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Summoning Simulator

Summoning Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Houndstooth Socks located at 42 McKerrow Street Shiel Hill Dunedin New Zealand. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's okay for testing out how RNG works in summoners war, though it needs an update to match the current games monster list and summon possibilities, like you can't summon a fusion nat 5 in summoners war currently, how ever it's possible to land one in this app still. Also the ads pop happen every 14 or so scrolls, so don't be surprised by that.
The monsters look so different and it would be better if we could battle with them or something it really needs to be updated
I really like this app it helps you know what to expect from summoning the real thing matches really good only think it should be updated more often with the new mons that are there
It's a good app, but it stinks that we can't really have what we summon actually in our summoners war aƧcount for real. I would be killing it lol.
THIS SMILATOR IS THE BEST! Ive always tried searching summon simulators online but only found one good one. Thank you for making this app
For all of you complaining that this game is stupid and that you can't use the monsters....are you really that stupid? The whole point of this app is to just see what it is like to summon monsters with different scrolls you rarely get to feel what it is like or to even figure out a drop rate for different kinds of scrolls. This isn't supposed to be a actual game hence why it says "simulator" in the freaking title. Houndstooth socks thank you for giving us an app that lets us get our summoning fix:)
its very good and lines are perfect i love it the music two and the monsters that you can chooces out of the others thay look cool so i screanshot them for my wallpaper. i hope you make more in the future updates.
I think what ever you summon from this app should immediately go on the game for you cuz I just did a bunch of legendary summons n it didn't give me my monsters
It is alright for what it is. Does the job. Ofc ads are annoying but hey its a free app so get over it ! The only bad thing is that it has increased rates... which kinda destroys the use of a simulator... if you wanna find out how much scrolls in average u need to get a nat5 Thts why only 3 stars for me
The purpose of this is that you can click the button summon endlessly nothing more, u wont be able to transfer the monster on ur account.. Waste of time..
No, i tried it with my internet and its fast and good. But for some reason its just stuck on de loading screen. I really waited very long to see if it was just slow but it wasnt like that. Ill try once more and i hope it works, I really want to try this simulator. Thank you for your aid.
Ones I come this game , over all yes the best little game ever made. But wish there was something I could do to help with my game with summer
It needs to be updated it can't summon twins and is not caught up with the monster list. Other than that it's fun to summon but I feel like the rates are way different than the actual game. It's so much easier to get a nat 5. Just a couple of updates and I would give it a 5 star rating.
It's a great free option to get that lightning we anticipate so much in the game. No you don't get to use the unit in game, but at least you were able to enjoy summoning
Id like it better if 1 it didnt show ads and 2 if it showed how many of each scrolls ive summoned otherwise i love it its a great app very satisfying.
I mean, it soothes my pain of not being able to summon an LD nat 5 in the real game xD. So that's a 5 star rating from me!
Awesome! I am a completely free to play user on actual summoners war, this give me a chance to feel like i am good at the game! Im only lvl 30 on real sw sadly. But all them haters saying, ohhh this is just a scam, and also saying, where is my mons on sw. ITS A FREAKING SIMULATOR LEARN TO READ.
Interesting I wonder if the monsters that are summoned end up on your list. Haha dreams right what they do for ya.
Great app! It matches the summoning rates almost perfectly. I would give it 5 stars but it cannot be closed by using the back button. It must be force closed, the least devs could do is allow the app to be closed by double tapping the back button at the menu screen.
How does this app tells the percentage when it is not connected in the real game? I just want a reason to believe in this app.
I dont necessarily think that you should of added unlimited scrolls and such as it makes the game quite boring. Also I think the game does need better graphics and better sfx, maybe even if you could try and slowly change it from just a cropped picture of the creature it would be better. As I know developing a gake is difficult especially as a solo dev, I gave it 3 stars but it does need improvement. :D Have a nice day.
Well first of all this an okey game for sommoning monsters from the main game but what I wish you could do is have all those monsters go to the real game threw your ID but I it's okey
Its exactly what you'd expect. Pretty bland experience, and the summoning in this isnt updated to the real games updated summoning. Aka Fusion monsters are no longer summonable through scrolls. Also, it lists some monsters as the wrong nat star #, as in I got a Wind Barb King, and Wind Lich through a Legendary scroll(only summons 4*-5*) when their in-game rarity is 3*
Needs to be updated. Fusion nat 5s are no longer summonable and there are new mons that came out out last year that still aren't added to the game. (Druids, Dryads, Lightning emperors But now we just got demons and gargoyles too)
Laggy and lots of ads besides that its a fun way to summon for pretend while saving your real scrolls. It helps me control the urge to use in game scrolls while I'm trying to save for a mass summon
It's nice I just wish I could reset the rates back to 0.00% for a better study and overall understanding of the drops. either this app cant do that or I'm just missing it.