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Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Summoners War: Lost Centuria for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the concept, very similar strategy pvp as Clash Royale in some respects. The lag issues seem to have cleared up. There is still a blatant algorithm that prevents you from getting the cards you need according to your preferred decks. I understand and respect pay features in games, I pay into all my favourite games. But this game is simply too pricey. If the lag gets fixed, I would star this much higher
This would be a fantastic game with great tactical combat if it wasn't 100% PvP 100% pay to win game. Combat mechanics are interesting and engaging but literally every pvp encounter is decided at the loading screen - the person with more legendaries and higher levels ( it takes a loooong time to grind lvls through extra cards) wins, however good the other person's strategy is. Pricing of in-game content is similar to the very toxic Raid SL model. If you have a few thousand $ get it.
Edit 6/10 - game still feels just unfinished and poorly balanced. Instead of fixing these issues they have patches to add new monsters while. Counter mechanic is still king and matches boil down to who counters more. Tanks like Khumn and arti will still solo your entire team from the back line by spamming heals. And dot teams boil down to if you don't use transfer to counter their transfer you lose. And how hard it is to get good skill stones gated in their ancient summons and nowhere else.
Gave this game time to improve but even the update process is still the same. Game won't open up and redirects me to Playstore for update but on Playstore if shows, uninstall or play option only. I select play then it asks me to update again. Never ending stupid loop and what's the reso? Uninstall the game and install the whole thing again. Terrible! Can't even fix that issue! Same issue since day 1 and you only care about making money!
It's an upgrade from Summoner War, in term of graphic, and in game battle. On the other hand, it's an epic downgrade in term of gaming experience, you cannot build your city, raise mobs, combine monsters, and the normal pve required pvp rank. It force you to keep fighting and match making and it takes very long time I find the opponent. Total disappointment..
The launch day was pretty bad and was filled with a very bad bug.. But after the game was fixed it was great. The only problem is the P2W wall was pretty high the package for a legendary upgrade was 80-100$ and now a new problem... new update keep telling me to update but can't update on playstore cause the only option is play or uninstall.. Might do the uninstall soon..
Nothing about 5he coding makes sense. You can literally press counter exactly when you should, sometime the opponents will get to complete their entire ability then you get to counter? Sometimes you can use a ability to counter and the effecr you apply doesn't, for instance no heal, then AFTER your counter goes off the other person gets to heal. Did you guys actually bug test or decided to stress everyone to do it for free then make a $?
Looks very fun, great mechanics and can be quite a good game,but it is not. The legend heroes are mega mega strong and heroes are only leveled up by opening chest. Sadly that makes the game not very good as about 10 days into the game or about 2000 glory you hit a pay wall - other ppl monsters are much stronger and you win fights ones in 5-10 matches.
I love this game.Yes it needs work, but so did a lot of games that just came out. I've been playing since the launch and overall it's fun and challenging.My wife was like "Oh God another Summoners War game" cause I'm stuck on them.Anyways one of few issues I have is the Rune selling.It's unbalanced.No one will sell them if you're only giving a couple mana stones each We might as well use them to level, which most do..which makes selling them utterly pointless, unlike the original Summoner War.
6.7.2021 The game runs now but the is heavily on pvp and very HEAVY on Pay 2 Win. The solo is very hard so progression is all about paying or EXTREMELY slow and no rewards for grinding. Lost the joy of older Summoners War, the only good thing it's the char models it looks very good. The whole game plays right now are all PvP so buying loot box rng is what this applet is all about when it all come down to it. The char lvl up need cards or shards o_O very unbalanced as a whole it's just P2W.
Loved the 1st one ... Came back for this one. I have been able to compete without spending a butt load of money. I do spend a little on small value packs from time to time to help support games I enjoy. The worst part in any beta game is getting stuck in an abandoned guild. Takes way to long for inactive players to be removed especially when said inactive person is guild leader.
It's a new game. They're still working out the kinks. They're still trying to make it so that it has a lot of different options for gameplay. I wouldn't expect for it to be perfect from the very get-go but they do seem to be actively working on it. It's very very hinged on PVP so if that's not something that you enjoy very much this is not for you. I anticipate in the future the game will be better as they do seem to be diligently trying to smooth it out and add content. 3.75 is more accurate
Im SW Sky arena player playing for years, well, this game has better graphics, timing/counter based clash royalish strategy, waaay better monster summon rate, yet runes destroys everything again, if your opponent has better rune, you're basically loosing and no point of your max level monster, you'll find yourself stuck in silver just because you have to farm runes for ages, its a game with good bones but im not investing in it.
I hate that I love it. Need more mana stones for swapping runes as that bit is a grind and finding diff combos (or copying the last person that beat you lol) is fun. And more tokens so I can fight for 9 hours straight. I can't stop playing it and in no way does it deserve the salty reviews I've left and everyone else. Try it, it really is fun. It deserves more than 3* in shop. Definitely more. If I put a bet on a horse I don't have to watch the race. Shouldn't have to watch who we cheered.
I'm enjoying it so far! It plays a lot like TEPPEN another game I really enjoy. Matches are really fast paced. I can see how it can be kind of a grind and a lot of people are complaining in their reviews but this is honestly a very wild animated and fun game at the least for playing a few hours. The biggest thing is I haven't experienced any lag and matches which is one of my pet peeves so kudos to the developers on that end.
Tried the game again due to another crossover event with Sky Arena and it remains a train wreck. Battles put me against someone whose units are two levels above or below me, ensuring the outcome by default. Nearly Diamond and still don't have some basic, mandatory units past level 6. Rates are atrocious even for gacha. Did 30 premium summons and 20+ were singles of common units. Now the game is even greedier with a battle pass. Ew. I'm not making the mistake of reinstalling it a third time.
Ok game. Takes to many resources to get any thing. The rewards for missions seem totally random and longer missions don't give much of an upgrade. Today's biggest issue is game updated. So when launched it sends me to store to update only play store doesn't show an update available so it trys to relaunch the game and round and round we go.
I tried to like it, but between little content and bad balancing(don't even try to get past the Regen stage in single mode it says 6% heal per LVL but they heal for 25%+ instead) and not to mention that it's a pathetic attempt at a cash grab, they have literally dozens of packs that they try to sell you, but there very little you can do with the crystals and you cant do much with the abysmal amount of resources they actually give you (10 rune enchants for $140cad? Seriously!?)
Graphics are amazing but the fighting purpose is not what I hoped for. To be honest I thought it was going to be similar to the original but with awesome graphics but instead you're stuck in pvp for the main progress, I actually find myself more invested in the original fighting style than this. Hope for a major update to the game style.. or upgrade summoners war to the graphics of this one 🤞🏾
Yah... I was going leave a review right when I downloaded the game, but I'm glad I waited. The developers of the game reduced the chance of getting anything good from the boxes, which made them millions, but screwed the users. My goodness... I keep getting duplicate skill boxes and after fifty boxes I wouldn't even get a legendary.... shame on you developers of this game.
Update: The game says to update to play, launches Google play but then there's no update. This an ongoing issue with this game (same issue on multiple devices). I really like the fresh combat style game play, 10/10! It requires skill, timing and strategising your formations! A little more pve content would be nice.
Neat Concept - Poor Execution The counter system seems cool, but skills aren't "in effect" in order they graphically happen (i.e. a heal block can prevent a heal that occured earlier in the same sequence). It seems the game suffers badly from poor network performance; which appears to be a server side issue as it happens via WiFi as well.
The game play is decent and the graphics are very good, but be prepared to expect crazy amounts of lag at times (whomever has the least lag wins the PvP battle), as well as well as your device overheating. It's a solid 3/5 game. I have now downgraded my review to 1/5, the overheating this game causes to my Google Pixel is extreme, so as not to break my device I have uninstalled the game.
Low quality. I would play the game if I didn't lag 24/7 and freeze whenever I use a skill. I also don't like the fact that countering is virtually all you do. Also, they do a horrible job of a cash grab by selling WAYYYYYY overpriced packs for almost nothing in return. Good luck with this garbage game.
This isn't the summoners war we all know and love I've played sky arena 7 years but this. Is outdated already imo. Too much PVP content. Getting runes So slowly.. only have to play ten mins then log off. No proper grind or skill required.. doesn't matter what people say about rare monsters! Cause there's no rare monsters in this game.. nothing is rare. Lol within the first week I had LnD legendarys. And too see everyone get stuff so easy.. there's no alternative teams. Buyers just get more mons
This game is pretty bad. Pay to win for sure, poor level system, the counter mechanics are trash, summons are rigged for terrible trash, I've been screwed over in purchases, runes are pointless, skillstones are garbage, it's a cheap pay to win knock off of summoners war, it takes DAYS upon DAYS to hear from customer supper who are very unhelpful and dismissive. Literally the biggest waste of my time I have ever encountered, if you play summoners war this is an ABONIATION.
This game needs some serious work but there is potential. Many games I have encountered whoever attacks first loses on enough occasion to hold merit. Baretta is SERIOUSLY overtuned forcing people to adjust entire decks just to partially counter him. He needs a serious nerf. People dont stand a chance against whales if you are free to play and most skill stones can make/break almost ANY deck formation. I will stick to casual play and most others wont take this game seriously until changes happen.
An excellent action card game! You won't see many things like this out there, so it's totally worth trying for yourself! Summon rates are quite nice, so it is fairly easy to build up an army. My only qualms are how badly network hiccups can ruin a match, plus my user level appears to barely increase anymore after 5. Also, plz remove the bots! PS: When is my man Mantura coming to this game? :3
Not alot to do on this app. Pvp before campaign, it takes 100 us dollars to get a single upgrade token for monsters that require 5 to 10 pieces to upgrade. The patches never come through right and cause days of loss of play because the patches aren't installing. Connection errors daily when fighting in competitions, once able to play it takes about 10 minutes to complete quest and sit there waiting on something else to do. Stick with the original summoner war. Way better.
I find this game entertaining, but there is definitely some room for improvement. First, there is a lot of lag. Even on lower graphics it is kind of laggy. I understand that com2us put a lot of hard work and effort into the design and gameplay, but it needs some improvement. Second, this game is incredibly counter-heavy. Please add some spell or something that allows an attack to go un-countered. Other than that, I find this game quite addictive and fun to play. Thank you.
Disgustingly over reliant on pvp. The only way for you to unlock pve content is to get beaten to a pulp by whales. F2P players stay away from this. *UPDATE: tried giving this a chance as a F2P player, but 20days later my initial opinion stays true. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU ARE F2P. Absolute rubbish PAY TO WIN game. And also every "Dev" reply is copy pasted. Don't believe their lies.
I think this game is very fun, addictive, and well made overall. However, my only grievance is that, as of now, whoever uses their spell first will always lose. A possible way to solve this could be to place countering on a short 5-10 second cooldown. That way, you would have to choose which spell to counter, preventing spam counter to victory.
It's obvious that game is Pay 2 Win. But even if you like game enough to pay real money: you get nothing. You have to pay not hundreds but thousands of dollars to have small chance to get 1 good stone. And even then: no pity reward system makes that you can spent those thousands of dollars and still stay on the bottom if you are not lucky. Ancient Summon (which give you chance to get best stones in the game) can give you skill parts forever... This is just another Casino Slot Machine.
This game is 95% tactic. You can be the 5% top cream of the soup by free to play. I personally enjoy this and i'd like to buy anything in shop just to reward the developers who made this amazing tactic game. No rpg. No difficult gacha. Its so satisfying
I have been logging in every day since launch and I own a Alliance that is top 40 on the rank. I play about a hour sometimes more a day. So I can say I know this game pretty well. Overall I'd say the game mechanics are good. One thing I'd change is giving you more counter response time. Because sometimes there's a delay and its gotten me loses when I should have won. A fix for this is the slow motion mechanics when you hold down your card like in the PvE matches. Have more but this is urgent.
Been a summoners war fan for years. Was excited when I saw that the game was released. But alas all that hype and I get stuck in duel hell. Was expecting a new story line but was given a pay to win, "you attack first, you lose" type of game. The counter system seemed ok at first, but with some skill animations its so easy to get countered. Liked the gameplay but the experience sucked. So 2 stars seems fair.
Pretty good game, interesting powers to use. All about timing and strategy. One big problem is the events. Every player I have played has 3 to 4 times the power as my team. So absolutely no point in playing any of the events until you have power atleast 3,500. Feels like thats kind of geared towards p2w players, but what isnt these days. 3 stars cause its fun but same concept as every other game out there.
Changed my review to a 1 star. Played this game from launch. The network have been addressed a little, but still need work. Game mechanic is okay at first, but gets repetitive and stale after awhile. And of course, extremely P2W. I won't completey uninstall yet, maybe C2US will put effort into updating the network and making the content varied and accessible. But right now, it's in a weird spot. It's not really made for fans of the original SW, and it's not made to be a competitive, complex game
Cant even log in now after the update. If I'm lucky, it'll log in after 3-5 minutes. I don't know what they broke here. Also, the game isn't as good as I want it to be. Matchmaking is not good at all. Gameplay is boring now after playing 1 season (from the very beginning). I think I'm going to stop playing this game soon.
Not fit for playing. Game is constantly lagging in online battles no matter my WiFi connection, game will sometime flicker and that's a huge issue I have a lot. Game either won't let me in or will bug out with any form of interaction. The game would be great if it was actually playable. I can't even get in to do the event stuff for summoners war sky arena. Would not recommend this game to other players unless it gets fixed properly.
Enjoyable game. The F2P experience has been good I felt very competitive all the way to 3000 rating and I have only been playing for a week. There are also lots of modes that balance levels and put you on equal footing. If I had one wish I think it would be super fun to have a draft mode where you assemble a team and assortment of spells and then battle opponents.
confusing at best. the gameplay forces PVP to even unlock anything PVE, and all PVP is, is smashing mons and trying to understand what is going on. Coming from Summoners War this is not fun. The mailbox doesnt even work unless you close the app and get back in, really C2U? It does have a strong gotcha trying to collect them all like pokemon, but its not very fun and seems more luck than skill from what ive seen. As week beginer I find myself waiting for the next daily reset for things to do
The game isn't allowing me to get past the loading screen. Everytime that I go to start the game the loading screen stays in a loop. I am giving the 3 star rating because I have played your previous games, and I have spent money on your games. Other than that keep up the great work!!
The lag and connection issues are STILL rampant after multiple "fixes". You must play PvP to get to any other part of the game. You will be crushed by all the wallet warriors who buy every item in the store. Runes are absolutely necessary just like original SW, but there are almost no resources to build runes, unless you buy them. This whole game is strictly pay to win, and the developer has no plans to change that. Bring an unlimited credit card to play this game or don't play at all.
My favourite game now ;). It's challenging and fun to play. What i like the most is the fair battle system where it depends on player skills rather than having high level monsters and op runes. The ranked battle, it's a win win situation between P2P and F2P so no complain about it. Overall it's a great game with high potential.
6/24/21 Updated to 1 star. More pay to win than before. Lag in World Tournament makes game UNPLAYABLE! Card based system for getting monsters is the WORST possible system, pay $ to level monsters! Characters are graphically appealing. Game play is frustrating trying to time counters to win. Definitely a pay to win as some abilities are nearly unstoppable. Playing blind is terrible in pvp, you choose your team without knowing your opponent! Not really a fan.
Unoriginal Credit Card vs Credit Card game. You progress as far as you spend with an unfun "Counter" mechanic that punishes using skills if your opponents aren't lagged out. This type of game is a dime a dozen and falls short of how much joy and fun Summoners Wars is. Edit. The lag issues have gone from bad to worse. Randomly freezing during matches... just why...
Definitely my favorite mobile game at present! Little problem here and there, and talent acquisition system, known as Skill Stones, needs to be tuned to prevent so many duplicates, especially considering how hard to obtain one is, I've had about 60% of the Skill Stones I aquired, rendered effectively garbage, as they were just duplicates of the ones I had already received. Now if you're thinking, "he probably has so many, that's why!" You're Wrong! Maybe make some skills unable to counter too!
*EDIT*WARNING, GAME IS A HOT DUMPSTER FIRE! After playing the game for a while my opinion has definitely changed. Match making is completely screwed. It will frustrate you to no end. You'll hit a wall and once you do there is not much point in playing other than to feed your team to another player. Unless you PAY TO WIN you are just going to grow real slow while losing the majority of the time. Pretty cool game. Be patient and work on countering. Let's you keep playing with no energy restraints!
Update: connectivity is much better! Decent game, however I find random matches in ranking will kick me and close my app. This takes points from my ranked side. Super frustrating to go backwards in rank because the app crashes. I understand the need for removal of points on quitting, however without the app and the game connectivity being on point, the system becomes punitive to you at random times. It's frustrating.
Firstly I need to say this is another pay-to-win game but aside from that probably one of the most fun game I have ever played on mobile. If you don't mind spending a little and just wishing to have an enjoyable game on hand this is the game for you. The battle system is unique with real-time counters able to turn a match around.
Wow... just wow. This game is probably the laziest excuse for a game I've ever seen, and I've seen some really bad ripoffs. Right off the bat, Com2Us simply ported all their sprites over here. Not too bad, right? WRONG! Everything lags, matchmaking takes at least 30 seconds and the packs in the shop are all stupid expensive. I've been playing summoners war sky arena for about 5 years now, and this pales in comparison to the already mediocre, aggressively pay to win game SW: Sky arena. 2/10.
The game just isnt fun. Just a bigger con than the last "Summoners War" title was. More gatcha mechanics, more pay for a gamble. More bloated content to make it harder to pull what you're buying in for. Just a virtual slot machine unfortunately. Was hoping with the screen shots that it would act more like an MMO that took place in the same universe except i was disappointed to see it was a card based version of the last with more trash cards to "boost" other cards... just an excuse to grab $.
This game has a great amount of potential, but sadly does not function properly for so many players. The graphics are beautiful, the mechanics are similar to other games, and the amount of lag and connection problems is just awful. When the game first came out, getting into a battle was easy. Now, a battle partner can be found, but then the game disconnects just before the start of the battle. Its clear time was taken into the design of the game, which is why its so sad how poor it runs.
It's fun, but right now "building" monsters is nearly impossible. Which, with the option to buy packs for summoning, makes the "P2W" players guaranteed to be top players above the rest of us. Hopefully this sorts itself out as we can build mons with runes. Again, very fun but feels like it needs a little tweaking. Edit: Content is coming at a good pace, and aside from leveling up taking ages, it's not bad. Very fun game. Updated to 5 stars!
This game could be fun, but it's not. I understand it's new, and I would say with some work and more content it could be okay. Until then, it's extremely unrewarding and takes years to level up. Not actually years, you know what I mean. Edit: still not great. Recently I've noticed lag in ranked games that won't allow you to counter. Sometimes when you try to counter at the right time, the game will lag, cancel your counter and skip ahead. You'll lose a lot of matches to this.
Fun for a little bit but not worth sinking any amount of extended time into, combat is fundamentally flawed with a counter system and poor latency. Skill stones are not even closed to being balanced, your chances to climb are dependent on you playing for multiple hours a day and sinking hundreds or thousands into the game. Runes are not necessary and add more imbalance. There are no patch notes, or any kind of info about game mechanics from the developers. Definitely needs serious updates
The balancing after update is better than any other game I have played. A few of the tactics prior to the update were good fun but this update has destroyed any kind of meta. Anything is usable and everything is strong in its own way. Obtaining cards is also so much easier then summoners war, legendary are easily obtainable through challenges. A change to make it 5 star would be to prevent duplicate chances of skill stones or add the rates of legendary stones to non-premium summons.
WARNING. This game is so bad on so many levels. After years of hyping this game it is super disapointing. The combat is based completely on the counter mechanic and p2w. They locked the story behind pvp, (WHY?) The visuals are hot garbage (what did you do to lushen) and events in the orginal game try to "force" you to play the game for summons but because of the trash combat i would rather walk across hot coals than subject myself to this game anymore.
At times it's a lot of fun, and can be enjoyed without being a P2P player. But at other times it is extremely frustrating. You attack, game lags, and your opponent gets in a counter and you lose for no good reason. Matching in PVP content has gotten better, but still needs work.
Really enjoying this game so far! The monster designs are cool and the skill system is easy to use. I like the pvp system, but there are so many pvp features it is hard to differentiate them. Overall, fun game and very competitive
For SW, this is a bad joke. The art for Mons can be so different other than color scheme, that they arnt recognizable. Some are just UGLY! The game play is simple: play OR wait&counter. It's not engaging and strategy is almost non-existent outside of trying to counter a player and guess if they are going to play a heal, an attack or a spell. EG: It's a glorified Rock-Paper-Scissors game, and not a good one. This makes the original game seem way better by comparison. Sad to say, new is NOT better
The new update is messing up my game because now I can't play anymore and a white screen is the only thing that I see. Please fix this @Coms2Us because I actually like the game, but if the situation is not fixed, then I will have to stop playing, thank you. There are also connectivity issues, but that is passable, the main issue is the new update that shows nothing but a white screen with the features which makes it very hard to navigate. If I don't get a response within a week, then I will delete the game.
Game has a fun design with the counter moves, but when they match you with people on the other side of the planet and you have a 2 second delay while your opponent does not, it's literally unplayable. Edit: Since the last update my game will randomly hang mid fight. 2 of my 5 tournament losses were from that. Happens once every 4 or 5 fights.
Gameplay is really good. Summoning is very fun. Graphics are very nice. Character design is flawless. The one single problem that I have with this game is its PvP style. Everything. Every. Thing. That you do in this game requires you to play against another individual online. In order to progress through the game you need to be a certain rank in PvP for. I hope that some time in the future, the developers will separate PvP and PvE so people like me can enjoy the campaign without dueling people.
Please don't fall for this. Com2us doesn't care about it players, only the size of their wallet. I spent over 200$ in another com2us game in one sitting and didn't even pull one premium unit. Community has been asking for change for YEARS and they've done nothing about it. Your time and money would be better spent at a casino and that's saying something. As a 6+ year Com2Us player ( summonerswar) it is not worth it.
The game play is Pvp focused. It's not fun. No incentive to play. Rewards don't seem worth the time. Characters seem to be luck developed or pay up. Rune quality is dismal for beginners and anyone playing casually. Definitely not much strategy in the matchmaking process because during a ranked match you will go up against random players blindly hoping for an attribute advantage. 6/25/21- I've reinstalled this game because com2us crams it down SW players thoats. Now I'm uninstalling both. GL
I'll start by saying I hated this game when it first came out. After playing the game for a bit it won me over. While I'll still be playing from time to time, I unfortunatly can't bring myself to play this everyday, with the current state of LAG that is every match. So many games lost to LAG when trying to counter that it's more frustrating than the broken vio mechanics in the original Summoners war guild content. I understand you're working on it, and I really hope you do fix it.
There is a lag at times during the ranked battle. At 1st I thought maybe it's the phone but it's not. This doesn't allow you to counter or play out your turn which results in losing the battle.. that's frustrating. It's happened at least twice with me
A great game, although it's a bit too grindy and leveling up takes too much time I still enjoy it. And fortunately I haven't encountered this 'lag' problem that other people have been talking about. Battles have been proggesing pretty smoothly for me.
Overall it isnt a bad game, but it is certainly not without its flaws. Absolutely stunning graphics thats for sure, and actual game itself is rather... Interesting, but i would heve rated it higher... Had it not been for to unstable unlike... In a game where counter what your opponent is doing, a very solid connection is a must, and when it sometimes takes several valuable seconds to get something in and sometimes it just hoping for the connection to be stablr. If this changes, id play it more.
Based on Summoners War, however once again they haven't understood why it was doing well, which resulted into this garbage. The game is doing bad so they are collabing with themselves. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, even my greatest enemy. Bad gameplay is an understatement, spamming your strongest card is all everyone does and you either win/lose doing that. There's gambling which they call "cheering" losing the bet will get you this "You've failed to cheer". Ridiculous isn't it?
Edited: Improvements to the game has made it more playable, though still with issues at times. Overall, though, it's a good amount of fun, even if very P2W. But you can keep playing and there's no real loss if you lose, outside of time and maybe some frustration. That reason alone would make it worth playing, compared to other games.