like that? please fix it. Thank you.
I really want to give you 5 stars. But after server maintenance today, I experience some glitch when playing songs. It happens when I reach ultra rave. The notes suddenly not sync with the song. At first it was okay, but it's really annoying since I had so much miss notes. My phone physical memory is good. I play other games and runs very smooth. So the glitch should be on your game. Hope it will fix at the next update.
Good game with good sense of rhythm.. i really love gfriend's songs. Its just hard to complete event missions especially if you're f2p. Pls make it a little more f2p friendly.
Totally waited for this! 💙💕 But it keeps on stopping while I'm playing.... But still totally love it👍🏻💕
The game is really, really beautifully made, but when a new event comes up, it is impossible for the poor, like me, to finish all the missions on the respective event. And also, the drop rate of cards in the recommend store, like windy windy premium 10 package, it says there that WINDY WINDY LIMITED EDITION THEME GURANTEED. I pulled 4x but only the second pull has a LE theme card on it. Such a big SCAM. Please fix this, y'all wasting people's effort to grind, smh.
hello, please fix your bug. I'm losing my account again for 2 times. I sign in with my gmail account and try sign up too with dalcom ID but it doesn't work. I'll try again and again but nope, i losing my account again. (the app suddenly sign out in my handphone and I can't sign in to my account) 😭 I try with another ss game and my account is save, but in gfriend is no. 😭 JELEK, BAU. MASA GABISA SAVE AKUN PAKE GMAIL. TERUS KATANYA KALO PAKE DALCOM ID, DATANYA AKAN KE SAVE TAPI NGGAK ANJIR.
A great game. I am a BUDDY and I am completely enjoying this one. At first, they help you achieve high graded cards as fast as you can but the latest update just became a pay-to-win situation that other people who can buy has the advantage. Anyways, still a pretty great game
I really like to play this game but i want to say that my rp is always not enough could u consider to not taking too much rp when power up cards and I don't like when the power up is failed. I'm frustrated whenever i want to upgrade card to high level. Pls update or change the system like more easier to power up. Make more events and rewards. Adding artists card selector/theme card selector / R, S, A card selector etc. A loyal gamer like me deserve better.
So when this app was released. I install it instantly. I have a good experience to be honest. I connected my Facebook account so the data wil be saved. But one time I need to Reset my phone, once I reset my phone. I downloaded this app again and logged in my Facebook so it can restore its data. But then I was shocked because I need to create a new account again. What's the point of connecting your Facebook when it's not gonna restore you gameplay data??
The touch timing is kinda off, there would be times I'd hit the note correctly but it would register it as miss, it keeps crashing for some ungodly reason which never happened to me before but now it happened for like 3 times
Loved playing this game on my old phone. But I just switched to a new phone and I'm unable to play it the screen won't finish loading. Only the dalcomsoft, and source music things pop up and then it just stays there. That is my current issue.
I love this game so much ... I play this everyday and it's so enjoying ... I have a problem with this though... The gameplay started off really smooth and lag-free but after a few days of playing it, the gameplay suddenly became so laggy and there are also times when I tap the notes but it still misses... It's so annoying especially if you're trying to perfect a 3-star play of a song... It couldn't be the internet's speed problem cuz it works fast in other apps... please fix this thank you
There's many problems i have encountered And that is 1. Crashing Problem 2. Slow Loading Everytime i update 3. Missing some notes even though i have pressed the note And 4. I suggest that the event to be awesome if the maintenance extended, i felt a little dissapointed when i see only one song updated but long maintenance.
Overall the game is super fun. But some problems are just rlly annoying to me, like if you're gonna make powering up cards a lot more expensive, at least increase the success rate. Like I wasted around 40k RP just to make an S card reach five-star. Even though the success rate was "High" it was actually like 25%. Pls adjust this, then I'll give it five stars
I'm so disspointed It's the second time I try to log in to my account, but the game said that i have to re sign in, and then all my data are lost. Please fix this and i will give you 5 stars. Thanks.
1. Lagging when I'm playing. It's so sudden and make me missed the "note" just like that. It make me annoyed. My phone performance totally fine. This "lagging" never happen when I'm play the other online game. 2. When I'm upgrading the card. I use more than 10 cards to upgrade 1 card but it always FAILED ! Then my card didn't upgraded and my "coins" wasted for nothing. Honestly I'm enjoyed SSG so much. Never bored to play it but PLEASE FIX THIS. THANK YOU
Hi, the game is awesome. It's really catchy. I don't know if it's only me or not, but I can't watch the video ads. It worked fine before the daily mission reset, but after that I can't watch a single video in the game. Is that option disable or it's a bug?
I'm 100% sure that I really tapped on the beatmaps. I really hate it when I missed a beatmap because it will consecutively start to miss the rest which causes me to not finish the whole song. I really want to give 5 stars to this game but the problem is the gameplay.
The app is super smooth, and the lobby music is quite relaxing and does not annoy and frustrate you. It's great! edit: sometimes it signs me out and I have to log back in again for some reason and it does this frequently and I am not sure how to get grade up event cards.
Good game. Have enjoyed the play. But recently there's something wrong with the key touch sensitivity of the game. Did really touch on the key note but it stated "miss", it's kinda frustrating. Please fix this, thank you!
The drop rate of the game is so terrible. For the birthday event, the drop rate for the person will become low. And this time the drop for an album will be 0 for that person. Im very disappointed to This game for soon in next update, and thanks for the game that bring me happy previously.
It's very fun i enjoy playing it and it's really cool to play with while enjoying the songs of gfriend that i most love in kpop girl groups... download it now buddys and enjoy playing it while listening in their songs... good job dalcom soft.... and more success to come in the future gfriend...
I've experienced account loss twice already. It really makes me furious because it happen just suddenly. I love this game and i played it everyday but i cant deal with this problem. I need to resign in again and choose which account to use but when i try to sign into my old account, it said that acc haven't finished it's email verification. And then i did the dalcom id signup check, it said the email address is already in use!! What is this?!! Please fix this problem ohmygod im so mad rn!!
The game was so great but then suddenly my account got lost why😭😭 I've played for almost 2 months the game didn't have any problems and then suddenly now when i open it i came back to the sign up screen why😭 this is so unfair all my hardwork for nothing! I was planning to bind my account but now it's useless!
When the game release, it's exactly as I expected. But maybe, you can fix the bug. When I touch the note, sometimes it doesn't touch (like the fast notes). And maybe you can make the rewards become the player easier to play, like make it 50/50 card and RPs.
I really love it! I like Superstar games that are for a single group only. And finally, I can play songs of GFriend. Hopefully they will add more songs like Flower. And make some quests easier to achieve :> I have one problem though. Whenever I select Yuju for the one at the title screen, it doesn't show her image. only a big red questionmark with white background. I have no problems with selecting other members though. Please help me fix it. Thank you.
So far the game is great, the music selection is enough but the thing is, the game would always log me out of my dalcom ID every 2/3 days and it's getting annoying to sign in every time please do something about it.
Uhmm plss explain. I reset my phone because i got a new one. And i signed in with my dalcom id and said that if i wanted to download the previous data i had on the game(from my old phone). And my money was the exact same and the gems but my cards and progress were gone. There were few cards and i don't know where they're from. Why are my other cards not there
How come i haven't received my monthly progress reward? I've been waiting since Aug. 1 and still nothing. Is this a bug or something? Please reply as soon as possible. I only have 29 monthly scores, so I will receive a premium 10 card pack, 100 diamonds, and lots of rp. Please..i have been waiting for a long time receive those rewards :( (Not 1-starring the whole game by the way)
the game is good, but it crashes a lot. at first it was okay, but it keeps on carshing after a song. it's getting annoying already DALCOM SOFT. your other app such as SuperStar JYP also has the same issues. when are you going to fix this? it's getting annoying for real. 🙄
I downloaded this game right when it was released and I really like the game. However, I haven't received my monthly progress challenge rewards... Played so hard to clear 31 monthly challenge scores to get the rewards, but did not receive anything. Is this a bug...?
when i tried to log into the game, it said that my account session had expired and it had me restart the game. after restarting it it said that i have to log into the game. i tried logging in using the gmail i had registered with my account and it showed me a box to fill in a new username as if i am making a new account. i got confused, then i filled in my username and it said that it has been used? this is really confusing. is my account deleted? im really worried now, i need answer.
I had a problem with the new update. I can't press the notes. I tried uninstalling and installed it again but the problem came back. My storage is fine so I am worried that the game is the problem. Please fix this immediately😊
I stan Gfriend and I stan their game! But... there are some times where the songs glitch so you miss a few notes if you don't catch it it happens maybe like once a week. Also sometimes the song doesn't sync with the notes but I usually wait until the next day and everything is normal again! Please fix the bugs for 5 stars 😁 I really do love this game!
Can you fix the phone compatibility of the game??? My sister uses a VIVO Y91 and SSG app always closed after she finish a song. I also heard some users of the same model having these problems. Please address this concern immediately. Also, it always tend to log me out of the game and kept me signing in repetitively and now the game crash while signing in.
The game is nice, there's no glitch or crashes but when i tried to sign in my DALCOM ID, it doesn't work. I enter my password but it still not working. I tried to change my password but the samething happened. The username is also correct. The only problem is i can't open my dalcom id,
I love the game so much a lot I'm a BUDDY and playing this game with songs of GFRIEND made me a lot happier because i can play my idols' songs and collect theme cards! UwU
I can't sign in.. when signing in, it always come to new account.. i already have many cards and upgrade the card.. spend a lot of time to get that, but it's like i lost it instantly, without knowing why
I like the gameplay and interface but as a player who played Superstar Games in the past, I really wish that there would be better prizes for future events and you can complete limited edition cards through normal card packs. I really like this game and the better prizes could motivate us to play more. Thank you