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SuperStar FNC for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Dalcomsoft, Inc. located at 06626 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 343, 7층(서초동, 신덕빌딩). The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Probably the best Superstar version that came out, tied with SM Town. The song completion music is the best of 5 games I've tried (SMTown, Pledis, Starship, Woolim, FNC).
Not synced.. Keeps missing even though already calibrated it.. I've played JYP, SM etc.. so I know how to sync the game but this one always missess. Please fix
Its so expensive to upgrade cards and I never get P1HARMONY cards. It's so hard to get their cards. I also which there was the same things like in SUPERSTAR JYP and SM like the arena and stuff.
Honestly, I'm excited to play this game, but I wasn't expecting that the common problem will bother me... again. Actually, I'm on sync with the beat, but why do I always barely get S.PERFECT? Actually, my GOOD has more counts than PERFECT. I always miss the beat even I hardly tapped on it. What's wrong? Please fix it, please. ^^
I really enjoyed this game at first but suddenly the game has a hard time sensing my fingers. I tried testing it at the beginning of a song and the left side of the screen wouldn't even light up when I had no problems with it before. If this could be fixed I'd give it 4 stars.
gonna edited this review if only they updated new songs i mean SONGS and please add video ads to get diamond/s too cuz it seems really hard to gets it tho...
I get what people Are Saying. When Am Clearly Hitting The Target It judt Marks It as Worng. And- Hard Mode Just Feels Kinda Easyer Then Sm/Jyp. Over All, The Game Is Just Fine.
Why I can just entered once? When I want to enter again after an hour it's just show me blackscreen ?? Pls fixed it ASAP thank you.
It was great when I first opened and played it. But when I tried to play it again, first it told me to login and after that it completely freezes and does nothing. I tried to re-open it but after loading it just stays still and nothing shows up just the superstar fnc and music playing in the background. Please fix it as soon as possible ಠ︵ಠ, I don't want to lose my progress!!
I love the game but I keep having trouble with the sync, the game won't recognise me being in sync with the song and I'll make me skip beats, I thought that maybe it could me a problem with my phone but a couple of my friends also have this problem :(
It's a really good game.I've played superstar SM and others. But in Superstar fnc, however I got the combo it show miss.I record a screen to make sure.please fix it.
It's good but comparing to other Superstar games, it's harder to power up cards and it takes too many RPs to upgrade cards🙁 Please make it easier. And also there are only a few songs so it gets boring to play after a point. I hope you can update new songs more often. Thank you. Edit: Also missions are SO hard.. its not possible for anyone to play this game unless they're master players. The difficulty level is gatekeeping new people from playing the game.My sister just deleted it from her phone
I was so happy p1harmony was there, so I downloaded this game. However, this game is still stiff. I pressed the buttons but I still failed. It keep saying "miss". I hope this game is better like sssm ssjyp
Same issue when SBTS came out, the controls were slow at best and chaotic at worst. It makes me feel like someone is purposely making it this way, the best is you'd get a good when you hit it perfectly and the worst is it'll purposely miss it EVEN when you hit or drag the darn thing, please do fix this issue, especially when there are limited events for it (makes it feel rigged, which sucks)
edit: i was opening this and it kicked me out of my account, made me log back in, but ultimately won't let me. i tried to log in with dalcom id, even my email, but they won't work. i had really good cards too! please help me and some others to get our accounts back.
The game is good, but please add more FTISLAND's songs.. Like 'I Hope (바래)', 'Wind', 'Hello Hello', 'Summer Night Dream', also from their latest album 'Quit' and many more.. Please update FTISLAND with new songs, it's kinda boring playing with those 5 songs only..
Its so expensive to upgrade cards and I never get P1HARMONY cards. It's so hard to get their cards. It's extremely expensive as well.
i cant get my account back. i try many times with my dalcom ID, also my google account, and i just got same result for it. please help me to get my account back😭 there's 3 LE card on that account omg. and i just send an email at 12pm kst at the moment. still no respon
i have many Superstar game and i hope they add more entertainment in this kind of game. I LIKE IT SO MUCH! but not my phone cause the storage start to full.
I cann't log in to my account .. it load for a few seconds and bring me back to the main acreen asking me to log in again and never log in to my account .. i tried to uninstall it and install it again but i had the same issue and this happens when i sign in google accounts only .. i made a new account signing in withe facebook and it worked but i don't want to lose my progress and restart all this again because there is a limited time events .. please fix this issue
Love all the song choices on this but the tap detection is off and makes you miss things that you would never miss. The lag is horrible on androids. But apparently the iPhone version is completely fine. Please fix this
lemme just say, im not happy. #1 The sensitivity is horrible. I CLEARLY tap a key yet it marks it as miss. I liked the old keys much better. #2 The hard levels arent that hard. Honestly, I was wanting more of a challenge, but compared to the other games hard mode is more like medium. #3 Its so hard to get different variations of cards. I want to get better cards for p1h, nflying etc but everytime i get a new card, its always SF9. please fix these, love the game otherwise!
4 Stars cause I was really looking forward to this cause of SF9 but It keeps on hanging just like the Superstar Woolim..when I'm enjoying the game already, it will suddenly hang whenever I think it loses connection but it won't even reconnect, I need to exit it on my program running tab then restart the game again, unlike Superstar G-friend where when there is a lost of connection for a little while it will still reconnect.. please fix it asap.. 🙏🙏🙏
So far so good, but the sensivity somehow worse than any other superstar, and please fix nflying's card:(
Almost the same as Superstar YG. Its difficult to level up Basic Cards (C or B) with C, B and even A cards. Plus the Price for Power Up is too much compared to other Superstar Games like SM, and JYP. Lower the diffuculty in Hard Mode since there are few songs that we can make a 3 stars. Also make the Hit Button Area like Superstar SM or JYP, its hard to press the notes specially in Hard Mode. Thanks.
I find it really fun especially completing missions and events. Though I theres an event right now where u need to have 600 or more super perfect and i think its impossible for good guy cause i see that if you get to have all superfect, its only 500+
There is this big problem with this game, so I did tap in sync with the beat but it keep showing I got a good/perfect or even worst it show I miss it, which obviously not true, I play all your superstar games and didn't have this problem. Please fix it thanks.
(Edit!) This last few days it was disaster. It was hard for me to miss any notes in FTISLAND-Girls Don't Know, but this last few days makes it worst! I can't even get 3 stars on any hard mode! Please fix the detection of our touch. I've tried syncing for hundreds of time already!
Nice game but with the same issues as YG, namely bad tap detection that's making me lose stars all the time (I can notice when it's me messing up and when it's the game's fault) and the minor annoyance of having the events screen inside the mission screen. I'd appreciate it if you fix the detection issue soon.
the overall gameplay is great, obviously similar to the other superstar games. i really enjoy the background music too. the only problem is that some songs arent synced with the levels. 💞 also stan p1harmony for clear skin and stream siren 🚨
App refuses to start without permission to make and manage phone calls. There is no excuse for a game to need that. Hit deny then uninstall this garbage.
I'm not sure if I see wrongly but it feels like there's a glitch everytime I play a song which cause me to miss a few times. Please get the game fixed.
I cant log in to my account and I cant acces the game while.my connection is good! And I am suspicious why I did miss if I am sure I press the right button? I its hard to get a card. The cards not that good and hard to upgrade! Buying premium card and all I got is B card that always the same tipe, the same person! Forget it! I am quit! No longer playing this game!
Fun game just as the others, but it's so much more expensive and difficult to upgrade even low cards with C fodder cards than SSSM/SSJYP. And they fail more often than I'm used to seeing, even C cards! Also, it's like they're begging you to spend either all your time on getting resources for missions or spend your money to level up and enjoy the events. Watching ads for a bonus doesn't give diamonds but also includes random cards. Pointless to me. I'm not sure I'll be playing this one for long.
Really fun! The challenges are hard but not too hard. Progress/leveling up is pretty steady even when you can't open your wallet. It still lags on me every once in a while but nothing is perfect. I really like the selection of songs, too, so far.
My favorite genre game. Specially this game has my idol girl group AOA. I love them so much. But Dalcom & FNC, please adding Jimin's album solo in the game. It makes me so sad there's no Jimin eonni's songs. For me she is the best leader and the best song writer also the best girl rapper. Jimin eonni & AOA 화이팅 !!! Dalcom & FNC 화이팅 !!!❤❤❤
It is a great game, but the step by step growth mission was too difficult for people who don't spend money. I am stuck in one of the steps because I need to get R cards. Please if you make any more Super star games make them with Superstar YG growth missions, those were easier and funnier. I won't be able to complete it :(
Not bad,its really fun to play.But I prefer other super star game's design.Example SMTown.And I hope you would update this.
At first it was great, but then i get bored because i couldn't power up R grade cars easily and it took too much rp and i'm getting bored of playing the same songs to get rp so i could upgrade.
2 stars because upgrading is so expensive and the chances on upgrading also is like low on succeed andostly failed then end up on spending your RP with not upgrading the cards... Should fix that
Too hard to power up and upgrade compare to other superstar game . 😔 hard to receive RP point and diamond 😫
So far it's good. Though I prefer the SSJ and SSSM design, this one's not bad. I do hope that we'll get diamonds instead of rps when watching ads.