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Super Salon

Super Salon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game takes so long to download I gave up and uninstalled. 1992 dial up would be faster then this thing and I know it's not my connection. Everything else works just fine
After every stage, you have to watch an ad, and there are "VIP" customers that require an ad to play that stage. The controls aren't very clear, and then performing the action isn't smooth, especially the eyebrow plucking and facemask. When you get to the hair dye, you don't dye the entire head of hair, only part of the head in a way that looks messy, not intentional like highlights, lowlights, or half dyed hair.
Glitchy and its hard to do anything bc of it glitching so bad you go to one area and it brings the tool to the next
It's a ok app to play and kill time, only problem I have right now with the app is my people's eyes..one stays closed always and the other open and some of the makeup won't go on there eyes
It was good I guess.... I would not say that is was really fun and not boring. That is why I gave it three stars
All I wanna say.. Is the ads they are really disgusting. I'm a kid and I know this. It tries to brainwash people to change to someone they are not. My sister wears a long sleeves shirt and shorts as an outfit. She hates dresses. She won't change her style into dresses just because someone might say. "You will get a guy that way." It's really dumb that you made the game like this. Change the ads please and just fix the game from lag. Thanks for understanding if you did.
Marked as two star as it gives you and option to remove ads so I did for a small cost yet it doesn't tell you that you still have to watch adds to get the 'VIP' customers so what exactly do we pay for????
The controls are bad. The game is super laggy when you cut the hair off the eyebrows. It pushes adds every second, and there isn't much to do. Not worth the time.
I played about 5 minutes and had to watch about 10 ads.. ads come up about every 10 seconds..i uninstalled it..
The concept of the game is pretty fun however it's very poorly made. In the first stage you have to stave eyebrows, but they animated it so badly my phone started to lag. My phone isn't bad at all. It also almost continuely vibrates: When you shave, put cream on, epilate, go to the next level. Basically everything. It also has an ad after every level. And if you want to collect tips you need to watch an ad. If you want to open a box you need to watch an ad. I deleted it after 10 minutes of time
Pretty disappointing. The controls are off. Ur doing eyebrows, with very little control of the shaver. Ad after and sometimes during play. Even when u choose to skip a gift to avoid ads they still take u there.
Literally just an ad farming game. Everything you do is followed by an ad. Also, I didn't see anyone else with this problem, but like mine crashed like every two minutes. Controls are awful, everything becomes the same if you can pay attention after the five 30 second ads for each person you get. Not like this review will matter though, this company will only care about the money they make and not the quality of the actual "game." I hate this world. I hate this game.
No Staror no stars it's just weird characters are weird and the characters are ungrateful and just need some more stuff added to it
I am downloading this game now i will edit this feedback and i will tell you how this game is ok for now i am only giving it 1 for now after that i will check how many stars this game deserves ok let me just go and play.. I have played this game but this game is not good it vibrates in every single move please do something about this and it has a not good quality what to do please contain this thing also that's why i am giving this game only 2 stars okk bye
I love this app but one problem there is too many adds but other wise it is a great I think u should download it right know
I don't think that showing girls of this generation that they need to be a certain way to be fixed or better we girls and boys are a beautiful in our own way and this game doesn't throw that message out there it just throws down girls that look different so I do not support this game.
I been playing this game for a month or so and now after im done making someone over they just stand and game doesn't move this just started plz fix im about to uninstall it now it just shows the salon no people coming in im done
Boring... And the characters repeat themselves. Some interventions are gross and it's not a very wow game.
Purchased "Ad free" constant adds still there. Game is super buggy unless you turn haptic feedback off. Basically run away
this game is really creepy i just installed and went on there it welcomed me with a unpleasent AD! Not just that, i went on there and pressed play and it glitched. Half of the face of the character was GONE. I thought it was just a glitch you get at the start, but no i did the task and pressed next it glitched yet AGAIN. The face was only half and the mouth had a black square around it. Please dont install! If you do beware of the glitch ....
It's just really bad, the game itself doesn't run very well and it lags a lot on many of the tools you have to use. I do not recommend to anyone.
I played up to level 4 and couldn't play anymore. The amount of ads are ridiculous. Some of the characters needed 2 or more treatments but instead of giving the whole treatment you'd give one then get an ad. Do another then get an ad. Couldn't do it anymore. It was super annoying.
Terrible! Absolutely terrible! While the game has potential and it's interesting to some extent, the optimization however was absolutely not there. The game did not stop even for one make up to freeze, not follow my fingertip and constantly vibrate for no reason and each time I had to wait at least 20-30 seconds for the game to start working again before it freezes again after a couple of seconds!
This game is fun but the ads are constantly popping up during and before the game half the time I just exit out of the game cause there are so many ads i read the other reviews and I have to agree with them this game could be better but those ads and also I don't really have control of the tools when I use them!
The game itself is really fun however the ads are really disruptive i understand its for money but maybe try to take a few of them away please
I hate this game it doesn't actually show the calls that it did in the video anyway that's why I gave a one because it lies😑
Feels like more ads than play. I've maxed out all upgrades with only a few days play. Has become boring v.quickly. Not a lot of choices, only preprogrammed makeup, colours etc. Waste of time really. Don't usually say that about a game. Only saving grace is that you get more than enough free money & isn't pay to play.
Fun basic game, enjoyed it until the ads got to the point where they were regularly in the middle of gameplay. I then purchased the "no ads" option. There are still definitely lots of ads, even during gameplay. Very disappointed, was hoping no ads meant no ads.
If I could put 0 stars, I would. First, WHERE THE HECK IS THE FACE!!!!!! All there is is eyes and a mouth and the mouth has a black rectangle around it. It makes me so annoyed I can't work. It is soooo frustrating 😑😑😑😑. Total 0.
APP DOESNT WORK!!! NOTHING HAPPENS WHEN OPENED.. JUST SEE SALON. had I known the limitations with the games growth or progression I never would have. You hit a point where you own everything pretty quickly which turns the game even more repetitive than before. Oh, and now it won't let me do anything except stare at an empty salon, with no option to update.. glitch seems permanent for me as I have tried a few times over a 2 week period to play the game and couldn't. Fun to play but DO NOT WASTE $
Ads are excessive, and the vibration is extreme. After each round, there would be an ad. Which isn't new... Nor is it admirable. When I'd play, it'd make my phone vibrate.. *SO MUCH* My wrist would tickle.. Also, false advertising!!!! I was on a drawing app and I was starting to get bored. I saw an ad for this game at the top. It said it had 5 stars. So, I decided to tap it. MAN WAS IT WRONG. Guys, please, don't waste your time. Don't waste your space. Don't click an ad out of boredom.Please
It's an okay game, but the graphics are absolute dogshit. I couldn't really pay attention to the game, because the whole time I was like "girl, what's wrong with your e y e ?"
I'm very sorry but it doesn't work and I've been deleting all my data and apps and it still doesn't work so can you please improve and make it better and not very very very very laggy because I'm much appreciated not that advertising false things but it's just very laggy okay thank you for making this game and being the best.
This app has some good potential, but it's really glitchy and that can be really annoying... fixing that would be really nice.
Yes. There are way too many ads. I know it's a way for the creators to earn money, but it's just too much! My kids kept stumbling about an ad and have to wait for a while before they could progress in the game. So I turned off the internet connection on their ipad. I guess that's a way to stop the ads from coming, but I feel like too excessive ads are just unnecessary either ways. Please reduce the number of ads being shown to the player.
This is pure bs. The whole face isn't even there just the eyes and mouth. That is very unacceptable and unplayable ignoti boeing disgusted at the face. I'm not su re of it is a gotiche bit if it isn't, them the game nerd to reprograme or canceled.
It's super glitchy and you pretty much do the same thing over and over again. You have to watch ads to get pretty much anything extra
There's no way to mess up and you don't like even have makeup that you can put on them and no accessories and no dresses or there hair or nails its so bad you should not even try downloading it is terrible because your pretty no matter what you look like and it has so many adds and you get the same people and problems every person and round
I just down loaded the app and it's very laggy for me and why would you ask to rate the app and er the very first level thing and if there was an option to rate it an 0 then I would it doesn't even deserve a 1 star.
There's a small problem. The game's pictures were shown what I was expecting. The skin isn't showing at all.
Its so much fun its kinda like a spa day and i love this game but there is one problem the ads i wish they were no ads anyways love the game keep up the good work
Seriously do not install this game. It is a complete waste of time. I use applications with a handful of ads so I was prepared to use this game expecting ads but, the amount of ads in this game is UNBELIEVEABLE! It feels like every 20 seconds there is an ad!! The game doesn't function right anyways. It always shuts down or freezes. It isn't worth it.
I like this game but not much because when i was making eyebrows and other things then my phone was vibrate πŸ˜‘
Just from the adversements.. I had to download. Just to write a reveiw. This is the worse app I've ever seen. This is what is wrong with people today. This app tells people there is something wrong with them and that they aren't exceptable in any shape or form. This tells people to change who they are to be wanted or loved. This is sad.
It just seems a bit more of a childish game than I initially expected . The graphics really aren't all that great either ..
This game is a lot of fun but once you reach the max out the levels there's nothing to tell you. I would hope there was a next salon to move to but I continued to play and it just keeps going on without moving forward.
This was the worst game ever it was so glichy and the face wasent ther the eye,s mouth and that were ther but no skin to be found.do not play this i recermend play anything else.
Trash app. 4 attempts to open it and it doesn't work. The loading screen takes forever and when it eventually finishes it just gets stuck on a black screen.
So this game us nice eeh whatever. Like it is so insipiring about simulation games this game has shown me love i show it love to thankyou.lol
So many ads and its highly annoying that I can never actually fully dye the hair, it just let's me colour for 2 seconds and then finishes. Major improvements needed for this game.
This game is great but I give it to stars because every thing you do ads you want a new product ads you want a new customer ads you want to decorate your salon ads just to many ads.
Super glitchy and really annoying to have to wait for the game to stop glitching to see where you're at.
Ad(s) when you open. Another before you start the game. Ad after each thing you do with every 'customer' (and for each one there are like five things you do). It's ridiculous how many ads are shown. Like it's free so it's expected to have some. But after every single thing that happens! Unlock an item and then another ad. And then another ad because you finished with one person. Then another because you are starting a new 'customer'. Fix this because it's a total waste. Has great potential.
I believe that it is just a useless game. Very poor features. No worth to download. & this review is something that u guys won't deny I hope
Bad game its so loading to open the app i wait 1 min to start the game so i pick only one starπŸ˜“πŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘
AMAZING GAME Oops sorry caps, ahem. Okay, the game is very fun (recommend) can you make a thing where you can choose what you actually want, like I always want the surgery kit but I'm not having any luck
Horrible . The characters are so creepy and repetitive, I guess that isn't a proper problem, but like.. geee This game projects an image that there is a right and wrong way to look, for instance the 'fix my face' is just terrible because you are beautiful the way you are. There are so many ads that this game doesn't even deserve a 1 star.. I get that the producers need the money but seriously, if it makes this many users mad to the bone, maybe something should be done. Plus, add makeup for boys.
I played this game on airplane mode for about 30 mins before completing it. That isn't to say it was easy. Oh, sure, the game is simple. But the calibration on this thing is terrible! I could start with my finger over the exact spot a tool is on, not letting go of the screen, and as I move around the tool will stray behind. Not to mention the models, the animations, and the make up are all hideous. My phone would lag every time I'd trim brows, and it won't stop vibrating at everything I do. 1/5.
So this game is not what I was looking for. It is not a precision game at all. It often finishes things for you when you get close to being done with things like face masks. There are alot of ads. In between clients, inbetween eyeliner and eyebrows, for VIP clients, for store decor, for gifts and more. If the ads dont bother you then this is a very chill game. No precision needed. Personally I dont really like it.
Game is so monotonous. Plus paid nearly Β£5 to stop the 300 ads only to still get ads. No option to contact support. Rip off. If zero stars were an option it would be that.
The hell? Can't colour their hair fully. Great game and all, but it gets annoying. The people look stupid with it..
a lotttttttttt of adss..it almost like you watching an ads instead of playing game..after you done with one game..then the ads will pop out..likeeee whattt..are you try to make a game or an ads video
It for me personally had so much lag and there were so many ads. Not only that but every time you get something wrong or whatever it buzzes. I personally dont like the game. :/ There is an ad after everything and every prodecure.They also put a bad idea of people that don't wear makeup that you "need" makeup to look "Hot" for a boy to like you. LIKE NO that is disgusting and puts a bad impression for kids or adults that they need to get all these fillers and makeup to make them look beautiful. :
On my phone, the tool you are using is not completely under you finger, and often goes off the screen. Also, I have a Samsung S6 tab, and the pen doesn't work with this app. Kinda fun, but could use some improvements.
Yes, this is a great game and I highly recomend you play it, but there's one problem FIX THE ADDS!!!! way to many. But overall thar its really fun to play. Ps, please put less adds 😁 have a great day.
I wanna have fun playing this game, but it's super glitchy, and the vibrations are super annoying because they glitch along with the gameplay.
OMG! this app should be called Bug Salon... 🀨 It's IMPOSSIBLE to control & takes FOREVER to do ANYTHING! Uninstalled
I'm gonna be honest, it's pretty fun. It's probably gonna get boring once you unlock everything but it's a pretty entertaining way to pass the time..but I have an issue with what it teaches. In this game you give people plastic surgery, lip filler and more and I don't know if that's the right thing to be teaching young girls. And after they seem so much happier...but maybe I'm overanalyzing it.
Good concept but this app keeps crashing and ads don't load when you want them to... other times ads always keep popping up
What's the point in paying the 4.99 for NO ads...when you're still going to have to watch freaking ads!!!
I know that a lot of salon games have "fix my face" or "make me look pretty again" and so does this one. You can use words like "she wants to wear makeup, can you put makeup on her?" Because everyone is BEAUTIFUL, YOUR LOOKS DO NOT DEFINE WHO YOU ARE, please remember that. Another thing, there are wayyyy too many ads, everytime I move onto another level, I am bombarded with an ad. And lastly, the screen froze multiple times when I was trying to play.
Add lied and said you can do whatever you wanted to the client but it is just another step by step game
Horrible. Glitchy and freezes. There are ads which I understand but 30 seconds or more every time? No. Moving your finger for the tools is a joke and off. It vibrates at the wrong time. I think it would be a good game if it worked. It's got potential but whoever developed it doesn't care it doesn't work clearly. Definitely a fail.
1.This game sucks i cant even use a needle to plump up the lips and feel like a real surgeon 2. This picture is misleading it make me think it has needles and it doesnt 3.sucks that you have to play to earn instead of it all being there from start 4. its had too many ads 5.i feel like yall robbed me of time in my life.
Ummm i think there should be some changes 1. Dying the hair was so short 2. I think the vip charicters should look more prestentabble 3. You should be abble to take pictures of the chariters insted of the vip chariters only geting a photo( btw the vip chariters take so long because of the vid)
As all the other reviews have said, there are a lot of ads in this game. I've taken up playing it with airplane mode on to avoid them, which makes the game much more enjoyable. It's very repetitive, but still entertaining me enough to put enough time into it to have the salon and all equipment fully upgraded. (Despite it making my phone hot.) After that, however, there's no real pay-off to keep playing. It's fun if you're bored, but you'll probably get bored of this game in a bit too.
I know you guys gain money through ads but ads everytime i passed a customer were too much. I'm sick of ads πŸ˜‘ The level were boring btw (i dont know why but kaybe because it's not my gaming type)
This game is terrible. Firstly the number of ads is beyond ridiculous. Do 1 thing = watch an ad. Secondly, this game is promoting that there is a right and wrong way to look. Thirdly, the graphics are terrible, the game is slow and it's really not worth your time.
Just started playing and completed level 1 and then I suddenly get asked if I enjoy the game and asked to rate the game, I honestly think that you should wait a little bit longer before asking as you may get higher review ratings (but I wouldn't know since I've only just started the game) UPDATE: got to day 7 after loads of random ads + been kicked off the game randomly 6 times, honestly this game is not worth the time downloading or the money to remove the ads which is neary Β£5
Fun while it lasted....I have maxed all my salon items, the ads are annoying but I got over that. Wish there was more items to unlock - maybe nails? Pretty boring now going through the same motions. Could there be another salon?
Too many ads. So much that they make it difficult to play. Timing for these ads is horrible. Playing could be improved by placing ads only after sessions, not during them since the ad ends the session or crashes the game. Moreover, the tool controls should be improved by moving the tool by swiping but activating it by a button or something, rather than auto activation. There's a similar thing in dentistry game but it seemed better than this one.
I mean it's a good and interesting game. If u dont like the ads just turn of your internet and data, and well if u cant then this game might not be for u. It may be a bit unrealistic, especially with the plastic surgery thing, but it's still entertaining. Also unlocking the stuff is super easy and it's not like u have to pay for some equipment like in most games. About the levels: i like them because they are not reparative and even less when u unlocked everything.
I saw the ad for this game appear so many times and I just had to review this. This game is simply disgusting. What is wrong with people nowadays? This app tells U that U need to fix your face or inject stuff into your body to look pretty. In an era where people suffer with body image issues and many more kids and teens are suffering from disorders such as anorexia this game is instilling the fact that surgery is needed to look hot. Will definitely cause a negative impact on the minds of kids.
Not only is gameplay extremely simple and repetitive, the controls are awkward and there are no ads available for you to get your tips or treat vip customers.
When I first got it freezes for a second then it let's me play in the rest of the game boring it's just so bad it sounds like it for boys only it's creepy don't get ever get game free ever ok
I wanted to try out this app so I downloaded this game. But when I try to play the starting screen always freezes and kicks me out. I tried reinstalling but the starting screen still freezes. Its suuuper annoying so please please please fix that.
This game is terrible bad I just got the game and so much happened the face was glitch and that have ugly lips
The ad that I saw for this was medically inaccurate; the girl jaw is crooked, and then we just fix it with just our hands? I may not be a Med Student, but That is a medical issue, it needs professional help. The customers don't have skin on their faces; just floating wigs, floating eyes, floating mouths, with a torso and legs. As the other reviews were saying, it sends a shameful message to people. You guys need a good personality to be beautiful/handsome, or, it wouldn't end well. Lags a lot.
While playing this game, ads pop up between steps. And for me, the ads cause my game to not respond and crash. The only way to stop this is to pay 5 bucks for a game that isn't worth that much. If you were space out ads more or maybe just save them for when people want to make over a celebrity, get a gift, or collect their tip jar, crashing might not be such an issue.
Terrible! Every single time I try to play this game it after I clear level one it always freezes up and reboots too many ads! If I could give this app zero Stars I would uninstall this app right away!
This game is absolutely HORRIBLE! Not only does is glitch but it's promoting the wrong message to people and especially younger people... This game shouldn't even be aloud to be on here... There needs to be a more positive and appreciate app out there for those younger audience. Absolutely Disappointing.
It's so HORRIBLE. I thought this game is good but when i played it my gosh!, I can't play it anymore this is horrible and ridiculous game.
Ads every 15 seconds, would be a good enough game but they spend too much time advertising everybody else's games and ruining there own!!
I had seen the ads for this game (more on that in a second) so I wanted to see if it was as bad as I thought. And I was right! First off this game is just dumb. You play for 30 seconds to then have to watch 45 seconds or longer of ads. πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Waste of time. Plus, the ads I've seen for this game are shameful! You are sending the message to kids like mine that have craniofacial deformities that no one will love them unless they get their face "fixed" so they can be "hot". Shame on you. Disgusting.
More of an ad simulator than anything else. Also hard to finish jobs because of calibration with tools. So many ads that when you need to watch an ad for a reward it won't load one.
I have given 3 stars, because the ads irritate so so much!!! Please try to get rid of ads. Or atleast reduce their number! Thank you.
Seriously I don't even know where to start with this 1. The Ads ooh the ads YOU LITERALLY PLAY 15 SECONDS AND WATCH 30 SECONDS ADS like I understand the fact you need money but stop 2. The models are creepy and scary and the "fix my face" It's 2020 not 2013 okay 3. The gameplay is awful and the game itself is super glitchy
It's an interesting game. But there are too many ads interrupting while playing and making the game tiresome and annoying
This game is UGLY and so incredibly lazy. The models are so poorly made with so many clipping and animation/rigging issues it's insane. Waywayway too many ads. Not even fun.
The graphics are okay, but the game is already SO boring. There are WAY too many ads that pop up. The game glitches out a lot. You have to watch ads for everything. Kinda stupid.
The add that showed me this said I could 'mess up there faces' but in reality it makes you follow a dumb guide plus their are way to many adds. I get maybe like one every five minutes but the adds put up every 30 seconds and it's really hard to play and it overall is a bad game and has fake advertising
Unplayable. There are so, so many ads. I "played" for about fifteen minutes, ten of that was ads and no I'm not exaggerating. In between every customer, in between every day, ads if you wanted to collect your tips, and add between treatments! The controls are wonky at best and half the time I have my finger on a completely different section of the screen as the applicator tool. Don't even get me started on the blackhead tool. Overall just an awful experience. I've already deleted it.
This was a terrible game. There are thousands of adds and you need to them to get everything. The graphics are horrifying and completely unrealistic. So maybe it's best if you don't download it unless you like terrible quality games.
I thought the game was slow please get rid of the vibration but overall I thought the game was really fun