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Super Emo Alpaca 暇つぶしゲーム

Super Emo Alpaca 暇つぶしゲーム for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by App Land, Inc. located at 渋谷区神南1-12-16アジアビル2F. The game is suitable for Teen and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a very cute game. But I couldn't figure out what to do when they turned into feces. I couldn't buy food due to a pack of money and I couldn't get rid of them. I ended up deleting and downloaded the game again hoping that would let me start over.
Such cute yet creepy graphics. I have uninstalled it a few times but only because of my phone beinh filled with stupid other stuff. I love this game so very much!
Great time waster. However, I have noticed that some of my swipes don't respond (like when I try to release the alpacas). The graphics are cute yet grotesque; it has a lot of bloody elements, so I don't recommend this if you do not like gore. I have seen this issue in many reviews, and I must agree: How do you get rid of the poo? I obviously cannot feed it, I cannot release it, I cannot afford another garden, and changing the parents did nothing. The feature would be fine if one can at least get rid of it; all that would happen is that there are no benefits. I highly recommed this idea: increase the amount of time the alpacas turn into poo. I'd say about 48 hours. Other than that, I see no further issues. Just, please fix the poo thing.
This game is cute and creepy at the same time, I had fun discovering new alpaca species, be sure to read out their quote that come with each alpaca too. They're dark but then you would think you might have the same thoughts too if you're desperately yearning for love. :P So give them some loves! P/S: Sometimes they look really funny when they're breeding.
This game is adorable but very creepy at the same time. But I love it to "death" :^D and I can't stop checking it everytiem I get a new notification
I'm enjoying it so far! Got to the second garden and have unlocked a bunch of spooky new alpacas. I see a few reviews complaining that they couldn't figure out how to get rid of poop - just swipe up to send it away, the same as you would with alpacas.
My friends and I sit at lunch and play this and compare our albums. Collect alpacas who understand your self hatred and creepy jokes and learn to turn your volume down so classmates don't think you're insane. Harder than it looks, fun, and undeniably eerie.
The unique art style and my natural human instinct to collect things lured me into playing this game. However, it is a little glitchy: alpacas will float without walking animation, words and names will be out of order, and the text isn't formatted to fit inside the boxes sometimes. Overlooking those flaws, it's a really fun, cute, and macabre game.
Its fun and interesting unlocking new animals ^^ i suggest getting new envirments because it seems to automatically breed some new breeds even tho same alpacas breed. Ah but that aside i got all but 3 alpacas and decided to give up ^.^ i couldnt get the fakes that werent the cat and present(or whatever) .and the one on the top right of the last pannel(even tho many breeding attempts and over 100000 coins spent on machine- ).^.^ ah maybe one day i'll know and ik i tried hard to get them anyways CUTE GAME~
this app is a good timewaster. the alpacas are cute, and it's fun to try and find new kinds, though how to get those types doesn't always make sense. what do i breed to get what? i agree with other players here in that i think there needs to be a sleep mode so all your alpacas don't turn into poop overnight.
I went to sleep at night and woke up to my alpacas all being poop. And the two other alpacas wouldn't breed. I couldn't get the poop out of my garden, and I'm not really sure what to do? I've read all the instructions and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. If would be better if the game had a pause option because I do have a life outside of the game and can't check it every 15 minutes.
It's cute n all, but I have no idea how to clean them up after they turn into poop and that's really annoying. Also there should be some sort of sleep mode or something sonthat they won't turn into poop when you wake up.
I was uncertain at first, because of the unsettling appearance of many alpacas. But you learn to love them, and all they want is to be loved! Very cute, fun, and slightly addictive game! I can only wish that it would give you a chart or something to keep track of which alpacas made which kind of babies. I lost track pretty quickly.
Aside from waking up every morning to find my alpacas as poop, I love this game. Maybe some kind of sleep mode can be added? Secondly, I recently had my phone stolen (I had more than half of the alpacas), and am incredibly aggravated that I have to start from the beginning. Do you think you could add a cloud/account for this? That'd be great. Thank you~
It's an amazingly addicting game with multiple cute and lil alpacas to look after and care for. Honestly one of the best time wasting games I've ever encountered.
There is a glitch, whenever you get a new alpaca it will say the parent's name in place of the new one for example "Parent" has been born from "parent" and "new alpaca" I would like to see this fixed then I will rate it 5 stars. Still a fun a creative game.
So not to nitpick but did you the creator notice you have a misspelled word in the game? For the Alpaca restraint it says "I want to wrap this read thread around you" It is not read it is supposed to be spelt like red
As a fan of all things that are dark and macabre I enjoyed this game and am currently addicted. The alpacas are disturbing the sounds are creepy and game itself is simple yet entertaining Fun way to kill a few minutes
It's so creepy yet adorable at the same time, which is something I've always loved. At first the controls were a bit confusing but I got used to them, love this game!
I like the game, the alpacas are super cute, but if I use the alpaca vending machine, I hardly ever get new alpacas. Plus, after a certain level it's really hard to create new ones. I have 4 diff. Gardens and lots of alpaca combinations and still, no luck. I've also fed then every kind of food available.
Exept its music NEVER stops. And IS don't mean update the music, I mean even after I closed it the music STILL plays. Don't get ,me wrong. I am up for creepy music but when I unplug my earphones my tab goes off. And I can't listen to my propr music Please do something :(
I've tried breeding 6 different alpacas that have a full heart and they all won't breed. I used to get new dudes but now nothing for almost a day :/ please help and fix this problem. I really like this game but if I can't play it I'll have to give a one star review. If this issue gets fixed then 5 stars will be my review!
Some of the alpaca are strange, but it's so easy to get attached to them anyways! It is a bit sad to see your alpaca turn into poop, though. It's kind of hard to care for them for those who can't check on their alpaca every 2 minutes. But other than that, it's a good app!
I used to be relatively obsessed with this game when I was younger and now that I've reinstalled I remember why. It's truly an adorable game- I just wish there weren't so many popups that open in Chrome. They make the game freeze sometimes, and it gets a little annoying.
Its fun at first, I already have all gardens. But after not getting a new alpaca for one straight week and wasting money on food I'm getting a little bored.
I can't turn off music or I turn off everything, and I can't get the right combos even with help to get certain alpacas.
I'm addicted to this game! At first i thought its kinda gross n creepy but after sometimes i start to love each one of them. I give 4 stars cuz it start to get boring after a while. The only thing you do is mix n match the alpacas n hope tht the combo will breed new kind of mutant baby alpaca n release them out from the farm. It will be much much better if u can provide us with mini games n give us more garden option. Thumbs up for the gud work!
I really love it but it can be tedious to try and find different alpacas and then the combinations not give results. Also sometimes it doesn't move all the alpacas that I swipe. Other than that it's great!
Its cute and creepy with the right music to add to more creepiness. Please develop more game and translate them to English! At first when I downloaded this I thought it's in Japanese and it surprised me that it's in English! I'm happy that I'm able to enjoy this game to the fullest! Please translate more games to English! Thank you :)
Saying I love this game is an understatment.. I am addicted to it. I love the music, the graphics are wonderful, and of course the gameplay is fantastic! I would love to see more games like this 😄
Its alright. It can get a bit boring after a while but i still enjoy it. Honestly people complaining about going to sleep and all the alpacas being poop, just deal with it! Just sweep it out of your garden and you even get money for it. Its a pretty cool game, i would probably recommend to a friend.
It's a rather fun game, but when I get a notification every two-three minutes, it can be rather agrivating. I woke up and all of the alpacas were poop, so could we add a "sleep" option or something? Just an idea.
I absolutely love it! It's amazing, sometimes you can get stuck for a while trying to breed a new species of alpaca but that gets you more stuck in the game. I also love all the different types of alpaca you can get, it's really creative!