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Super Digestion Moose

Super Digestion Moose for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Alvar Pernroth located at Kungsgatan 52A 753 21 Uppsala Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is awesome! But have to agree with most people, is kind of hard to play. 😯 My patience😡 goes away in 2 tries. Is addictive 😎
Frick this game! Hate it so much I wanna kill the creator... people must have pretty boring lives if they always wanna play this crap. It does not even work, it won't let me tap the "food" then the fat idiotic moose does not eat it. FIX IT FATTIES!!
Leaderboard is messed up too many low life cheaters on top please fix oh and food a bit too hard to catch
Very hard game and somewhat scary when it dies. Kinda traumatizing. And very difficult to stay alive , one mushroom and youre automatically dead. No way of saving yourself
Super digestion... but after three falls, either consecutive or non consecutive you die. Its crazy, i had three in a row then missed one and died!?
I like the game and the concept but I feel like the controls aren't sensitive enough, and you should change the tapping motion to a swiping motion because it feels more natrual. and maybe the food should be a bit bigger. the graphics are amazing as well as design. but you should also consider adding music?
This game is awesome! It gets hard to beat my high score(16) but when he says well done it makes me feel accomplished : )
Graphics are nice but god damn a tutorial would have been nice it took me like five games to figure out what I was suppose to do. Then when I did figure it out the game was over too quickly unless I was almost perfect. Oh for those of you are having problwms figuring out how to play you bounce the fruit by he is mouth by tapping it before it hits the ground. Game sucks
I wish I could loose a few pounds that quickly. lol 😂 5 stars just for the extreme wait loss program lol.
Definitely has potential. Played this game years ago but the lack (or inexistence) of updates and support is what makes the game suffer. If you spend more time with this, then I guarantee you that this is going to be a satisfying app to play with. Pros: Graphics and Idea. Cons: Repetitive Gameplay, Broken Mechanics, and Lack of Updates.
This game is very difficult and somewhat frustrating! But because the moose is so cute, I keep playing. I love it when he talks to me. Hehe. Love the art style, that's always one of the biggest reasons I download an app. I do have one complaint: I don't think you should die right away when you eat a mushroom. Otherwise, completely love it! Keep up the awesome work!
This game is awesome, and I found it because of Pewdiepie, like a lot of Pewdiepie fans, and this game is fun. Pewdiepie enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and tons and tons of other people enjoyed this! Keep up the good work on your games! It's really awesome! So glad you came up with it! ;)
Super frustrating, the foods fall way too quickly and when you tap most of times it doesn't get recognized. I don't see any point in this game, likely made in less than a week. If you like banging your head against wall repeatedly then this game(can't even call it a game) might be yours.
My only real complaint about this game is the lack of redemption. I don't like that a mushroom means instant death. Other than that it's really fun, cute and silly. I've shared with some friends(that all thought I was making it up) and they all love it too!
Ive seen it on the app store for a few days and decided to try it because of all the good reviews. Its actually pretty fun, though challenging. Definitely worth playing for a while, but I expect to get bored of it.
Like really hard. It doesn't react to touch right? Maybe it's me because I suck. I like the concept maybe like a easy mode then you came move up?
Pleas fix I was playing when an add came up and the moose died how ever the game did not stop he CEP moving and said tap to play but it did not play 5 stars if you fix
Freezes on the logo screen and won't load on galaxy note 9. Or, it takes so long to load that no reasonable person wouldn't uninstall.
I wish you could pause it so if you had to do something you wouldn't have to die you could pause it and then come back and finish but otherwise its a great game
This game cured my depression. I thought ever since my mom died I wouldn't be able to digestion again, but then I found the super digestion moose and holy super digestion moose this is a life changing experience, I swear I've nutted about 6 times playing this and my God it's hot as balls. The way he eats, the change MmmmmMMMMMM would digestion again
I like it but it is too hard. Please add a easy mode! I would keep playing this but my phone needs empty storage. ^-^ I would recommend this to a friend that likes hard stuff. =P
I gave it 2 stars because the game art and design are adorable, and the concept seems fun, but poorly executed. I would have given it less stars if not for those things. I wanted to be able to share this with my friends, but the game play is both hard and boring. It's a one-trick pony, and unfortunately, the cute factor only takes it so far.
It's so awsome. I love the way the moose walks and winks at you. I also love how he smiles. The graphics are really great. When he poops it just makes me laugh really hard. I'll tell all my friends about this game. I give this game 5 stars! ;-)
it's supposed to make you angry like flappy bird but it's next to impossible because it constantly misses clicks on the carrot for me .. you need better hit detection and you have yourself a game
At time it can frustrate you but it is really fun to play. Could I just say you don't starve so quick and when you eat food it fills you up but not completely.
The only way that the all time high scores could have been attained is by cheating. How long would someone have to play to get a score of 9 billion, or even 2 billion? That should not be allowed
Before I play, similar games are mostly horror games. Is this a scary game? I don't like scary games.
Download now it is a wee big hard but you will get used to it! Got to admit love it😍😍 great game good laugh too!😉
This game is very unforgiving. Food falls too fast to hit and the moose starves so fast that you can't afford to miss.
Well I loved the game and it's super cute!!! But after reading the other reviews I can see that a lot people from 2014(and not only 2014) commented in this game wanting new characters if you get enough food, but you still have not taken action on the brilliant idea😐I love the game but reivews are left so you can change the game and warn other people, so pls add more characters and even mabie music and a mushroom and rotten apple revive like a green lemon.Pls consider what I'm saying I mean my highscore (54) has to be worth something!!!!!!! Thx for reading.
Miss one piece of food and you’re starving, miss two and you’re dead. I appreciate a challenging game, but I expect to actually be able to last more than 30 seconds.
This gives me alot of discomfort...My moose not only defacated all over my phone, he also let out every organ in his body and died.
Its a well made, clean game with good (and funny) 3D graphics and okay gameplay. If I could suggest some features, I would suggest that you add the music from the trailer, and maybe some animals in the background for some extra ambiance.
Its hard to tap the small food but other then that im never playing this again it is so gross seeing a moose use the bathroom.
I really love the concept of this game! That's why I rated 5 stars. I have a few bug problems, but I bet they will get fixed any time :)! I saw Pewdiepie playing this game (like most people) so I searched for it, but then I saw it was for Apple only, yet I scrolled down further and I saw you made it for android too so I was relieved! ;D keep up the good work and if you can fix the problems! I have trouble re-trying so I have to start over. Anyway, love it! ;)♥ edit: the new update works perfectly!
But it gets boring after a wile with only one mode, if it had different modes idk what but different modes, it will deserve one more star for me. ^_^
I downloaded it because of the title. It took a few tries to get good but now that I have the knack it's awesome! Definitely one of my favourite apps. The only thing I don't like about it is that once you eat a mushroom or brown thing you instantly die. I think if you added another item to collect and save that would be like a mushroom antidote it would be perfect. That way you could have the chance to redeem yourself.