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Brain Plus - Geist trainieren

Brain Plus - Geist trainieren for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Super Puzzles located at Heritage Park 18600 Bloomfield Ave. Cerritos,CA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is a great way to wind down after a busy day. So enjoyable. No glitches, just smooth playing.
Great puzzles. I loved doodling these things as a kid. Its great to be able to go back step by step if you just take a wrong turn or you can completely start over. The ads are not excessive. Overall exactly what you want for a quick game to kill a few minutes here and there
Addicting. I love games that make you think. It keeps me focus and engaged. Lots of ads but it's free.
The game is fun! I love how you have the option to pick several different games instead of having to download a bunch of different apps. The ads are rare. With most games I can't finish a level without 1 or 2 adds popping up. Keep up the good work guys.
I really enjoy this game. Some puzzles are very easy and some take a little more brain power. Not too much strain on the brain. For now!!!
More like brain dead, forcing to waste time on endless beginner levels is just dumb, all real challenges are locked and even unlocked you have to finish the hundreds of brain dead levels, no thanks.
Its AMAZING! There's only 1 problem which is the ads, they waste my time and there always the same. If you have time please stop the ads fully, All I want is to playthe game!
Very poorly translated (or so it seems), and little to no tutorial. The puzzles are ok and it dosen't make you watch ads.
I had installed the app on my mobile. Unable to install on my lap top. Uninstalled from mobile but will not allow me to continue on my lap top as it still thinks my mobile has installed the app, I love this app and would really love to have it installed on my lap top.
It's a fun game. I don't even remember downloading this game but I'm glad I tried it. There are several options for activities and the ads are not obnoxious.
No way to keep game/scores when you change phones. App does not move over. Will have to start from scratch. BAD NO NO!
So far I'm having a lot of fun. The ads are not very bothersome. Other games I play are worse with the ads.
Please help! If i play one of the games ( merge numbers) and leave the game ( go back to homepage of the game) I lose the gained score!!! This does not happen with the other game which merges numbers ( 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32...). Using it from galaxy S10+ Please help so I can give you 5 stars. Thanks!
I really like this game.If you r into puzzles I would recommend this game. Theres so many levels to pick from.its amazing. The only downside is that after every level is an ad break. The only way for not having the ads is to be a member, wich is kind of expensive. But all in all is a good game. Totally recommend it!
This is one of my favorite games ever! All the games are fun, and they have many levels, so they last a long time. There are no glitches or bugs, and not many ads. This game does not require any wifi, so i always play it when Im traveling. I recommend this to everyone, because its such a fun way to pass time. No complaints! ❀️
Just downloaded the game but won't let me play keeps freezing, I uninstalled it and trying one more time.
~~I have to say this app is so entertaining. You dont have to install each kind of game to get different puzzle experience because they already offered various one. theres no irrirating sound or bothering background music which is a plus for me. Also the add is not forced into you and you clearly have options and looks like you have the control over the app
I enjoy the puzzles in this game...helps to keep my mind active. I'm still fairly new to the game but so far the puzzles are not super difficult and the increase in difficulty seems to be at a reasonable pace.
Can't play a game. I enter but it's frozen or missing options, sadly unplayable currently. Fun when it works.
Really this game set has yet to disappoint! I uninstalled it to make room on my phone, but found I missed it too much, haha! Many fun games that test the brain, and many are really interesting!
This game is an awesome game if you want multiple games in one. I have one issue though. After a couple levels of a game(2-4)there is an ad. I know that there are many ads in games so I understand. What I love about it is the levels in each game actually gets difficult as you play. In some apps I’ve played they didn’t get difficult as you went. I do recommend this game if you like puzzle games, which I do, or if you just like a lot of different games. You should get this app just remember there are some ads. Sincerely,Caileigh:)
this game is so much fun i would recommend this game because it is a relaxing game to play when Im stressed it also lets you use your brain with unblock, fill and the other fun games although it takes time to unlock the other games .but let me warn you after the games there are ads but its still fun to play . its also its very useful to your brain because its a game of strategy oh and its challenging which I like. thats why I love this game
Nice variety of mind games. Easy to play. I enjoy being able to switch up the games so it doesn't get boring
Eight days later and having to uninstall do to glitches that keep occuring in the game. Sad because it was a good game and I enjoyed it.
It is extremely good app .It has several basic games within it , so no need to install the games seperately .Both kid and adult can play this .
Just started with this app - nice simple graphics make you think it's going to be easy, but I'm not quite as clever as I think! Enjoying the challenge.
I have had this game for months every update I have to Uninstall and start over even after I purchased. This is not a good update. Also imagines shown are not what they look like in real time.
It gets somewhat challenging, pretty early. Definitely makes you think. It's one of those, just when you think you have it, you don't, challenges. And then, it's back to the drawing board. No pun intended.
Noce to have all your favourite mindgames in one place, nicely organised. All very enjoyable and challenging
Fantastic app! I LOVE the 2248 game but I rotate between several different games to keep things interesting. 😁
Fun, free, quick games to pass the time waiting for doctors appointment. Suduko needs to be toned down...there isn't enough definition between the grids, so unfortunately it hurts my eyes to play.
Great brain teaser to develop quick thinking and under pressure. So many engaging games to test agility and speed.
Tired of asking for a fix; uninstalled permanently. I love playing the Merge Numbers game but about a week ago, the buttons on the bottom disappeared. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game which fixed the problem but I lost my record and all my accumulated coins. Now, less than a week later, the + and - buttons have disappear again. Update: I restarted and it's done it yet again. Is anyone looking after this bug? Any chance someone will be fixing this app?
Changed from 2 to 4 stars cause i was clearly being unfairly harsh about only one aspect of the app, its got lots of games which i think are great, my only complaint is the lack off effort put on Fill to make the hard levels actually hard
When it asks if the game is difficult naturally I put "NO" because I want something to "CHALLENGE" my brain, and if this game ain't challenging then I'd have to say something ugly about this game but as it is there ain't nothing ugly to say about it 😊 Y'ALL try this more than 1 or 2 levels and then give your Rate and Review. EnjoyπŸ˜‰
Great way to work your brain thank you for it being free too plenty of games to choose from challenging but fun
Great! I never write reviews but I had to. I've been trying to find a brain training game, going through so many just bombarded with ads every second. You can choose to just claim the coins each time you clear a level rather than watch videos like every other game. Havnt raninto ads for a solid hour. Great game Recommended.
Addictive and Fun I never want to stop playing this game! Yes, the ads can be repetitive and annoying but the satisfaction you get completing the puzzles keeps you coming back for more. Once you get past the beginning stages, the puzzles get challenging and there is no time limit on solving so whether the puzzle takes 5 minutes or 5 hours, theres loads of fun with super brain plus! Work your way up through the levels and you can unlock the other games which are 8 in one app! My favorite Link, Unblock, Suduku,Fill, 1Line
I enjoy merging the numbers game, very challenging makes work to find solutions to keep the game continuing.
Instructions are spotty and hard to decipher, especially with the numbers games. You're trying to match, merge, or eliminate #'s without knowing or understanding why. Not intuitive at all. Hard pass.
Fun but my favourite Merge numbers keeps crashing as the game progresses (freezes or does not show next steps)
This is my first day playing puzzle glow and it is super fun. I like this game because there are a lot of games to play and it is super fun. I also love it because its relaxing and its fun to play when your bored. This is why Im giving this game 5 stars because I love it so much
I think I'm done with downloading games. This one has literally everything. The ads aren't that bothersome, it doesn't kill my battery, I love this app. πŸ‘πŸ‘
It's a fun series of games, great for killing time, but I disapprove of NOT being able to turn the sound off on the single line game, so I don't play it, and an ad following literally EVERY ROUND often ends in me closing it and playing spider solitaire, which isn't as ad happy. Overall, meh.
Hmmm havent tried it out yet....but other games are better..i am sensitive to game.the pastel or twinkling ..with softer or smack sounds such as gun report..wood to wood ..metal to plastic etc.Sound is more to me than background is more to me than colors is more tome than music..movement is more important ..timing limit No Thanks. Main thing I Play.&NOT THE A.I.
I love how many different puzzle games there are. They really give me a challenge and are fun and addictive! Awesome! πŸ‘πŸ’―
Most challenges work and are fun. Pipe puzzle doesn't seem to function correctly. Unless you solve it exactly the way the developer solved it, you don't get credit for completion even if the ball has an unobstructed path to the end.
Truly free, uninterrupted play! Personally, the 5 different levels of Sudoku has me playing this all the time. Hundreds of games per skill level, and a lot of different game styles of problem solving.
Soooooo adicted cant stop playing. I love how each puzzle is a different thing. Im up all night playing these puzzles! Each puzzle is from a game I love,all of them are so familiar. I recomend this game for sure! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Great game. Found it quite addictive to start and a perfect distraction if you need to waste 10 minutes while waiting. After playing a few times, I wished you could restart the level, instead of going right back to the beginning
Amazing. Would definitely recommend. The graphics and controls are great and so far the app has been working smoothly. The app also has easy and difficult modes so you dont get bored after a while if it gets too easy. But I dont like the little quotes at the end of every level but otherwise really nice
My kind of thing, have only played 2 different games so far, its good to have so many different puzzles in one place
Ridiculous amount of ads. I'm cool with one every so often but definitely not two or three after every game..... Shamefull just shameful..
So far so good. I just started playing. I'm on the easy levels at the moment. I'm sure by the time I reach the hard levels it will peak my interest more. So far I will stick with 5 stars. Great games for all ages.
Meh...wish all the games had instructions. I bought the ad free version now wish I hadn't. Looking for a new brain game app.
The games are addicting and sometimes frustrating because of the challenge. (I do not like how Sudoku is set up.) But the ads are unbearable! Every single time you solve something you sit through 30-60 seconds of an ad. It is ridiculous. You get through a challenge in 5 seconds, watch a 30 second ad, solve another one in 10 seconds, watch a 30 second ad, etc etc. What a waste of time! The games aren't fun enough or played often enough to warrant paying for an ad free version. Disappointing.
So this is my first ever game that i am giving it full stars there are so many attractive puzzles in this game although not all are unlocked we have to unlock it but i cannot stop myself from playing this game especially from unblock this is my first ever game which i am rating because I really appreciate, like, love this game there just so many puzzles that you will get confuse it is a phone saving games you are getting so many puzzles in just one application that is free so this is the best game
i have just downloaded the game but whenever i try to play it just freezes and forces me to exit...i have not played a single game yet but i really want to try it so pls fix this up
Great games...BUT it constantly freezes, and then I have to close app, and sometimes start the game over.
This is the *perfect* game for when you're just waking up or even for that special quiet time to yourself in the bathroom! It provides a variety of puzzle types with different difficulty levels. The interface/layout is well designed to be very user friendly.
I need to change my review. There are 5 second ads now but not after each game. THANK YOU for listening to a customer in making this change. 1st review....To many ads in each category. I'm uninstalling. I gave the game 5 stars because it is a cute game and maybe ads don't bother some people
I've really been enjoying this app as a wind down, great that there's different styles of puzzles. But the ads tonight have been insane, every single screen change, like every 10-15 seconds there is a ad that lasts 15-20seconds, over and over. Nearly every ad is a forced view, then you have to exit twice to get out of it. Completely put me off, not a smart move guys
This game is really fantastic!πŸ˜†. It not only keeps our brain active but also has no adds even when you don't turn off your WiFi connection. If you are deleting or not installing it you are going on the wrong path.
I love this game! Its become the only one I play these days, and that says a lot. Super addictive. My favorite is the Connect one. Id like to see this as a stand-alone game. Ive gone through all the levels in that one, and go back to random levels whenever because there is enough variety that its like new each time I play. There are only a few changes I wish theyd make: Add the ability to lock the lines in Cross Path when you know theyre correct, so if you get stuck you dont mess up progress (much like hints are locked). Also, when I have music from another app and pen the game, my music doesnt play. If like to be able to listen to my own music while playing (maybe this is an issue on my end, Im not sure). Great game, keep up the good work and maybe add new levels!
Good - easy at first but the ads seem off timed. I understand the neccessity but they break in in the middle of your train of thought - and since this is an app about improving brain power, inserting ads in the middle of a strategy session sort of defeats the purpose of sharping your critical thinking skills....
Love this game! I love how there are several games within it to choose from to keep my mind happy. The only thing I'd change so far is to be able to skip ahead a few levels, as some start too easy. That issue isn't worth taking away any stars!
Great mix of games and the adds are short and widely spaced. Only issue for me was i couldn't find the rules so just had to play and learn by mistake.
Thought provoking, entertaining, and mind stimulating. Good selection of activities for those with short attention spans. Most of all, FUN😁
The games are relaxing, enjoyable, fun and at times challenging!!! I like the game and the developer did an excellent job..
This is a fantastic game for children 's brain concentrations... I would like to give 5 star ⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀to this game.. Their is no add coming again and again in this game... All children like to play this game in short time... I like this game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanks to make this great game πŸ‘πŸ‘
This is a wonderful collection of logic and puzzle games that are great for casual gamers like me who wants to pass time. Every game has a different mechanic, and most of them are really fun and enjoyable to play while others require more thinking and analyzing. Each game has so many levels to keep you occupied and modes of difficulty to help you improve your puzzle-solving skills and brain power.
I think this is gonna be one of those games that Ill be playing for what I think is 5 mins, but itll actually be an hour lol. I really like this game. Only on beginner levels but they are gonna get harder, obviously, so I shall see how far I get. Ive paid to get rid of the ads. Only a quid so worth doing if youre gonna stick with the game
Below is my review: 1. Game is very good for your intelligence. 2. If you want to increase your analytical skills. Then go for it. 3. This game should be played daily. 4. Simple and cool graphics. 5. Color combination is very good. After each refresh event, color changes. Like it very much. Things I dont like: 1. Daily problems are tough. 2. They need to add more levels. 3. When online, ads are coming constantly. Please make it that after 3-4 problems. Super brain plus Team: Thank you for this game
Very fun app. Usual amt to lesser ads then expected. I like it very much. After you play a while and build coins you get to pick if you want to watch an ad for more coins or not. Many times i have played with no ads at all. Fun games, no ads. It deserves more stars.
There is a lot to love about this game and it definitely deserves more than 2 stars, but my favorite miny game, number rush, which requires constant attention, has no 'pause button' and using the in game 'back button' to pause works sometimes, but other times it will take me to the game menu and I lose my game progress. If the developers would fix this I would gladly change this to a 5 star review.
Games get stuck. Making the app useless. I've completed some games successfully, but the game wouldn't move forward. The developer can't be bothered to reply to my email.There are plenty of similar apps. Don't waste your time with that one.
Pretty good game, has a quite a few games that you play its not just one. Also keeps record of what your brain value is. Id recommend. The only game I play because its quite calming and fun, all the other games Ive deleted because it wasnt entertaining. although it has ads but not as much as those popular games. but the this game out weighs the ads.
Good variety of puzzles to play. Requires different skills to solve each of the puzzles. Some of the games are self explanatory however, I recommend givng some type of instructions for each puzzle. One of the best brain puzzle games I have played.
Instructions not very clear on most games. Makes it hard to play. Not going to keep going back to main pages to find instructions as I wasn't really into the games anyway.
Good app, the best thing which made me glad is that they have compiled all mind games in just one app and some times these are very tricky, less ads. Lastly i would say it's a nice app πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
1. Great, relaxing game for everyone.- first impression. 2. Update - Beyond arrising frequency of advertisings, after a couple levels it started a flashing spots and blocked further levels without explanation. The game commercials took almost 300MB in a couple of days - it is not off-line game. Uninstalling it.
This game has loads of mini games inside....it keeps me busy in those quiet moments and makes me use my brain during lockdown staving of any boredom
Besides the Ads, it's a fantastic game. Relaxes you while challenging your brain. Possibility of you getting bored is zero.
Perfect set of puzzle games for every taste and light on the ads. I have played some games for over an hour before an ad shows up and often because I am using a cheat or help function. Thanks for over 50 hours of playtime so far. PERFECT!
Nice app!! Different puzzles in just one app. Clear graphics!! What i love most and made me give it 5 stars is that so far i havent seen any ads. So or there are no ads or they are very few. Which is great!! At least they are not after every game!!
It is AMAZING u get everything u want from a wonderful puzzle game! It is so much fun and great to play! Can u have no ads yes I know it helps but it would be pretty cool if there were no ads free. and can u make line novice A longer? Still it is absolutely amazing! LOVE IT!!!
I love this game. Talk about keeping your brain moving. But, at long last the ads have gotten out of hand. Even if you X out you are taken to Play Store. Uninstalling
I enjoy the variety of brain games I can play using this app. It helps reduce the number of games I have downloaded. The graphics remind me of the 80's Atari games but I don't play this for the graphics. The only downside is all the ads. Way too many ads for the amount of game play.
Excellent game...only one issue we faced...sometimes in the line game ( when the game has a red line blocked or marked in it in the beginning), after solving correctly , the points don't update and then the points even fell...very demotivating after working so hard over so many rounds to play the game and score points, especially for children.
This game is challenging but yet relaxing. I have seen zero glitches and there aren't so many ads that you feel you spend more time watching ads then playing the game. I also have my MIL who has dementia playing it to try to help keep her brain sharp.
It is fantastic game. Great for increasing concentration. The short games make it more comfortable to play it anytime.
I would just like to say I am super addicted whenever I get a chance to play I get on and play. Some minor bugs though in connect warps extension when you use a hint then hit the side of a warp on the gent it bugs then you have to use another hint fix. I believe this game is absolutely amazing I recommend for anybody ho likes puzzle for the brain it also isn’t a game you can finish in one night which makes you constantly able to play at almost any given time. One thing though I personally think the diamond membership is kinda pay to get leader board which is a little unfair to people who don’t want to spend money on a small game. Please consider this and let everyone have the same extension levels.
There are many brain game you can do on this app. Pipe, Sudoku, unblock, 2048, oneline simple puzzles, etc, I give this 5 stars. There are a not too many ads, but still many, but you can exit out of the ad before it even loads, so its all good.
Thank you so much for being free. Ads aren't too bad. They aren't inappropriate ads either, thank you for that.overall it's a nice chill brain game.
So fun! So many different games and way less ads than other games. No trials or limited game play. Love it!
It really is helping me stay mentally sharp! Probably increasing my mental sharpness if I'm being totally honest.
The most recent update messed up the Sudoku notes so they are now mostly useless. Update: they fixed this quickly.
Im enjoying this game a lot. Its a collection of different puzzle games -- all with lots of levels ranging from easy to hard. You have to complete a certain number of levels to unlock done of the other games but thats an easy feat when youre having fun. I enjoy all the different puzzle games so far, Ive probably done hundreds and hundreds of levels by now. Graphics is simple but pretty to look at. I dont play it daily but I like bringing it up once in a while to kill time.
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Too Many Ads!! Before this update i found this game fun. Yes it had lots of ads and some were long but it was ok. But now after the update literally after every game there is an ad - most 30s long. I really enjoyed playing these challenges (not the sudoku due to its layout) but sadly i am thinking of uninstalling due to WAY too many ads! Update - its unplayable with very long ads after each game. So i have uninstalled which is a shame.
It won't save games. I get half way through a sudoku, exit and it asks if I want to save my game, so I save it. However my progress isn't saving & it reverts back to the beginning of that game. Most annoying. I emailed developer but no response yet. Down to 1 🌟 & will uninstall if no reply...
Fun games to play, but most games you need to figure out the rules of the games, no instructions,,,blah...
Fun. The games are pretty easy to understand and they feel like more of a mental workout than Candy Crush, yet they still feel relaxing. My faves are the 1 Line Connecting game and the Memory Master game.
Love this game. No long pauses in between games. Not overloaded with ads. The games are great at making you really think and strategize to win. Very easy to play and very enjoyable.
I think this game is very alright think it is only all right because the good things are that in the game it requires a lot of thinking the thing I think that is not very good that does not please me is how it hasnt add or add break as the game calls it I do not like it because it happens after almost every level you playand I know most people do not think it matters but for me I think it matters a lot those of you who are impatient to I agree with you because I am a little bit impatient also
I just downloaded this game ,but I'm going to uninstall it right now because I read all of the reviews and the majority of them are complaining about ads, I don't even want to get started liking something that have so much negative reviews... anyway it seems like it would have been fun but I have very short patience and I don't like a lot of ads on things good-by!!!
Fun to pass the time. Gets challenging but still doable. I do agree there should be better instructions. Doesn't freeze or glitch
I played 40 levels, it was not challenging. Just follow the path for a few seconds and your done. Might be something to keep your young child be entertained. Maybe the levels get more interesting and difficult, but it was to mind numbing to keep going past lvl 40.
THE perfect waste of time! I love this game, so many different challenges that are so addictive and satisfying, with sooooo many ability levels. Very, VERY cool and will have something for everyone; expand your skills, improve your memory and IQ. Well done guys... I've installed so many games, many I don't keep long, but this is definitely a winner! : )