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Super Spell Heroes - Magic Mobile Strategy RPG

Super Spell Heroes - Magic Mobile Strategy RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by SVIPER located at Schanzenstr. 12b 20357 Hamburg Germany. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the reaction needed to be good. Deep and fast paced. When you won you feel you deserve it and sometimes feel your heart desires is definitely raised.
A fun game in concept, but the significant imbalance of rewards obtained in relation to the cost of spell upgrades makes it difficult to do anything. Even watching ads provides only limited and minimal rewards. You must spend money to make any meaningful progress, or you will be overpowered, making fights frustrating. Very definition of pay-to-win.
Very mixed feelings. The game prevents you from advancing at every crucial moment. From giving you unfair matches, to controlling your drops, it feels SO intentional. Ive had some very serious player friends quit due to the blatant nature of the game's manipulation. But I really like it!
I think this is a great game. You have unlimited battles, this allows you to jump in and battle whenever you want. Even if a character is out "training" they are still available for combat. Rewards are given slowly with keys, and this leads to some decisions on how to build your character. Making good choices will really help you win battles. There are a lot of spells and plent to unlock for progression and style matching to how you would like to play. Matchmaking has been good for me and seems to be consistent, early in a zone or with a freshly unlocked character can be a little rough. Plenty of free stuff for videos, and daily free stuff to keep your progression going.
Matchmaking is $#Β₯*. Game is fine. Haven't encountered bugs. The biggest flaw of the game is that it matches you against bots all the time, even when you play on ranked mode. And on top of that, i am lvl 3 and the bots are lvl 4, which means their attacks and shields are a lot stronger than mine, which means you try to force me to buy packs and diamonds. Hence the 3 stars.
Amazing experience of this game I like that very much I never seen this type of game you happy me so I giving you 5 star because there are nothing issue and problems in game keep it up giving update to better this gameπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
This is an awesome pvp game, I waste hours playing no problem. Its challenging and fun theres luck and skill involved. The mechanics are good, fun graphics. The rewards are *really* frigging stingey. Finally beat someone after 5 rounds, thats super rewarding and fun; get 19gold? And it costs like 430 to upgrade a spell. The devs have to realize that That isnt fun or compelling, its more a slap in the face for playing the game. We all get it, you need to make money. But thats not being able to see the forest for the trees, its really short sighted. Make the game Super Fun and the money will flow way stronger because you'll have Way More People playing. As is right now the servers are laggy and this negatively affects play sometimes.
Obvious pay wall system, good gameplay and nice set collection mechanics, but even PvP battles are just not that fun, it takes forever for blocks to fall to let you do anything.
Very mixed feelings. The game prevents you from advancing at every crucial moment. From giving you unfair matches, to controlling your drops, it feels SO intentional. Ive had some very serious player friends quit due to the blatant nature of the game's manipulation. But I really like it! If you want money from me, give me something good to buy late game. Oh and they also like to ignore your help requests, so, thats fun.
I like this game and I'm playing this for a few months,and got a high skill rank, BUT its suck a*s..matchmaking is broken(ones u got a bit higher, you will be fighting a lots of high players with even 5000 more energy then you) , there is no good spells only useless ones or too damn OP, obtaining star is frustrating when you need to win 3 games to get higher but if you lose one you get back,if you don't have some "special luck" you will still play with the basic deck cuz missions give so liitle.
Be causious when you get into this games its fun BUT it is a pay to win game and being with this game if your reach a certain level watch out to progress you will need to pay...
(25th of June 2020) I had to change this from 1 star to at least 4 after the recent changes. The addition of pve matches and the changes to the pvp matchmaking are very good. I get matched with players the same level as me more often than before, and if I lose a game now it feels like I could have done better myself, and it wasn't just a stomp from the lack of levels. I still need to test things out a little more, might come back later to change the review to 5 stars. (27th) Definitely a 5* now
Absolutely amazing game concept plagued by 2 issues. 1. After the 1st and 2nd zones, it is either pay-to-win or you have to spend days/weeks upgrading your spells just to pass a level or 2. 2. Forced PvP is a terrible idea. It just feels bad. It isn't fun, especially when people can have a huge advantage over you, without even being more skilled.
Still pay-to-play, because you do not earn money anywhere close to fast enough to level up your spells, even when you watch the ads after each level.
Oh my GOSH! This game is RIDICULOUSLY fun. I don't normally like matching games, but the combination of the matching and the skill needed to beat your opponent makes it much more interesting and better holds my attention. There aren't many ads, however you can choose to 'Help the celestial process a vision' for rewards, allowing you to choose how many ads you view. The characters are extremely cute, but are still cool enough to fit into this game's fantasy-battling-matching aspects. One of the best games out there!
I only gave 3 stars because of the bad matchmaking. Everyone who is good at this game and found a strong tactic knows what I mean with this. With 2 of my characters I always get at least 2-3 lvl higher opponents. They could be higher but I don't know it because they removed the lvl display... (Big Negativ Point!) The reward of defeating an higher lvl enemy is way to low and the punishment losing to one is to high. You will always get 1 star knocked down against the first one and then (for me) in most cases you get at least 3 overleveld enemies after the first one so you dropped down like 3 stars and this has to stop. I would suggest that you should not get punished in anyway for fighting against stronger enemies. I want to add that the game is good and about the balancing I cannot tell so much because I am only playing for 3 weeks so I have to play and see. Keep on improving the game and have fun playing it!
Game is fun to play, but the matchmaking is horrendous. Most of the time I am playing opponents that have 2000-3000 more health than I do. I was once matched to someone who was lvl 46 while I was lvl 17, and that was a regular match not an event....
I really love this game but after the last update, the matchmaking is horrible, they pit you against guys who have over 2000 health more than you. Not only is their health more but their spells do way more damage and it takes forever to progress, I've also noticed that the game syncs more than it used to!!! I don't play much anymore.
The game is amazing, awesome graphics, smooth gameplay and lots of other good things, but there's one thing that bothers me, the sudden death system: I was in a battle, I was with 500+ energy and my enemy was at 90 something, and because the match was taking so long, a series of numbers started to show up and when it was over we both stood at 1 energy point, that's totally unfair, I was with an advantage of 400+ energy points. I hope you guys fix this, considering it doesn't affect only me.
This is a unique game I personally dont think I've played any other game like it and I enjoy it quite a bit. Its equally challenging and exciting there are ads but you have to choose to watch them there are no pop ups, the ads are just for extra; gold, keys, spellbook, sometimes you get gems. Either way just saying I strongly recommend this game to anyone plus matches are short so good game while at work.
Best game.... Super fast gameplay... Great graphics... Stunning skins... This game is so awesome... It reminds my childhood..... Great respect for the developers... Continue your great workβ™₯️
1 star cuz y'all keep deleting my review. This is an online game, but it's filled with bots. Y'all need to o fix your bots, because a skill rank two bot will always block my attack the instant it will hit, or attack and miraculously be quick enough to block. It's like that every match. I rarely get paired against humans. Just bots that get about ten shields spawning straight and I can't ever land a hit unless I waste small attacks or make it to hard to break the shield. Nerf your bots, rank 2.
I love this game, it's fun to play and easy to get the hang of when you start. However, the gameplay gets old fast, and new elements are rarely added. The quests are broken, I hardly ever unlock new spells; instead I continue to get extra cards for spells I already have. There is also rarely a time that i unlock a new skin for a character. I also dont like that I can do an 8hr quest (the second longest) and only unlock 1% of a new character. I think this is because they want u to pay. 3 stars.
Went from 5 to 4 to 3 stars. 5-stars: Awesome game, great controls, superb graphics, and very fun. However, you will be stuck at many points in the game when you have all the upgrades you need but lack of coin. UPDATE 4 -stars: Only real problem is that the keys are super limited and watching ad only gives you a measly one key. I feel like I can only play one game every few hours, so that I can wait for some (1) key(s). It kind of ruins the flow a bit. UPDATE 3-stars: Matchmaking is terrible
Love it! Although many a times I feel like the cards become unstable as they get surrounded by different coloured mana buy maybe that's just me.
I think this game is one of The Best Games in the play store but there is one big thing i dont like. Its pay to win. I mean in every new area you have to literally make hundreds of quests to get the new hero. But if you pay five bucks you get the hero instantly plus some very good spells. I reached area 3 and it took me 3 whole weeks to get the hero. Instead i could have payed and get him instantly. Also the event system where you can get exclusive spells MUCH easier if you buy premium.
The game is amazing but it's extremely unbalanced. You will almost always be matched against players who are 1 level higher and be at an extreme disadvantage. After multiple complaints, the company decided to address this imbalance by removing the opponents level when you get matched! This is basically an insult to your players' intelligence.
I REALLY enjoy what this game does. I feel it is 100% original. But my favorite part is the progression system. The better you are, the faster youll progress and earn new characters. Its super well balanced in my opinion. Well balanced in many facets.
I'm in Stage 2 being pit against players from Stage 3 and Stage 5. Winning is difficult unless you're matched with someone in to your Stage or a computer. It would be nice to add other players to your friend list (players you get matched with). It's a good game, I just haven't had a good experience with it. I would prefer a Story mode or offline gameplay at this point.
This game is out of balance. I am not an F2P player but at lvl 5, I can already tell the rewards will never come close to matching the requirements for upgrading spells. The game is pretty fun, which is too bad. I Even bought starter pack and month VIP ticket... But no point in playing if the only viable way to progress is through cash shop.
game is trash,no balance at all. not enough resources, you guys are looking for people to pay alot of money on this....uninstalling
Probably one of my all time favourite games to enjoy!! There are several things I do dislike, the rank you gain, what's the point in gainging a rank only to lose it if you fail a battle after that? What is the goal with that logic? I have reported several times about ranks being higher than my own during opponents, this to me seems an unfair battle. Other than those things I enjoy it. Needs improvement but a good hero game
Been playing straight for several hours by now. So here are the catches: + The game is fun. Mechanics are fun. I like to see something like this existing. The PvP means the game puts you agains actual opponents and not an AI you can learn to cheese through. -The progress through "campaign" is made through PvP battles only. - How much you progress after each battle depends on rank of hero.If you are winning fights, you get ranks, if you are losing fights you lose ranks. - Your heroes have their ranks individually, Each have their own. So if you got fun hero, You have to win several times in order to get his rank up. During this "ranking" phase your progress is close to halted. - The amount of gold you make is...underwhelming. You are limited to 9 spells from rather impressive library on each hero, but once you get your spells of choice up to certain level, the upgrades start costing more than you get PER DAY. - Because your power upgrading is slow by ingame means, players are very tempted to pay for their gold. In order to upgrade spells. Summarized all the above, this game is heavy pay to win. Combine this fact with the mandatory PvP and you can get stuck in campaign for very, very long time. As you will be able to defeat players only on certain ranks. I paid for one of the early packs, which boosted me I dare to say by about week of farming. When I entered next location, new, very similar package appeared. This way I imagine you can buy every single hero ingame, Each coming with a huge boost. So my final verdict is: If you want to compete with players in real time and money is not an issue, Sure go on. But if you are a player who want to play a game with good mechanics and enjoy it for free or a predefined price, this is not the game for you. I expect I hit another pay wall very soon and leave due to how boring the game can become when you have to wait days for progress.
Nice grafic and that's it. No real players just AI ,progress limitation like all other mobile games. Money grabber. You can play as many matches as you want but after few runs you not getting any rewards so you cant progress and then you first againstt powerful opponent, not possible to win unless you pay or wait 24h. Uinstalled
Update review : This sucks when you on battle and got poor connection, connection animate running but cant stay to keep trying reconnect and.... Bang.. Bang... U lost!!! Another case, when you trying to get bonus and got poor connection... Bang.. Bang... U lost that bonus!!! Now iam stop to pay! ______________ Good but gold rewards system should be better... Example : 1.More gold rewards againts higher level. 2.As fast win the battle will gain gold rewards. Etc etc.
Very mixed feelings. The game prevents you from advancing at every crucial moment. From giving you unfair matches, to controlling your drops, it feels SO intentional. Ive had some very serious player friends quit due to the blatant nature of the game's manipulation. But I really like it! If you want money from me, give me something good to buy late game.
Great game! Addictive and fun but.. it has some problems. I submitted tickets to see if I can restore my account. It takes so long to get all the heros and unlock the good spells that no way I'll start over. It's been a solid month and no response.
Game no longer works. Really great game but upon opening (for a couple days now), simply says to update even though there is no update available. It's clearly a bug but I've emailed support and it's like talking to a brick wall and they seem to have no interest in helping me resolve the issue. As someone who has happily purchased multiple packs in the few months I've played, I feel like I deserve a little more than the same nonsense automated replies their "support" team has sent me.
I like it a lot! Simple match game with a strategy element which makes something watered down much more interesting! I suggest more options of emoticons? I love the current ones but more would be a nice touch. The grind is real, I do wish the payout of coins would be higher from watching videos but you usually get only 20 coins which I think is low? Lastly, and I'm not sure if it comes in later down the road, but I'd like to see a board with more squares to play a larger game. And maybe an offline mode with faster drop rate for the pieces? I dunno but it's a great game!
The Last update destroyed my experience and not only mine. You can't Play ranked modeany more because you face enemies that are 2-3 levels higher than you. It's unfair. PLEASE FIX THIS. If you could add a dissable buton for emotes that would be great. Its funny how the Bots that are 3 levels higher emote just to put some salt on the wound... New review. After 1 month of this coment, nothing changed, you still face 8/10 higher players who dominate you with their +2/+3 higher levels.
Match making is horrendous.. What's the point of playing if I'm constantly put against people with 3000 more health than me? No exaggerating
Game is addictive and beautiful. But ads are excruciatingly long and frequent. Bot fights are unfair as they are way too overly powerful and will drive down star rating too low. Good luck with that.
I truly like this game but it has some flaws that make me want to delete it. Adding friends is a horrendous experience. Seriously, what's wrong with a simple request and invite? Not getting a reward for a victory is frustrating too. it can take forever to upgrade only getting 40-70 coins and only with keys. Keys should be an extra bonus on top of the standard reward. There's literally no reason to play once you're out of keys. I realize it's about money but good grief!
This game is dead. You will only play against bots. What is sad is they have a bot mode and a PVP mode. However the PVP mode is still filled with bots. They try to make you think they are people in the fight by having them emote, but in the fight log you can see they are bots.
Extremely difficult to get gold to upgrade cards. On average it costs me 1000 gold to upgrade a card, yet I only get <50 from WINNING a game. Only reliable way to get alot of gold I watching ads. I get it pays for the game, but I would watch the ads regardless if I had enough gold already or not, limiting ways to get it is just detrimental. Its extremely easy to get cards, I have enough to upgrade mine twice over, but I cant because of the gold. Overall good gameplay, but needs other rebalance.
I've found a similar game in which we can create a room with a code to invite another player to battle. Can we do the same here?
Very enjoyable. One of the few on mobile where paying isn't required to win, if you've got some skill. Puzzle meets frantic battle. Multiplayer only, though you can pretend they're all bots if you want.
Zero!!!!! I finally have my characters built up and awesome. But apparently the developers don't like that since now the game will no longer work unless I erase everything and start over. Waste of time and money unfortunately. Google grow a pair and remove it. πŸ˜’
The game's okay. Connection issues happen but not all the time any more. I played the game for a long time. Eventually I uninstalled due to match making. I got really tired of playing opponents with more health than me, winning a couple and then getting slaughtered by someone 2 or 3 levels above me. there should be a ladder system per level in my opinion. But maybe there's just not enough ppl playing the game to do that. I did fight a lot of the same players over and over. Good game, not for me.
3 stars. the game is a good game when it comes to combat and strategy. The downfall is its lack luster progression with a garbage progress halter. Of course you can always just pay to win! id rather the game give u random generates ai opponents to win a little gold at a time. only way to get gold is pay or progress though you will reach a point where u cant defeat anyone cause they will overpower you. so a decent game minus the pay to win garbage and progress halter.
Well its a very good and addictive game but the last update killed it it womt rank up skill points no matter how much you win please fix it
Surprisingly fun and addicting...! The only reason why I don't give it the 5 stars it's because I find the rewards system a bit frustrating, like each character can only have up to 5 keys to get gold and they take 16 hours to respawn... So it makes it difficult if you want to focus on a particular character. Ads are optional but you kinda have to go through in order to optimize rewards... Other than that, real time duels with spells is super fun... One of my favorite games
This game is mostly unplayable if you don't shell out money for the Golden Pass; you will only be able to do a single quest at a time (3, 8, and 12 hours) with random support slots (and there are 11 caters so you can only use 1-3 of them tops). Spells are given out moderately at first but become scarce after a few areas. Events even out levels but not spells, so you'll constantly go up against pros with superdecks and not be able to win anything. It's a fun game, but the pay2win wall is high.
Hello, The first eye catcher of this game are SUPER HIGH END DETAIL GRAPHICS & ANIMATIONS. This itself makes this game STAND OUT and Unique. Hats off to the entire team. I have one Suggestion :- IF you can add a vibration feature while playing the game. For example when I attack / hit my opponent, the phone will vibrate during and when the attack is hit and destroys the opponent. This will enhance the game experience further. Please send my suggestion to the relevant team. Thank you so much.
Even though I put HOURS into this game EVERY DAY I'm giving it one star because I'm tired of getting paired with no one besides people who are 3, 4 levels higher then me. This makes the match almost impossible to beat seeing how they have THOUSANDS more health then me and can cast WAY stronger shields and attacks. IT MAKES THE GAME SEEM POINTLESS At least make it so the health is the same like when going up against a friend. I hate losing all my victory points and getting stuck. PS WHY NO REPLY
Honest Opinion- could be good... As it is, 2 stars is generous. There is quite an obvious pay wall in this game and it is the in-game currency. You will NEVER have enough as an f2p player and it will show very early in the game. Everything needs gold coin to upgrade and ways to earn it are purposefully lacking.The match-making system is a joke, repeatedly matching beginners against high-level players. These are obviously choices made by the devs to push players to pay. It's a shame really...
This game is very fun to play since you always get to fight other people instead of a computer and you always have to be strategizing with the random cards you're dealt. I've had a blast playing, but my one criticism would be the availability of coins and such. I've managed to get by through watching a ton of their ads, but if you really want to get anywhere in this game you have to purchase the materials that allow you to strengthen your cards, which I don't like because you get barely any coins at all for winning of you're not highly ranked.
it lacks fun, it isn't fun when you have a checkers board and just watch the game, or when your enemy attacks removes everything from your board so you don't even get to play... All in all, great idea, poor execution ... i know its purpose is to make people buy microtransactions, but at least try to hide that...
Your rank system is awful never play against my level either 3 level higher or 3 level lower. You gotta fix that it ruins a beatufil game.
edited: in the end it's a p2w. I've been playing for a few weeks, reading official walkthrough and stuff but after lvl10 it's always the same unless you pay. and that's not the worse because: 1) ads bug: see 3 times the ad because game crashes at the end of the video and my galaxy s9 is a good phone. 2) matchmaking algorithm is piloted and unbalanced. 3) prices in the market are expensive for this kind of game. you should at least double the prize for the same amount of money. it's a pity...
Very frustrating at times. Progression is kind of slow. Keys are few and far between. Upgrades tend to be pricey. Very challenging. My own field beats me more times than players do. You get a sequence that you can't get out of and the field is locked up. Needs to be reset at a cost. Character are fun to play each with different styles of combat
After updating my phone to android 11, app keeps on crashing on start. Running on Samsung Note 10 plus.
STOP FORCING ME TO REPLAY THE TUTORIAL ON EVERY NEW INSTALL. IT'S JUST A FREAKING SKIP BUTTON WHY DONT YOU ADD IT? IT'S TIREING TO GET THROUGH. Reply: I cant restore prev state with my Google Play Account because i got stuck in the turorial without anyway to skip, or to accΓ©ss the settings menu.
Great game but too grindy. In-game progression is far too slow to keep one's attention for very long and even the $4.99 starter pack doesn't go far at all. Still provided some decent entertainment... Just wish the progression felt slightly more rewarding so I'd have the motivation to keep playing, because it is a pretty good game.
I played this game for a far amount of time. Like other player i started off years ago, race my way to 500k fame. Rank within the top 50 at times. Then i lost my account. So i started off playing from scratch again. I cant say i am a new player. But man, the matchmaking system is so broken. Putting me against players two three level above me. Pitching low level tierra against asgard or raven? Good luck newbies. You will have better time playing other game. As for admin, just fix the mm system
Aa soon as I bought something in-game, it started crashing. Now the game doesn't start anymore. I tried reinstalling, nothing works.
What a clever game! Easily a 5 star game! I only give it a 4* rating because i felt the social aspects, while there, were sort of lacking. For example, I couldn't add random players as friends (to have a rematch!) and i couldnt find a guild tab, but maybe guilds are for later in the game. I expect more social aspects will be added soon, because a LOT of this game is well done. Graphics, audio, even the attitude is a nice one. I feel like members of the fighting game community could and should get behind this game. This seems like one of the games that could be easy to learn, tough to master. I recommend keeping your defenses ready and powering through losses. Good work devs, I look forward to more! I hope a Casual battle mode with everything(characters and spells) at a certain level is made available eventually. Take care all!
When i first saw some of the preview screens i tought this was another hero collector with a puzzle combat mechanic. The Art made me try it thinking that i wont probably will be playing this game if it was just another hero collector. Big was my surprise when i started playing. Awesome combination of mechanics and so much depth on the building of a strategy to play against others. im in love with this game now :) and hope it lasts for ever :)
Lol, installed it and opened... Crashed after 30 seconds of opening. Opened it again and it froze within another 30ish seconds. Looks cute and fun, but it does not run properly. Lots of kinks to work out for sure.
Recently has been crashing, it's fun if you invest time into getting all the heroes and but it's literally unplayable for me at the moment.
It's a money pit like most other games. Worse you are dependant on luck to get the tiles you need and you are constantly put up against people who out level you by 2or 3 levels. So leave this one alone unless you have money to waste.
I love the game. It's challenging, it has amazing characters, amazing and unique battle system, and the music is really nice and takes you back to old retro RPG games.
Fun game, helps scratch the itch left by the huge void in my soul from Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo II. Could use more actual people to match against. I'd say one out of thirty matches is actually against another person
It is an interesting game. There is a lot of really cool little aspects. For me, the biggest turn off was what i felt to be artificial difficulty on the bosses. I made it to the first boss and i woukd get a big spell ready to fling over and the boss would put up an instant shield. Every time. No lag on the spell. Just instant damage reduction. I dont mind a challenge but I do not like a cheaty, gimmicky, mechanic.
Animations and gameplay is very good but Jesus I spend half my time waiting for screens to load and for those wonderful animations to finally finish. This needs to be way more snappier for a phone game imo
Awesome game. Has a match-3 feel but much more tactical. Even if you have a lower level character, you can defeat an opponent if you strategize correctly. I don't feel the IAP's are forced and the ones that are available for purchase aren't crazy expensive for what value you get in the character/spell packs. Would love more emotes in battle or more distinct ones. Ability to add someone you battled would be great and more characters in the future would be awesome.