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Super Cat Bros

Super Cat Bros for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG located at Romanstr. 7-9 80639 Munich. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is really fun. I'm looking forward to playing the second game. this game can be hard but that's good because it gives you a challenge. it's also a great timewaster. the controls can be weird at first but you get used to them after you play for a while. anyways it's a great game
I love the idea and mechanics of this game! My only wish is if you could turn off the super that you buy for some sense of challenge again. otherwise, it's an amazing game with plenty of levels and different characters to utilize.
Really fun and a great time killer! The story is sutle but very addicting. I also love how the story continues in the second game. Also there's so little ads!!
Great game! Love the level designs and the cats available. It's a fun little game to pull out and play in the middle of things, and fun returning to old levels with new upgrades. However, I find I am unpleased with the abrupt ending, and the fact there are still more cats to gain and yet no other places for them. Would love to see the levels updated some time soon
I love it, its similar enough to nintendo games that its just as enjoyable, but different enough to have a completely different feel to it and uniqueness that a lot of games lack these days. If my opinion changes I'll update my review but I'm pretty certain it wont change. Ads can be very slightly annoying but usually you can skip out after 5 seconds and they are in no way overwhelming. Overall great game. I'm hard to please when it comes to mobile games but this does the trick. ๐Ÿ˜‰
It's one of my ALL TIME face games... Controls smooth, graphics super, storyline, Epic. download this game right now because you are MISSING OUT game took me about 3 weeks to complete just a masterpiece
Just play it, I trust you'll love it if you're into real platformers of any kind. It's definitely the game you should play first if you want to play both this and the sequel. Not because of any story or anything though. This game has almost none of that, which I personally think is for the better. I'd best describe it as: just very fun. I have a lot to tell you about this game, but I'm limited on text space here. So, I'll just add that it also shows relatively few quirks mobile games often have.
The bell from the level with the big fish is very hard to get. You have to go behind the big fish and then go back to collect it. It is more harder then to go to the end of the level to collect the bell beacuse the big fish follows you in any direction if you leave.
A very interesting idea for a platformer, there is no jump button you can only move left or right, but the mechanics of Vertical movement and how to jump over cliffs. Which make this game 5 stars
Its a good game. Good characters, good designs, but the annoying thing is that the controls dont work often. When I double tap to run it just slows down.
SOMEONE ELSE: This game isn't too bad. But I can't remember any of the names of the cats XD Is there some way of checking the names of the cats in the menu or something? Because I know it doesn't really matter, but I can never remember the names & it's kinda annoying me... But that's not an actual problem, so I'd give this game five stars. ๐Ÿ‘
Need some help with a glitch I kept getting. in world 2-4, I can't get into the water to get the second bell. at the time I was using Brutus so I thought maybe it's. water thing and tries again with Shinji. still didn't work. I can provide screenshots if needed. Could you please help with this glitch? I hate leaving a level unfinished.
This game is so amazingโ™กโ™ก i played it a long time ago and just came back to replay it. still amazing as ever, the music, the sounds, the characters, the cute art, EVERTHYING!!โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก this game always cheers me uo when I'm sad because I'm a huge cat lover, way more than dogs haha
This is a really great game if you're into platformers like Mario! I really love 8 bit styled games and this is the best one I've seen! The cats look suuuper cute but I may be biased since I'm a cat person ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Great job, devs!
So fun and cute but the game is not formatted to my screen (it looks too zoomed in) and I cant access the settings to change it, nor can I see tutorials because of the zoom :( I really wanna play because its so wonderful! Please fix
A exellent game the controls are good but at the the first few levels you think the controls are really bad you have to get used to it if you want to get good anyway i almost beat the whole game i just needed to collect the bells and then i beat the game! but i was to lazy to do that still a great game with many play styles The End
This games graphics, bgm, npcs characters etc. Are amazing but the controls suck . Sometimes when it my to jump I fall right off when I wanna go left I go right and fall down. I'd appreciate it if you added buttons into the game so you can move easier
This game is honest amazing! I LOVE the art style of it, and the simple controls that still feel intuitive. I definitely recommend this game, it is very fun and there are hardly any ads that annoy the hell out of you.
So I resently beat the game and idk if there was supposed to be a cutseen or something but there was nothing. Also in the level 'big fin' the second bell is impossible to get.
Awesome app! I love the cute pixel-y graphics! It's very smooth! The controls are a bit iffy. Would definitely recommend!!!๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ
im gonna be honest, i had high hopes. but it reached them. i wouldnt go as far as too say that they exceeded them but im happy with it. my only problem is the controls are a little aggravating but you learn them
While I'm normally not a fan of mobile games, this one is surprisingly good. It's (mostly) well-designed, and enjoyable to play through, along with a nice art style and good soundtrack. The free-to-play mechanics are very generous, which is a huge plus. I'd highly recommend trying this one out.
To be honest I don't like phone games, hard to keep my attention. This one is fun and cute though, I really love the style and gameplay. You should download it if you've been going through the app atore like: "These games suck" :c
perfect game. reminds me much about super Mario bros to be honest, I don't know if I am the only one. probably not. it seems like the ads might do better if placed on loading screens rather than letting them interrupt gameplay, even if it only affects gameplay at the slightest bit
The game is great, I've played it once a long time ago and now I'm trying to play it again in a new device but there's a black bar to the right side of the screen that doesn't allow me to watch all the game nor use the pause and setting buttons making it unplayable on my current cell phone
Cute visuals, simple controls, lots of levels, classic 2D platforming fun, minimal ads. Can't go wrong with that.
It's a really amazing game! But the levels get really hard when ever you get to the snow levels but I am revisiting the game after a few years and I was incompetent then so 5 STARS!
The bell from the level with the big fish is very hard to get. You have to go behind the big fish and then go back to collect it. It is more harder when you go to the end of the level to collect the bell beacuse the big fish follows you in any direction if you leave.
Best mobile game I ever played. The one problem I have is that sometimes after an ad, it goes donkey kong country style shadowing, makimg the fore ground all one color.
This game is very cute as well as simple. I enjoy the animated cutscenes and controls. I can't wait to complete this game!^^ Good job on this!
Ok so.. Great game but... I CAN NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT A JUMP BOTTON!!!!!!! Otherwise its adorable and I love it.
Soo addictive and cutee!! Also, for people that dont know how to jump, you just double tap and hold! That easy! Took me some time to figure it out but i got used to it eventually. Im almost done in the game๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ Hope there will be future updates! Maybe more stages! Tnxxx!!
I think the game is great! But I ran into a bug around world 5-3. I cant use the coin buddy without it lagging and stop working altogether, I dont know if any other person has experienced this and I lost a few of my coin buddies because of this. But other than that this is a very fun and challenging game, yet irritating at times. I'm still stuck on 5-3 right now and I've lost all my lives twice ugh
As soon as you start playing, you can tell this game has had a lot of care, hard work and polishing put into it. The music is amazing, and all the cars are super cute and have their own personalities and abilities. The levels are pretty easy, so kids can play this game and still have fun. Each stage is interesting and different. Do yourself a favour and get this game, because you won't regret it. PS I wasn't paid to write this, I really just love the game this much! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
This game is amazing and fun and has no flaws!If you're into simple game than I think you will have a fun time playing it as well!I'm surprise how they managed to put those controls in that setup.This game deserves 5 stars and I think you people (don't know if there is a girl in the group so I'm putting people) did a great job on making this game =D!!!
The game is really fun and can be legitimately challenging! But my beef mostly lies in the story. I kinda wish that we had more of it. Say, with the characters, seeing how they start out and how they grow during the game
Super cute game Love this game art is simple and wonderful Love all the little creatures My only negative opinion is that it's a bit hard to remember to run to be able to jump, it would honestly be a little bit easier to add a button just for jumping or something Otherwise it's still a cool game to play Just gotta really get the controls memorized
Cool game. But there are issues that need to be fixed if I am to continue playing this game.Lots of potential.But I dont like the movement mechanics. Hard to control, sometimes unresponsive, and often lead to me hitting a monster by mistake. It would be nice if you changed it to a pad, or added the option of a pad or something.The next issue is the underwater currents, which I'm sure everybody is complaining about.You cannot pass them to get the bells and keys because the current is too strong.
A must have for fans of Super Mario World, 16-bit retro-style graphics, and just great platformers!!! I have downloaded this game on every compatable device that I have owned.
This Game is Cute! The characters, Oww, Cute!! ;) These Characters have Difreret Abilitys. Like: high climbing, dashing in to bricks, and Everything els! Its Fun! But i Want To Say, can You Add More Cat-racters? Hehe. ;) Sorry. So! The levels, Theres Many! So Fun! The Themes is: Ground TM, Ice TM, A.E.L yeah! -;)
This is actually really good for a free game! Sure, it might have ads which can be kinda annoying, but it's a small price to pay. A lot of content, and the cats are friggin' cute. Interesting abilities & helpers, too. 4/5, not perfect, but still really fun.
This game does not format to fit onto your phone screen. The game is too big to fit onto my phone screen so I can't see a little bit of the edges of the game. This is bad since I can't see some walls or platforms. I wish this weren't a problem.
Its a great, cute, fun pixel game! I love this game and recently finished it and I got the 2nd one aswell. 5 stars definitely ๐Ÿ‘.
This game is fun, but then you need to pay to play more if you die too much, so please that dev team :(
This game is cool and awsome but every time I get stuck in a level and now I an stuck in the nether were u fight the red dragon that shoots fireballs on you withe the half hot half cold bridge of rocks
This is a very good game, i would suggest playing this and super cat tails 2. I noticed some confusion though, some people seem to believe that this is a rip of game from super cat tails 2, as in someone took the raw materials to make the rip off, when in reality it was made by the same person just published by this publisher. Its not a rip off. Its a very good game you should play.
Pretty great game I really like the cat idea and the art style is nice also great gameplay pretty cool artists
Johnathan is a really great developer, even going as as to learn a whole new style of code for upcoming games in this series. He works hard and is very honest. Super cat tales 1 and 2 both have very unique controls and I enjoy revisiting these games even having completed the story lines. ~Tabii
The controls are a bit hard to get used to but the game otherwise is awesome. The artstyle and like everything is so good definitely recommend you to try it.
Despite the name, it's not much of a Mario knock-off. The unlockable cats and their different abilities are really fun, and the limited switching keeps it at least moderately challenging. The controls are a little clunky, but I adjusted fairly quickly. Altogether, it's a super cute game with solid, if not terribly difficult, gameplay puzzles and a good number of levels, and the ads aren't invasive. There's not much to do after you beat it, but it's definitely fun while it lasts. Also, the last two cat slots are empty because they never added those, not because you're missing something. To save you a google search.
I like this game and a also like its style but I have one problem.you see here in1-๐Ÿ  I need to get 2 bells and one key the only problem,ITS IMPOSABLE TO GET THE FIRST BELL.like literally I spent hours trying to get the first bell!
it's jumples would mix with super mario and that's almost no ads and all the ads I got was a 1 sec pop up
The game is great but there are 2 glitches in 3-8 both involving wall clipping the first one is near the place where you fight the boss and second one near the end
It's an awesome offline app, but there's something wrong with the bricks or whatever you call those silver things when you fight the snow dragon. For some reason it makes me get stuck when I try climbing or getting those to them. It's just a little problem I had in that level. Other than that, this app is great.
My phone screen is quite long and some texts get cropped and I can't finish the game 100% because in the "follow the directions" secret level I can't see the arrows (I had to look up a video on YouTube to even know there were arrows) the settings and pause buttons get cropped too. This is really annoying me.
Parts of the screen are cut off on my phone, and I can't find a way to adjust the size. Can't read all of the directions on the signs, etc. It's unplayable on my phone, I guess. I have to give this one star.
In general, a nice game. That doesn't make it completely devoid of problems. Take note that some of these issues are fixed in the sequel. The fact that dashing into a wall makes you immobile for a while is useless, despite being taught to you as if it's a feature. Being required to stand on a pink strip to change your cat is kind of annoying. After completing the game, there is no cutscene and it's very unsatisfying. The art is cute but I think the hand drawn asthetic shown would be better.
Awesome! Brings back so much memory from the 200s era... Pixel art....wow....just incredible! Super duper hyper incredible >w< I can't express how good it feels by playing this game. Musics, Art all of them are soo good! Super duper good! Super duper thanks >w<
its a very good and interesting game i like the puzzles, and the boss battles also interesting...it's performance is very good as well.. though i would had liked a side action or a special mode? something that you can spend time to, like a type of a mini game
this is a simply amazing platformer!i do however have one problem with the game.the gameplay feels laggy and slow most of the time,which throws me off platforms frequantly.other then that the games great!!!
I love this game and also love that I can play it offline the only thing I dont like is all the ads for everything you try to do
Pretty amazing game but the phoenix IS HORRIBLE!!! It says it will open gates but i used it on a gate and guess what? It did not work ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšซ i would give it 5 stars but no the phoenix ruined it!! I hate this peet it also made me uninstall the app so I recall that you should NOT buy the phoenix!!!
Amazing. One of my few favorite free2play mobile games. The controls, graphics, sounds, and physics all work so nicely. There are very few ads, which isthe best part. Note to the developer: if you want to make more money off the game, add special bonus modes, levels, mechanics, and graphics settings that are unlocked through purchase or through achievements. The achievements should require skill and be fun to get too.
A fun platformer that many would enjoy, especially if you like cute and cheerful graphics....and cats! Some may find the controls to be weird at the beginning and then annoying once they played it enough, but I understood that it was part of the game. It adds challenge to a game that would have been very easy if given the usual "movement on the left and jump on the right" layout. You just need patience. Excellent game!
It has small flaws it won't work with most mobile controllers great art style cute characters and not a lot of ads just short little pop-ups optional short little pop-ups at that so yes great game highly recommend if you're into the platformer genre
this is actually somebody else,s game and you TOOK RAW MATERIAL FROM THE FREAKING GAAAME!!!! raw freaking material the sounds the sprites the control's EVERYTHING!!!! everybody listen up this is a RIP off game do not buy it bc it ripped the ENTIRE content from the game! if I could I would rate this 0 stars this ripped off the ENTIRE GAAAME! THIS INFURIATES MEEE!!! I AM SO ANGRY RN PLEASE dont buy it people! it's a complete rip off of super cat tales DONT FOWBLOAD THIS DOWNLOAD SUPER CAT TALES!!
it is actually pretty darn good!! i would swear but, to keep my pure excitement down, ill just try and be as minimal as possible. this game has been really Amazing with how it handles and the art style. not to.mention how each xat controls differently.and how game mechanics are tightly fine tuned. Either way, i.played this game.many times before and i had to come rate this game.for just how amazing its been for the quality. i say the ads arent too bad but, it does at least feel like a full game
the graphics is good and it's so very cute and it's so very fun. The controls are just a lil bit confusing but it's fine, you just have to get used to it. Good job, Dev! Keep it up!
For a mobile game, this actually is really great! It almost never shoves millions of ads and in-app purchases in your face. It's amazing and the artstyle is really good ๐Ÿ‘
This game is amazing! Sure it sounds like a cash grab Mario rip-off, but its not! This is a game with love and care put into it, and I respect that, the pixel art and soundtrack are good, the charecters are likeable, (in their personality's) and the story is good. I'm not a big person for mobile games, but this one rocks! keep it up!
This game iz All ok and lava levels were super hard and thank god it has a reset option so i can redo and five stars bravo! Great work!
I'm only 11, so i can't make a very good observation, but this app is amazing. The music is poppin , the cats, caracters, controls, puzzles, and levels are all amazing! I give it a 4 star because first off, they basically want us to do a full completion run for the bells needed to pass. But it isn't a pay to win, and it keeps you busy! On top of that, its world layout is amazing too! The games animations are amazing, and gosh i wrote too much. I reccomend it to anyone who is in need of a uplift.
Screen gets cut off. The display of the game is streched beyond my phone's screen which makes interacting with menus and gameplay difficult. Worse platformer I've played thanks to this!
Very good artstyle and simple gameplay. Only 2 controls which is amazing! Press the left side of the screen to move left, press the right side of the screen to go right, double tap on either sides to run, walk into walls to wallclimb, and run off a cliff to jump. And I LOVE the idea that you collect new kitties that have different abilities, my newest cat that I unlocked so far is Amy, which can sneak under tight passages. You collect coins in the levels that you can use to unlock stuff.
I recommend this because its not just a rip off of Mario its an actual game itself. Amazing characters, gameplay, controls and I just love cats.
I really do have lots of fun playing this game and I can play for hours. The characters are cute and the game is easy to play but gets difficult at times. The switching of cats really helps. This game is awesome!
this game is cute and bright, all the little cat characters paired with the easy simple gameplay keeps me coming back. but i broke the game. my whole save files corrupted and every stage is jumbled broken and incomplete. im not mad since i believe i did something too soon or the like. im reinstalling the game and hopefully itll be better.
This game is so cool because I love cats it has so many physics and I'm so fast at clicking I love how he can actually look at you there is so many other stuff I love about this game
Like many others have mentioned: Please optimize this game to fit my smartphone screen, THEN I might write a โญโญโญโญโญ review. Thank you for listening. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Really good to play if you wanna pass time. But,only one concern that makes me not like the game. Underwater wind tunnels. I mean,they're too hard to pass! I've been trying to pass windy harbor for a day now,and i can't get the key that is underwater. I really hate those tunnels,so please tell me how to pass the wind tunnels,or at least how to make it less difficult to pass.Overall,great game.
An awesome platformer game that borrows from retro games of the same genre. Even though its remincesent of Super Mario World, it manages to be unique and is a fresh take on the platforming genre. The music is catchy and the pixel style art is always nice, especially when it comes to retro style games. This is great game in general, not just a great mobile game. 5 out 5.
I really enjoy this game, but I have an important concern. In the introduction cutscene when you start the game, the scene with Kuro the black cat with a mining helmet contains strobe lights for about 3 seconds. This can be very dangerous, especially in a game like this that is appealing to kids. When playing an especially dark level, Kuro's mining helmet has mild strobe lights around it. I would appreciate it if you put a warning somewhere or just removed the lights all together. Thank you.
Gave it 5 stars when I started playing, and I am giving it 5 stars now that I am done playing. It is challenging yet achievable, with very cute game design. I love the cats having different abilities. It is just a very well rounded game and the game designers did a wonderful job. I edited the comment because i wanted to add a comment review now that I have completed the game. Only thing i wish there was, was a cutscene at the end to finish off the game.
Amazing game to play! Great graphics, music and stuff. I think this game would be like, Mario inspired. Except without power ups. There is even a character from a game called mine blast!! Kuro! But FD something entertainment, and netronized, You should probably add power ups as an update. (You don't need to just saying.)
Great game, but waaay too much ads even for free content, also sometimes it tricks you to launch ad, which is terrible. Enjoyed walkthrough tho
I just downloaded this game, and I can't play it. The game is cutting off part of the display so I can't see all of what's going on. I want to play but I need this fixed before I can. Will edit my rating if/when this gets fixed.
oops, I wasn't able to play on my chromebook, but when I installed it on my phone?IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though it doesnt really work woth my chromebook, ITS LIKE DA BEST ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its such a cute game! I mean some of the levels are really hard,but I like it.The controls are easy to get used to.And you can find cats with different abilities! I love this game.also screw you haters.I give it 5 stars!
a great game. people who think that this game is dumb cuz they can't jump normally like in normal platformers have to realize that this game is it's own unique kind of platformer.
This game is good, but even when I adjusted my controls, for some reason, it wasn't registering right, so it's hard for me to jump when I needed to. What's the point of having how control's adjuster on the game, if it isn't going to work any better, than having it on the default setting? I wish they would have fine-tuned that part of the game, before releasing it.
This game is amazing! I really like how the game seemed to gotten its inspiration from Super Mario Bros, but only the inspiration. Everything in the game is new but it still pays homage to Super Mario Bros. The only thing I didn't like about this game was that there was no end scene to wrap everything up. You just complete the boss level and you're done. There are also empty cat slots that left me confused. Other than that, it's my favorite game ever.
This game is brilliant although the controls are a bit tricky except for that it's amazing! I love the fact that the main characters are cats and that you are just like a cat!I rate it 4 and a half stars (because of the controls) but you can't put half stars so I rated a 5 Your regards A fellow super cat bros lover!
The game is great but it doesn't fit my screen size , this doesn't prevent me from finishing the game but I can't get the bells from the secret level cause I'm not able to see the Instructions of the egg guy villager
Love the game! I could not finish in time but this is the first and the second is super cat tales 2. The4e are similarities between super cat bros and super cat tales two and I had to see the differences between them. So I had to find the boss fights and final boss in super cat bros has the dark matter. And in super cat tales 2 no spoilers but just to say it once defeated Lord iridium, Lord iridium falls and you can see dark matter takes over his body and now it's dark Lord iridium.supercattales
Fun once you get the buttons down its very entertaining and adventurous. You can watch an ad to get special help and the cat is cool.
Love the game! But... I finished the final level, and nothing happend. Are you planning on adding levels, do i need all the bells, or have you just not made it do something special when you finish the game?
Really glad I found this! The ads aren't even a problem! I love this game and I'm so greatful for it! Good job making this.
I love that there is a cat and this game is amazing I just downloaded this game it is fun please make more cats and maybe dogs Idk ideas right ok.
The final boss is a massive spike in difficulty. I also had a little trouble with the head bonk "mechanic". However, this was an excellent game. Could use a little more dialog though.
The game overall was great so i have given it a star for that but because i finished the game all of a sudden says YOU RAN OUT OF LIVES! And it never mentioned lives until now LAST LEVEL im so annoyed because it was the last level and you have to buy more lives unistalling now last level to what a bad way to end gameplay
It was pretty good, and it has cats. CATS. I.LOVE.CATS. unfortunately it has (some) flaws, and nothing is perfect. Highly recommend to cat lovers
This game is so much and there's different levels the cats are so cute and the details are so cool I lovvveee this game.
Beautiful game! I have played for a while and the only negative thing, is that the swimming is wonky, but other than that it is phenomenal, very underated! Different characters that have their own unique abilities and you can quickly swap them out on a pink cat mat! 50 coin powerups that are fairly balanced. Pay for invincibility and infinite lives is only a minor anoyance because it takes the challenge. 5 stars
Awesome but the controls are a bit hard let's say to "Master"b but overall I get no ads it is very nice quality.. thank you for making the app. (That was to the creators)
This game is amazing!!!!!! This is the best platformer on android (with its sequel) the only kinda bad gimmick is that the idea of there is some levels that need some characters you would get in another level and some levels are really hard (probably because I can't play that well) and my God the music its fantastically cute same with the sprites if you are emotionally starved or really sad this game might help if your a cat lover
I really like this game but now that I installed it on my new phone the game does not fit on the screen quite right and can't see the whole game or press buttons.
Game play is super fun but on my pixel 5 the game seems to display weird. It's off center and parts of the screen seem to be cut off. Hoping it gets fixed cause it's a fun game.
I realy like this game because it's fun,energetic and full of action! To answar one of those quistions it does have bells witch are scores and you try to collect them all. But no leaderboard.
It has an amazing graphics, great plot, I enjoy playing it but the ads are very annoying but I do understand that the company needs money.
This game somehow makes tapping your screen a legitimate platformer. In each world, you'll find new cats, catchy chiptunes, towns, bosses, and secret minigames. My only complaint is how unatural it feels swimming.
The extreme, increasing difficulty game. I can't finish the final level, it's so tough. But the cats are cute with a nice story and simply awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰ I prefer to install this game than "Super cat tales 2". It's completely better. Nice game, you must try it ( who are seeing this comment) it would be easy at beginning and start to become tough
I love this cutie pixel game (mostly I love the gameplay). It is very personally addictive to myself when I first played it. The controller little hard to use but about 3 to 4 days it will be very easy. That's all I got to say (NOW)
I would be lying if I said I hated this app but I would also be lying if I said it was perfect. The game overall is very cool but is it possible to do something about the resolution? I found that other people with widescreen phones have this black bar that cuts off some of the game like the pause button and that's where the navbar is supposed to be. Great game but please fix the resolution problem in the next update.
This is a great he and I love the graphics! But I do wish you could jump by yourself without having to run off a cliff am I right? Bb Ur remember it's still a great game and they should keep making more of these! (๏พ‰โ—•ใƒฎโ—•)๏พ‰*.โœง
This game is AWESOME. I love the design, the story, and the feel is amazing. And I'm still on world one
This game is so great! It was awesome!!! I loved all the cats and all the levels. It was a fun challenge to find all the bells and proceed to the next level. I would recommend this game to anyone!
The game is really fun. I like all the characters. But, the controls are very wacky. Sometimes the cat could get hit from an enemy, which gives a cat a penalty. Then, the cat hits another enemy, which quickly kills the cat, making you lose a life. Then, there is the water levels. Its like a water level from Mario. And every person might or might have hate(d) water levels in Mario games. There was also a part in world 2-3 (I think) where I got stuck. Great game, but needs some fixing.
This game is beautiful! It reminds me of those old SNES games. The gameplay is amazing, unlike other mobile games and its just fun in general
This game needs a skip button and the skip button will ether come up on your screen when you die a specific amount of times or it will cost coins starting from 10 coins to 500 coins
I enjoyed this game alot..but when I got to the end nothing happened. And I also found out that there was ANOTHER game like this but made from someone else! And when I got to the end the app just sat their and I hardly did anything with it. So I deleted it sorry if this is too harsh.
This is one of the best mobile games. It's very cute and charming, the levels are not to hard and makes the experience better. And the music and art style is just amazing so just play this game
This is a really good game and the controls work really well, on top of that, the pixel art is outstandingly good. My only problem is when I beat the final level nothing happens. This could be because I used the golden cat or I haven't collected all of the cat bells. Even still, great game! ๐Ÿ‘
I love this game so much, it is really good, congratulations you guys for the beautiful work!! But there's just a little problem, and I don't know if it is my cellphone or the game itself. The screen appears in half and I didn't find any tutorial or anything that helps me to fix it. This problem also gets in the way when I'm playing, I can't see the aquatic and lava enemies, so I end up dying in many levels.
I put one star... ONE!!!because i can't get lives it cost 2 dollars it keeps telling me to pay for lives WOW such amusement...๐Ÿ˜  but the games good I've tried to get lives back... maybe next time FDG you destapount me make phones IPAD everything free just do it... anyways it's a fun game. this game should be sick and be banned. fix this or burn in hell!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ”ฅ
The game has fantastic pixel art! With unqiue controls, at the start you'd think its just a lame Super Mario copy. But its something even better! I really like how every level is unqiue. i havent beaten the game yet but i await many surpries and challanges thru my adventure!
I love this game!! its cute and amazing and I like games with different and unique characters because I can have a chance to love them and draw them. this game is cute and creative so keep it up! ๐Ÿ‘
love the gameplay and all but i want you guys to add computer controls im playing on a Samsung Chrome Book so can you guys put something that says Change to Computer Controls if your on android and you click on computer controls click again to turn it back to android controls.
This game is very good, i love the challenges and all of the storyline, it become greater and greater, i starting to like it very much, overall 5 stars
Super cute game; only complaint is the terrible controls. Wish they would have a button for jumping rather than having to be running.
I was enjoying the game until the very last level. I had died countless times throughout the game, but now it's telling me I need to purchase more lives to continue playing. It hadn't even mentioned lives up to this point!Now all I have is one more level to beat, and it won't even let me continue playing. Quite an irritating way to end gameplay. Uninstalling now.
I love the app, it's really fun and the visuals are super cool, but, it seems like I'm stuck in the Canyon World and it won't let me into the next. Please respond if you know a way to fix this.
Really fun and awsome graphics, only problem being sometimes when I get an ad my screen goes black? Not sure if it just me or?
Its a good game in all, but the final boss is IMPOSSLE! I cant even beat it if you won't get rid of the fire bars are the fire bubbles in the god damn lava!!
ITS AWSOME!!! Cool controls,easy to use, and Completly time occupant! I love it.My neises,little bro,and all of my family loves it! Will defedently tell them to download.
This game is awesome with its varying choice of characters, and so many levels. The music always keeps you in a good mood, and the 8-bit style is just charming for everyone. For me personaly, its really good.
it is very cheerful and very simple to play, as in like pressing right to go right and left to go left. The controls will confuse you like how you have to run in order to jump to a hill instead of just jumping over. But its a really cute game! The animation is great, there is no lag (at least for me)! I reccamend it for those who like games like Mario. The game play is like that only different. Its kinda like Mario but in a cute cat version! (=^๏ฝฅ^=)
I absolutely love this game and its sequel. They both present adorable graphics and 8-bit wonder. This game captured my attention and time until I finished it and all of its secrets. Super fun and great music!
it is such a good game and I love it! I've played this and completed this so many times and I'm still not bored of it! its got great graphics, easy controls and just a simply fun game to play and pass the time. it takes me back to the good old day of gaming and fills me with happiness! especially the music, it's so happy and cheer full! the boss were fun easy, with that tiny little bit of challenging topping. I recommend this to anyone and I'm so exited to play the second game. have fun!!! :)
I love this game so good and music good edits too and I love the names.the 1.problem is when you hit the enemies and hit another one near it the cat dies and our live gets ruined and the name is much better then Mario and the thing is super Mario and super cat bros the name looks same but don't worry the name looks interesting this game is intelligence
I used to play this game a long time ago, and I really liked it. I decided to download it again, but unfortunately on this phone some of the game is cut off. However I think this is just because my phone has a long and skinny screen. Nonetheless five out of five stars, definitely
The game is incredibly good. Like the fact that the end boss was a black cloud and I thought it would be the monkeys that destroyed the hot air ballon. It did take me a long time to beat the end boss though. So I would highly recomend playing it if your into 16 bit games. I even unlocked all the bonus stages. But someone needs to help me beat the world 2 and 5 bosses. Also how come I could only unlock cats up to Olli.
I love this game BUT for some reason the far right side screen is cut off (a black bar is covering the shop and pause menu)? I've played this game before on other phones and it has worked perfectly fine so still 5 starts but like I said, i can't access the pause menu
This game is really good! Reminds me of Kirby's Dreamland and I like Kirby. I really think these games have the quality to beat some famous platformers. Keep up the good work Dev Team!
This game is brilliant although the controls are a bit trickbut it is still amazing! I love the fact that the main characters are cats and you are just like a cat!I would rate it 4 and a half stars (because of the rating system) but you can't put half stars so I rated a 5 Your regards A fellow super cat bros lover!
Fun game, simple mechanics, does not fit on screen. Video is cut off at bottom and right of screen, and things appear off center
this game is soooooo cool it really does have that super mario vibe where you can explore new worlds and collect coins. would recomend playing. ive been getting bored of my games and tried downloading other games but they were just stupid. ive been losing my taste in video games untill i found this legendary game. PLAY IT!!! PLAY IT NOW!!!!!!! PLAY IT OR YOU DONT HAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! PLAY IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE A 4.8 RATING GAME TRY IT NOW!!!!! top positive pls
Gionathan is a really great developer, even going as as to learn a whole new style of code for upcoming games in this series. He works hard and is very honest. Super cat tales 1 and 2 both have very unique controls and I enjoy revisiting these games even having completed the story lines. ~Tabii
I would rate it 5 Stars because the controls are a bit akward but it's way to cute to even argue with so, it's like mario bros combined with sonic. So I would recommend you getting this.
This is a very cute and fun game to play. I usualy get adicted. The only thing that bothers me is the swimming. Plz update and make it so you can swim faster and/or make the swimming mechanics different. Other then that, it's a great game! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I love the game it's very cute but I tried to get all of the bells but in world 2 level 4 the second Bell is not obtainable maybe it's not the game but when I try to get it under the blue platforms the screen didn't go down and I also used the water cat instead of Brutus but it still didn't work! Just so you know I'm on Android so could you please help to find a way to do it thanks!๐Ÿ˜บ
this game is beautiful! thats it! no cons!! i love it!!! ๐Ÿ˜ป its super cute and sweet! some levels are hard,yeah but thats all games right? BUT THE INTO WAS THE BEST!!! it was so cute and creative!! i have no words to describe hiw cute this game is!!
I love the look and feel of the game, the gameplay is easy to understand and it's so cute not to mention a great platformer. On issue is that some text doesn't appear fully on my screen, it isn't game breaking but it does slightly disrupt the immersion. All in all a solid platformer about cute cuddley cats.
its a great game!!! you do lvls like a boss!!! its crazy and awesome!!! but i have only one question, how is it not disined for children??? it doesnt do anything wrong? does it??? but anyway i love it!! i highly recomed it! -^~^-