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Super Contraption

Super Contraption for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by InventaPlay (Elliot Mousseau) located at 35 Mountaineer Drive Peru NY 12972. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has kind of died it was a great fun while it was online and they did have a 3D version for a short time but that didn't last long at all... If there is any developer maybe you're reading this offensive in your power maybe you could do a revamp of this or just possibly let the game die before it starts breaking even more as more years go by I've noticed that the physics engine gets more unpredictable and starts glitching out bad flinging parts and things don't stay still in pause anymor
Why does it have to be so laggy? This game is good. Sometimes my creations glitch into other parts of the creation.😐😕
A great game ive built tanks planes helicopters ive spent so many hours on so many different devices killed so many hours as well a great game in my opinion true nostalgia pours in from this game everytime, i can see my youthful self designing tanks and testing them to the max...
I want this game to improve because it's really unique besides the other sandbox games. but it's affected by bugs and glitches and why should we buy the expansion pack with all these glitches it's just a waste of money.
Hi just wanted to say that I skipped the tutorial... 3 stars because of the button that leads to the SC3D download page. Which doesn't even load. Can you please fix it
This game has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY things to do! You can build almost anything! From go carts, to space crafts, even to god crafts and atomizers! This is a MUST to play if you are creative. Very easy to play and learn!
Everything works fine but when i used to play the game, i put joint strength all the way up and anything I made would be Indestructible, but now even with the joint strength at maximum, any thing I make falls apart at the slightest movement, why cant things stay the way they are?
This game is in DESPERATE NEED OF A HOTFIX. (game crashes with 2 parts, engines break the game, (white screens, yeets everything, turns into a glitchy mess, etc.) etc.)
This game is just a sandbox but it's Beutiful and cool but the problem is Everytime theres an ad the screen freezes for 1-4 Hours pls Make of the Game Fix It pls so i can play Softly
the game I really love the physics and everything but there's one glitch I want you to fix that is when you're into the middle game and then it just restarts
It is a very very bad game. Because it is not good glitches and tools etc. Please improve total game.
WOW☺☺☺☺☺ guys play this game. You can built your own car or either machines. PLAY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like most Google Play store games, super contraption is pretty disappointing. Somewhat Impressive as a school or hobby project. AllWeNeed are MoralsChemistryPhysics.
hey developers try to add people and syringe that any kind of effect zombie acid life and more try to add it android ok i'm counting on you developer
It is a cool game it is easy to make a machine Edit: 2020 it is now nostalgic please update the game.
hey (BIG sorry for last time) can you please make new F R E E items? (its being basic) so can you make a big update for me? PLEASE i will give you 5★ if you make a huge update (p.s i love your game alot!) you didnt do it yet im waiting.... please do it im begging.....again
Bring back the old super contraption where you have nothing to pay, i dont remember anything bad about this game until now.
Used to be a great app, but now it has weathered. The app constantly crashes, and has no more support. Consider fixing the app's issues, with a game like this it shouldn't be too hard to fix it and bring it to modern standards. Also, whats up with 3d? It's nowhere to be seen on the play store and the in-game link in the 2d version leads nowhere.
please add a race car wheel and a powerful engine? and its free!!! but can you please make half of the objects that need money free {only half of them] please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game has a bug when you play it about 10 minutes or 20 minutes its shutsdown by itself also sometimes when i upload other creations and inventions they glitch and starts falling down throught the ground
This game was my favorite but it needs some update cause the game has not been updated for 2 years already, by the way I have encountered some problems here hope you can fix this 1. Gameplay lags even tho theres no item added 2. The game quits after playing for 20 minutes 3. The save is okay but after you load the thing you've created it doesn't look the same that's all and I hope you can add these effects item breaks after drop like glass, metal melts in high temperature add liquid ex water thx
This game was pretty fun about 2 years ago but now the developer ruined it by adding expansion packs that you have to pay for. The suspensions, engines, jet engines, and propellers used to be free but now it's impossible to make any vehicles without spending money. This game is not polished enough to be worth any money. HORRIBLE GAME!!!
Overall it's a good game although there is a problem! It's bad for overload and glitching try to get in touch with the maker's of this game app and see if they can up date this app for further use and better quality!
Hi devs, this might be a very late review, but thought I should give it a go. I've been using super contraptions for over 2 years now and I have to say that I'm really impressed at how everything works. I feel that this game has a great advantage over other such games because here, I'm not limited. I can create whatever I want using the basic items and mostly, it would work JUST THE WAY I WANTED (YAY!) The physics simulations couldn't be any better. But the game crashes when I touch the finger
There is a problem. You have OR gate and NOT gate in this game. They are full logical system (I can do any logical scheme with them). But there is a problem. I can't do connections between switches, logical gates and other stuff without moving them. Please fix.
this app is bad I can't control the props and when your trying to fix something the props randomly disconnects fix this please thats why i put two star
This game has a good concept badly done its so weak it can handle a few dynamite sticks exploding without lagging at like 0.01 frames per second or crashing also leave it for 10 mins and CRASH
A remake of this game is a must. Not trying to be rude but you perform your best in 2D. I miss the updates.
It's a best game but camera does not follow suggest thing or item due to which when we use thruster or propeller the buttons are on and they go our of screen
This game has a bug when you play it about 10 minutes or 20 minutes its shutsdown by itself also sometimes when i download other creations and inventions they glitch and starts falling down throught the ground
This Game Is Amazing And All, BUUUUUT, The Game Is Turning Me Into Save-a-holic, How, You May Ask? The Game Is Constantly Crashing, And, I Am Starting To See Unloaded Textures. Maybe A Update Would Fix The Problem, I'll Add One More Star If You Can Look Into The Problem, Please And Thank You! Lone Wolf, Out!
....I remember don't think it was this update..but I think that ur vehicle used to keep falling through ground
I love this game. Its so cool and all of the parts are soo awesome!! I dreamed that I can build in here and now it's the perfect day!!!
This game is SUPER GOOD FOR my ADHD thank you creator and i hope you keep updating it for more awsome stuff!!
This is the best game if you like to build a thing like things that you wouldn't be able to build and any other games I love this game
Your one of the stars is taken for absence of sound of everything, otherwise, its a perfect sandbox game
FIX THIS Ive been playing for a while then i suddenly noticed that all my contraptions started sinking into the ground for no reason.
It's not that bad but once you get used to controls suddenly out of the blue know where everything freaks out
Game is cool but glitches are unbelievable. U pause and try to fix ur stuff but the contraption starts to rotate. WTH!!!! Plz fix this NOW or I will uninstall.
i like a game that has sandbox capibilities and almost ending possibilities. i give this game four stars because it crashes when i have a complacated build ex. ( car, plane or another thing that has tons of moving parts), and if it crashes alot then i want it to have autosaves, at intervals, just incase it crashes you can pick up where it left off. any how i think it is a great game, keep up the good work!
Just create anything also I remember the 10 booster car I'm a master at it because I can also fly with it too
O like the game but how can I use the time machine. I can't because it is not there and I'm mad because every time I'm making something it crashes it and I have to go back to the game and the same thing happens. Fix the bug please.
it's still good but dev added expansion packs still good but if u were to make maybe a a dollar people might buy
The Best Physics Sandbox Game I Ever See, There Is A Lot Other Game Like This Too So You Might Have A "Competitor", Im Just Worrying People Get Kinda Dissapointed By Having To Buy Expansion Pack And I Certainly Can't Afford To Buy Since Im Not Using Dollar But Rupiah, Please Just Make This Game Free To Play Please Because People May Get Mad At You (Im So Sorry To Say That Last 6 Words) Because Not Getting What They Expected To Get
You got to pay more attention to this game i swear otherwise its gonna be forgotten for good and personally id hate to see that....ive played this game for years and loved it and id hate for it to die....but real talk theres so much potential for this app.......i can totally see this app becoming popular with a bit of effort...personally i like this over maker cause of how much simpler it is and its not as laggy.
It is very fun to mess around with and to also build stuff for fun. The physics are nice and it's nice that you have so much freedom on what you can tweak and do in the game. 10/10 I recommend it if you like to build stuff. It has its limitations because it's 2d but it'll be fine.
I wish you didn't get rid of your other 2 games.Please bring them back.I miss them.Besides why does almost anything useful cost money.This is a cash grab and at least you could actually do something in the other games.Im dissatisfied with this game.
Um... I played this game a lot of times. And i dont mind how glitchy it is because i already know it what glitches happen. Like 1.contraptions fall 2.sometimes generating example buildings doesnt work 3.lagging 4.when you fly so high like super high you cant get down for a long time
Interface is weird, big buttons, small icons, big characters, hard to tap objects. Many parts of the interface disappear when I try to go into tutorials
Noice I LOVE IT THIS IS SUPER WOW , but there's a glitch. After I clicked on the monster truck, then fling it, then IT JUST WENT THROUGH THE GROUND! THAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU CLICK IT AND LEAVE AND IT MAKES YOU NOCLIP WHEN I GET OR THE ITEM GETS FLINGED! I will rate it 5 stars again if you fix this. /(●○●)/
This game is in DESPERATE NEED OF A HOTFIX. ITS BEEN 4 YEARS!!! (game crashes with 2 parts, engines break the game, (white screens, yeets everything, turns into a glitchy mess, etc.) etc.)
This is a great game. The physics are good. Also I used to have so many good memories from my childhood with this game ;)
i love this game i just wish parts could stay together better i also would say personally i enjoy the 2d platform version way more than the 3d
You have to pay for everything, you have to pay to have vehicles and anything actually worth playing the game for
I Got Bug But I Load Again And He,s Got Stucked But Do You Fix And New Materials Plastic, Rock, And More And Update To Realistic You Have To No Lag Ok Please Don't Forgot To Update And New Textured And New Shadow And Rain From Weather And New World Snow, Mountain, And Any Thing? Dont Forget To Updated Wait I Forgot The Bug Its Stucked From Load And More OK Don't Forgot To Fix And New Materials And World's I Wil Like Dont Forgot OK And Graphics To 5 Star And Control And More I'm So Happy now
If you play a different contraption 3 times the loading screen still shows. Fix this and I will give it 5 stars
Don't get me wrong , this game used to be a great game , but then it dtarted going the pay 2 play path , almost everything here is now pay to use
i found a glitch on the engine if you wire an engine to another engine it would spin and then the engine will spin uncontrollable and destroys anything in its path pls fix it but aside all of the glitches ist a really cool game
An app I feel nostalgic for. I remember playing this when I was young and with a very creative and imaginative mind, playing this game for hours everyday because this app has endless possibilities. I wish you could update this game frequently because there are so much potential here, but only one person can do so much.. btw this is very little but when the chicken is roasted, could it change hitbox?
Graphics are awful, there's absolutely no point. First item I clicked game tried to charge $2.99. I don't understand how this could get a eating of 2 stars. Everything is clunky.
I love it and i actually figured out how to bluild and stuff, but tjere is ONE thing and it's that sometimes your props just fall underground.
Holy hell this game is nostalgic for me, I'm redownloading it because Im bored and realizing how long its been since I played, and how long I actually played it
An okay game. A problem I found is that, the elements that *can* be used to build contraptions is very limited without paying. Additionally, I found that I'm unable to load past machines because the load button trigger area overlaps fully with the save button trigger area. In other words, when I tap "load" it just saves my contraption.
I am one of those who feel very nostalgic with this game, wish there was lighter logic gates, also more support to big creations, I understand if you never update this game again, I like the Super Contraption Maker also, but I prefer the engine of this one is way more comfortable good work