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Supernatural Sweethearts

Supernatural Sweethearts for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's good I like it but I don't like using money to play a free game no subscription just paying in the actual game
I love how you guys make these so fast always something fresh keep up the good work on these amazing games I have one suggestion to make the premium choices 1-10 Rubies so people can get the good options easier, Thanks!
Story line are very good but im so curious what's going to happen next after the end,I really need this game to have SS2. But if there are no ss2 i would be rlly a little bit disappointed but its your choice to make it or no.
I like it The story feels like it is based off the coronavirus but just with demons and monsters instead of actual sickness, keep it up
Loved the game great as always and can't wait for the part 2 I mean when a game says to be continued there has got to be a part 2 keep up the good work
TO BE CONTINUED!?!?!?!?!?!?! If you make a to be CONTINUED!!! IT ATCUALLY HAS TO BE CONTINUDE!!!!! It has a good story line... and I also dont like the premium choices because most of the time you look like an idiot.
This is by far your worst ending. Seriously disappointed that you used the exact same ending for all three girls. Where's the creativity? Such a waste of time for that conclusion. It wasn't even a good ending like a lot of other ones. I enjoy the endings the most.
I loved the game it keeped me on my toes the whole time.. I loved how you mixed the supernatural, sports, music, romance and so much more together.. it went together really well... I love how Luci aka Lucifer is at the end of it... Luci put me really at the edge of my seat I couldn't sit still I couldn't wait for it to continue... But then I see I have to wait for a part 2... It made me sad... I honestly hope part 2 comes out soon.. I really want to see how you guys make it all end...
Good ending -- the ending was great and it means that the girls will come back again, but I hope that there is another game of this so the story continues I would love it.
Loved it but I have one small issue.. Like say for instance, you made a premium choice that you didn't want, you restart the story and it's asks you for more tickets for the first episode again. Like when you restart the story I want it to be smooth with no bugs. Great game overall.☺️
greate game I've been finished this story the story is cool and good effort of writing, but i hooked in the story
Wow i love it especially the end there has got to be a part 2. I am looking forward to it. The gameplay is amazing and i like when they always leave us in suspense. But until there is a part 2 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍.
So, here's the thing... I really enjoyed this game. Great story, liked all three girls (had a hard time choosing my favorite)... Just one major problem. The ending was by far the weakest of any game in the series. The endings for the three girls were literally identical (I usually really enjoy seeing the different endings for each girl), and while I don't mind a cliffhanger, it has to at least feel satisfying. This one just... Didn't. Please put some more time into the endings for the next one
It could be so much better if you didn't have to spend time getting diamonds. I don't want to choose the options that make me feel bad but I don't want to grind the slot machine until I have enough diamonds to not be a jerk.
Just finished this story making it number 6 of ones ive finished. I loved it, alot more action than the others but also alot more plot twist. Esspecally the ending you won't want to miss it
The game is fun and cute wish the choices were cheaper but there needs to be a part 2 it ended in a way that part 2 is needed
I Enjoy Playing This Game, Good Character Design But Somehow I Am Little Disappointed To The Story Of This Game Comparing To Other This Game Little Disappoin Me.....But I Can't Say I Didn't Enjoy This Game Thats Why I Give 3 Stars To This One
I really liked the game. I thought the story and characters were interesting, to a point. But it's very convoluted. It feels like the story itself is pushing you to like this girl as the only choice while ignoring the other two. The protag himself is the generic powerless character who can't protect himself and has to rely on his waifus to save him. That's boring to me. Overall, I like it, but I don't recommond it.
Playing this game was a fun experience I loved it love the action the fighting the girls shizuku was my choice it was tough with megumi but in the end it turned out fine because I pick the choices that I would pick in real life but the ending really got me caught up I hope they make a part 2 because it said to be continued overall good game loved it one of the best action ones that I played so far
They have the cliche superhero plot with the overpowered superpower, useless bystander, and secret supernatural conflict. The introduction of the conflict use plot armor for convenience. The appeal lies in the cute girls and comedy.
Amazing story game I love it all the fighting but the premium chooses though nah who cares amazing game!
I absolutely need a Part 2 after what happened. Other than that, it's a great game with an interesting plot with realistic and likeable characters. Megumi was realistic, believable and honest so it was only normal that I picked her up. She didn't only had a flawless personality but was also realistic too.
It's fun and interesting , I liked the story and everything else except the ending , I feel like there's no part 2 then why make the ending hanging . It said to be continued at the end so is there a part 2 ??? will there be a part 2 ??? , I hope there is .
I like this game it is different and interesting choices. The story is cool even though I don't lie ending as it ends on a cliffhanger . I feel that the game needs to have a sequel.
It was a good and exciting game to play in my opinion but why have the same ending for all three girls? I'm not complaining and I really dont mind it but, when I saw to be continued, I was suprised to see it and I cant wait for part two IF you guys are even going to make it ofcourse
I liked the entire story and everything enough for a 5 star rating... but the ending feels like it will be an eternal cliffhanger. It says to be continued however so like.... I dunno.
All your apps are great but only issue is the fact you only get 30 gems and have to pay for so much just to get more I like the premium choices but can't pick them because I don't have any gems if you could start us off with more gems that's would be nice
Well I figured it was a play to win but this is extrordinarry.it cost 3 dollars to buy 20 diamonds but takes 30 diamonds to make one choice out of about 5 per chapter.and tickets to get to next chapter.if you really wanted to pay you would be lucky to spend 14.00 per chapter if not more.and I'm sure there is more then 5 chapters I know of
This game was another great one and I love the idea behind the story. This is a great story and the ending leads you to want to play more, so for all those who already have and will play this game. I speak for all of us that we want a sequel of this game if possible. Anyway, I look forward to the next game genius inc.
Wow 😳 ..I hope there is a continuation of the story 👍🤯 ..This game is more or less the same like my angle girlfriend it has a lot of action 💥💥.
I love the whole story, and I chose shizuku and for my surprise the ending surprise me I thought that it's going to end well but suddenly Satan showed up and kinda makes me uncomfortable about the ending, that's why I want, (supernatural sweetheart 2) can you please be so kind and make, (supernatural sweetheart 2) please GENIUS Please I'll be waiting for, (supernatural sweetheart 2). GENIUS, ”PLEASE” Don't disappoint me GENIUS I really want a (supernatural sweetheart 2) so please make one😭
Honestly like the rest of the games. It is a pay to play type and earning the points ro exchange takes a while and sometimes does not work?!
I do like this app I really like the story and the characters but I did not really like the ending it's like a HUGE plot hole and theres no part 2 or anything so that annoyed me but other then that it was good if there was a part 2 there would be 5 stars
This is a huge pry for money all the choices you would wanna pick cost gems and you start with barely any gems i only got one premiuim choice with this. Its a good game if you have money but if you dont i wouldnt reccomend this at all
I personally liked the game. And I have suggestions for future games: Maby a medieval game. Just a suggestion though.
Well... it's has a great storyline somewhat. Guy reminded of me just dumber and has less logic. Same always just don't spend your money. Some make sense other don't but anyways. Don't get the play store version. Just use a mod apk. I doubt you'll get a virus. Still games are a scam. If you're wasting money this. Just don't. Please use a mod apk. Also it takes a week or 6 days to finish the whole thing, only if you're me who stays up to 3am in mornin'.
I love all genius Inc games. They are all so good and thank you for making them. The endings for this are all the same though, just with different characters, same dialogue. Just different character sprite please make things more unique in future games because everything is already great there is usually just one issue with each game
I really liked the story. There was plenty of action& each girl personality was so well developed, that I found very hard to choose one. But I want to know why your latest stories are now ending in cliffhanger. Why can't we get closed happy ending like before?4 stars until you fixed the stories having cliffhanger ending problem
The game could be much better if they didn't ask us to buy tickets and rubies. This is the huge problem which makes the game very uncomfortable. I never recommend anyone playing this game unless and until it's completely changed.
The game is awesome and since I know confident Is what attract girl I enjoyed the game so much because not all the games got that right just the only anoying thing is it takes a century to collect points maybe by adding new ways to get points that are entertaining in some way that would make the game better
Nice!! I really like it... It really felt that I was in the game specially when I have to make a choice though I seemed a little sad after choosing. and when the game say's "To be continued" I can't wait for the part 2... Good job!!!