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Super MiniPix

Super MiniPix for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Laurent Bakowski located at 83 rue de l'amiral Mouchez Hall G2 75013 Paris. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is great.so many funnny players gameplay is fun.if you made a platformer and the theme changes within 1 minute i would be super happy
Great game but it just goes on and on and never pauses I mean there is a pause button but I would like to get a little pause when my character dies if you know what I meanπŸ˜†.Plz add a button like continue or something it would be appreciated 😊✌ Sorry if its too much to ask 😊
I love this game, its very quick to load and simple, the characters are funny and its addictive. I suggest adding in the corner which theme or character you are playing (for copyright you could put e.g: batboy Instead of Batman etc.) And a menu which shows his many kills you have on each character. Possibly a rank for how good you are on each one?
Im very glad that you listened to our suggestions and added 13 (whopping number) to the crew! This makes it less repetitive and more challenge to the game, thanks!!!!
May i ask? I know this is weird but what if you add The Battle Cats like at least one cat ( If you don't know look it up ) :3 sorry if I ask too much.
The game runs smooth and controls are really easy! But the game isn't... it's really challenging! Great job!😁😎
Great game but sometimes when you jump on an enemy it kills you or sometimes it kills the enemy. But still a great game and it's super addictive!
Dude, this game is the BOMB!!!! It has everything in it, from characters, to enemies, to a pixelated shoot em up style! I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH!!!!! And their is no long wait for a revive, cuz its instant!!! My only suggestion is: can you make it so that there is a start button before going into battle?
If you can add more new worlds like rage memes and MLG and worlds for real life countries and marvel and DC universes and comics and more anime and cartoon like Steven universe and adventure time and if you can make the enemies shoot at us that will be more challenging and harder
At great game that I love to bits. It's fun, challenging and great fun to guess each characters name and which show they came from! Here are some suggestion for the game make an easy mode as it may put people off at first but not me. The rest of this review are character ideas: The Doctor - Doctor Who, Edd - Eddsworld, Link - The Legend Of Zelda, Road Runner - The Looney Toons, Sully - Monsters Inc. If you can add at least one of these i'd be over the moon. Keep up the fabulous work - Jammo Dodger
Hi I love this game just one suggestion: could u please add a character named Ben 10 who can change into a Alien named Four Arms
I have 2 ideas that can improve this already amazing game #1 add can fave characters like naruto sasuke goku and people like that #2 make a feature where you get a small pixel board and you can make a character, weapon and how it shoots but overall this game is godlike
Really enjot this little game if possible could we see a naruto throwing kunai or using nine tales somehow
Add tv show characters like steven universe,gravity falls,adventure time and more EDIT:PLS ADD FOXY THROWING PIZZA AT FREDDY PLS
I have a suggestion, what about a Fallout world? You could have a Laser Rifle fighting Feral Ghouls or something.
I always play it until my phone dies and then I go plug it in and play it more also can you add one more character it could be minions punching gru and could you add slow motion
BEST. GAME. EVER. Oh and also I had a suggestion. Whenever you beat a level a selecting screen pops up and you can choose your character and the person you want to fight. Oh and also maybe you can choose your background. Well it's only a suggestion so you don't have to agree with me. BUT if you do I will be very happy. Have a nice day!
Excellent old school pixel style game! No fuss of in game currency for unlocking characters, low game size, non intrusive ads, perfectly smooth operation! What impressed me the most is the variety of characters, from popular Hollywood movies to anime heroes! Each character has a unique weapon (not just cosmetic changes, mechanics are varied) with many different types of enemies too! Some characters can even fly! Despite being pixelated, most characters are instantly recognisable. Amazing job dev, will try out your other games too!
Love the cute pixelated characters, and I love how something this simple could be that addicting. Great job.
Fast paced and chock full of easter eggs to pop culture and a couple memes im a huge man of pixel flash games and tbis is one of the best ive played. Thx for killing my boredomπŸ˜‰
I love this game my high score rn is 399100 but idk if I'll be at it anytime soon lol but I think there be a fallout 4 where the character is wearing power armor shooting Raiders with a minigun
Can you guys let us draw our own pixel character then play it in the actual game level on the next update pls!!!
I'm absolutely loving this game. Hooked right from the second I saw the characters. I love the fun references in each character, and I'm really impressed by how active you guys are a developers, responding to every review. Now, then, I guess I'll add my two cents. If possible, more anime characters would be pretty cool, other than that, you've pretty much got me sold. Well Done!!!
This game is amazing But one problem,its too easy! And also plz add a multiplayer or PvP mode that would be awesome thanks!
I really like the game. With charming graphics that take me back to the atari days, very fast paced gameplay, and when i say very fast i mean the game starts immediately when you launch the app, and lots of characters and references i can truly say that this is a fun game that i love.
Very amazing game. Also, the fully auto characters should require more skill to play, meaning that the enimies would take a certain number of bullets to kill. Another great addition would be jumping enimies. I love this game!
Super fun! You haven't updated since 2016, and I was wondering if you could please do more character updates 😁 if you can't I understand, but it would be great!
How about a new mechanic like superpower or boss enemies on the end of the game or you can just add more feature in the game in the future or a new map like grave or seas or even a giant bowl of water and a pixel world and please add more videogame character like pacman,Zelda,Or even undertale
A1 steak sauce game But add more characters I also redid this comment a year later after i installed it
I think this game is AWESOME!!! I CANT BELIEVE HOW INCREDIBLE YOU GUYS ARE I HOPE YOU RESPOND TO ME IT WOULD MEAN A LOT P.S I love this game like a lot thank you.
This game is amazing! I love the old school pixel vibe and I love all the mini references and characters. I'm absolutely blown away!
Best Game Ever Thanks For Making This Game And Its A Very Well Done And Its So Addictive So I Rate It On β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… And Thanks Mr.Laurent Bakowski Wel Done.
I really like the game so much and I'm looking forward to you making a next game as good as this and I like about this is many characters and fun gaming.
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES I EVER PLAYED!!! I love this game so much, the detail, the gameplay, and everything in general!!!!! I have some suggestions. You could add goku and have frieza be his enemy and he can fly and shoot ki blasts, anyways thanks for making a awesome game!
This game is very fun I love this game I hope you do minipix 2 I pove this game and can you edit the bad guy shoot us can?
Very nice! Here are my suggestions. Doomguy, and Spiderman. Doomguy would hold a shotgun and the enemies would be zombies. Spiderman would use his webshooters, and his enemies would be venom clones.
It's a great game but I think that if you added something like multiplayer mode it would reach better places. Just sayin.