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Sunny School Stories

Sunny School Stories for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by PlayToddlers located at Avenia VΓ­a LΓ‘ctea 28938 (MΓ³stoles) Madrid. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game but before the I started the game almost every place was money real money but I still love the game bye πŸ˜‡ oh and don't forget to subscribe to shaelanplays!
To many locked rooms I'm a kids and I already don't like these games there are to many locked rooms I can only use like to of them because I can't pay for the rooms since someone gave me this phone but still if the rooms were free I would have given five stars but instead I just deleted all of them
Hey,l like this game so much.l play all toddles games but more rooms are lockπŸ˜’why ..please give all rooms are free.l give 5 stars for game becase this game is 3d.l dont play early 3d pretends games but this game is 3d.please make new play toddles pretend games.I love play toddle❀❀
I don't like this game a all many things are locked. It's a bad game and there are many ads to if we want to purchase canteen or most of all class rooms and principal's office we need to give money. I am really fead up with this game. 😠😠😠😠. Don't install it or you will also have this incidence
Same l wish all the rooms are NOT locked.but l love this game.play toddlers is a good create in the WORLD. Love these kinda games, love it☺☺☺
I like the game I like the people but every time when I'm tapping on school and stores it won't let me come in I don't lots of game like other games cuz I said don't like games and then you can come in so I download a lot of game I'm right here and it still don't work I'm giving you guys three stars is that okay with you but please change everything about this hacking game fuok this game
My littel sister is saying that you have to pay for almost everything and she is mad for all of the games but she likes the urban city game and please can they make everything free btw i tried to play the game and it was not fun and please say this comment is helpful so they can make it all free πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is very Nice I loved this During my Childhood But I wish You could Unlock Other Places For Using Ads For Just 15 Mins And Then Back And Watch Ads Again For Another 10 min Free Places
It's so fun but kids have to pay money i don't really like this to be fair i think you should some more stuff unlocked like the cafitera and the libary and recces and alot of more thing i think you unlock so i am just saying but you don't have to tbat's my oppion i really approve your game still it is very fun and good for kids but also not really fair but i wilk still give you four stars!!
I was not happy that there were more less fun stuff bc you guys want money I like the game but I don't like that you have to pay I only wanted to download this game bc I think it was going to be cool then all of a sudden you have to pay like I was mad. I'm not impressed with this and I'm not happy that you have to pay. like I want to delete this game bc there are more fun stuff you have to buy I am really really not happy😑😑😲
I mean I like this game, but you can make a couple changes, like letting use open the back bag, making more classroom's avilibel but please make more changes please
Loving but ! Still wann say to make more games like this and also open all the rooms of all the games there ! Thank you
This is a great game to play..but,can you open all the rooms so that everyone can play it happily without pay anything..
Hi I'm Leah I'm a kidπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ€—πŸ™ƒ;-) I really like this game because you get to learn it so easy and I I think it was some doors lock and I don't know but I really like it though πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
Its a good game but the very bad in it is when a kid wanna enter a room you need to pay and not all parents can pay for their children.
This game is really helpful and stress relieving I used to play everyday I still played everyday but I wish it didn't cost so much space I hope that the person who invented this game or the company reduces the amount of megabytes it needs because I do not have that amount of megabytes and I need to favor space and I really like this game I have everyone I download everyone and I have to use real American money to buy the places but I cannot buy them because my aunt doesn't have a credit card
This is literally kid's game,but I like to play this game and it is very good game,however why you make 80% of this game needs to be paid to play perfectly? whyyπŸ˜€
I don't like this game you have to pay for a room on hotel and on city so I'm guessing on this one to I like this for little kids though because I'm 12
I like this game but the thing I don't like about any of playtoddlers games are that you have to pay for loads of the locations and a kid would be begging their mum or dad to buy them it I would have given 5 stars if the all the locations were freeπŸ™‚
I like the game its fun, but what i dont like is that u have to pay for most of the fun rooms, in a kids point of view they would be begging there parents to get the full version, and then there parents wouldnt want to pay for the full version when they might get sick of the game when they start to grow up, so for me personally u should just be able to watch a video to get the whole version for that day only. And then if u want the whole version again u should just keep watching vidoes.πŸ™‚
this is the best ame ever but i dont like the fact you need money to unlock stuff but even without money its ta best even better then amoung us mincraft and roblox keep up the good work and make more games like this
I think it's a good game to as well plzz unlock the places every week plzz I want them all and on every game of this. From Holly!
I like it but almost everything is locked this game is probably for kids but I play it and I am 9 years old like it but I hate that you have to pay to get characters and other places in the game so please change that I love you guys so much
This game is best. But this game is more interesting that more rooms open. That is why I gave only 2⃣ ⭐⭐ stars.
I like this game but the other rooms are lock you need to buy it first before you get it that's why I gave it 4 stars
It is so fun and great but if you unlock all room in the game will the best game so i say to "palytollders" to unlock all the rooms so the kid can be samrt in his daily life and also in all game i will something that i think if we make update the game will be unlock but it want money to unlock it so i think if they unlock all the rooms will more funny , thank for who read and feedback what i wirte , thank you
It's a nice game but I wish that you could make everything free that's the only problem I have thanks
I would absolutely love to give this app five stars one thing I so much dislike about play toddlers games is that you have to use real money to unlock locations and you still claim that it's for toddlers. I strongly advise you guys that if you want to progress you update and make all the locations and characters unlocked
Its a very bad theres only 2 places that are free and the others need to pay i would be happy if all of them are free and please add more caracthers like more teachers and students then i would be happy to rate it 5 stars thank you!
It is nice but is not going anywhere means any place I don't like it and in there should be no ads and it is a bit boring and I don't want to waste any more time on this and finally I have to uninstall the game
I love this game even two rooms are unlock I will play this every day and week even the doctor and urban and store and home story thats I play every day and week
This game is a wast of time.like I hate it,πŸ€— because every room is locked like wow what a wast of timeπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
This game is nice but there are only two rooms unlocked it annoys me and everyone. You should update this game and your other games and you should update the game as we can collect coins in the game and unlock different places this will make the game 5 star reviewed.
I love this game it's soo cool but the reason why I rate 4 stars it's because i just can play with the inside of school but I can't play all so I'm gana rate 4 just please upgrade it I want all of it are open that's why they don't want this game all of that game just beacuse we are gana pay for it my sister doesn't want to play this cuz she want all of it she want all of it that its open.. please we need it the baby's her it please... We just want a fun of this game I love this game it's awesome
It is very fun and great but I wish all rooms are unlocked so we can enjoy playing more rooms. Also there's a problem , when we leave the game , our progress will lost like the things we prepare and more but that one I don't mind so much . Just , can you change your game to unlock all rooms , it would be much more fun . Thanks .
Very cute game. But I give 4 stars is you can't open other room that I see in urban city end more so I give 4 stars you can't onlock each room but I really love this game.
THIS SUCKS.so basically my sister loves this game but she really wants the rooms like guys what were you thinking you think that kids will love a game that you can only enter 3 rooms like bruh I would give you guys 5 star if you made the rooms free
This game I fun but I don't like it when we have to to pay the room it gets really boring playing only two rooms. ☹️
It is a good game but the only problem is that you have to pay real money for unlocking most of the places
Disappointing and misleading. I've bought few rooms or places for my daughter and, is still coming with a lot of "this cost real money" Is frustrating, as I even don't know which I've bought. If I can, I will have the refund for all and I will block it on Google play.🀬🀬🀬
Just a waste of space on my tablet. I'm 9 years and I while this game was downloading I was thinking that.. It would be the most favourite game of my whole life! But then when I opened the app I was pretty surprised that I spawned in a classroom. Like always hehe. But when I went outside the classroom.. EVERY. SINGLE. PLACE. IS. REAL. M O N E Y. why would you do that to a kids game? Maybe make another game that is payed not this! I hate it!! Children aren't going to like this. Don't Install!
I like this it's fun and all I don't even mind that the some rooms aren't free and if u do mind then go and undownload it if its a big problem to u games can be like that and all u do is complain
This game is good ❀️ and i like it but the reason is for the rooms we have to pay moneyπŸ˜₯ i love to play this toddler games. if you can please without money can you give the rooms free πŸ™‚
this game is fun but make more . I'm the only one in my family that discovered this game. and it got a nice experience with the sweet home and the store but don't make it cost money to take the money stuff off I've been trying to get to everything but it's cost. but a lot of people in this Lobby love this game. make some more games like these but without pain.
I am only giving you 3 stars because you have to buy half the things in the game. I LIKE THIS GAME BUT WHY!?! THIS IS A TOWERS GAME. I LIKE IT BUT WHY DO YOU ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THEORY GAME?
Okay the reason I don't like this game is because I agree with everyone that other rooms ain't unlocked that's what gets me mad even though when I get terrific kid and aviano and perfect attendance my mom and my dad still say no yeah I will install this app for now until you fix the issues thank you bye and I don't care if you don't fix them I will kill a creative I will kill the creators of this map
I love it but if i im bord i play this game and the place is open all and kids are happy about the schol and the office they have a hair brach then they look pretty i love it dowload this game its pretty good WELL the simple sandbox have a update and i cant update it plss fix it thank you byeee
Hi am Lilly and i love your games can you plz unlock all the stuff and why do they need to pay if kids play your games they will cry bc not all kids have the πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ am a kid too but plz stop makeing people pay ugh. You do not need 5 star, s if the players need to pay.
There is a small issue with purchases. I purchased this app a while ago with the extra rooms. I deleted it because my cousin had grown up but i have another small cousin so i downloaded it again and tried to go into an extra room but it wanted me to pay although i paid for it already on this same device. Please fix this so that nobody else has to go through what ive gone through because i had to pay for it again. Thank you.
worts game because all rooms are lock how should I injoy the game if its lock pls don't put locks on games and other games that's all pls update this so it will be more fun thx:):):):):):) ok
please unlock all the rooms for once and keep that for 7 days free like if anyone download the game during the sale or anyone has the game already then he or she can play all the rooms for free forever and if you done that before I would have gave millions of millions of stars but no you didn't did so please do this that I explained to you
The game is very badπŸ‘Ž it has only one location unlocked and only 5 characters and if you want to unlock the location give the money
I like this game I like the hospital one and he's cool but I don't like that they tweet we can't those to the other like last month and the the king the hospital team win like yeah but I still like it I give you five stars
The game is amazing my daughter loves to play this game but the reason I gave it 4 stars is that when she want to go rooms you have to pay for itπŸ˜‘πŸ˜• and i really don't like that can you replace it with adds instead☺ thank you πŸ‘
3 stars for this beautiful game Β«3 do with there was more stuff to do like the art room and nurses room and cafe πŸ’“ hopefully you guys can make it free because my brother really love playing it and the fact that we have to pay for most of the game is really disappoinying,hopefully you can fill it in with ads or so πŸ’“
I get to move then around and I get to make my own stores. so that is why I gave it a 5/5 so download this app and see what I mean and a part I don't like there is 3 students and only the classroom and bathroom and hall way is unlock
This game is very nice but I give it 3 cuz there are only two rooms unlocked and to play the others we have to pay real money. I really request you to unlock those rooms please 😒. I hope you will do it 😁😁.
This is good for my baby sis.....she leaned a lot like she always do school with them...an she not afraid to go to school graet job.... every body now that baby's cry an the first day but she won't do cause she see wt it feels like...... good job
I like this game but there is only 2 rooms are open please make some changes and please open the principle room and experiment room please please
I really want an update 😭 I wish I had a lot of characters also I want four children and three teachers sometimes it is be laggy like if I close the door the door close 3 seconds later
The game is great but I only gave it 3 stars because you have to pay real money to get more characters and unlock more places so if I was to give this five stars I would like all the rooms and characters to be unlocked until then only three stars
You have to pay for 95% of this game. in stead if giving the app for free or just have it be 1.00 so all the rooms in the game are free. It's my opinion but it doesn't make any sense to make us pay for the app when we could just get it for free or pay for app to have all of the rooms available.
In this game many places are locked. We must purchase it. That is so embarrassing. I rate 0 stars but I must type a review. That is why I rated 0 stars.
Really great game! Super cute, super fun and super easy to play! It controls really easily which is a major plus side to a game like this. I also like that this game is 3D unlike other games from other creators that I play. The only downside to this game is that you need to pay to play everything in this game but other than this, I love this game! I love all of the games made by PlayToddlers! Well done!
This games of play toddler are funπŸ‘»πŸ€‘ but they close the other rooms and leave 2rooms only how we suppose to love 😍and enjoy πŸ˜† the game pls open all the rooms on all your play toddler games cause I love this games but I can't pay for them πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ“²βš οΈ
Yes, everybody is correct what is this that we want to pay money to see all the rooms this absolutely wrong only one classroom is unlocked and other then that everything is locked this is not a good game for kids we can't enjoy this game and the principal room is also locked so you can only think which type of school it is and when we want to pay money then there is no option.
I love so much! I dont really care about the locked rooms i just love the unlocked rooms make more games please i will download of of them!
I realy like this game but one thing i dislike about play toddlers is you need to unlock the rest of the locations with real money i wish they will bring out a new game which you do not have unlock the locations.
The reason why I put it as 2 stars is because you only get two locations which are a bathroom and a class but you have to pay for the rest and I dont have any money cause I'm a lid so maybe if you put it as an add I would put more stars
Wow I love this game and I have the full version! It definitely deserves 5 stars! The little kids are so cute and the classrooms look great! I really enjoy playing this so you out there download this!
Nice game 😊but the only thing that here 2 place are unlocked. You need to more improve lot of this game thats why hate this vame
Omg this game is so fun I love it so much I only don't like that there is lock in the other rooms I wanna pla it but I don't have money to buy it :(
Very good game. Sorry for the 2 star reduction. This is because of what everyone is telling you. Make the full version of your games free. This is a request. Request from people who like your games. So please. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘I'm your fan too. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’žPlease make the full version free. Make the full version of all your games free. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ»
I accidentally keeps deleting the game but still really good I just want to say there's some locked places but I don't really that doesn't bother me but it's kind of annoying so please take that out πŸ‘
Can you make more places free please because I don't want 3 kids and 2 adults. I wish I had more people. This game is a great game but wish for more places
Only a classroom was unlocked and rest all rooms were locked So disappointing you just want to earn money but we can't enjoy this game. Totally rubbish game 😠😠😠. It is only the Wastage of space nothing else so I'm uninstalling it and ofcousre no one will like this game😏..you shown about the game that all rooms are unlock but when I installed and played it So I Saw that rooms were πŸ”’ 😀 .I hate this game
Good game but there's one problem some places aren't free bc my brothers love this game but if its not free they will get bored so pls put ads or something you have in mind.
Kids, listen y'all why does it cost money? Because they put a lot of effort into this game and need profits to make more games too so stop complaining 'why did you do this to a kids game?' they need to earn money too they are not some billionaires who decided to make a kids game.
The game is fun is just that the other places cause money and it makes it not fun at all πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘, but i gave it a four tho . but my little sister loved the game, so yah.she loved it so she loved it so much!β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ˜†but what i don't like is that the kids have to pay money for that thing .like ugh
This game is very beautiful cute sweet I gve 5 stars Bec I unlocked all rooms and that room are very nice like the real 3d game I have all of the play toddler games like Ex : Daily shopping , vacation hotel , urban city ,sunny school and etc . I love this game pls pls pls pls make more like this game I loved it's graphics and all of control and chacter are so cute pls make he / she thank for making this game
This game is very very bad😑😑😑😑 we have to buy the other level by money. I really hate this game 😑😑😑😑 so , l just gave one star. ,,πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I used to LOVE this game when i was small, im a 10 yr old and i still like it, but problem is i cant acess to other places and for your other games. And when i ask my parents to buy it, they said no, so i will uninstall for now, until this issue is fixed and i see other ppl agree with me. Overall great game, but pls dont put cash in them, because u are tricking people into installing the game, but really its cash
I love this game so much but i gave it 4 stars because it will much fun if we like go to the art or the cafe but we have to buy it and i cant buy it i hope that did this game to let it free
I really like this game but it has one problem when i buy the places it always says store purchases are not available 😐😒😒 I'm really disappointed with this please please fixed this
I love this game but dudes.....pay for the full version it's not that hard lol very fun thx for creating this!
I really like this game but the problem is You have to pay for everything! Cafeteria,nurse office,principle office,classrooms i would give this 5 stars if you would make them free becuase your trying to make buisness but really your trying kids to beg their parents to buy all of themπŸ˜…
This game was fun but after that I went off to the schools and it cost $17 actually that cost with 18 packs which is why I'm not giving it from my name to Father this year but to be honest I hate this game anymore because it has money and all the apps are not available on my tablet but you can just see and go to different apps and go and then download the game called universe download the game go download this app it's my app I was working here for it for a couple of days with my brother and I w
this game is even better than I thought but they need like let us go to like the bakery and stuff they need to make like a bakery like nobody want to see
Well, it's a nice game but like everyone says, it's too bad it costs money. I understand you need to make profit but in that case just make the whole game have a fee so when kids download it they won't feel sad about not being able to play in the other rooms. I downloaded this game for my little sister and she was upset about it. But other than that, its okay.
This game is just horable all you can really do is go to 1-2 places plus the places are small you have to pay for so many things and there is only a few people. I would only play this game again if these changes are made because once again they made another horable game.πŸ‘Ώ
This is why I'm letting it five stars because it's so cute I used to love it when I was seven so I made also this game is the best thank you
you have to open every thing without any cost And the one thing's more that you should have to make more games like that
I love this game so can you make more because of I doubled all your game and this game is always favarat my.🀩😍.
Awsome game but for four stars is because everythings not unlocked you have to pay real money for the full version pls unlock it then ill be nice and give it 5 stars thank you bye