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Super Balls - 3D Brick Breaker

Super Balls - 3D Brick Breaker for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by ThinkCube Inc. located at 1108-250 Consumers Rd, North York, ON M2J 4V6. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun but way way way to many ads. Having to watch 2 or more ads between each level is a but much and ruins the fun of the game. PLEASE REMOVE SOME OF THE ADS!
Does not look like the ad, with falling bricks. I was hoping for something different, but it's just another boring brick game, like any other.
If you like ads this is the game for you, I really enjoyed this game but the ads ruined the experience....deleting!
Software engineer for 50 years; I know wherepf I speak. This app has promise but needs a lot of work. I've through 172 levels; there sre major flaws in all aspecrs of the gamr. The reason I'm giving this negative review it that it's got the potential to be a fun and solid enjoyment device. Fell free to contact me if this is a live project and you're actively wprking on it; and good luck with it.
###*** TAKE NOTE***### It would of been 5 stars...but...spent £5 on pack believing wrongly I would have no ads then another £4 specifically to stop ads yet still they come. I want a refund or I WILL report it to Google ###***
To look like the ads, you have to set the perspective. Quite tedious... Finally the game froze on a screen which said I'd gained a bonus...
The game is terribly easy, no challenge at all. Ads after each level. Also, some levels have so much on screen, my phone starts lagging. Big waste of time, wouldn't recommend to anyone
Looks exactly like it's ad, if you bother to use the control function before the level starts. Ads are after every second level and are the same ads as in every other game ... currently that means a combination of unintelligible urban grunts & squeals and the newest chicom offerings. I got my Super Balls and hope you do as well !
When I first got this game I could play a couple of levels before seeing an ad. Now, I have to watch 2, sometimes 3 ads between each level. Not worth the headache. Uninstalling!
Terrible app. Not only adds everywhere, but you have to watch the entire add each time. I realize the developers need to make money, but a little excessive. There are plenty of other games out there
Use power ups and then the game closes. Lose the power up and still have to go through that level. Several ads. Had it for 30 minutes and deleted.
Same classic game. But much better. Only problem is I'm on level 691 and it keeps crashing. I spend my coins to get 2x balls and it stops moving then it will exit. The problem I have is when it reloads I have lost my coins and perks.
This game was fine until you got pastv50 levels. Then it started having tons of adds and it will make you repeat a level a number of times before moving to the next level. After level 400 it freezes up all of the time. No way to report anything to the developer.
Great game, except for each minute of play you have to watch 3 minutes of commercials. So, I'm saying bye-bye.
When failing to complete a level and you realise it is quicker to exit the game and reload it because that is faster than the adverts, it is time to move on. . . .
Great the 1st day I played it but each day after you get an add after each level pass or level fail. Way, way too many ads.
Great game, however there are levels that are impossible to complete. I got to level 293 and tried over and over to complete. Finally uninstalled it. I was disappointed. Looked forward to playing every night.
Yet another game where the levels are over in less time than the ads run for. Ruined by far too many ads so that I am deleting.
One star for the purely idiotic "I'm going to show you an ad even though you just skipped an option that involved watching an ad"
Too many ads, most games you get an ad between every 5 to 10 levels. This game is every level and sometimes 2 ads per level. Total waste of time.
Awesome graphics! The gameplay is really good and immersive however it's all ruined by being so money hungry. I mean, I understand but woah. The gameplay is not random, it's set if you pass the level or not. Too obvious that you want users to use power ups
Yes I like this game it's enjoyable and fun. And quite a challenging when you get into the higher levels.
Got to level 10 and not a single ad. I know that's lowering the bar but whatever. Graphics are pretty fun too.
Seems to relax me, it's cool how balls ricochetat at proper angle, you never know, you can win with only one ball left, nice game.
This game has ads that hijack the audio, so it auto-pauses podcasts. It has no ad-free mode. I Do not recommend it
Nothing but ads🤮 an endless barrage of ads with a few seconds of game play in between. Look elsewhere.
To many ads. Graphics are different than the ones in the preview. Okay if you are bred and need a time waster.
Game causes phone to over heat within 15 mins of play, galaxy s9 that can run pubg or cod mobile on highest settings doesn't get as hot as this game causes device to heat up, forced ads as well garbage game
Far too many ads. Not nimble enough for people with big hands like me. No ability to aim before the balls start firing.
No way to save progress or in app purchases. I had to get a new phone and lost my 700 levels of time invested and also money. I paid for no ads, now if I click it on the new phone it says previously purchased but still has ads. So pretty much useless unless you don't care about wasting your time and money.
Can anyone tell me why this game takes my points after i get over 200 gems? This really sucks and im goung to delete it again because of this.
To me ohh my god that was Soo sweet of interest game of break block 3d brick fire up game speed game through my heart and I did like it to keeps me now for my fun time to my life through the time
Fun game but it has ads on every level. I understand that ads are how you make money but excessive ads is how you lose people like me who delete your game.
Game was fun. Acceptable amount of ads. Then you get past a certain lvl and ad everytime. I get it that is how you make money but you guys are just greedy. Uninstalled
A few different things from the other brick breakers but the excessive ads make it not worth it to play. Plenty of others to choose from without the excessive ads.
This game is designed to show you ads, and it definitely does do that. Some levels are ridiculously simple. Some are ridiculously hard. Would be alright, but they purposefully designed the levels so that you will fail over and over again. (So they can show you more ads) Uninstalled
I fo like the game but the he play is nothing like the adds for the game. And adds after EVERY action you do in the game. Some of them are 45+ seconds...after every action! That is just too much..