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Supermarket Tycoon

Supermarket Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Happy Mobile Game located at Gurgaon , Haryana, INDIA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
First couple minutes in game it kept forcing me to go to an outside website. Kept saying the same thing "win $300" even when I didnt do anything in game. Forcing an ad or bloatware that cant be seen. Havent seen that in any other game ive played do that.
i love the game HOWEVER when i reached lvl 70, the game autostops when i finish a level!! very irritating! i already updated it, but still it's the same. fix this asap
It's fun and addictive but it freezes and the free coin adverts don't work when you click on them. Also, the items that the customer in the window requests are not always in the market causing you to lose that customer and waste time.
I play one level and when the ad loads it stays in the same screen with the blue circle at 100% but no ad and the fact that it has an ad after every level EYEROLL!!! I have had to exit completely out and shut down the program each time and still the same thing only 3 levels in. I will re download and give it a real chance when the bug gets fixed
I like the game. However, on completing level 23 the screen goes black and freezes up everytime. A lso there is no where I can find in the game to contact you with problems or issues needing corrected or fixed.
I like the game so far but I'm stuck on level 23 about the pranksters. I missed the tip and cant get any help. how do I stop the pranksters ?
I give it a 4 beacause when the coustumers pay me the game littary got me to the second level so quick that i have no time to vlean so i clean the whole place while the coustumers are waiting and it hives some of my coustumers away sp i lose point and i dont know if i should lose point for not cleaning the place or some coustumers leave beacause their a karen and they wont be patient!
Was a great game but now after you play a level it loads an advert that doesnt play then crashes and doesn't save your progress. I've uninstalled now. Such a shame
Love these kind of time killers. This one is cute as others But. Know but erases everything before it lol but SeriouslY!.?? An AD after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL OF PLAY? And some ads go str8 to the install screen W/O me choosing to do so? I'm no ty Uninstall for the ads alone. U can watch ads for gems a common thing now so no problem with that and a free game with ads from time to time can accept that and still enjoy game but Sadly this one is a bit to much for even acceptable me. Fun game possible.
An ad pops up before the last customer is done and when its over so is the round doesnt even give me a chance to clean and avoid the penalty.
This game just wants you to see ad after ad... It's a necessary thing and can't even be purchased which you would not think of in your imagination..
The app kept popping up third party adds that I had no control over. Would send me onto the browser with no warning. They wanted access to your phone calls, and other information which I denied but I imagine they use for people to call you with ads.
your game constantly opens up different windows on my phone during game play. have only played 5 levels. very glitchy, for that it's a 1 star and I am uninstalling this. plus there is no time to clean your floor during game play as well and you get a negative 5% each time.
Too many ads. Ads at every thing. Also, it SQUEAKS at the beginning of game. You don't allow enough time for clerk to stock store before customers come in. Other than those things it would be a nice game.
On the second building of the game, level three, you cannot do anything to get off the level! The kid that makes the messes is used excessively and that makes it impossible to pass level. First set of customers take too long to get their items so the waiting customer (waiting for a basket)leaves mad, makes it impossible to pass level. Even used gems to hire a cashier, didn't change anything! And WHY do you tell people with complaints to contact customer service with details when complaints ARE
I cant play one level without an add popping up and taking me to a different screen. This does happen on any other app I have.
This would be higher if there wasn't an add after every single level. The game would be better if maybe every 10 levels we had a minute of adds.
It's ok, but every time I complete a level the screen freezes trying to load an ad but it never plays and I have to shut down the app every time. So makes it a pain rather than enjoyable. Game play seems fun though.
Good game but there are too many levels. In first shop their is one level were customer do some pranks it's very difficult to handle. There are 100 levels in first shop. Others I don't know.
79 mins of playing time is ridiculous for upgrades. Why cant it upgrade in real time. Plus, I have to wait the 79 mins because since the upgrade is in progress I might lose customers. Not cool. Please fix. And can we see some ppl of color
I like the game, but I bought two packs and it took the money off the card but I didn't get my purchase. I want my money or the packs I bought.
My experience with this was superb. This is a very nice but my reason for doing 4 star and not 5 is that it has a lot of ads which is very annoying so pls fix this.
I would like to give 5 star .. but .. please fix the bug . Cause sometimes there s drive thru customer want somthing that didnt serve . For example . They want a cabbage . But that time only serve carrot watermelon n pumpkin . Its happen so many times . Sometime they want banana . But that time only serve cabbage pumpkin watermelon . Then i lt make me lost customer ... -_- fix the bug please
cool game just annoying pop up adds every 2 sec an it pulls u out of the game an interupts ur game to pop an add up annoying
Beautiful game, but the actual gameplay is disappointing. the only way you can hire staff is if you pay real money for them, and you have no time befote the store opens to stock, which is frustrating and incredibly unrealistic. I get that it's a game, but you should be able to do basic things like that. Devs: charge people real money for boosts or aesthetics, not things crucial to success. Will be uninstalling.
This game doesn't award gems, have to buy them. Once you get into higher levels of first "Mega Mart", you need a cashier, which of course must use previous purchased gems OR buy indefinite cashier. You need the cashier because you're too busy with stocking and mopping and turning on security camera(to keep pranksters at Bay) and turning on A/C (to keep customers from leaving que while they wait for you to replenish shopping baskets) and replenishing shopping baskets. Second shop is ridiculous 😡
5 star becouse the next store u need to earn a lot of money to upgrade...kindly less the upgrade money amount..
Still has glitches after resort level 32 & 33. Removed it as had enough of having to replay level. Even uninstalled and started again, which did not help. It's a shame, because I did love the game. Using Lenovo Yogabook. I've email what you as requested to look into this matter and have not yet heard back.
I think you should be able to save your game. I updated my phone and had to restart the game since nothing saved or transferred over.
I very like this game,but i think they need to upgrade the graphics and some assistant if the lady, like guard for example but in all.. I like this game
got to level 23 and anywhere I clicked in the game it took me to chrome and had a pop up add saying I won a free gift card. Closed the game and the ad and chrome and tried again same thing. this game is a virus!
why is the game suddenly not in full screen and when clicking the carts the alignments seems to be out??
hi, overall the game have cute and nice graphic. simple to play. however when last time I reach level 60+ and already open Bakery Store, the game kept on shut down automatically. sometimes when I'm playing the game. then I uninstalled and reinstalled back because I thought maybe my phone is the problem. however, when I installed it back the last level is not loading😭😭 and I need to play at level 1 back. please help me for this problem.
its a good game. the only thing is it take so long to actually upgrade things. it makes it so high that you actually have to biy the coins to upgrade. i just downloaded the game and to upgrade her its 15000 coins......WHAT?!?!?!?!? YOU NEED TO LOWER YOUR UPGRADES. i would understand if im up in the game and levels but i just downloaded the game. that seems crazy to me. but that is just my opinion.
Either needs work, or needs to be deleted from existence. The writer is illiterate because all of the text is poorly put together, the movements are irritating to watch and when loading an ad it should not take more than 5 seconds, it took 1 minute and stayed at 100% not loading so I couldn't even finish the tutorial. Skip over downloading this game and wasting not even 5 minutes.
Game is fun however, when you get to the hotel the newspaper stand disappears and you can't play the game anymore. Disappointing because I invested $ into a game I cant play. It would be nice if this was fixed.
It's a lovely game but an option at the end of a level it give option of getting one gem by watching video but its not working. Till now the problem doesn't resolved . I think the gamer makers r not interested .so I m deleting the game.
I am tired of subpar ad games. I had barely finished the first level when it prompted that an ad was being loaded. And then the game locked on that screen. Ridiculous waste of time!
It's a great and awesome game. Fast paced and all that BUT the upgrade fee are too high and the cashier is hired with diamonds. You brought the fee low in the last update. I have some few suggestion: 1) Please could you reduce it again in the next update, I can't upgrade anything in the bakery mart. 2) There should be more ways to get diamonds. 3) The cashier should be free or at least with lesser diamonds for hiring.
Games good but WAY to many ads and some ads send you to the app store even if you don't touch the ad or your phone while you watch it. Or if you play offline the game closes forcing you to watch the ads and get sent to the app store
Game is addictive only downside is the amount of ads, also when you purchase an upgrade it can take up to half a day to complete
I really like the game it's easy to play once you get the hang of it though upgrades in the bakery are a bit pricey other than that I would have given it 5 stars
Very slow moving character, customers in hurry and she walks like lady hamilton, very lazy and slow in filling stocks, the birds chirping voice in the startup is very very annoying, lazy limpy graphics. The next store should be opened on the basis of stars gained in the previous store, but the chosen way of completing a pile of levels is just stupid. What to expect from an indian game.
Its great but there's a problem, not a big one but customers get their receipt but instead if going out they walk right into the basket "out" case and then redirect to the exit. Could you fix this please?
Upgrade costs once you go to bakary are unrealistic. I see replies on previous similar comments that state "upgrade your food counter" but at a cost of 100 000 and an income of 2000 it will take 50 levels to earn the money to do so, which is impossible because I keep failing levels because of bandit I cannot stop as I dont have the cash to purchase camera.
Unfortunately the game is not playable due to constant pop-ups about Google play games :-( I have games where this pop-up occurs once when loading and then I can get on with playing, no problems. If you already have Google play games installed you might enjoy the game. I'm uninstalling it.
This game is like a one day fling to me I installed it played it loved it and uninstalled it at the same day...I couldn't stick out for another day...nice animation fast moving and all but just a one day game for me
good game nice game don't forget to fix this game I Love it thanks that this game is good if others give one Star me five Star and I have say to others That don't judge a book by it's cover. thankyou
Would be further improved if you didn't lose the money if you don't complete a level successfully and if you had a help button for each building so you knew what you had to do and how to do it. E.g. in the hotel I don't know how I can go faster to beat the time. **Edit** changed this to one start as the developers can't be bothered answering questions or responding to reviews.
The game is nice but I so much hate cause I will use my money to get 💎 which is bad So it's a big no to install it
cant play because it jumps back to the play store as soon as you tap somthing.. please please fix haven't even got to play it
Fine and first like most games are but then becomes majorly boring and repetative. Bugs in game bring customers to window that want items you dont sell any more... they leave angry when you cant serve them and you get penalised for it. In game upgrades cost a fortune and if you want to play the bakery then dont upgrade much in first store as you need 100K to be able to pass 1st level. Bakery puts 5 customers in immediately with only 4 baskets. instant fail as you need 8/8 for level 1.
The never loading ads after each level can be annoying. I'm uninstalling though because the game is not showing the full screen on my phone. I can see only a hint of the camera & ac. Also when I press some buttons they don't respond. The ads never load so I never get additional gems. Uninstalling, too many fixes needed.
The game is fun. However you are forced to watch an ad everytime you finish a level. You can't close it. But you can watch it again for a gem.... I'm on level five and have seen the same ad 6 times.... very annoying.
It's a good game in itself but the 30 second ads after each level is really annoying and actually take longer than playing each level itself
Nice game.. but ak larka aka sab koche karab kar data ha..Es game ka lavel par kar na ka lea gada lavel par karna par ta ha....
this game i downloaded it long time ago and i liked it but by mistake my mom deleted it then after months i downloaded it again after some few min itis coming download this app like a millons and millions and millions of time then i deleted it now today i downloaded it again i thought it would stop but it is still like that i now downloaded the app and it is still coming it is saying create a name ahhh soo annoying 😠😤😠😡😠😡 plz work on it or i will never download it ever again thank you😠
The game is very fun and it progresses well, but the ads you have to watch one after every level. That I can kinda see , but when you watch the ads it doesn't let you exit off of them before it takes you straight to google play store and wants you to download the ad they just showed you. It is just aggervating wanting to play the game and every time you are on a roll you end up in the google play store.
cannot pass level 31 on the resort. I can do everything perfect and it tells me I timed out. This is an error. Please fix.
Nice one, like typical time management game. But sadly, there is seems to be bug in the game. There will come times where the selves changed it content like from cabbage to watermelon. There are no options to change the content by ourselves. But, the old content will keep appearing in the customer wish. For the regular customer there'll seems to be no problem since they'll change it right away, but for the customer order from the window, we could never finnish their order and we'll lose customer
I say 💭 it again the girl 👧 is to slow. Need to update Uninstalling😔.your has to many ads & 2 high to upgrade.
like the game but i have to turn the sound off everytime i open the game. also it keeps trying to show an ad at the end of the levels and gets frozen. i have to restart the app and play the whole level all over again just to have the same problem. uninstalling
This game is so fantastic!! I'm enjoying this a lot.. im just in the beggining...i hope these have more levels. .