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Summoners War

Summoners War for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is great, dont get me wrong. And I dont know if it's my phone, the app store or the game itself but.. Sometimes when I go to update the game, it tells me I have to delete over a FULL GIG worth of apps. For a 10MB update. Ridiculous. I literally have to delete a buttload of stuff, update the game, then redownload everything I deleted. And it's only Summoners War that does this. Da fuq?
This is a really fun game and I have been playing it since 2014. The one thing that bugs me is monster storage. I have to take my monsters out of storage to power up runes and artifacts or remove them. We should be able to power up or remove runes and artifacts that are on monsters in storage. Other than that, there have been lots of updates to make it more user friendly.
Been playing for about 4 years... this game has a lot that it needs to fix, 1.) Rune upgrading: dumbest slowest thing ever why not just have one up front cost per power up. 2.) Rates for summoning I really don't need to say anything bc yall know it's bad. 3.) Transmogs same 10 mons that get them. 4.) Auto battle make monsters smarter.
A really fun game. Takes VERY long time to progress to upper levels of competition. I've been playing for 5years and am not even at what is condisdered mid-level. $ are very high for small gains. So I farm, A LOT! Takes a long time to get the better (not even the best) monsters. My one request is that I have bad eyes and frquently use an emulateor for android games so I can see! They dont allow it so I have to strain to see the screens most of the time. Sad.
Awesome game but the developers have lost their way . It's more a war of runes and grinding now than anything else. It really does not matter what monsters you summon as it matters more what runes you can get and how much you can improve them. Should rename it mana starved rune drop wars! Lots of crashing and restarts!
I find the sw very enjoyable after a few months of playing. It's worth playing, but you need to do a lot of auto farming the dungeons & it takes many months to reach endgame. Most people don't have Light or Dark 5* monsters because of how brutal the summon rates are so if you get one, you're pretty lucky
The game will not let me fuse one of the monsters. I have tried to contact the developer several times and have done everything they have asked. They just keep telling me to uninstall and reinstall the game over and over. I have cleared data and cache, tried on different devices, tried on wifi and LTE, everything. There is a problem with me account and they will not fix it.
I'm giving this game 2 stars. Why? I have two reasons #1 when I started playing it took so much mb and the data wasn't downloading. I was so frustrated. #2 when I went to the garden forest (idk of that is called) it just started 58.7 and it says loading plz wait. But it can't work. I had to wait 5-10 minutes like bruh what the hell?! So yeah plz fix it.
Many of the bugs and issues have been fixed. I would also like to suggest a modification to the drop rates and quality in the World Boss content. The quality of drops are unfortunately very low and I believe a more suitable quality of rune drops could encourage more players to contribute. Thank you for your bug fixes.
Having played for 7 years, I'm really annoyed what happened after your dev team did. The problem about your server is the worst that I and most of player told that you always ignore. For your unstability about server, Rate for you 2 stars till your dev team surely fix it. (I try to say in a polite accent, do you understand?)
Game is fun and enjoyable, non-stop events and rewards. Been playing this game for almost 5 years now. But i do have a suggestion though, please provide us the option to disable critical hit animations. At times, they can become quite annoying.
Great game, love the design and how often events come across. However, would be a 5 star if it wasnt for the toxicity in chat. Been playing for a few years now and i havent seen a single moderation happening in the chats. Hope that could be worked on
When you have used over 600 ms and over 250 event scrolls and you get not nat5 out of it surely something is wrong. I am in this game for more then 6 years and seeing what you do for new player but not for older players it kinda makes me sad I keep playing this. Please fix your summon rates I am still waiting for my first ld5. I see new players with less then 30 days in having ld5. Sort it out com2us keep it fair to all players new and old .yup I just knew it no comment from Com2us.
I have been playing for a few years now. At first I was having fun but due to the gambling sylye of summing monsters it makes the game boring. I don't like gambling but I feel like it's a roll of the dice if I get a good monster or the same monster I always summon. I don't like this feeling so if something doesn't change soon I'll just have to delete summoner's war and play simething else. Really bad summon rates.
Play a game to play, too much information to be competitive has to be obtained elsewhere. They love setting you up in PvP against players way ahead of you until you spend 2 to 3 weeks losing every battle 10 times a day to drop your score so you can bully players who haven't played as much as you.
There are constant updates. It's pretty hard to keep up with everything in the game, and you can get kicked out of guilds for not being active for some time. It's fun, and I do recommend, but it's not for the type who don't like to grind hard and remove apps to make more room on the device.
Ok, so I do have a few issues with it. 1. It is really hard to get transforming stones. 2. Some things you can't really get, unless you buy it. 3. It is hard to get good summons. Other than that, It really is a good game, and I love it.
7 years of slow server. ALWAYS hard to open event banners. Disconnected from chatting server. Error login. Cairos dungeon boss b10 and up would always "error" after fight. Undeteactable HACKS in arena def and RTA. I like this game so I am still hoping things would get better.
Great game. There are ALOT of flaws... But they fix it quick. Poggers to c2u for 7 yr event, I got 4 nat 5. I am happy. Also the demision hole exp accelerated ALOT. Thank u c2u. Also Thanks for the rune drop upgrade. I do have a problem, the crit animation is way to fast. Slow it down a little, me and my friend got motion sickness but we adapted. Other than that good game. Although its a bit pricey in game, its great!
6 years playing, had a review of 1 star, changed to 3. Reasons are, they've been adding loads of content, to compete with E7 and Genshin. TOAHell, Rifts, 2nd Awakening, auto-farming, New dungeons, New units, New collaboration (maybe more coming). Now I hope they fix the pvp matchmaking system, lower the requirements for transmog stones in coalition to units.
This game you should try it out if you like RPGs grinding and addicting games this one is the game for you I've been playing for 1 and a half years would of been two if I didn't stop because my phone went death this game does have glitches I've only encountered 2 infinite loading and the Aui get confused to where your pressing your finger trust me you missed some events if you did not play I got 3 5 stars during the 7 year It can be pay to win but I've actually spent nothing in this game 👍play
If you are looking for a gotcha game where the rewards for doing 90% of the content is weak, then you've come to the right place. Drops should be level dependant as well as rank dependant. The new crit camera is worse than the old one because it takes 2x as long. Graphics are still on par and are great for a mobile game. Developers - Time is a valuable commodity. Please stop wasting it on endless farming that gets people no where.
The game is satisfying and I would give 5 stars but this year the game has consistently forced me to uninstall because it cannot successfully update the game version when a new one comes out. Most of the sub par programming I can deal with, but this is annoying and time consuming. The redirect link from opening the game fails, the play store does not see an update when searching the game, and hitting update in Installed Apps says pending forever.
After redirecting to update the game in play store - no any update, so lunch the game again - again redirected to play store and the same story repeating in the looop. This is not the first time. Begin to be tired of this problems. And - very often the game lose the connection to the network after doing 1-2 guild battles...
It's a very good game, yes it does involve grinding but not as much as the reviews are saying. I started playing this game from the very beginning, but I stopped for years, I have been able to get 3 5* mons summons in a less than 2 months. This game is very fun and has a lot to do. All the bad reviews are form people who want pay to win, they are angry that they cannot pay for the best monsters or runes. The fact that you can't pay to win makes the game so much better to play and makes pvp fair
Check the reviews of veteran players too see what a troll game this is. Greedy developers beyond the point of common sense. Been playing for 6 years but time to get away from this trash, everything is a lie here. Broken violent runes in gw/siege make this game an absolute trash, you can have better runes and lose to procs. Resistance and accuracy another lie. Drop rates for everything is trash, rarely you get anything worth the time you spend. Stay away from com2us, better renamed scam2us.
For the last four years, the community has consistently asked for the option to turn off crit animations, or have them removed from the game entirely, as they slow down gameplay and get in the way. In the most recent update, the developers instead ADDED new and extended crit animations to monsters that didnt previously have them. Frankly insulting to see how little the developers really care about the views of their players. Steer clear of this game and the rest of Com2us output.
I have some disappointments about this game. 1. Runes & Artifacts power-up - it costs a lot of Mana 2. Summoning light & dark monsters - after a long wait, never received a default 4 star 3. Package deals are expensive (for me) etc. But despite my disappointments, I can't deny the fact that I enjoy this game. I get mad if I lose. I get thrilled, I get excited. There's just a lot of emotions involved, good or not-so-good. Hence, I'm still giving a 5 rating coz there are also a lot of good things.
When you reach end game, manual rune farming is really waste of time. Every 40sec you need to see and touch your phone to sell a garbage rune and replay. It really2 boring after 5yr playing. At least make it 5times or 10times re-entry and after that maybe pop a drop box result. I hope com2us listen. Edited: Thankyou for listening. Nice update auto replay farming. Now I can change my rate.
A lot of people say this is pay to win, those are the people who expect players who dont pay should be equal with players who pay, i know, theyre delusional. I have been f2p since i started playing this game, almost 7 yrs ago, and there's a lot of ways to get what you need. You just have to farm them, and not wait for them to come into your account because unless you're rich, it will never be spoonfed to you, you lazy dude. Even cash players has a limit to purchase because they would be too OP.
I've played this game for multiple years now and I feel like it has truly improved, especially over the past year. The autobattle is probably my favorite in any game. Many will complain and tell you not to play because of nat 5 rates and while yes it can be annoying and frustrating it also makes nat 5s feel more rewarding than other games. This game is free to play but NOT free to compete. So you'll be fine doing most PvE content as a F2P, you can do late PvP, it'll just bit a bit harder.
Awesome game but the developers have lost their way . It's more a war of runes and grinding now than anything else. It really does not matter what monsters you summon as it matters more what runes you can get and how much you can improve them. Should rename it mana starved rune drop wars! Lots of crashing and restarts! Got the cookie cutter response. Let's see if they get my original account back then I'll re-review.
I think its a pretty good game except that I can't play it without being on wifi. It always says "can't connect to network try again later" whenever I'm on data and I've tried everything from restarting my device, clearing my cache, deleting the game and re-downloading and the other stuff they recommend I do. It just doesn't work. Every other app works just fine when I'm on data
I was playing this game but i got busy with other things and after for so long ive come back. Some changes but its really good. And unlike other game you dont have to pay to actually get strong. Just plenty of time to grind and participate in every event you can and lots of luck regarding on opening scrolls (hoping for a good one to drop) and upgrading gears and runes
I've been playing this game for pretty long time. Gotta say it's quite the good one for entertainment. Besides, rewards ingame are well-deserved too. If you were newbie, you would definitely get helped by new mission which make you faster as each level. Enjoy it!!!
+ Entertaining gameplay + Infinite playability + Updates that continue to improve game. + Tons of monsters to try to collect. + Constant events for mostly meh rewards, sometimes really good rewards. + Repeat battle feature for easier farming. - Horribly overpriced paid content. ($50-$100 for most packs that don't garuntee something good.) - Tricaru exists. - PvP ranking system is terrible and not new player friendly. -/+ Rng rates extremely low for summoning and legend rune acquisition.
I love this game, it gives you a lot of content to play through and a ton of challenges to over come. The best part is you dont have to pay anything to get to end game content, although I do admit it takes a lot of time and commitment to do so, but it feels so rewarding when you finally beat that last floor. Dont be dicouraged by bad pulls or being stuck every player progresses at a different speed, I started playing this game when I was young and dumb so I'm now really learning right from wrong
After all this time, I'm lowering my stars and complaining about the game. I was hacked weeks ago. I filled out a form and did everything they told me to get my account retrieved. So far, my game is not restored. It ticks me off because I put a lot of money into the game, only to wait to get my account back.
Enjoyed this game very much, good game to kill time but very grindy i warn you ;) but recently i accidentally deleted my Hive account and i'm very worried. I can't access my SW account. I have put a lot of time and efford into this game and i don't want it to just disappear like this. Please look it to this, I have also sent an e-mail.
This game is great. You actually get rewards for playing this game for years. This game isn't 100% rng based either, contrary to what people might tell you. Sure there are rng based content like Vio procs and Antares' passive. But, there is strategy. Just look at the people on SWC. And the graphics are amazing. Honestly, this is probably the best turn-base game out there. 10/10.
What a great selection of mons, bosses and variety of play! I absolutely love this game except for one huge problem! I understand that power up chances are the same for everybody, but you are far to STINGY! Do you have any idea how FRUSTRATING it is to play and battle ALL day to collect over a million mana stones and have every single rune power up FAIL. Like hours for nothing! Suggest making a set cost per power up. Level 1 500 mana, level 2: 1500, level 3: 4000... Level 15: 5000000. Please!
I love the art and the gameplay. But there are huge problems with: Rune drops, summon rates, communication with users, clarity in skill descriptions, too few balance patches, server location/ping which results in many loading circles, prices of packs compared to actual return in value, etc. This is just my personal opinion, after many years of playing. I hope to see improvements in those areas. Especially the utterly bad L&D rates (0.35%????). I've got low faith left, but you can prove me wrong!
I love the game, but the summoning rate is poor. You put in so much work for summoning stones, crystals, etc, but you end up summoning the lowest creatures after all that work. Really my only gripe with the game, and it gets FRUSTRATING!
Endless unrewarding grind, ridiculously bad codings with tons of hidden bugs such as critical chance that they will not admit unless proven. Violent runes r absolutely broken and proc chances are rigged, crushing whatever strategies u have regardless. Dimension predator is especially retarded, pleass just remove or change it to something else. Do u guys really think its "Fun" to watch players trying to overcome ur bad RNG coding with little chance of success? Trash P2W game with trash codings👎
The OG monster collector game, with more to do than any other free game. You also really don't have to spend a dime to be strong, you gotta grind for strength and it levels the playing field. If you are new do NOT think you need 5 star monsters to be good, plenty of 2 and 3 star mons are strong af once you level and rune them and get them up to 6 stars. More games should take notes from com2us.
Have played the game for years. Solid game. Problem: When they update the game, you have to download the new version. Only problem is, they are not making sure Play store has the update available. Thus have been getting locked out of the game. How about we make sure your consumers can update before locking them out.
Fun and addicting. I can say I love the graphics and the transmogrified skins as well. The game never ceases to amaze me. There is always something new happening within the game. While some may think it is hard because you have to grind for things I personally love it. It gives me a challenge and something to look forward to! I think a good game is defined by the struggle needed to achieve something and when we reach it we know we did so by hard work.
I've played this game for 7 years and had a love hate relationship with it. It's time to realize this love hate has just become hate. Thousands spent seeking the highest tier mon, an ld5 and 7 years later nothing. The response will be an automated message saying "the rates are the same for everyone" however those who buy more chances see no better luck. I will be moving over to dragon champion for my new game. I just want a game and devloper who care about their customers, com2us does not.
Warning may get addicted, if you like RPG games, strategy games and or collector games I highly recommend this game. I've never been more satisfied with a game from google play than this one. I normally play a game for a few days to a week I've had this one for a few months and it's just amazing. Just know if you get involved enough you'll spend money on it eventually. You may try to say that won't be me but think again cause I was that person too. 🤦🏻‍♀️💯
I love the game! I've been playing for 2-3 months now, and it's been great so far, the characters are great, the skills, the animations, the events, all together is a great game, I met some cool guys in the guild and so far is been good. There are things I wish could be better for new players, having the wave you're fighting against would be great, maybe a different way to farm energy, which sometimes is hard to get. I also hope you can bring another collaboration event like Street Fighter.
Games amazing its rng for summons ppl get greedy and assume they are entitled to nat5s not to kention ld5*. After the rng factor for summoning, its all skill how to rune and deciding monster comps. Amazing job c2u. Just started playing sw lost corlia def not spelled righr I know. Again an amazing job different but good in alot of ways. Wish I could play it on both of my android phones.
The new update bring summoners war to the best RPG game i have played, i like how the event works, the repetition mechanism works very well, but.. we need to do something about the rune upgrade because it's still too expensive i spent mostly 1 million mana or more for upgrade 6 stars rune from level 1 until 15, hope you make the way to make it cheaper or something like that
I played this game for hours, I spent good money because I believed in the game. Now after taking a sabbatical for my health. I can't login to my gmail account from a phone I know has worked before. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have restarted my phone, and tried to reset my account any way I could. I am at a loss. Editted: I have contacted help, asked the forums, gone to the FAQ. Your company has let me down
The game is very good and the developers are open to suggestions to improve the game. It is also possible to be a higher rank player (Guardian) if you play continously even without spending. Spending is a choice. But if you can toss some money to help the developers, I don't think its a bad idea. But remember, spending just gives you ADDITIONAL CHANCE to get better monsters and runes.
I love this game, but one of the most annoying features is when they won't let you play because there's an update, like today, but when you go to the Google store there's no option to update. The last time this happened I ended up uninstalling the game and reinstalling and losing all my characters and I have a really good team this time and I'm not giving them up! Please address this issue.
It's a great game but in 3 year I have played almost 4 I have only gotten 2 natural 5 star monsters. But otherwise this game is great. I recommend this game to anyone who is scrolling through the reviews trying to see if this game is for them. also another thing, i noticed some are having the same problem with me, and not seeing the update button even after restarting. that is fine, try downloading the game on another device such as a computer, then update from there, hope this fixes problems.
I have been playing this game for 4 years and have always enjoyed it. But recently there has been a bug that won't let me get on the game 90% of the time. I go to log on. And it says there is no internet even though there is. I tried Uninstalling it and downloading it again which still didn't work. I don't know if this is an issue for anyone else but I would love it if I could get some help with the matter. Still love the game though. Lol
Game is near dead. No new players. Only new alt accounts. Recruiting to guilds extremly difficult as players quiting in droves. Games ' AI ' has as much intelligence as broccoli, so I presume the devs based it on themselves. To engage in Top ranked siege and wars you need 10 Lushens/Kali/Dozer/Copper/Odin, etc, as well as relevant units to go with them. Att bar boosters or shielders. So nat 5 units all worthless. Nat 2/3 and 4 units with ignore defense reign supreme.
Addicting! Addicting to a point you spend all your money on it...in app purchases are way to expensive, would be better if the developers didn't price gouge so much. Even if you go through Amazon, or save up your points through the playstore for discounts still way too much...theres alot of gameplay which is the redeeming factor but if you want to progress and get decent characters with decent power ups and on top of that play for more than a few minutes a day you gotta shell out some money...
Its a great game, but if we could of have a trade in this game we could of gotten our favorite characters,or if we need the right monster to summon a greater one it would of help the ones that are struggling to get the monster to summon the one they want please considerate a trade for the game thank you for your hard work in making the game awesome
This game is quite addictive and very fun. I recommend it to people looking for a turn based, character collecting game. My only problems are the summoning rates and the Neverending diologue at the beginning. Not to mention the story, which I think should go much longer.
Great game so far. Been playing for almost a month and ive already got multiple 6* mons and have not spent a dime. No Nat 5's yet but i have built up and evolved many 4* mons. If you put time into the game you can jump through the ranks in arena pretty fast. Only bad thing i have to say about this game is the very very slim chance you have at ACTUALLY getting a Nat 5 without spending money. Otherwise i love this game.
The hacking stealing and selling of accounts needs to be address. I lost my main account and then found it to be used by another user. Comm2Us never helped even though I have given all the info they needed. I even provide an email from Google to prove that the account was my. Now that account is in the hands of someone else. I use only an alt now. The game itself is addcitive and fun hence why I still play. But the Hacking, Stealing and selling of accounts needs to be address.
After being a long time free to play player, the game is just really dull farming everyday for shyt runes and never getting anything good. Also when you do get a rune it just rolls bad. Another thing is world arena (pvp) is broken. If you plan to play this game for fun and relaxation look elsewhere, it will definitely have the opposite effect. Side note customer service is nonexistent.
Without a doubt, the best game of it's type. I've tried countless others and always come back to Summoners War. It's a grind for sure, especially F2P, but the time you put in is more Important than spending money anyway.
I've been a 7 year player and have never had issues logging in or playing but now to not be able to log in and play due to not being able to connect to servers and the customer service team not responding to my emails especially with as much money as I've put into this game its absolutely ridiculous. All I want to do is enjoy a simple game but apparently that is not the case
Been playing since 2015 or so. It's alright I enjoy the pve but the pvp stuff is broken. Summon rates aren't the best and I've left the game at tandem. Very much casino style with many micro transactions with a chance to get something. I've spent money 💰 on this game regrettably and think that's the only reason I stay to get my monies worth. I've collected most of wind, fire, water element natural 5 star monsters with 0 natural 5* dark/light monsters after many years of playing. Disappointed
Please pass to devs (+) Came back to AMAZING 7 yr scroll, coin event,tutorial rewards, RTA, RTA separate runes, rune manager, best replay system! (-) Friend quit bc nat 5 rate. I think it's fine as is bc it makes it is more special. BUT many ppl play Genshin & spend $$$. Why? PITY ROLL. you know what to do! Helps f2p players & whales alike. To offset fixation on nat 5, u can also >Allow us to build more 2A units (dhole energy) >4* devilmon is🔥(some off-meta mons have sat lonely since 2015!)
So let me start off by saying I've been playing for a year, this game is really cool and fun but the summoningbrates suck, and so do the power up rates for runes. It is also hard to get good runes. I can be grind all day and not get single good rune, but still this game is fine because it is so awesome when you do get something good. I used to have this game at a five star rating but I changed it after my experience, it can be improved but I still think this is one of the best mobile games ever.
superb RPG game, best in the market. rune upgrade with fixed amount mana would be good. Is it possible to make the AI mons more intelligent? that is not using s2 or s3 skills when there is only one mon left, when on auto mode.
Top notch game! All in all, the gameplay rocks aside from dungeons when Lapis and Lushen use their skill 3 on 1 single monster, this also happens in the dimensional rift that goes around the scenario map. But i cannot complain because COM2US has tweaked the dungeon ai and now it requires up to 3 monsters to use an AOE skill. I LOVE THIS GAME. In just a bit over 1 year of playing I have over 5 Nat5's summoned and one being an LD5 which i am super grateful for. Thanks COM2US!!
Ok all i been playing this game for about 5yrs now, it was amazing in the beginning. And they used to give away L/D scroll away like candy, but like all games that catch on they get greedy. The chances of getting 5* monster are insanely low, the chancnces of failures on rune powerups have gotten ridiculous, and not to mention the cheaters on this game are insane. Yes its fun and addictive, but dont waste your money. This game gets worse the older it gets!!!!
I dont think players have the enough patience even the mid-late game players now. The new update makes this game even better. Just because you can't defeat the new dungeons or they added new content to farm doesnt mean this game is impossible/dead. Eventually you'll solve it! Yes, they want us to farm MORE, spend more time and/or at least spend money. I know its boring, frustrating and rates are low but thats the point of this game, grinding and farming to get better/quality runes and monsters.
I started my account in 2016 but didnt play due to work. I was able have time to properly play this game due to the pandemic. It all boils down to having good runeset & units(summons). I would like to suggest another arena where we can have a fun match but all summons must be restricted to lvl 1 without any runes at all with different tiers for nat1 to nat5. I think that's the only way we can have fun & not worry about the opponent being an end game player (& appreciate low tier/unknown units).
Getting better ! Rune crafting should be in the next patch (s), recently b11 dungeons are In the process of being buffed. Farming b12 dungeons should guarantee a 6* rune . Using crafting materials cost mana and time*. A reward for completing a successful dungeon run shouldn't cost me any of my resources. The new improvements to 2a dungeon exp is promising, so keeping my fingers crossed for more good things from the development team.
With the recent updates and looking more into community, SW has improved dramatically over past months. RTA is still about of disaster and could be improve for weekly rewards and especially change rewards for fighter rank. Overall, with the recent updates I believe that game becomes more fair to play and can bring fun.
This game has some issues.. Violent runes are the worst. It gives defensive mons a very unfair advantage.. The rune power up system is a joke as well.. 2-4 million mana is my average with my record being 248 fails at +14. And they are very P2W.. You can still be F2P, but you'll suffer.. HOWEVER with all of that gripping this is still the GREATEST mobile game ever Created!!! True Story
U can achieve most of the stuff free to play if you invest a lot of time and effort in to this game, but if it comes to rta its pay to win and the matchmaking is pretty bad. I wish the rate for ld nat5's would be Higher (playing this game for 1900days + and still 0)even spend 22500 crystals for summon packs wich is like 300 + summons and no nat5, just playing the game casual now because I invested to much money in this game and got nothing in return all the packs are worthless expect transmorgs.
Long time player, and for many more days to come. Different play styles, different mons, pretty good turn based strategy. Helltaker approved. Lame joking aside, a very enjoyable experience, without as much ads as the others. Graphics are to be expected for a mobile game, story too. Gacha seems a bit more easygoing than others, and much more generous. Keep going, Com2uS. You have a good thing going.
I love the game very much. I just wish it wasnt so costly to power up runes. The attempt alone costs mana. Im not one of the ones that purchase mana so i play to build it up. It gets frustrating when i build up enough to power up its quickly consumed because of so many failed power ups. I think mana should not be consumed until there is a SUCCESSFUL power up. Especially since there's far to many failed attempts. But its not stopping me from playing.
Spent the whole day farming. No runes to show. Got mana and rune pcs though. So I craft. No runes. Okay, lets power the ones I have. Spent 3.5 mil mana on failed attempts for a 14-15 rune. Okay. Summon. Open 30 ms. No lightning. Try ld. Get elven ranger. At this point all my resources were drained with nothing to show. This, is how this game is. Drains you out only to ask you to buy packs.
The perfect Turn-Based RPG! Summon, Farm, Fight, Help people, Chat, World boss, Beasts, Max lvl 50 (Should be increased), Arena RTA, There are even benificial and harmful effects! My only problem is: When you do a repeat battle, you can't play scenerio at the same time. I think many people can make progress quicker if you could do both at once, for example, they could do "Giants B12" while lvling other mons in "Faimon Volcano." This brings me to my point. Pls change this for us, Com2us!
Extreme pay to win, it'll cost you $1000s to get even a slight lead, for example $60 will get you a chance, just a chance of a TINY upgrade. Customer service won't do anything unless you are a whale. COM2US easily one of the most greedy companies out there. They don't do anything to improve the game like AI fixes, just manipulate you into spending more money. The whole game is a money engine, there is no gameplay, just phycological tricks. This company has no morals, avoid at all cost.
It is a great game. The energy system like in all games of course takes you down 1 star, and then the drop rates of getting 5 stars even with a legendary scroll in incredibly low (I've played for a VERY long time and have only gotten 3 5 stars and they were among the worst in the entire game you can get.) and you really don't stand much of a chance in PvP without them so that takes another star away. A LEGENDARY SCROLL SHOULD GIVE YOU A 5 STAR
Couldn't ask for a more better game than this will a LOT of statistical thinking, strategy, builds for each monster, etc. One of the BEST RPG's out there which should be a must have for ever RPG lover. Would NOT miss an opportunity playing this amazing game. Thank you developers for all your hard work, love, support, and especially the EFFORT you all put in a game you can proudly call, "Summoner's War"
Really good addicting game, 'but' after hundreds/thousands of ms scrolls, 15 legendary, 50 ld, 2 trans, and many events you may get a few 'ok' 5 star naturals. Most of the boredom and effort spent is not really that rewarding. Takin a break from this for that reason. Just a break....TY ill be back muahahaha
PLS FIX guild war bug. There is a redundant attack wherein I attack one def, but it considers as 2 attacks from me. (Thus, 2 swords disappears instead of 1). When I start attacking it, a notice pops up that an ally was attacking. But when I check (after continuing attack) it was only me who attacked. Double notif appears in the guild chat as well with the my name and same def.
Ive been playing this game for a while. The fact that even when using mystic scrolls it's almost impossible to summon Nat 5s or even good monsters at all for that matter. Even if you buy them you still get the same list of 3 stars that drop.. so that makes the game not worth it for me. Not enough juice for the squeeze imo.
It's a gatcha game. Accept the fact that you will never own everything that the game has to offer even if you spend a lot of money as almost every drop is rng. Enjoy the monsters you'll been given, don't even begin to think you will be able to compete in high level ranked while being a f2p player. Accept all of that and you'll have a great time! It's a fun but sometimes frustrating game.
The app is exceptional especially in terms of creativity. For example you Can have a character perfecty in the middle ground or you could have a character that is a lot stronger in attacking than anything else. Also for those who say it is way to long to grind. Use x3 speed graphics and autoplay.
This game although challenging at times will push you to exceed and excell at all the games many different challenges. Even when at times it seems hopeless and all is for not, I assure you that with enough dedications and time spent you will achieve greatness and become a Summoner Of Legend. All you have to do is Honestly believe in Yourself and have confidence that even when the Darkness of Defeat looms ever present your Will to Ride the Storm will see you to path of Greatness. This game Rocks!
Fusion monsters icon needs to be consistent on all screens. Not sure why but when I do repeat battle and get secret dungeon., I try to accept people but I get "dungeon entry has ended" even though I just got it and accepted requests. Need to fix their censor or option to turn off.,. The word "response" is censored... Seriously
The actual game is really good,the graphics,game play and the less important details,dont listen to the "like this comment to get a dud-duh-duh-duh-duh" that's just fake also,if you REALLY think a 3☆ monster is bad,at least check the info and reviews to really know,I regret not doing it,and also,2 things please dont nerf fute infernos atk and hp please and please lower the prices on the shop where you spend actually money,that's me review,hope you like the game!
I have been playing this game on and off for 7 years now. Last week I experienced a glitch, and it may have been due to my device, which I do not blame com2us. The reason for the 1* review is I have opened a ticket to try to resolve the issue which has been left on received for days now. EDIT: After they finally responded, and confirmed erratic purchases with crystals, CS basically told me very politely eff you. Whales can get accounts rolled back for in game mistakes but not us little guys.
I like the concept of the game but the devs are so greedy is kind of sad to see. Terrible summon rates the worst I've seen in any gacha. Then there's things like broken violent procs, terrible rune drops, and no chance for new players to play RTA etc. They are trying to promote it as a E-Sport that it total BS. You can't have a esport thats based on luck or good rng. Its not on a fair playing field so it can't be considered a Esport. Sorry guys who spent 6 figures still not a E-Sport
Fun game! Terrible drop rates... Definantly pay to win. But I've played this monstrosity of an addiction for 6 years. And even invested a couple of hundred dollars. All in all, everytime I've spent money... and I do mean everytime. I've been majorly dissapointed. But never the less. You get what you'd expect from a free to play game with purchasable add ons in the store.
A very great game, 10/10 but the only thing I dislike is the fact that you have to wait 12 hours if you get kicked out of a guild, I get it I you leave it but why if you get kicked? I'm trying to get Ifrit from the guild shop and I'm just trying to find active guilds but they kick me for no reason every time.
I was using my xp with 1 more dimensional rift. They decided to have and update so I lost my xp! They keep stealing from you. They change so much that everyone left and they had to make another game which sucks even way more! I know it is time to quit these AH! They should have paid me for playing here! Lmao! They keep promising to fix it but never do.
Com2us I've said this before but I'll say it again. Make adding friends a less bit frustrating to do. Ex) Add friend screen, clicking their names would only send them a friend request but instead of that, I wouldn't mind if it took you to their profile and still be able to send them a request, knowing what rep they have and it would allow you to go to their monster page for runes as well. This would make it way easier imo when it comes to adding friends through that screen option. Think about it
300+ summons and not a single nat 5. Seriously com2us? This game needs a pitty system that gives a nat5 for an amount of summons that a player has done. Im at the edge of quitting this game switching to another game that has a system like that. I've been farming and getting runes all day everyday but dont have units to out them on and this is what i get from it? Jeez.
Game gets better by the year. 5 year daily player, just started a second account for fun of it. The "new" challenges make early game 500% easier than it was to start in 2015. Game is challening, love the new additions and just enough summon luck and rewards to keep you coming back daily. Ignore the morons who say the summon rate is low...all the important beginning mons you farm, the rest are for fun and you will get them. If u expect every scroll to be a 5* yes you'll be disappointed.
Very solid game. Quite addictive. You can get very far without paying anything however if you intend to be competitive you will have to spend a lot. 1 huge negative point is both real time arena and regular arena matchmaking, lower ranks are filled with high level players for numerous reasons and it truly makes advancing a nightmare.
I love the game, but I'm having a hard time getting a Nat. 5. Like literally one of my level 18 friend got lots of useful Nat. 5, and here I am, level 50 with few not so useful Nat. 5. But I do appreciate those useful Nat. 4 that you're giving me. I still want those useful Nat. 5 com2us tho.
Exceptional game, it's possible to progress, have fun, and reach new ranks as a F2P player, and the game guides you in the right direction. Spending money is optional for progression, but it is not in any way a bad idea since it supports the great developers of this game. I rate it 5/5.
Ive been playing this game off and on since 2015. I've paid for some things, I've earned others. Every time I take a break and come back, I'm mostly impressed with the upgrades and improvements in addition to the graphics being stunning since the beginning. You can get a LOT of earned rewards in this game, and I can find none like it. I've tried other games, but this one always wins. I can switch guilds, change my focus in the game, it really is user friendly.
Let's start with the good things: 1. Many farmable mons are very useful early-late game. 2. There are tons of events for players and they're really great events compared to other gachas (ie. RAID). 3. Rune quality is almost always more important than the rarity of the mon. 4. Free rune removal once a month is nice. Now the bad: 1. Horrible AI. They are never consistent and will cause random dungeon losses after 100 successful runs. 2. Rigged artifact rolls. I've rolled way too many flat stats in a row for it to be a coincidence. 3. Painfully slow rune upgrade system. I don't want to watch 2 million mana disappear over several minutes just to +15 one rune. 4. Super P2W. You can spend hundreds of dollars to buy endgame runes and rune appraisals which like I said before, rune quality is probably the most important aspect in the game. 5. Broken violent set. Just watch some youtube videos. 6. PVP balance is near nonexistent. I cannot recommend this game.
Quickly losing interest. Started bc hubby's into it. Fun at first but every time they do an update it changes everything. If I play a game I expect to go by the rules/criteria of the maker. I don't expect those rules/operations to totally change on a whim. I don't expect to play, put money/time into it and then have an update totaly disrupt my entire team at every angle so basically I start over. So my monsters/team can be killer one day and then suck the next. Not another dime... That's all.
Gameplays kept me playing for years! It's a rewarding experience if you stay at it, and one of a kind really where the good monsters you summon are scarce but can evolve your playstyle. It's a heavy grind but no other mobile game has such value to me. When you summon a rare monster you know not many have it and it has real value.