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Super Stickman Heroes Fight

Super Stickman Heroes Fight for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by ONEGAME GLOBAL located at No.222 street Monivong, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a fun game I like the roster but their are a few bugs such as connection issues and the characters are extremely expensive But otherwise it's a great fan game
I love this game, the graphics and everything! Me and my BFF love this game we do a challenge everytime. I just love this game
The experiance is good in this game and nothing else bad but one thing is bad the ads its soooooooooooooo anoying man but why adssssssΕ›ssssss
This game is awesome the best thing I like in this game is this game has to many characters and there are so many characters who are my favorite
They really need to make it easier for beginners I can't even beat Vs mode!!!!!! 😑😑😑😑😭😭😭😭 I am a kid
This game is so much fun, please add more characters like thanos, vision, flash, captain marvel, and one thing which is little bit boring is that please change the powers of heroes if it was from spiderman like venom, carnage , venom secret, all have same kind of powers if it was of thunder god than thor, old thor, all thors have same power attacks all captains have also same power attacks give each character a specific power than your game will be the bestest stickman superhero game.......
While fun, the slot machine is reeeeealllly rigged.. 37k+ coins spent on slot machine, not a single character. I want someone to do the math on that, oh- and if your tapping fast enough while on slots, you can spin before the 3 second "reward hovers on your screen" happens.
It's so exciting I watched it you can be spider man and then you can fight venom that's cool I watch and out of it I was gonna download it but I don't think I was gonna happen call just fight vennal is I'll see if I could fight venom
This game is best att all of the stickman game so far and so clean no glitches and g the graphics are so clean and i like all the heros has diffrent powers so good love it
Really good game you should install on your device. It has many heroes you can use to defeat enemies. I really love the game.
This game is awesome.The graphics are amazing and the super-heroes are incredible.I'm telling you please download this game you will not regret it
The reason this game sucks because it's way too hard I put it on easy and I upgraded my guy but apparently somehow the other person was a computer and they still beat me and no I'm not just a noob I've played so many games and I've beat them you put this game on way to hard mode I hate this game don't waste your time on it
I saw some sweet advertisement that lead me to downloading this sadly disappointing game.... I thought this was going to look like the add. An rhg hero battle game would be so cool. But this game is a lie. It's got some play value. But I refuse to play a falsely advertised game like this. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
So far I'm enjoying it and I'm hoping you could even make a game out of stick man street fighter Vs DC camp on or X man
Nice game I love game but join more levels and character which like Hawkeye, Doctor strange, and more characters.and I love 3000 Times πŸ€—πŸ˜‰
The game is so fun and super awesome please add a feature where you can create your own character for a certain amount of coins but yeah this game is awesome it's the only good stickman fighting game and I mean it you put so much heart of fur into it
Super Stickman heroes is a great game. It is both fun and challenging. But, I would like it if there was a way to get more heroes faster. Also I was thinking maybe there could like a mode where you explore different locations and defeat villains like a story line. But also you can just explore and do what ever you want. Those were just some ideas and suggestions.
I think this will be good if you can use all the hero for free and make it more like a fighting such as street fighter and KOF and remove that level up thing this would be great if all characters are equal and it all comes down to skill management 😊
Ehh. How do you go from English directions for several things, and then jump to Spanish (apparently for how to teleport)...?
The experience was awesome.I just woke up from a bad dream and this game cooled me off,very entertaining
It's stories are very interesting you all should try this I don't give it one star because it gives only two chances in survival mod but still I am giving it 4 stars
This game provide fun and action you can do marvel vs dc eg Some Characters Joker Superman Harley Quinn Robin Captain America Thor Spiderman Ironman and much more
I don't know what i am playing even though I paid for ads free only for story mode ... Still got many ads
It's amazing and I love the game because it is all about STICK MEN AND SUPER HEROES but my only problem with the game is that I can't block while flying actually I can't block at all but other than that I am really happy with the game
I love this game the characters are so cute like fat thunder God captain stick original and super stick boy prime
The game is super duper I instresting I love this game so much so good game and I am on venom lvl 42 it's so strong but its cost of heroes so much can u be it weak cost but I give this game 5 stars super duper amazing game
This game is very nice.you should just download it whenever you see it.I would rate it a 6 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 if possible
I can't get thor at all I am clicking free but it keep saying you can not get thor right now just change that
Game is broken! After the tutorial fight, it tells me to unlock a hero but it doesn't work I keep tapping but it wont let unlock it! Broken
A game for a game the game five times because I like to play and also it has a lot of characters I can get but I need the money so I got to get Fighting by oh and subscribe to newscapepro channels all of them in fortnite seasons and don't forget to hit that notification Bell song from a friend on fortnite named Midas
I like the game very very much because the graphics are super cool and and one thing you are just the best developer of super hero games πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
So much heros And this is amzing Theres so many ways to play the game and get money πŸ’΅ Theres not alot of villans tho but i still love it 😌
It is the best game I have played if you do not download it you are just insulting yourself I have no problems with this game it is offline , it does not waste your time . Download now
The ads are just happening every single time it finishes loading... I will give it 2 for now because of ads
I like how your characters named are different to the movie and there abilities are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool plz add way more to the game i will play this forever if u add more to the game
I saw the add and i loved it i think you should try it sometimeπŸ’― Loved the graphics and the gameplay ... Can we customize our own characters maybe in the future?
Damn I like this game one of my favorite stickman games I love stickman and DC Marvel also but I rated it 3 stars because there should be a feature where you can change the buttons my hands are a lil big and player is able to move the buttons any where on the screen and sometimes the buttons will freeze for a moment and my opponent won because I froze I do love this game hope you'll see this review
Absolutely AMAZING game play! Perfect for passing time you have nothing to do. One thing that would be nice is less cost for purchase/upgrade of heros, especially for Crystal upgrade. Other than that, the game play is Spectacular!
Why the level 32 is difficult Captain America cheats he has 321hp (example) it only get 316 hp by giving more defeat like beam etc . But it kill us in one punch please fix this bug otherwise I will complain in red bug game zone it kill us even when we kill it with more powerful hero then him like venom
This is the best game skicknan game I have ever played it's amazing please keep on making more amazing games like this one
Excellent and interesting game I had a good experience on it and I love it so much You did well on design it Give it 5 stars until now Thanks
this sucks when I started playing this its letting me use attack and now it wont let me attack update ur game man it sucks
Great app and simply control But graphics are not so goods. Controls are work well. One problem is that bots ate sometime are very powerful.They equally damage me in one hit that to do i take multiple hits.Please do with this.make tge fight be some favourable.There powerful damage make my life half but my most powerful attack damage them equal to there basic hits on me.
Wow πŸ’— it's fine and you might want to play this every day and every night 🀟 by the way you will see how fun is it. I give 4 stars because it not that much time of playing it slot so ,yeah, it's nice ✨
I gave this app 3 stars because in the new survival mode on my device at stage 5 th opponent starts glitching and I could not go past that level. Everything else is very good.
Hey there I loved your game very much it has enough kinds of attack techniques many characters except that most of them has same dialouges and there skills show same images but have different animations on using like that of captain stick and captain stick end game there skilks have same images but are different when it comes to see how they go and some classes are very expensive try to make them little cheao or increase the amount of rewarded coins and get me a way to obtain gems regularly.
It is awesome I've never seen a epic game for a long time more like a year thank you so much for the epic game
This app is amazing I fell in love with it don't ask my also show me the game he is 12 years old and I love this game so much.
This game is a great game I love love saying it you have to try it out for yourself righted by Zion Zion Donnell bar quail
The game is very fun, but here are a few changes a would make (or additions I would add). (1): Unique Boss Battles (2): Better Ragdoll animation when characters bare defeated (3): Every character has the same type of move type. I would make more characters more unique (4): The fighting sound effects sound the same on most characters. Small things like different sound effecs can make a game even better (5): 1 v 2 or 1 v 3 should be in the game (6): Story mode dialogue (cooler story mode)
It's so amazing I love it is just the whole entire thing you can ever imagine I just love it so so so so much and then the sort he's so good you can make them fly now he's a beast I've upgraded him to the max
It is a really good app everything is on point I really love this app they deserve more than five stars
Ohh! I was addicted to this game because daily I play story mode one day I am very addicted so for me this is not like a game it is movie I confused this is movie or game so everyone must play this game
I only gave two stars because I have three problems, first in Versus Mode even if I put easy still strong opponent, second in survival challenge only one game is free because if you lose you can not play because there is a fee, third in story mode when you are far away Your opponents are strong and difficult to defeat. I hope you do well.
Its Very Fun And good But I would like the heroes to look more cooler Like spider man Make the outfits better
Good game but It's so much costly for a single superhero & also disgusting ads. It's pretty hard save coin
One of the best marvel game, i ever seen. But one very important feature is missing, which is cloud game data saving option, please add this for saving game progress across different devices through google play games or any!
Worst game ever you made it like dragon ball z why do characters charge and has ki can you also fix your designs bc spiderman looks like his got a red basket ball as his head can you pls solve all these
Make 2 player it best but im sad my sis can't play and all ads its annoying in 1 sec it pops up every round
Bug fixes i think not there's a bug where my buttons are going crazy and there's also a bug in Survival thing where are my opponents are immune to damage and they are just standing there completely invincible
Uhh there's a glitch in the survival where he dose not die he is just like Deadpool in train and Idk how too pass him please may you fix that thank you
cool game but can you make more heroes like green lantern or sonic the hedgehog or hawkeye or shazam or super girl
Very good. High quality graphics and voice acting. I am a little upset that there isnt a 2p mode because I want to play with my brother. There are ads after every story mode level. But with that said can you fix that please. But this game is amazing in every way.
This game is amazing. It has great graphics, a nice and cool variety of moves, and just fun to play with, i found this game in an ad and it interested me ( wich has a 0.00000000000000001% chance of happening with ads if im the one who sees them), so i tried it out and instantly fell in love, U guys did an amazing job with this game, keep up the good work!
This is the best game of my life, the game is so cool and there is cool graphics it is better than my other games, I just wanted to download a app then I saw the game and watch the video it was interesting who ever made this game thank you.
I love this game this game is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very nice this game is outanding .
IT IS SOOOO COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! The graphics are spot on, though there are a lot of ads but still so fun to play
This game is very amazing from offline but when i turn online it's too buggy it's will be lag and lag and lag please fix it i want to play online pleasssssseπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I love this game it has good graphics but the reason i gave this game 4 stars is because when evr i put vrsus mode the computer will not go easy on me but besides that it is a good game
Not bad at all.....but I need a option to play with (or challage with) friends. And a option to search our facebook friends to play with them.. Pls fix this...
You need more heroes and maps what needs:black widow,scarlet Wicth, Vison,Modak cyborg star fire raven doctor strange beast boy Moon knight, task master, groot, rocket,star Lord, gamora,and more! Pls make more maps and heroes I love this gameπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
This game is perfect as perfect graphics and it's so cool and they fight it is even so cool their powers are insane and even if you upgrade it like seven times you're going to destroy the people
Bad when I do the circle it always give me coins no characters and they say At the beginning unlock something but I can't so I always have to restart my device please fix then I maybe rate 5
Can you make a multilayer pls? Also pls make the ads stop playing after every win. This game is very good other then not having multiplayer and having ads play after every win
Its not bad. Its not great not good. Its ok just needs a Little more changes thats all. Graphics aren't that good. To many characters which is totally awesome but the designs aren't really that good. Over all the game isn't bad just a few changes and its just fine.
It's a good game and all but, why does it have instant transmission if it's super heroes, and why is batman so low rated. Plus, why do they have goku's voice when they punch
This game is very entertaining ! This game will keep you entertained while anywhere in the car, In your house, And basically everywhere! I highly recommend this game.
This game is so good I like it I'm not give you 5 stars because I like it so muchthe fighting in this game the Fighters were good but get to buy but I really want them to fight Thanos and antelope is the powerfulest person in the universe what I plan to change YouTubers playing the game wow in Supergirl
What a great game its an amazing game which i found in an ad and it just looked to good to pass by so you guys keep it up and may you have great luck in all of the games you make
So fun and so cool and it is so easy to play and learn combos oh and thor level him up all the way and then use him on story mode mad op
A good game but most of it is a pay to win why do you have to buy almost everything for money sure you can make the VIP pass for money but everything else? if you do this I am sure people would like this game very much and then you will get more downloads and after that more money
this is a amazing game I really, like this game this is the best game but one thing is problem that is when I finished the levels it's show me ads but it's a good game I hope you will rate this πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
4 stars why alright so if the creators see this then right away add the the characters along with the new modes that are tournament and another one so yes it is fun but also is the PvP section are the players online or offline PLZ be an like a online pppppllllzzzz. And since I've been playing the game for about 1 week I still haven't gotten any of the wheel characters and PLZ change from only daily lucky wheels to like a every 2 hours you can get a free spinawheel plzπŸ€”. THANK YOU From: Steelix
Kid all the superheroes be like Hawkeye and stuff but let me know if you can do that stuff can you tell Iron Man to be like all the other superheroes not high tech what is good being like Iron Man can you tell can you tell him to let me borrow one his baby suits it wasn't that powerful thing on his chest can you keep all of it the triangle in a circle thank you bye
Even though I just started or each other day somebody is reading this, the game is really fun and I wish I can play it forever.
Reason gave to is first i keep getting adds that take 30 sec and 2nd this game logs me off a lot and 3rd it sais to watch add for 30% health and i got 5% health
Best game ever i played wonderful. Please add thanos and the hulk and make a difference in their size and where did our charactors of guardians of the galaxy gone please add them also. And please add offline multiplayers ppppplllllzzzzzz Plz Why can't you add green lantern, Gamora, starlord, drax, groot, dr strange, flash, etc Plz
Although hulk costs a lot and he's my fav,THE GAME IS SO GOOD. U can unlock characters and fight actual villains and thugs,the only problem is that a lot of them are VERY expensive but other than that it's pretty good
Great graphics i love it i love that theres multiple versions of characters and the fact theres voice lines!
I have 4 GB Ram but it is better to Play in Both 2GB Ram also nice Game .. it contain pvp which makes it challenging
How spider man can fly? Why Everyone just flying. So it's have no jump and walk option. It's just another dragon ball stickman games.
I love the game i just think the character's are too expensive,and i just wanna know why superheroes are fighting other superheroes and why is spider-man fighting tony/iron man when he gave him the suite?all in all love it
A really fun game with elements that not too many modern fighting games have but its a really fun fighting game.
This game is fun only if it gives you free gold and free money it will deserve five stars so yes make that the four stars cuz he doesn't do that who watch the characters so high I mean do you want to suspend thousands of dollars I don't know nothing about it you should make a start off what 15,000 dollars US dollar that much money and that much gold then we'll be straight I mean everybody would love the game that's just not trying to be rude or anything but yeah true that's very true facts JK
I can play offline each hero has totally diffetent moves i would add more in battle cut scenes like destroying mountsins metal poles in background
The game is great and the control are amazing however the logic is horrible. I would smash the opponent and somehow i would still lose health without getting hit and the ennemy could just punch me once and i lose half of my health