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Super Wow Solitaire

Super Wow Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Szabo Kim located at ROOM 604,6/F.,SOUTH TOWER, WORLD FINANCE CENTER, HARBOUR CITY, 17 CANTON ROAD, TST, KL,HK . The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Dont waste your time on this game cause after you win the amount to redeem you have to sign in for 7 days and then have to play 1000 more games to collect...not me uninstalling game
If it looks too good to be true, it IS too good to be true. Every time you go to cash out, there's a different reason you can't. Min $300. Have to play 7 days in a row. Have to play 1,000 games!!!! Total scam, just getting you to watch 30 second ads to make them loads of money.
I've played this game for a couple days now and this game is good . I finally racked up to 800 dollars and I hope it will be in my pay pal account so we shall see
SCAM GAME !! ALSO REPORT THIS GAME TO PAYPAL FOR USING THERE LOGO !! It only takes one class action lawsuit to start the domino effect 😁😁 if not I see the internet being regulated in less then 2 years.
i have play till $300, and have to wait for 7 days. I continue playing till $800,and it can be redeem and I have requested to redeem it. After providing my paypal account, my $800 DISAPPEARED And i have to recollect again the and play the game again?? I've check. my paypal account, theres no payment receive. I have email but no respond.
Have not had a good experience. This game is a waste of time. When you honor the payouts then and only then will you get a better rating. Really deceiving. Just another liar , cheat and thief.
Really amazing how professional the answers given to disappointed customers due to our waste of time onto this app. So... You need faster support? What really matters to these fraudulent game is to receive 1000 stars and maybe your $.50 will be redeemed into your account in 2022. Pass the word and don't let new people fall into this web. Our time matters, all one needs is to be more selective with the ways to earn money with dignity. Agree? 😎👊
I can't believe I just wasted my time on your game to get money I got over $300.00 played for seven days and now I have to watch 1000 videos to get my money what a scam
I reached USD800 for a month, rated 5 stars & provided PayPal account but reply is always "there's 98th email ahead of me" whenever i query about it. Payment still not processed 🙄
This game is totally BS like all the other UNITY games. Logged in for the 7 days. Next requirement was win 1,000 games. Totally ridiculous. Don't say easy to cash out,. DELETED THE FAKE GAME. MADE SURE TO LET MY FRIENDS KNOW HOW FAKE THIS GAME IS.
Just now i cash out 800$ but im not sure if its really pay..but i have fun playing this games...and compare to other apps this one is not boring especially when it comes to there ads..its verry short only..so i hope i can recieve my first cash out..
Actually, i love solitaire games. Very relaxing when you are at stress state. I'm almost done with the 7days cash out duration. I hope the money will be at my paypal account after that time... Thanks and God Bless.
I played a lot till I reached $800 but still but why like this I need to play till 1000 games but for starting they said only 7 days
I alredy watch 330 video ads on this app, they said i can get MacBook Pro but when i follow the rules i cant get anything. And they announce me to do it again, like hell no. I don't want to watch 330 video ads again:(
ABSOLUTELY BAD....The ad said, reach the amount and get pay, the amount is $300....I reach the amount and then they tell me I have to play for 7 days STRAIGHT to get pay, it also said that MY MONEY will be ready after the 7 days....I play for 7 days like it said and NOW is says I have to win 1,000 times to get MY MONEY??? This is a complete SCAM, I DEMAND MY MONEY NOW!!!! This is not what the advertisement said. I DEMAND my money Now because this Is lying to people.
don't play and download this game ... they will pay if you win 1000 times..this doesn't make sense..anyone who enjoys seeing a lot of ads when playing the game?
Although the game is fun , the fact that you have to win 1000 games to collect $300 you have supposedly won is outrageous !!! I think this game is another SCAM GAME and I am uninstalling it !! Too bad the creators of this are so damned greedy !! Don't waste your time and energy on this !!
A ripoff. Don't bother. I played the game according to the instructions and tallied over $800.00. I attempted to cash out and received nothing.
Still waiting for my $300 cashout. I already logged in 4 days 3 days more to go to make it 7 days logged in requirements. Hope after that I can already get my cashout. Please make sure if its in a processing now.
I get to $300 and now it says I have get to 7 days which is a scam because it was NOT explained. This happened with another game and NEVER received the money! They hope you give up so they don't have to pay you. Especially after l the stupid commercials I had to endure to make a little taste of money. SCAM!!!! Update BUG NOT FIXED! Because there is no update link they never i m tended to pay anybody and shouldn't even allowed to put their games on here.
WOW! Solitaire game is easy to play. It is additive too. When I started playing this app, I only had in mind just to enjoy the game. But, but this app not only gave me the fun, it rewarded me $$$ for playing. I was also handsomely rewarded $$$, even watching the ads, not like some apps that rewarded me $0/= although I had watched their many videos patiently. You are SUPER. I give you 5 stars. Thank you Super WOW Solitaire. Florence
LIARS These people scam you. They say they pay when you reach a certain amount then when you do, you have to do something else...just goes on and on. Was very prepared to give a glowing review but have discovered they have no compassion, no concern for anyone but themselves. If you attemp to email them they don't answer. Pretty sad.
I enjoyed it immensely when I first started playing it! But 62.00 short of 300.00 and it won't let me collect any more $$$. What's up with that?
Game sucks. I am $2 away from $300 to cash out and it wont let me collect anymore money. I push the COLLECT button and it does NOTHING!!!! WASTE OF TIME!!!!!
Reached the 300.00...in order to get the 300.09 had to open 7 days in a row...done that..now it says I much reach 1000 wins to get the 300.00 it's nothing but a scam...I'll make sure friends I referred this app too does not download it because your not very specific...
I love it and at least the app development services respond to the issues and fix it so ty so much for that play this game it is awesome
Was hoping this was going to be a real game to win money but no. You reach the 100 ad watch to cash out then they come up with you need to get another 50 ads to watch. After that you get that amount and they say there is suspicious activity and you will have to get another 30 add watched to win. In other words it is a fake game
Most of the time the video is not working you dont have a choice but to click NO THANKS! like seriously??? you cannot say because of the signal because my signal was GOOD i can even watch Netflix on TV while playing Solitaire that need to connect on internet. It say need to get $300 to withdraw then when you already have it you need to stay online for another 7days before you can withdraw?! Really?
As usual, after reach rewards close to the withdrawal, then to get rewards become difficult, no supporting ads nothing else.... wasted game, fake money making geim doing something for nothing... Sorry interesting no more to the game. ..........
The game won't let me claim any PayPal . You supposed to hit the "claim" button but it won't do anything until I hit the " no thanks". So far it's over $200.00 that I couldn't get.
Every time I watch their stupid commercial, then I cannot collect my money. If I hit that I don't want it, POOF back to the game. SUX!
Now I have played this game all day now that I'm at my 300.00 it says I have to log in for 7 days so I'm going to do so but I'm sure when the time comes its gonna be something else if I do get the money I will change my stars to 5 but for now so now that the 7 days are up still no money now its saying I have to win 1000 games I'm gonna to give 3 stars once I get get my money I gladly go up to 5 stars
Not legit this game, till now the cashout is not happening still on process for almost 2 weeks. Is a lie
Can't get money. At first it worked but once reached over $100 none of the buttons work to collect money or tokens even after the game. Like playing the game tho.
Total scam!!! I played the game till the amount reached $300. And it say need 7days to redeem. And I've played till it reached $800 as well! But when tried to redeem which I keyed in my PayPal account it show redeemed but gone in awhile! And I have to recollect again!!!??!! I've checked my PayPal account. That's nothing in there which I redeem!! SCAM!
I have reached $300 but still need to wait for 7 days i cant believe it and now there's another reason that I can transfer out..... I want the money now Pleaase fix it