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Super Miner : Grow Miner

Super Miner : Grow Miner for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Danchoco located at 102-1106, 335, Jungang-ro, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Actually.. kinda confusing and complicated in the same time.. Needs further more thing to craft. hardest from the beginning I cant even start. welp except mining of course. punching wood: useless, Crafting: slow, Mining: Slow and hard , Gaining Gold/items: Very hard slow to get... welp aleast this mining simulator has endless amount of mining to do
Wow this game is a LOT of fun 💙💙💙💙🥰🥰🥰😘 and I don't stop paying this game I LOVE it and I can what to see the next update
I love it but when you reach 500FT+ its impossible to get copper and can you make the fuser reverse aswell because i have so much useless gold and i need copper for making the tools for the No.1 miner and the game is good but can you add the reverse fuser
I love how you minimized the ads to options and a banner also the way that there is always something to do so you aren't just sitting and waiting
I like the game but it isn't really idle. Also I'd like offline progress. Otherwise a brilliant game.
its a pretty fun game, although it asks ne to rate it to much. I go afk a lot and I come back after an hour to see I've gone 3 floors because it's asking me to rate it. I think there should be a little "Rate :D" in the top left or something instead of having it just pop up. 😐
Good time waster. For players assuming when you shift mine it doesn't completes quest, it does. Tap on closed door and it will open. Thats how customers come in give order. I don't know what fighting monsters do, higher the floor stronger the monster. My hp is 100 always, any idea how to raise it?
Well. First off. This is not a idle game. If the game isnt open you wont earn progress towards the stupidly high prices. E.i the 10k for the 1st lvl in mining speed. Its a tap game. If ya not tapping then its slow as balls progression wise. Upgrades are not all miner wide meaning if you upgrade one stat its now for all. The random chance miner card. Ha. What a crock.
This is a casual game for mining, but need cloud save and more google play achievements. Play until level 920+ and still interesting
I hate this game and like it at the same time, but sorry thats why but I better move on to my YouTube channel and see my subscribers..
this game has potential for sure. the 3 stars is only because the flow of the game is painfully slow. there is so many barrier to prevent from being strong, the game becomes harder (block hp) faster than you can upgrade your tap or miners. other than feeling underpowered, this is a great game. I will be bac kto change my rating when appropriate
At least the music is nice, i could definitely fall asleep to it. At the very beginning there is too much visible that cannot be done yet, thats the biggest flaw. I dont want to see what CANT be done, so those options should be hidden until i meet the pre-req. Along the same lines, tutorial is both too long (showing late game actions) and too vague on important stuff in beginning. The ads seem to popup randomly but i noticed it more frequently when navigating the Office /shift section.
Cool game and all, but you will watch a short ad every 3 to 4 minutes. Besides that, the game is really fun. Cool graphics and easy to play. At one point it get really easy to earn money and is definitely NOT a pay to advance game. This game is so good it even made me write this long review. I never write a long review like this, so thank you for making this game so great.
This games is my childhood it is really fun!! The gameplay is even better! And it's addicting and it's very fun!!
I like it! Fun and straightforward game! I've been playing for about 2 weeks now and am still enjoying it very much. No annoying ads - you can choose to watch them to get rewards but the game is still very much playable if you don't want to :) good game for my Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus friends!
Lots of features, but they are all terrible. It is an amateur game with a lot of boring gameplay. Developer should have used this as a practice game to improve their skills and then spent all their time on an interesting gameplay dynamic.
An excellent game when u are on the move and it has great mini games. I suggest adding another power up maybe like all workers speed increased 5 minutes or summon better ores for 10 seconds
The experience is sooo good as the animations and when I've played,kinda laggy and the sign in was took so long but it is good game to play.The graphics sooo nice and kinda nostalgically remembered.
Fun so far. Been playing for a few days so far. My only complaint is that there's no offline progress at all so making money is really slow. Kinda reminds me of Tower of Hero but I don't have to click so frantically.
A great time waster game, it's easy to spend at least 30 minutes or more just tapping away. I downloaded it not expecting to enjoy it as much as I do. It's free to play with some intrusive ads which is kind of annoying but it's not every 5 seconds.
Liked it, but there are some issues with the balance and speed of the game. I've struggled to upgrade my gear as I can't enough starter materials, but I have far too many of other resources. Plus, it gets warmer too expensive to upgrade the lodge as it quickly fills up. Besides these little balance issues, the game is addictive and really fun.
Good, but without a way to speed up the game, the progression slows down immensely. Make it so crystals can speed up time, coal can be fused into copper, and you can buy crystals in the cash shop. Other than that, amazing game!
I love this game. the first reeseaon Is because of how much you can find out how to make it better if there wasn't 72 pickaxes.
Its good but there is a glitch where a veterian miner from miner draw with light skin has a black cube on its helmet and it becomes white for a second when he mines.
Difficult for crafting only... Essentially I found the "ore shop" where I could sell ore early on. But, this screwed me over, where copper has become a "rare resource". It barely drops the deeper you go, and from F300 to F400, there was only 50 ores of copper collected. That's 2000 blocks in the game. (20 per floor). With copper rarely dropping if ever, I'm literally stuck grinding my way through the early equipment crafting stages. Since there's no way to buy copper, or merge minerals for it.
When I was a bit younger I loved this game and I still love it a lot I recommend you play it if you like time wasters this is the game for you
This game would be a hell of a lot more fun if it didn't take a huge amount of time to get anywhere. Even with over 12 miners, I haven't been able to upgrade my gear much, they can't carry much, can't move mines because the shift lvl is waaaayyyy too much, and everything costs too much!!!!
Tutorial telling me to build a lodge so I can actually play the game, cant buy one single thing I try build materials I need but i can't because apparently I need a refinary which is impossible to build I don't even know how I've clicked on everything and theirs no tatorial online and the tatorial in game doesn't tell you anything or even in order so literally can't even play this simple game that's obviously not so simple afterall how dull
Some rad stuff. Only down side is how you get wood. Not fun sitting there and grinding it. But a pretty rad game.
this game is great but it has way to much r.n.g with the crafting so basically something can be 10 iron and 100 wood but then because of how theres such a large chance to fail it can end up being 100 iron and 1000 wood it just gets really annoying and the 2 ways to get wood are by either waiting forever for the bank to grow or to get 1 peice at a time with a minigame (which honestly is a smart way to do it) which you are way to pressured by the timer so you fail instantly then the crafting fails
Has good potential but definitely needs some tweaks and upgrades. I feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing at all plus they should change the color of the button when you can buy something rather than have everything this abysmal grey color all the time. I like the mini games though.
I have had this game for a pretty long time now. So, it has been a while since I last played. even so, I was pretty far in the game. I finally opened it again and all my progress has been reset. I'm not sure what happened along the way, but I am signed into my only Google account. Unless something can be done about it, this game will be uninstalled.
If you're looking for an interactive idle-clicker then you should definitely consider this. Not much to it really but I'm now on my 3rd install and for some reason I keep coming back to it and find myself tapping my way through hundreds of levels. Can't explain my insanity away but I'm hooked and maybe you will be too. Give it a go, it's free and if you get sick of forced ads it's cheap af to get rid of them. One day I'm gonna reach endgame and then I'm gonna start smoking crack or something.
I must be missing something. I simply will never have enough copper to upgrade my items. I have hundreds of iron and silver now but they do me no good because I can't upgrade to that point because there is no copper.
Decent little idle game, though there doesn't seem to be a feature for it to run while not open. Also equipment upgrades seem a tad hard to make, even the first level ones, dont think there should only be a 26% chance to make an first tier item that costs 2k each attempt, especially since early game you're making money very slowly.
It doesn't progress offline. Makes this type of game unplayable. Taking over 3 weeks to get past the 1st stage because my guys won't progress unless I'm actively playing.
I actually really like this game! It doesn't work all that good idley but i like that a little, that way i dont come back and be super op and i can still enjoy what im doing! I do think the tutorial could be a little better, as i figured most out on my own. But i like the game not perfectly but over all well! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 From me
An a amazing game that you can not get bored of also erm no adverts that helps a lot I can't believe how good it is convine you miner sometimes break ore,s fight big bosses by pressing one button and BOOOM kill him (or her) its amazing Pls play
A great game that has both solid idle and active play, neither feels over powered and both feel useful. The only issue I have is that purchasing the "Remove Adds" doesn't remove the adds, just one little inconcequential add bar at the top of the screen. Was kinda mad when i paid and still have to wait 30 seconds to double my rewards. 5 stars otherwise.
Feels like a waste of time when there is not enough progress. There is no creativity in the game after awhile, to keep it interesting! Sadly android games lack the interesting depth. It doesn't really change- much.
Fun, time killing game that I can wnjoy burning hours on. It's an addictive type of game with a little bit of a slow process,but it doesnt matter. It's not the best for gameplay, but besides that, it's great.
The game is very good, but the damage per click could be upgraded more easily than having to mine 10 floors to unlock the upgrade, you always have to click a lot to break a single block
nice little game, not too many ads, which is o really big plus in free games, although a couple of things could be improved, like offline mining time and amount and maybe somehow mark which miners have oil duplicates? because it's pretty disappointing to lose an experienced miner while trying to combine two.
I love this game! It is fun and keeps me playing it for a good hour or so. Butbone issue i have is its kinda complicated to go around and find where the forge is so could you make it its own button to make it a bit simpler? Other than that i highly recommend this game to everyone!
It's a great mining game you can hire people forge items and make money .I've been playing this game for 1 week and Im still not bored
Its a good game. If your looking to have fun here you go. If you need to kill time? Here you go! It may seem boring but to me its Really fun. I just started playing and i already got hooked up to it, great game. But if you can maybe add or do something that makes it easier to get the shards that would be great. Other than that amazing game. 10/10
I love this game it's amazing but it has a minor flaw it has nothing to do with how it is played it's just there isn't much to do with the shards and they are decently rare I think if you added another section of the shop it would be perfect