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Summoner Heroes

Summoner Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by SEA Game Studio located at Homyland 2 Apartment 307 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seriously i downloaded cause it says 27.8 or something then when i go to game down load 199. Something πŸ˜”
Only lvl 10 but it seems pretty fun...and since it's a new game the "usefulness" stat page is VERY helpful determining whether to invest in a unit.
It's just a chore, an incarnation of a migraine, at first you think you're lucky when you get a few 5-star heroes, then you realise you need duplicates for them to be useful, you run out of capacity and currency long before you can expect the same hero to drop a few times, so you're stuck with level 100 heroes that quickly become obsolete after the first few areas, no matter how strong they look. Basically, success is based on luck alone unless you spend enough money to move forward.
What a breath of fresh air!! Finally a game that is different in its idle game play and omg super cute and a kind Gatcha- 😭 finally a kind Gatcha just kudosπŸ’œ. Big cuddles devs honestly. I have played ALOT of idle game and this one i like alot so far. I am still new so will update as I get further inπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ
Helpful support staff actually the best listening and corresponding and support I've ran across. Fun game to play with friends. Generous in comparison to other games. Looking forward to more characters, gear, and hopefully coop missions with guild members
It's an ok game I played this before and it was fun well I was dumb not loging in my Google account my only problem is is that it's pay to win and also it's very easy to get bored just because I'm blessed and always get lucky characters but it's ok
Just trash. Not enjoyable, complicated. Bad graphics, gacha game where you pull a replica every single time. Weird enough rare heroes in gacha are summoned not at 5 stars! And the way you add stars to them is just pure torture. Really nothing to boast about in this game, even their rewards and sign in are stingy. 0.5 stars for your effort, oh well, I round it up to 1, generous enough?
Good fun. Same stuff as AFK Arena/Idle Heroes. Game's current 280 MB footprint is great. Characters look cool if you like chibi. Makes me think Wonder Boy, except WB has great music. Player control in fights is limited to heroes' ultimates and item usage. We know these games are set up to give good first impressions. Some UI fails with equips and a few glitches. 5 stars is generous, but 4 is too low. $9.99 VIP is steep. Their team power scores are insane. 2.5M team can stomp a 10M arena team.
Some good amount of updates are needed as we have login issues and loading issues.the game is good.edit:thankyou for quick response.hope to see more user friendly events.
Love to play the game. But after installing the loading package. Im stucked in a black screen. Hope you will fix this
Honestly one of the worse AFK/Idle games, It gets boring quickly not enough options, The equipment upgrade is to tedious and the summoning system is poorly done after a week I tried but I uninstalled the game today couldn't stand the repetitiveness and all the boring that comes with it maybe one day I could give it a 5* but not today.
Ive autobattled the same level at least 1000 times and still havent got the 1 item its telling me can drop. Games either broke or just really s**t
Neat game, I do like the characters and the design. The most refreshing thing is it's not just another bulls*** gacha p2w game, and just for that I dropped a few bucks. There are a couple bugs but nothing that interfere with gameplay.
i've played this game about 2-3hrs , everthing is fine , but yesterday when i logged in the game stuck at "connecting to server...." for along time and I still can't play it . Please fix it as soon as possible.
I love the game i' want updates that can make units more stronger by adding more ranks like 7 star and 8 star and making 6 star available in summons and then add more weapons and add a new rank of upgrade items that can help upgrade units faster.
If there were actual skills that you picked in the fight for the characters it would be better than brave frontier, you game says turn based but is just auto battle with 1 tap skill animation....
Easy to play and very generous with rewards! But suddenly it is no longer playable.! It is stuck at Title page.
Good game. although why is it there's less few players? its a really good game . hope it got a spotlight
It's a very nice casual gacha game to play, doesn't really need that much time to grind and I very much love the obtainable VIP cards which makes some things easier and bonus energies too. The only thing that I want is maybe some guild war and fixed connection issues :)
can not play in the "world". can not click "battle" button in all map. all future working well accept in the world map. i am at server 1. try to install and uninstall 3times and still not working.
This game is heavily pay to win, the drop rates are terrible, the game puts you against stronger players, and the game poorly explains what to do. Do not play this game at all!
PROS 1) beautiful artstyle and colorful anime style graphics,2)variety of heroes 3) easy free gacha, u can literally get about 7 to 8 5STAR heros from ingame gacha from few days of playing.. 3) pet alliance 2 fans will like this game overall fun and easy until u reach endgame CONS: 1)6Star pets are HARD to get for f2p player 2)too reptetive in endgame and feels like too much power upgrades for equips.. 3)HEROES IMBALANCE- magical heroes seem to be x2 times stronger than physical heroes
A cash player's delight. Until this last upgrade newer players felt like they had a chance to compete. That's now impossible. This hame is a waste of time and money
What a scam after downloading all the resources it suddenly gone black. I restarted the game and still black wasted my time and data for this shyt.
I had a bug but it's all great now so thanks for fixing it also I believe this is one of my favorite games on the app store throughout there are many things to do such as arena, world bosses, guild donations and bosses, campaign, and so much more I believe if you read this comment that you should try this out it's so detailed and I can't wait for future updates to come 😊
Great game so far. I might even spend a few bucks just because this is my type of playing style. Thumbs up to the developers. Nothing bad to say about this game.
I'm making it 4 star now. Thanks for your advice. It's not crashing anymore. Hopefully we can get higher drop rates for equipment and stuff for upgrade.
Game is very bad at (NOT) being (BALANCED) when it comes to dropping (ITEMS) you need. I can (Raid with Tickets) Till I RUN out and not once get a FRICKN ITEM FROM THAT LVL RUN. Let's talk about spending (2M gold) for (Powerful items) all we get is upgrading stuff?? For that much, I EXPECT (SWORDS, NECKLACE AND OTHER STUFF). I *DON'T* Even want to give your game 1 star. FIX THE GAME. So bad.
Everything is fine . But drop of rare equipments nd gold cost is too much. Fix this , overall this game is amazing.
Here is everyone's"diamond in the ruff" mobile game. Is it P2W? Yes, however it is extremely F2P friendly and it takes considerably less grind, then any other mobile game out on the market. The character stat management is easy and not overly complex. There is a decent roster of characters so the gacha system is not brutal. I was able to pull two SS-ranked characters (non promo) by the time I finished the second chapter. This game is my reward for downloading and trying out 100s of others.
Fun game but the promotion packs and the item in the shop are too expensive - hope that i can connect to google play in the next version.
Nice game, quite beginner-friendly, have only been playing for about 20 mins so i dont have much comments, but so far so good
4 star for now, just started playing the game. Grpahics and control are good. Gameplay is easy. If I find it good, will rate it 5 star.