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Summoner of Monster Girls

Summoner of Monster Girls for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by しょうが湯ゴクゴク located at 福岡県福岡市南区井尻3-4-14-101. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just wish there was a translation program in it so I can understand the game better but it looks really fun
it needs more.. it lacks something that gets you bored. try adding mixing demon girls to give you a new one or mix items. also add more skills.. one skill is pretty much boring. overall I liked those cute and sexy demon girls.
great concept! however the translation leaves something to be desired. the game design isn't very intuitive either. please update the translation at the very least.
Its an ok game. Simple, but gets boring too early. Battle is repetitive, nothing else to do but fight and explore. Gameplay lacks depth(bruteforce always wins), theres not much story to follow. Units arent too different from each other, no character development, only one equipment option, only one skill. All in all, was too simple and rigid, gets boring fast.
Game is nice. Would be better if you can tell who's stronger or rarer though. And well, i wanna ask everyone if they know who the rarest or strongest character is.
Okay, so I played it and beat the first 2 dungeons. Before I start I'd like to say I really like the game (I rated 4 stars). The game just has a few flaws I'd like to address. First issue is the tutorial, it's really, really bad. It tells me how to summon something and then just let's me figure the rest out on my own. However, there is a scroll at the top of the screen that explains alot of things- but the game never showed me it, I found it. So maybe make sure people know that is there during the tutorial if you won't revamp it. Second issue is that you can only use one girl at a time. Only being able to fight with one of the girls extensive roster you can get is really inefficient. Yeah you can send them on a quest for 20+ minutes depending on the dungeon, but that's still not really enough. I propose to be able to fight with more than one girl by swapping one girl for another in the actual battles. There could be a little swap button that costs an action and resets all action meters. That's just my take, I just feel like when you've got 10,15,20+ girls, alot of them just get shafted because you can't phesably use all of them. Third issue is the summoning raritys. I have no idea if the girl I have is common, rare, or even higher rarity than that. I don't even know if there IS a rarity scale in this game. If there isn't, let the player know that. If there is, let the player know that. Fourth and final issue is the sub skills. The sub skills is a really, really bad and annoying concept. How they work I'd that in order to use one, you have to use up one of your monster scrolls that are also used for summoning. The thing that makes that annoying and bad is that each scroll cost 5 of the gems in this game. Now it isn't too hard to get these gems- the ads give a good (but random) amount and you can just find them during quests as well as the wanted list. But it's the fact that to use the other girls power, you need to spend 5 gems. A one time use attack for 5 gems? The fact that it costs anything to use that function is honestly dumb to me. It should be maybe a one time dungeon quest thing, or maybe a once a battle thing. Not a pay 5 gem to use one attack thing. I could end up using it once, maybe. But honestly I'd rather not, I can get better things for 5 gems (like another character/level up) or save them for something better. If you could change that system, it would be a welcome change in my eyes. This all being said, there is alot to love about this game, I rated 4 stars. The combat is pretty fun and simple (granted no animations expect specials), the art is stellar, it's easy to get gems and gold, and even though you have to heal your units and are out on cool down after injury, you have such an extensive roster (because it's easy to summon) that you can always play with SOMEONE if you end up losing alot if your main girls for a while. Also it's super easy to heal your units in the pub- very cheap for the amount of gold you get. During battle it's more expensive, which is economically sound to me. Also, you can play offline, which is amazing for a mobile game. Those are my 4 main issues with the game, if they were fixed or worked on a bit the game would be 5 stars in my eyes. Good game you made, i hope you can make it better.
I liked it. Its simplistic, straight forward, and not too complex. Its a relaxed paced game. You get one of 3 availible girls and you bond with them by fighting. Fights are simple, controls are simple. Game is easy to follow and get in to. I definately recomend it.
The Girls are Gorgeous and well drawn interesting clothes and colors for clothing most of the names are mythic sounding some are pretty stupid but that's minor you can pay real money for items but 1 2 3$ or so pretty cheap depending what you buy so far I haven't found any ACTUAL nudity but there are Almost nudes just a bare amount of clothing blocking your vision of their Assets...
Dont like it when my music player auto pause on start up, tutorial end right after the first summon leaving people hanging a little bit, the wanted poster doesnt update after i reported all of them and right now it stucked at the monsters in the guardian forest making it almost impossible to get more rare metals but the games still progressable with a little grinding
Great game with very simple control. Very addictive. Although, its better if the character can evolve. Nice graphic though
Great game needs more content and a tutorial.game starts and after you get your summons doesnt tell you anything.im not even sure how to get more summons
the game is good. although I need to shape up my Japanese. Battle sequence is turn based like Final Fantasy. I'd love to play an english version. And it has! yeah +3 more stars.
Beautiful artwork and characters, simple gameplay. Grindy but this is that type of game, it's all about the girls lol
Games feels generally unfinished and leaves you blind on all aspects of the game. No story or any reason to continue playing
Great gameplay and design. This game really draws me into the simplicity of the gameplay. The character design is very well drawn as well. Much enjoyed and hard to put down excitement 10/10
It's not translated the best, but that doesn't mean a game can't be good. It's simplicity is charming and while there isn't really a tutorial it's not too hard to figure out what you need to do.
I only know English and this game is a total loss to be because of it. I really want to play this so please if you have time and the ability translation would be great. Thanks
Simple but kinda aimless and poorly realized. Monster art looks good but there is no way to tell who is worth using. Game play is super bland and plodding. Feels very unfinished.