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Supermarket Cashier Simulator

Supermarket Cashier Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Creature Corp located at 1267 Willis St., STE 200, Redding, CA, 96001. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My daughter learn how count money and give change and it"s also very funny game to play.this game good for kids to learn how give change and count money. So let them play to the game you see them learn.l
Love this game for my daughter and math skills but really annoyed with having to restart due to the never ending freezing
I played this game upto 21th level, and decided to take a bath but as i open it, it stuck with the (hamster) i loved this game!! Pls fix it!!!!!
I love this game and I been on it for about 2 hours and I'm no level 22 and it's a fun game for children ages 6-10
Its a fun game but its IMPOSSIBLE to get 3 stars on any level. I cant figure out how to do it. I can do perfect and not mess up 1 time and have 100 seconds left and I still only make 1 or 2 stars. I got 2 stars on LEVEL 1!! The level thats suppose to show you the ropes of the game!
im looking for this type of gameplay... thanks.. love it 100%. more challengin' levels please!!!! thanks for the update... i really love this game!
Really great, ads are not to bad. The game itself helps with counting even tho i didn't know my counting was that bad. I was also thinking about getting a job at a store so the game help alots also.
This game was fun, but it doesn't have a button to turn off the tutorial, and it doesn't save the level you stop on. I will delete it
Don't know why there's complaints of this, this app is great! I've done all levels so far n until they update with more I've been trying to get 3 star on all of them. This app is fun. It practices your math skills, finger speed, n sight. I can't wait for more levels!
Great game but challenging. To get 3 stars on each round you need to be very precise on every step. It is possible as I have now done 20 levels, all with 3stars and a lot of patience and retrying.
Love this game SO addictive! A suggestion for future levels that I have is scanning in ID for liquor items, daily bonus, & an upgrade to prevent declined cards. (Also like someone's idea to have refunds) I've gotten 3 stars many times the trick is to be VERY fast & not mess up.
For any starting retailers. This is a must for training. I work a gas station and needed a little help with my coins. This game is fun but also educational. Kids can paly it. Intended audience is for adults. The only thing i would add to the game is the duble 00 for large bills and even bills. I can't say enough good about the game. You'll just have to play it.
I LOOOVE This Game!! I already completed all 100 levels in timed mode and I bought all top shelf hardware and bought all items! I can't wait till more levels come out!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS ASAP!! THANK YOU!!
The game is very entertaining for a few hours but when I want to play the game again the game won't run and just stuck at the "Lucky Hamster" page. How am I suppose to play the game like this?
I'd give it a 5 but after i closed it out after the first time it won't open. Very frustrating because it's a fun game. Please fix this problem.
Won't open after 2x! I've Uninstaller then tr installed twice. It only opened pssy the hamster screen 2x. Then the third time it sits on the hamster screen... never opens. So frustrating! It was fun when it worked
It's pretty addictive but also quite repetitive. It would be pretty fun to have cards decline or have to refund stuff.
I always play this all the time but the game is so slow I want hours till play this It's Staying On the Home Page
I downloaded this game and now I cant play it because it needs the old version of Google play store and I downloaded it, but still I cant play it. When I turn it on, it gets in and when it will be about to play it turns itself off. So please fix this because this game looks like it is fun but I cant play it. Please fix this emmediately. I have data and I turn it on while my data is on too. This means it doesnt need data it needs to be fixed.I am a child but l cant stand this anymore now.
I was a cashier at a major supermarket for over 16 years, and even though my employer insisted on high ring counts and being accurate, they still allowed for the occasional error! I am unsure how stars are awarded, I can go through without a mistake, and still only obtain two stars. It is a fun way to pass the time when necessary, but I think the standards need to be lowered slightly!
Love it 😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 and l am giving you guys five star but when I try playing after I chose my currency it just gets it out and could not play
I am giving 2 stars i really like the game good time passer but absolutely impossible to get 5 stars on a level no matter how well you do it gives you 1 or 2 stars totally disappointing
I love the game but I've already finished all the levels and I'm waiting for more. I understand that it's takes time and dedication to make the game and levels but, it's so annoying when you finish all the levels that are already there and your just waiting for more. But overall I love the game. I'm super into the cashier side of it. I love how it's simple yet sophisticated.
I was a cashier at a major supermarket for over 16 years, and even though my employer insisted on high ring counts and being accurate, they still allowed for the occasional error! I am unsure how stars are awarded, I can go through without a mistake, and still only obtain two stars. It is a fun way to pass the time when necessary, but I think the standards need to be lowered slightly! *Edit* Is there a way in which to tell how many points one needs to get three stars at each level?
Game is not opening! Stuck on the hamster logo. Ive been playing this game and it was fun. Fix this please!,
I only got to play this game once. Than when I reopened it nothing happens.would be super fun to play but apparently not allowed. Please fix
I love this game,😘😎 but you can't get pass level 7 it is annoying They being you back to level 5😤😤😤😤😤😞🤪🤪😭
It is extremely hard to get three-stars on a timed level and I mean ridiculously hard, even then 3 stars isn't worth the payout.
I gave five stars is that because this is so much fun not like the other games 😅😅, i should offer you this game, install it and you will jever regret if you download it. This never logged, it continues to play no need internet.
This was a fun game.. while it lasted. I only have a few problems with it. 1) for some reason I could never get 3 stars. Not even on the first level. There were levels where I didnt mess up not even once but still only got 1 or 2 stars. 2) The upgrades are so expensive that I've finished the game without being able to upgrade everything. Because you dont get enough coins after beating a level. The last update was in August so when are we getting more levels? Great game, needs more levels soon.
This game was exciting at the beginning, but after a hour or so just doing the same thing pretty much every level it becomes boring really quick 😒 Not a keeper!
It's fun relaxing but what makes me mad is its beyond hard to get stars on the game I keep playing level 4 over and over still 2 stars
This game is awesome,it feels like your a real cashier and you have to reach new levels.👍👍👍👍
Absolutely love this game! This game killed boredom but I have a problem in the game's "SHOP", I earned 7000 money and I decided to buy new background and items but everytime I went to the shop, the game stop, it stays in the "coins" button, I can't go to "item" and "background" button. And can you put Philippine money and coins please? THANK YOU
This game is amizing if you can get into it I had this problem before I deleted it and reinstalled it but now I got to lv7 and it's not letting me in plz fix it . Other then that its amizing ♡
I like the game but sometimes the amount of money is correct and u out the right amount in and I says it's the wrong amount it's annoying asf
Installed to help my child practice counting money and making change. The game is good but when it comes to making change, the amount is hidden by the graphics at the top of the screen....so unless your child can quickly see and remember the amount that is supposer to be returned on the receipt that is very quickly shown, you're out of luck.
Omg I'm so addicted lol, go thru all levels in a few days and canr wait till more are released, even for my mum to get the app, just absolutely love it!!
I love this game I struggled with counting and this game has improved my money skills so much I know longer struggle as much at work I highly recommend to play this game!
this game is so good, but when I reach the last level I can't play again now. what happen? please fix this quickly I'm so dissapointed :(
They added new levels and im so happy!!!! Great game and YES you need to be good at math or at least be able to do quick addition and subtraction off the top of your head.
👍...the game itself is very well laid out! The only problem I'm experiencing is when trying to manually enter numbers quickly, I oftentimes hit the wrong number. So, I would suggest maybe a larger keyboard option. Other then that!!👌🙂
PLEASE DO MORE NEW LEVEL, I REALLY NEED MOREEEE AND MORE LEVELLLLL!!!! bcs its really fun game and funny especially card declined hahahahaha. awesome game!!! 🤟🤟
Loved the game, so addictive managed to complete all levels within a few days. When's the next levels available?
Great game. Addictive. Ads are sparse. I've seen maybe 5 or 6 and I'm on level 24, so basically none. One thing I would change though is the coins. Takes a while to accumulate and if I'm honest, I'd change the coins and make it so everything you earn in cashing up (money wise) is what you accumulate.
I believe based on reality but timed variety game I would fail I had to play not timed its been while but made math fun for me.
This game is so addictive..for 2 days i already finish all levels..Do add more levels please!! Really enjoy playing this game! Cant wait for the update for more levels..really looking forward!
Wish they would install more levels. I have been waiting for almost 6 months for new levels to come out
I love this game. Played it 6 times. But when will more levels be done and can it be harder? Like have debit cards and have customers changed their minds after an item has been scan. Vold items. Make it like the real world. Not everyone has a credit card. It would be a challenge
When I first download the game it worked well and the game is so awesome I love to play but then when I tried to play it later on it just kept freezing and wont let me back in...please fix this problem so we can all keep enjoying this great game.
This game can be fun and addicting only issue is there is 75 levels and it says more is soon to come hopefully more levels soon come out i already beat the game and am waiting
I love this game, but I dont like how they give you so little coins each level that you win. By the time you are able to afford to "upgrade" anything, you're pretty much already done beating all the levels. That brings me to my next disappointment...there's not enough levels! I downloaded this game 3 days ago and already finished beating everything. Wow. And they shouldn't give you anything less than 100 coins per level or at least lower the price of the upgrades. Its ridiculous.
Good game. Was fun for a few hours. I had just got the game the other day and now today it doesn't work. Then it started not working it won't let me or my mom who also has this game in to actually play this game. Please fix this. I love this game and would love to play it more if the app would work.
I wish they had tgis when I was a kid. This is super fun. Me and my 16 year old play this. We are addicted.
I was so excited when an update finally released for this game. I played it once yesterday (new version) & today the game cant be started. it is stuck on the startup page (lucky hamster page). please resolve this issue/bug asap. thank you
I keep following the instructions but it keeps saying wrong total though its not wrong can some one go through the exact steps or I'm u installing if fixed its a 5 star game I'm u installing as there is no feed back
Its super cool For kids, i reccomend this because you can plus,subtract, multiply, and you can make youre dream future But when you make it wrong the costumer gets angry, so i give it 3 stars my little cousin hates it when sshe makes a wrong answer so UPGRADE IT!!!!!
I got addicted to this game oddly enough. It only has gone up to 60 levels which only took me a few days to get to level 60. All the levels are supposed to have three stars/stages to each level. Only a few let me go to the third stars/stages of the level. Some aren't even letting me play the second level/star. It's been saying that there were more levels coming soon for a while now, and there hasn't been any. Its said it for at least a year-ish now. Please fix and add more levels for 5 stars! 💞
I never e er comment on playstore. But i have to say. This game was the best. Thanks for helping me with my math. Even though im 31...5 stars
Please update and add more levels. It has been months since I finish the game. Please consider adding more thanks a lot!
I gave it 2 stars because that is the max amount of points it seems to give on levels. Had to Uninstall. At least give tips during the training on how to be able to earn 3 stars. Until then, 2 stars for you.
Love the game! Super fun! Pretty easy...ads aren't too bad. I am a little confused because there is a card reader to unlock which lessens chance of cards getting declined...however I'm on like level 48 and have literally NEVER had a card decline. Kinda makes me wonder what the point is? Also, it would be nice to earn more coins after winning a level.
The game is great! I wish there were more things to do in the game but overall it's a great game. UPDATE: I finally beat the game and like I previously said the game is super great, only issue I had was trying to get 3 stars but overall excellent game. I hope the devs make more levels soon and add more content . I definitely purchased to remove ads and look forward to replaying again until more levels come. Keep up the great work devs!