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Super Stylist Fashion Makeover

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game, it's my guilty pleasure 😬 I never spend money on games and I've spent a good amount. I guess I just never found a game worth my money and I finally found it. I'm not sure how fun this game is without spending money so I would just be careful if you don't want to spend any. As far as when you reach the higher levels well, Developers, if you want to keep getting my money keep the updates coming πŸ˜…
It is awesome very awesome app...Loved it...make more games like this but ..one suggestion you should have log in option for saving game id...
this game is fun, cute, there are many options, but once you run out of cash in this game, you run out, you need to pay to get more and I'm not going to spend actual money on a game. I'll see if theres like a daily log in or anything other than that ill probably uninstall it.
The game is awesome!!! Have few suggestions. Please add more options of dresses like scarves, hats, tiaras, head bands, Indian attire, stockings etc. Even nail art or nail polish, eyelashes, eyeliners(colored), glitter eyeshadow can be added. New poses and venues can be added. New models too. Fashion show sometimes has same types of brands to display 2 times. If possible, pls add on these to make it more enjoyable as it is little boring with same old attires, models and competitions. Thanks.
This is a great game. No weird candy crush to earn points to do activities. Just straight up design. Its fun and addictive. Update: level 50- It has been crashing/freezing a lot. You can't do the everyday challenges to earn prizes. Update again level 70: it's been 2 months of crashing and I still can't do the fashion battles to win gems and other items. It's getting very frustrating.
I'm really liking this game but would love to see more accessory choices, too few styles and colors to choose from..
This is the best game I ever had it has a lot of things inside it like fashion show and fun events etc. It is hard to collect daimonds but there are al it of ways to earn them. There are tons of catalogues in this and so many dresses to wear! Sometimes I get confused which one to choose πŸ˜‚! This is an awesome game and a very good job who have made it. Please try this game everyone.
Really great dress-up/makeover game that I enjoy playing. I love that the makeover aspect is the central focus of the game, there's no dramatic storyline or match-3 levels to get through to be able to play with different outfits. The different challenges and ability to unlock more clothes and colors is awesome and keeps the game fresh. However, there are some things that would make the game even better: - Allow coats to be worn with dresses! - More hairstyles & hair textures
Love his game it's so addicting with all the outfits just an idea, for the boost things that you need to style a client I think you should be able to earn them whilst doing jobs instead of waiting 1 and a half minutes for one boost when you need ten in total and maybe the waiting time could be a little shorter... just a thought.
The game is getting more and more about real money with every new update. Buying previous year collections, fantasy outfits, new makeup... And I'm on level 94 worried that the game would stop after the 100th. And with a bunch of in-game cash and the color bottles nowhere to be spent. Love the game but upset( Upd. Fixed the winter make issue! Thanks dev team!😘 maybe think of some way to spend game cash? Bet it will be cool!
Well...this is disappointing; seems the game only goes to level 45. Also, no one on your team replied to my first review answering when there will be more levels...so I'm assuming there are no more levels. Really a shame...I loved playing this. I had given you 5 stars and a great review. It's been several weeks so I will move on; will be uninstalling.
I love the game but I just played it and some of my shoes turned into a pic of a girl with a dress on and it said trible party on it and they were blue so someone may had hacked it idk but if anyone has saw this tell them! I don't know anyvidea why that woman turned up on my shoes+it was on amy jones NO ONE ELSE!? Coco if you have any idea about this please reply or update ill edit when i dress amy again.
I saw many ads recommending #SuperStylist in top gameslike Subway Surfers and all. I decided to give it a try. And, after playing this for 3 months, I couldn't help myself but give this a 5-star rating. According to me, if you want to download the best Styling games, you have come to the right place at the right time. Give it a try and you'll know what I am talking about.
Was fun for a bit, just wish there was more jewelry and better looking eye makeup. Some more hair styles would be nice too. Would give this a 4 star but I've stopped playing because I got a new phone and went to play but there is no way to transfer the data. I was around level 20 and do not want to start over again. Really unhappy with that.
So far this has been quite a fun app! Some missions are a little repetitive but able to deal with. Although, logging back in, everything is let it snow, winter backgrounds and collections. This is a great idea for most of the game's users but for me, living in Australia in January, it's the middle of summer! So if you would be able to make a difference collection and theme for the southern hemisphere that would be fantastic!
As a stylist, you get to choose outfits for models/ other success business women including urself! There's daily themed outfit contests, it's not pay to play, with money you can ENHANCE ur game play & WITHOUT you can enjoy nearly all of the game anyways. Can design magazines covers, choose models, and there's plentiful clouthing/shoes/assesories later in the game. Even join your in game customers on outings down the red carpet (selfies & poses up to you). The feed, mystery boxes are fun too.
I love this game. It has many different tasks. And you never get bore of it. With different events, tasks etc. The game is more fun to play. As you go up a level you unlock more different tasks and events. Fun to play this game. Sad to say that I did get the new update yet.
i love the game but i think that we should be able to have clothes that are free and we should be able to design our studio to our liking as well as some mini games.
Love the game though I have one problem. I don't get all colours of the skirt from the cas' line or all colours of the starter jeans. I just have the rose and tan colours of the skirt. I know it's a bug bc my 2 friends have all the colours. Also at the start with my second outfit with nicki there was a glitch where she wore nothing even though there was clothing on the mannequin. It got fixed as I continued, but it made me uncomfortable. Overall, just fix the colour variation peoblem please!
I really love this! Iam having fun while playing this game... I also love the clothes,accessories and Hairstyles.And this game has a nice graphics! Thank you for making this game! LOVE IT!πŸ’•
It's an enjoyable game, I've played it all the way to lvl 45 and completed all of the available missions. However there still seems to be a couple of bugs. While I earn XP still through OOTD, runway challenges and sponsorships, the points don't progress me towards a new level. I'm stuck at 45, even though clothes that become unlocked at lvl 47 have unlocked for me (indicating this is indeed a glitch) I also noticed another thing with the OOTD in where it gives you a predetermined score as well
I'm really enjoying this game. However, I've noticed a few glitches. When I click on the lipstick I have to watch a video but don't always get the lipstick. And when I click try for free and watch video it doesn't work sometimes. Things are kind of expensive. But mostly this is positive, even though I watch alot of adds it's really a fun game 😊
The game play is good. BUT, the amount of ads and if you do your personal style for the likes, you cannot do the regular challenges due to not enough money. With as many ads as they have, you would think you could watch some for money. I can't do anything because i can't even afford a shirt and a pair of shoes.
its a really cool game. you have different costumers that need an outfit, and then you dress them up. you can also compete in fun contests
It is an amazing game! I love to play it. It's so satisfying when you level up. The outfits are so lovely. It could be a bit heavy on the ads, and I would like a little more gem income, but other than that it's a great game. But I also would like it if you could do male clients and male outfits. I think that would really boost your popularity!
This game was very fun i had got very far playing it and my phone started over heating and i had to wipe my cache and i lost everything it should have a way that you can save your game because i dont want to start over i deleted the game.and forgot to mention i use cash one time i am very disappointed
Love but no progress saver option. I have played this game for a few months and accidently uninstalled only to find i lost all my progression, had to start completely over (which I probably won't). Spent a lot of money to buy stuff. Wish I had known if it was uninstalled or something happened i would have to restart.😩
UPDATE: stiill no contact. NEW PLAYERS BEWARE. DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!!!! EDIT: NO CONTACT YET! I see others saying you just LOSE any money or progress if you have to uninstall. THIS IS TERRIBLE. I should not have to re-buy things I already paid for!!!!! DEVELOPERS HEELLLOOOOO?????????? Too bad really, I dont even want to open the game back up being so disappointed about losing all progress.
I really like this game , but one thing that I really didn't like is that there was too many Ads but the game has very good graphic , clothes , makeup and almost every thing is brilliant , excepting That there will be more clients and more things to do like Natalie gives us to do warehouse , magzine's cover , what's her style but I want more things to do , And one problem is that there was more ways to earn Diamonds because I Can't buy them because I am only 12 so I can't pay . Fantastic game
I cannot get it to work when I am trying to style someone. That is annoying. There should be more instructions on how to.
i love it but im low on money and don't want to buy the pack is there a way where you can add mini games to earn money when we are low on cash? please it would be fun and get more reviews ❀❀❀❀
Too many ads!!!. You can't even get into playing because there's so many. I actually fell 😴asleep while waiting!. Find another game,similar to this,or spend money to remove the numerous ads!
This game is no other than a piece of gold. Although that doesn't make any complete sense it's TRUE.It is one of the best games for girl who love fashion. In this game you pick a character but if you dont like it then it's alright you can always change it. You have your very own shop and you get customers and the may give you some requests that they want and you have you make them a outfit to wear.You can also take photoshoots of them, do fashion shows, put make up and many more. Love xxxx R.C
The game its self is a 5 star but its annoying how limited you are with energys. You literally have to wait 30 minutes to just get 10 energys to style someone with like 20 options total. The only way this game could be fun is if you spend $30!!!
I love love this game!!!! Best one I've found to play in years. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is of course because of all the ads. Only thing I would change, would be to have more things that can be purchased with the in game cash and not always just diamonds, but overall great game!!! ❀️
I love this game. I have never been addicted to anything like this before. I hope you update it now so I can continue to enjoy this truly amazing game. My friends were also fond of borrowing my phone just so they could play this. We all have fun dressing various clients. I hope you get to read this and grant my request for more challenges and missions. Thankyouu
Keeps getting stuck loading when I'm about to start a challenge! It's stuck at 80%. I exit the app still same problem. So i rebooted phone - same thing. Did the update - same thing! I've won loads of good stuff and I'm scared to reinstall that I'll loose my stuff and also it'll still get stuck at loading 80%!!
I love the game. and the clothes. Just needs more jewelry(earrings mostly), more hairstyles, make-up(more eye shodows/liner, lipsticks, maybe add blush and glitter options.) and purse options, more poses. Hopefully in the next few update some of these wil be present.
I was loving the game, even when it got repetitive with nothing new...but then at level 140 it just shuts down. You can still play a few things (and spend actual money all you want.........), But there's no more real fun or rewards. Other games let you play infinite levels, this one stops you with nothing at all to do except a few times a day, super easy challenges with rewards you can't do anything with.....
It's very nice game I like it, i wish if the ads wers taking away more than 30 minutes it would have made things easier, but what i hate that it is lagging lately i don't have any new customers i don't upgrade at levels just nothing the game is dead
It's been a fun experience playing this game but it's also expensive and the ads are irritating.I've played to level 34 and can't afford to buy the catalogues for a sporty dress. I used to think I knew better than to throw money at a game.I realise you need to pay for space on Google play frequent ads and expensive catalogues block further play. That is my fault!It's been an interesting experiment ,but it's time to delete this game.
I like this game. However, it has a few flaws. There are too many ads and when you click on the game after it loads a lot of things pop up. These things consist of package deals you can buy and things you can do. I dont enjoy it. This game has potential tho.
Wow!!!! After long I felt off a nice game..... Great graphics styles wonderful gameplay and allover it's fantastic. I ensure a small problem I would not like to share that here. So go great u game creators I feel happy and proud for you all 😍😍😍
This game is creative and fun, but I really wish it was more diverse. This game has maybe two or three non white characters and I would like to see more guys too. The hair should also have some diversity because at the moment its all white girl hair. There aren't many makeup options either. I think if they added more diversity in this game it would be a 5 star for me.
Too many ads. .it disturbs too much. evetytime i tap any button...theres always a video playing instantly..but i enjoyed this game for now..
Its great but after a few weeks of playing. The loading bar wont go past 80%. Ill give it a few days but if it doesn't get fixed them im uninstalling it. EDIT: I changed my 4 star to a 1 star. I re-installed the app. And the 80% loading thing is still there. Too bad cuz i was really loving this game
I love this game however your ads are so long that I often put my phone down and walk away from it. Also, when I'm watching and add sometimes it freezes and I have to shut the game down and then restart it.
I love this game! I hope in the future more features for avatar customization will be added. My only complaint is that when buying the unlimited no ads, I feel like it should include the lipstick and poses as well.
If you want to view your level up unlocks, watch an ad. If you want to do anything, watch an ad. Basically, if you tap on anything on the main screen, you have to watch an ad. They also have in game purchases where you can get rid of ads for $3... for 48 hours! Wow what a deal! It's so bad I actually laughed.
Love this game but get annoyed because of the ads and because of the lighting when it runs out, you can't do anything when it runs out you need to wait for a whole 3 minutes but if all that disappears this would be a really good game
It is a good styling game, but the same characters over and over again with airways the same things" I need new YouTube look" "I need a outfit for a date" same old same old. Quite boring after a while. Maybe it's just me, but the competition is confusing. I would recommend different styling game, but I don't know any good ones. All the styling games I find are bad. Please help me. I love styling. I'm going to college this year and I have interest off becoming a stylist. Please and thanks. -Lily
I love this game so much! I honestly can't put it down, I was a fashion major and this is right up my lane. The only thing I wish is when we run out of energy/lightning bolts there's more to do besides chatting clothes. Maybe like being able to change the shop look(I'd really love to do that) or more events between clients.
A-lot of adds and If you don't want any adds you have to pay for that. But overall good except the people you style takes about 4 hours or more before you can do it again. But I recommend it, I'm 15 years old and I love this game lol, I'm addicted lowkey
I paid for the starter pack and it says it will get rid of the ads but they keep popping up but other then that this game is my FAVOURITE!!!
It's an amazing game it is very different from other dress up games but I think in my opinion male characters should also be there but overall it's an awesome gameπŸ˜„
It updated OR SOMETHING and now it's showing a whole new game instead of pulling up my whole game. I spent money and time, alot of time and I'm so upset that it reset for no reason!! I WANT MY MONEY AND "MY"GAME BACK, 18 LEVELS WORTH OF TIME AND MONEY, I'M PRETTY PISSED OFF!!! I WILL NOT START OVER SO I WILL BE DELETING THIS GAME AND WHAT SUCKS IS I LOVED IT!!! G
I have loved this app and spent alot of money playing and unlocking all catalogs , etc. I just bought a new phone and transferred this app to it and there is no way to retrieve my account or player number. Everything I purchased is gone and when i try to contact the makers for help I just get an error code. I am extremely upset and want my money back if I can't get my account back.
I really love this game I am on level 17 as I have to start from starting because my phone was creaked but now a days I am not getting #ootd anymore I don't know why and also my younger sister is playing it on another device but she is getting so I guess you should see over this although I have no problem I love it.πŸ˜‰ Thank you!
The Game is Nice but i Have Problems with the Hairstyles and Accessories when u have to Buy them with diamonds, and the Diamonds are Hard to Get...... and with the Collections as well........ the Rudolph and Glitter collection........ Natalie Gives one Voucher card for each collection and to get others u Have to use diamonds or Credit card to get all of themDevelopers plz come to my Aid..... I'm suggesting when we get New Collection and Natalie call.. she must give us 5 voucher card instead of 1
This game is super fun! I downloaded it on the play store when I was looking around for a new game to play, and I found this. I thought it was one of thoose cheap bad games, but its actually super fun! There is much to do, and there is so much clothing catalogs, and outfits you can create. I like the little fashion quests you can do also. While I'm waiting for my energy to fill up I dont leave the game because there's so much other stuff to do! 😊
I like this game and it's so interesting but I think this game need some improvment to become best game and its graphics is not too bad .... Actually I love tabtables company games because their's graphics are so cool (not much) I request to you that please do something in this game so that its become the best game. Its need some improvments.... Thank you
Love the game, but there are no instructions on the usage, especially of the prizes and how to USE them. You all added "pixel week" and it is NOT EASY to understand how to play and win the prizes. Please don't add that one again. Need a RED lipstick, expected one for Valentine's
I liked the game for the longest. Loved it. But now I'm at a point where in order to style a "client" I have to purchase a required piece. So I don't play anymore. I had spent money before. Not much, about $5 a month, but because they are requiring this piece that you MUST buy as a required element for the challenge. I am sadly saying so long.
Still enjoying the game... have built my levels back up after losing them all. Now i am having a problem with some of your ads that have come up. Kingdom of Lust????? Really?? This is a fashion game .. Young girls could be playing . these types of ads are totally inappropriate for them for them to be subjected to over and over again......
You lost a *paying* customer. Your treasure box game is coded to open the ripped ticket more often than the 3rd key. This game is not a game of luck and chance, but sleazy developers. I had lots of gold tickets and each one, I never got all 3 keys. If I constantly get the ripped ticket with so many games, then your game is rigged. And I won't be dropping money anymore.
The reson im giving this game 3 stars is that it opened very well the first time and for 4 days it was fine, nice gameplay and all but today i saw a problem everytime it opend it would automatically shut down and now it wont even open .Pls fix this bug and more ppl will download it.I hope the company respond because its a really good app and id hate to uninstall it.
Having so much trouble! I can't get anything done! Every time I try an ad will pop up and the whole games starts over! Trust me when I say I can't get anything done! There are so many ads and the restarting keeps me from collecting things like diamonds and clothing!
Its a great game! but There are a lot ads It doesnt really bother me that much but I wish we could get more energy or something like way faster... maybe a mini game or something? I dont know But overall its great!
this is my favorite dress up game..but it makes me bored sometime because of slow loading..i need more make up and hairstyle..blush on and eyebrow too..but still im playing this until now
Firstly, this game is one of the best styling/dressed up game I've ever played! It has catalogues that contains pretty dresses, jewelleries, outfits, shoes in various colours and design! The only problem I have with this game is that we cannot save the game's progress, for example: When we uninstalled the game, the progress that we made went back at the start. I hope the creators can update the game where the player gets to secure their account so their progress in the game does not lost! <3
I bought the welcome package for 2.99 with no ads for 48hrs. im still seeing adds. Can you help with this?
This game is fun... but once you get to higher levels you wait longer to give them the outfit then you have nothing to do πŸ™„πŸ˜’. Boring and very annoying. On the advert there is a runway. Sometimes I used to design them but haven't got any opportunities to do so. I am on level 45 nothing is happening it says keep busy with challenges. What is going on?! When will it be normal again? Tell me soon WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!! Please I am getting bored!
It's a fun little time waster; I'm not much into fashion but I enjoy it in this game although it's definitely heavily ad based, time wise. I have a problem though; I unexpectedly had to get a new phone and I don't seem to be able to transfer my progress in any way. I also purchased the ad free item so I'm reluctant to start over. I would happily play again if I was able to transfer progress to a new device. Please let me know if this is somehow possible and I have missed it.
I love this game I would give five ⭐ but there so many ad's and since the new update I don't like it as good before when you opened a magazine you got all the clothes in it know you get one item and have to get color bottles to open the rest before you didn't have to and another thing is when I bought a new phone redownload it and had to start all back over I was on level 35 you should be able to switch accounts not start back over other than that it's a fun game 😜
Good overall. Could be better!! Would like an option to see my clients and view all Thier outfits I have designed so far . Also when designing to zoom out to see total look together and toggle back sometimes I would want to change stuff on first screen. My lightening points sometimes reset back to 30 yet when I was previously showing 80+ they just disappear!!
UPDATE:at level 118 now and unfortunately it's very repetitive. If they added more catalogs, more accessories, like belts and hats, watches and scarves, would be a great improvement. This game is fun but over time you begin to know exactly which phone call is coming, like why not add new makeup colors or new hairstyles or even add male clients. Diversify the game people what are we scared of?ΒΏ This game updates alot to never have any updates but still a good game I may sit it down for a few.
I rate this game 4 star because even though I like the game, i think this game needs improvement. I'm really glad it is an offline game but I hope we have the option to add our social media friends online to check their designs and works and have chances to gain more energy or stars by a daily vote from them. Just a suggestion please add more options for poses, designs and way to add more energy. But overall it's an addicting game.
It's such good game but there are somethings that need improving : the amount of ads, the expense of the clothes because you loose the game money so your stuck doing nothing but apart from that it is a good game ! recommend for young girls with a passion for fashion , but it's so addicting !!
I have played this game multiple times thru and there is never enough levels! You should also be able to make your design girl look however you want, not just one face and 3 skin tones! And in fashion shows and photo shoots ect. you should be able to change the models looks not just cloths! And in both it's alway the same boring clothing sets to choose from! Spice it up! Lol
Fun game, but when you want us to color and we don't have a tablet all we have is a phone it will not work!! Even if we enlarge the drawings it does not really work...So if you could figure something out for people that play just on phone, would be great, because we won't get the benefit of the prizes
Fun game to pass the time but the ads have mysteriously disappeared and now I can't change lip color in the makeup and add more poses for selfies not to mention the doubling of awards. This happened before and I uninstalled it then reinstalled it to fix the problem. I don't want to have to do this again and start from the beginning. Didn't now where else to go to address this issue.
I'm giving this rating due to not being able to get my previous status back I was on level 21 with 221 diamonds, $37,575 dollars, and 568/100 in energy with no way to restore it !!! Not to mention the countless catalogs that were purchased and won smh... So disappointed!!!! Customer lost!
Amazing game it's really fun!You get to do magazine covers, fashion shows, there's even a girl who thinks she's better than you so you have to have a contest. You also unlock new clothing and customers as you level up. Sorry if I'm spoiling it but it's just so fun. You should definitely download this app!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Fun game but I there is ONE BIG thing that really makes me angry. When I vote for others you telling me that what my choose is not good and that I'm wrong! People have different type of style you can't tell me what I chose is incorrect because I didn't choose like the most and like the other people. It's teaching kids stuff they shouldn't learn and think about themselves. Everything they chose is ok as long as it makes them happy and this is what they love. I hope you'll change it and listen!!!
I love this game. Could you please tell me why it will not allow me to dress my character up in a romantic outfit that has been the challenge of the day for 3 days I have tried every outfit that I have I am on level 23 and it will not accept anything. Is it stuck? I love the game but this is getting a little ridiculous I'm getting ready to install it someone please answer me on what I need to do. Thank you
I love this game , I have uninstalled so many games like this but this game is so good it has so many new things to do and never borred me....
It's a really good game but you could fix a few things like;The amount of ads;there is literally ads popping up every minute or so;You could also change how much cloths are worth. Some look worth more then they should be and it makes it where you end up with no money faster than you should. Just a heads up on how you could improve the game!
I loved this game when I started playing! BUT.....I just updated the game and it is now FROZEN!!!! I tried restarting the game and even restarted my tablet......NOTHING!!!! It WILL NOT give me my free gems or allow me to "SKIP 30 MINUTES".....NOTHING! I have alot of money invested in this game and this is not the first time this has happened! VERY UPSETTING!
Fantastic! I usually play Mmorpgs so I am surprised how much this game keeps me entertained. There is a lot to do, freebies and the energy does not take forever to replenish. Plenty of quests and competitions and the devs are constantly adding new events, clothing lines, accessories and other content. Yes, It does have adds and the option to watch ads for things. I am thinking of paying for no ads, it's only $2.99. This game is so good they deserve some profits. Try it, it surprised me!
it's the most amazing game I have seen😍 cause the features are best then other such games but yes I have a little complain that the energy bar should get increase up to 60 so that we can enjoy the game little more but other than this it's the most amazing app I have ever found...πŸ™ˆ I love this game🀩🀩
I really enjoyed the game and didn't mind spending a few real dollars here and there. I played it just about every day for about 2 months and got all the way to level 26 and I was still enjoying the game... but then I had to switch phones and my progress was not saved!! Make a way to save your progress AND restore my game and I'll leave a much better review. I have already sent my issue to support email.
Very good dressing game including a lot of mini games and challenges. Developers update frequently and add dresses, but I wish they add other selectable characters, too. Currently, there are only 3. Finally I want to ask: Why isn't there any male audience at fashion shows in this game?
I have fun playing with this game, i love the style all of them so cute but i would like to have more makeup and hair styles much better.
If you enjoy ads, I mean the kind that interrupts gameplay like you're being shot at from multiple directions by an smg on Adderall, then this game's for u. These ads are tenacious! Oh, and what is this games most common task to receive rewards? You got it, ad watching! Game cannot be saved to another device. Must pay to get rid of ads.
I like this game so far. Getting energy is easy. You don't really need diamonds because of the rewards. However, i don't understand how some of these outfits are rated because some are awful and mismatched. Also, other body types would be good. No fun to style barbie dolls all the time.
One of the few games that is what it says it is. Actually fun to dress up characters, and work your way through levels to get more stuff. One star lost for two reasons: Ads (as is expected of a mobile game) and navigation. I wish not every single thing I touched would cause an ad pop up. Or perhaps I wouldn't if most of mine weren't 30 seconds long when I'm just moving page to page. Which brings up the point that some of the options don't need their own pages, but have them, making navigating 🀬
I adore this game! I find it fun and entertaining, and it can keep my attention. I wish that the golden tickets actually reappeared after three hours, but oh well. I do have a problem with the levels, though. I am stuck at 45, since I can't progress without clients coming in. I hope the next update fixes that (thanks for the disclaimer tho!) Either way, still a nice game.
Hey!!! I reached level 140 and THAT'S IT??? No missions, NOTHING!!!! That is the end of the game???? I emailed you but no one has emailed me with an answer. I love the game but the pixel pictures, I just can't figure out and don't have the patience or time to keep trying!! Not enough instructions. I'm on level 137, make the outfits available to buy.
I just love this game but when an customer comes why should we give the money I think they should give tue money . that is why I give 4 stars
I am so disappointed in this game. I have to miss out on items due to the fact that it ask for non existing pin numbers. I have complained numerous time and can access it once and right back to pin number. Please find a solution to this problem. I have invested enough money into this game. Someone should compensate me for this problem. Please correct this error or give me a pin number. Thank you
LOVE this game! It is very heavy on ads, but I love the game so much I gave 8n and paid the $2 for ad free play. I never do that!!! Very relaxing and fun. The more you play the more clothing you get, which increases the fun! Controls are very easy to use. Only recommendation is for the ability to preview the entire outfit on the model before you submit it. When I'm doing accessories I can't see how it looks with the entire outfit.
I LOVE this game. But i accidently uninstalled it. I have put a ton of money into this game i had made it to level 50, dont even mind the ads,and was styling right along, was playing another game waiting on this one and got mad and hit the uninstall button and then i realized it was this one and my heart sank. So i reinstalled it and am having to start all over... is there anyway to recoup my game? Will someone from the game maker answer my question ????
Its super fun I love the graphics, How realistic the game is. I also love how the clothes are simple, cute, and stylish. This game is so fun this is the kind of game I've been trying to find for a while.
What I'd like to see: Less recycling, (bff got married at least 3 times to same guy). Faster adding new levels. Give the whole collection we buy. *Hopeful but probably not happening: Better client interaction, I've put someone going to a swank party in a bathing suit, ok, kinda fun, but still. No snotty attitudes unless *I* can snot back, not canned responses. Huzzah!
This is really an amazing game for fashion lovers,it has amazing grapics,please make more games like this,and keep up the good workβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Absolutely love this game. The only thing I don't like about it is when you pay for no ads you can't watching ads for lipstick or to have better poses for pictures. Do you really need to be able to change your lipstick if nothing else. Because if you have blue lipstick on and a green outfit is going to throw off your whole game. So if you just fix that part this would be a five star game hands down
Really great dress-up/makeover game that I enjoy playing. UPDATE: after playing for a while, there are some things I'd like to see improved. Once you get to a certain level, the missions get VERY repetitive. I love that different events allow you to unlock more collections, but most of the newer designer stuff isn't categorized for missions (i.e. not 'glam', 'party', etc) so I keep unlocking a gorgeous gowns but can never dress clients in them. Still needs more hair textures and coats+dresses.
Just a fun before you fall asleep game. You have stars you need to get and occasionally unlock new items to wear, simple game. However a lot of adds, maybe not worth it to some people without the patients for it.
Uses a lot of energy to do very little. The graphics are beautiful and the storyline is interesting. There are a lot of ads but i understand that's how we can play such a pretty game for free. Nice game to play in between other things.
It's amazing. It's not like one of them apps were you dress someone and then have to do it over and over again, it's an app we're there is something to do differently every time. You feel like an actual designer. You unlock new things without having to pay actual money. It's amazing 😁get it it's so fun
First off, this game has an excessive amount of ads; every single loading screen I see an abundance of the same exact advertisements for crappy games, that probably would only appeal to a 10 year old. It's too much, and I understand you've got to make the $$ somehow and you know that this will get kids to steal their mum's credit card just to remove the ads. Moving on from that, there's multiple glitches with the hair colours, and more. Good variety of clothes.
This is absolutely THE BEST fashion game app. You get pretty much free reign on what your clients wear. They are always updating and adding new outfits and accessories. The only reason they didnt get 5 stars is because there is no way to save your progress. If you have to switch phones or uninstall then reinstall, you have to start all over. They should work on a way to save progress. Otherwise, great game!!
I absolutely love your app this is my 3rd time reinstalling and restarting the game, I love it that much :) I have 2 suggestions though: 1. It would be so nice to have a dark red non pink hair color, it would be nice to have more choices too but I get your a clothing app 2. I have always look longed to have the jackets work with the dresses...I also understand this might mean heavy or completely redoing the code and kinda think that's why it hasn't happened. Anyway food 4 thought love your app!
This game is a lot of fun. You can style other people and your own avatar too. Very interesting stories and fashion battles. I would recommend this to anyone who likes fashion, creativity, and design. Cool game! My only complaint is the ads cut there's a lot of them.
This is an incredibly creative, and cute game. However, all the constant ads disruptions takes all the fun out of it. Less ads and I may re download, and give your game a better rating.
Good game, graphics are good. Only problem is that every click you make generates and ad which is off putting and quite irritating when you just want to play the game.
I'm not a big fan of most mobile games, because they're all about paying for them. This game is easy to play without paying and for that alone I actually to pay for things occasionally because I'm not being forced to and I love the game. Its so beautiful, the graphics are amazing and I love how you style everything the way you want, down to even the nails. So far, this game is perfect.
I like this game...but there is something I don't like.It is because my sister just played this game and her clothes have different colours..but I played it longer than her but I only have one or two colours of clothes....It piss me off because I don't know the cause of this...please explain it to me so I can do the same thing to mine.
cute! you can personalize your character. But I'm giving 3 stars cuz I had it for a few days, but then it started to randomly shut down and won't open. I hope you respond cuz it's a really good game!
The game is really fun and engaging but I uninstalled it to update it so I wouldn't have to get rid of other apps and now I can't get my old account back which is really upsetting since it took so long to get to where I was. If there's anyway I can recover my old account it would be nice. Other than that the app is amazing and I definitely would recommend.
This would be a really amazing game if it didn't have SO many ads. Nobody likes ads but this is on a different level of annoying, there's basically one after almost every botton you click. Despite all the annoying adverts and constantly feeling bullied into buying it or forced to wait over 5 hours to continue playing... it was alright. I also completed all the levels and there's no more challanges...nothing to do, no one to style, your character just stands there?
Game play is really good. I'm at level 17 now. The ads were not a bother but I used to get two back to back. I understand the need for the ads but back to back double ads was getting silly. You got me tho. I paid for no ads. (Edit: lipstick issue I had fixed in last update. Thanks.)
Such a great app until an update. Ive deleted and redownloaded this app do many times but i redownloaded it a couple days ago and now NOT ONLY do you have to buy the catologs, you have to earn or buy these color changers to get different color of that one clothing and it dosent unlock all colors of that clothing, it unlocks ONE color option. Its rediculous. Seriously considering deleting again because this game became such a scam.
I honestly liked this game because you won't have to finish levels of jewels, combining etc. but too much ads so I paid to remove them permanently. The sad thing is, the options to gain 2x from these ads has also been removed. Now I won't have chance to get them twice. They're graded out. Wish they could fix that. Really smh rn! Wish we could change the design of the room too. *editting my rating to 5stars! After 24 hours, finally got the chance to use ads for doubling rewards. Awesome game!!!
By far the best dressup/stylist game I've played. The story line, mini games, & most of all the clothing 😍🀩. But there is one major issue that this game has you can not switch between devices. I wish I had known this cause if I get a new phone I'll lose all progress & I've spent real money on this game!! If they can find a way to link to an account I would give it 5 stars but it's a major flaw. Another suggestion.. when dressing/styling if we could sort/filter by collections would be nice!
I love this game so much. My only problem is that I bought the intro pack when I first got the game with Google play credits, the intro pack was supposed to get rid of the ads but I still have to deal with them and I keep getting offered the same promotion over and over. Other than that the game is my favorite.
OMG I LOVE this game!!! It is so much better than any other designer game I have ever played! It's simple, you get to design clothes without any strings attached, and you just have fun!!! I totally recommend it and I never have regretted getting it. Totally download.
Good game but needs more. Like catsuits, playsuit, jumpsuit, leggings/jeggings, biker jackets, gym wear. Could also do with more hairstyles, eyeshadows, lipsticks. What about adding highlight, blusher, contouring ? Would make the game more interesting and give more options.
It's a fun game, but I made a purchase that included no more ads, I'm still seeing ads. I enjoy playing with the music and sound off so I turn it off, but everytime I play the music and sound is on
I give three stars because most games at least give u some clothes then u have to buy the rest this makes no sense to me at all. And u dont get much choice money is tight and u just keep making back what u have used to get the outfit purchased so u dont ever really have much apart from this it's a gd game.
The game is unbalanced. There is too many buy ins in games. When you do the challeges in the game it, is totally too impossible to win. The challenger has things that are found if you do buy ins or you at a different levels.
I see that you have finally listened to me!! I had made a complaint earlier asking why on Earth this wasn't available in my country but now it is!!! I had asked this months ago but atleast, better late than never, right? thank you for finally listening!!
your a stylist dressing your clients for events and dates et. love the game but could the clients ring the stylist quicker than what's happening now. over all its a great game.
IT SUCKS! This game is fun my daughter enjoyes playing. But if you dont buy more diamonds or cash you cant play once you get to a certsin point. I am not going to give my credit card ingormation. I already had someone online get it and i had to get a new one. So this came is fun for about an hour. Then you are done if you dont pay out money.
Its amazing! I totally LOVE it! The reason why I only put 4 stars is that I dont like the idea of... wait I forgot sorry! I'll edit this commen later once I remember! Oh yeah I remember now! It's becuase there are sooooooooo many ads it frustrates me and making me want to not play. Either then that it's great.
Super cute and very fun! I feel, however, as though I have topped out of the game. I have all the collections of designer clothing filled, Dresses are filled, there's only a few items of Jewelry, Skirts and Pants left to fill. I sincerely hope that the game will progress, I'd love to be able to play a lot longer!!
According to me this game requires great potential as they might not like your design but u have a chance to say if u like it keep it don't then remove it. Fashion can matter different to each individual our purpose is to accept a person for his or her inner beauty. In the end i think they should can improve by giving some sort of chances to go across the world and fashion that up or can focus more on the personal life of the designer like going on dates, or taking big orders like weddings.Thanks
I tried this game and it was so good. But the only problem is the ads. Some of the games that were being advertised wasn't for my Daughters age which concerned me because this game is meant for children. Other than that perfect.
I'm in love with this game. 😍 Mixing and matching the outfits is such a satisfying way to relax. My favourite thing about this game is the way the dresses shimmer and flow as you spin the mannequin around. 😍 I love the fact that I don't necessarily have to spend money to get awesome looks either and I really hope this doesn't change! (Bonus: You don't have to play some awful Candy Crush-esque game in this one. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ)
I like this game,but it takes way to long in between them picking up their items. It also needs more choices on hair styles and clothing, otherwise I would have given a 5. What happened to earning energy while not playing? I have not played in a few days and tried to play and I had energy! This game needs an update and more hair styles!!
good game but way to many adverts so annoying that they keep poping up all the time 😑 also theres no ways to earn money ur having to pay to get it should be more ways to earn it i cant progress anymore in the game because i cant afford to buy clothing so ur being forced to pay for money :/
Loved this game. Finally a styling game that you don't have to play a candy crush sort of game to do stuff. Only bad this is the more you level up the longer it takes for an outfit and you run out of energy. Would love to play this game non stop without limited energy.
I really like this game. It's my favorite and the only one I play. I just have a few suggestions! It would be awesome if you could add more accessories and hair styles. Like hats, scarves, stockings. and maybe coats could go on top of dresses too. Also please add new missions. Gets boring. and maybe add male clients/male clothes. That would be so fun! And please add new clothes for the fashion run aways and magazine covers it's always the same clothes. It would be nice to change it up:) thanks!
no way to earn quick money if you don't have money....and so i am not able to design for my clients...overall good game
Originally had a 5 star review because it was fun and didn't require candy crush like puzzles but after a bit the game would not stop crashing and refused to stay open so I had to uninstall it and found out there's no way to save your progress or anything you have bought, as I have spent some money on this and thankfully google keeps track and will be contacting the developer. If anything changes with the progress I will update this but as right now I wish I could put no stars. WATCH OUT!!!!
This game is supposed to be about styling clients, competing in fashion shows, completing quests. I haven't had any clients to style since mid December, I emailed about this previously and I got no response. I've been playing this game for 3 years and I'm ready to uninstall, I'm super bored playing it now because their are NO Client's to Style which is the biggest promotion on your game. Side note, the pixel puzzles are awful, bring back the fashion tour's.
This game lets you get to level 45 and then you are stuck there forever. I've been on this level since July and it will not let you get any further. I have emailed the company and all they said was congratulations on making it to level 45. That more levels are coming well i have been seeing that there are levels up to 50 ever since July. I really enjoyed playing this game but now I'm going to uninstall it.
It's actually a great game, just the frequent ads that are annoying. Recommend to people who like fashion games. Update 8/29/19 - How long is updating going to take??? Been stuck on level 45 for few months now. Nice game and interested in going beyond this level. Please get game up and running!!! Thanks.
Let me first say that I loved this game. I was so happy that it focused on the actual fashion part and not puzzles... I purchased no ads and everything was great. Until a few days in a guess what? The ads are BACK. DON'T give the option for no ads if you're going to throw them back on. Won't be playing again until this is fixed. (I've never played a game that threw so many ads up)
The game is great but I seem to have trouble with the ads still. At first I could watch adds but then never got my reward but now they dont even allow me to watch them to double my reward or gain the free diamonds and snowflakes. Its ridiculous! Love the fact that all colours of clothing is now available though! Some great updates but I'm working doubly hard to get the new collection due to add not working! HELP
Sooo many ads. They are everywhere. After every challenge after every choice, it's a little ridiculous. Besides that the game isn't that bad, only issue is the limited choices for clothing styles that don't match up to client requests in the beginning. Like a client had a investment meeting and there was nothing really business but chic. It feels like I can pick anything and still get approval, which is a let down and takes away the challenge.
I loved this game til I reached level 45 and couldn't go any further until a new update. Did the new update will only load to 80% and stop. I've waited quite sometime for an update that did nothing. Will be deleting this app if not fixed soon.
All in all, I think it's a really great game. I really enjoy playing it and it's good for if your bored, but there are a few issues I have with this game. My 1st is that there are so many adverts that it's getting ridiculous. I don't have the money to stop them and my phone has to keep reloading the game. My 2nd is that the in game notifications and 'deals' keep popping up every time I go back to the home screen and they won't always go away. Please fix this or I'll have to delete the game. :(
I really love this game bc it gives you inspiring about yourself wich means in a simple way inspires you and yiu can also practice here and make your ownnlook IN REAL LIFE how cool is that!!! I tried it and it worked I spoted an outfit that I had but never wore for some reason and ppl said I look good you guys should try it! 😘😘😘
i love this game and i can tell how much work yall put to make this game. from graphics and everything its all perfect except that the total energy could be more than 30. could add more jewelry and stuffs tho
It's a fun game. I enjoy the fashion challenges and designing magazine covers. The only problem I've run into so far is today's daily challenge is to create an all green outfit but there are no green shoes, so I can't complete the look and advance to the accessories screen. Otherwise, it's a really fun way to pass the time.
I like all the creative dresses. But the only thing that matters is the energy bar. I have been waiting for so long to refill the bar. It takes real money to refill the bar with eneryg. And the ads are coming continuously that is the only reason i gave 1star. If you solve my problem then i will definitely give 5stars
Good Game. I am addicted to it. There is only one thing. You need to develop more hairstyles and makeups. Also msore clothes please.
I really love the game! I wish that every couple months there is a 2 week time span where people can earn the platinum cards for designer clothes, from past events. And you have to earn tokens (Ex: snowflakes) to earn platinum cards. Because if I don't play the game for 3 days, then an entire event could pass by and I won't know what happened! Thank you for viewing my rating, and thank you to everyone who developed the game!