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Summon Princess:Anime AFK SRPG

Summon Princess:Anime AFK SRPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by TOJOY GAME LIMITED located at RM. 19C, LOCKHART CTR., 301-307 LOCKHART RD., WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love Summon Princess, I have been playing for about a month. One of the two games I play Daily. Everything worked great until the update released today on Nov 29! After I updated the game, I opened it, expecting to be logged in a usual. The game had requested permissions, after it had taken me to the settings, it told me the there were no permissions to be allowed. "App Permissions: None Requested," to be exact. I would like to get back to it soon, as I dread losing login bonuses! Please fix!!
Great the grind is good and isn't impossible like other games trying to get you to pay like £20 to £40 or over in order for you to just be able to get 1 max tier character
A copy of girlxbattle 2 but without the QoL mechanics. It consumes a lot of your time watching the battles. Most of the players quits around lvl 50. This game should have skip and multiple battle at once. I dont want to watch 10 mins of battle to assist a friend. Edit: Seems you didnt understand what i wanted to say. It's a good game and love the art. But this needs more QoL. This is not the only game ppl plays these days.
Love playing the game but since the update I keep getting a permissions needed before continuing suddenly. And when I go to the settings of my phone to "grant permission" there aren't any to grant for the game it says. Been play for a couple months and this is the first issue I have had. Please find a way to fix it dont want to have to get rid of the game. Helps destress.
So far this game was good, until the "wrong code login formation" and "error occured, too many login information, please contact CS" popped up, right after I've made transactions. Lost accounts. I would make it 5 stars if I could get my account back. Got my account back, thank you ^^ Why does wishing well must be error? I miss that feather for summoning book. I made amount of transactions to get that feather and almost reach 400spins in wishing well.
Aruna cant win Hoshino, Bayuta, Michael, Noire. when player build a princess, he must know princesses who can win her. I saw a team have Noire and 2 Karen. So hard to win with Aruna.
I was having a good time but my God after some time the game resets and suddenly the screen flickers and causes me some seizure. I cant start my game even after a while waiting..
Game is fairly easy. Character designs are really cute. Paying isn't required but makes the game a lot easier. Grindy once you hit levels above 90. Took longer for me to go from 90 to 100 than from 1 to 90, but that's not unique to this game. Becomes very difficult to upgrade heros beyond 7 stars (which is 2 purple stars). Support seems to respond quickly to inquiries. Had to quit due to time constraints. One major problem was game had to be uninstalled and reinstalled after most updates.
Really appreciating game very cool graphics I love the gameplay every things are ossom .love the performance of the game for that I would love to give five star 🌟
One of the best idle fighter games I have seen in a long time. While the formula for the game is long tried and true, the character sprites are what make it stand out for me. Elegant design, vibrant colors, and just enough unique quality to deviate this game from the cookie cutter system is what makes me have to force myself away from playing hours on end.
You know, it is a pretty nice game, I play it on an iOS device and it runs really good, also its not that much P2W, even doing the F2P you can progress really far in-game, currently I'm level 89 and I'm really enjoying it, also the Devs really help you with your issues, downloading this game on an Android device due to want to play it more, really recommended.
Very disappointed with this app. First time I lost my progress cuz it glitched with an update and had to restart. Now that I've tried again and put over 200+ dollars both times, I lost again. So unless you wanna waste your time, don't get this app! Not worth it!
Plz help I wanna play your game but after that thing with the leaves and the light bulb above its head on the whites screen disappears the screen turns black and it never loads past that :( been a year no changes
Great game. Awesome mechanics. A little lacking in story for the game, but its simplicity is perfect. Unlike games nowadays, they tend to complicate things. This game is easy. Enjoyable. Has a great sense of satisfaction everytime you complete an objective. If you cannot complete it, you just have to wait patiently. No paywalls. Everything can be completed by waiting a few hours/days.
Pls fix the minor bug (Edit) i really love this game but its so hard to get a yellow soul :( but its okeyy.
I'm glad that most of the bugs, are fixed. Anyways this game is great, and Addicting, most of the princesses have Unique, design except for six star Aqua, still needs work.(This has Been edited from 3 to 5 stars)
It was a good game, the event and other was good, event without paying we can still became a good player. The bad thing is, to get an event item was hard, and without paying you almost can't get the prize. The other thing there is a bug every week. Although there is a bug, I can still enjoy the game. It was fun. Btw, after make a comeback I rate it again as 4 start because a lot of game have a return hero privilege where here there was one.
I really love this game. But when i update this game, it says error and cannot enter this game at all. I so sad then i uninstall then reinstall it, but i lost all my princess. I gave up on this game.
I'm really enjoying this game, easy and not overwhelming and when there was a bug they were kind and helped me with quick replies as they walked me through it. There are some things that do need work on and this is a new game and can't wait to see what is to come. But the grind for "gold souls" are awful and there is no way to obtain besides random loot, tower if you can pass the floor, event area (should be called something diff) or shop at times. Need to find better ways to get gold souls.
Could you please make the game balanced again and fix Aruna? A 10* Aruna can deal up to 18M damage, this is 3 or 4 times more damage than what a 12* hero can deal. 400% damage to everyone after death plus +36% attack after an ally is killed, it is TOO MUCH. Aruna only costs 120 moons and she is better than annyone else, even better than the light and dark heroes, the balance of the game is sadly broken because of her. We are requesting you, please nerf Aruna.
I love the game but can you add a notification button to disable the notification for the upgrading button and other notification to disable too..thanks.....😁😁
I've been playing this game for a little longer than a month and I still fully enjoy it. Edit: 4 months in and it got very boring, there's literally nothing exciting to do 🤷‍♀️
This game is really exciting at first but when your level already more than 100 you have nothing to do except daily mission that take only a few minutes to finish or waiting for the event quest once a week
sure its just a reskin of every other gacha game but its just cute. been playing for a few months now. the only problems i see really is the chat. it sucks. the opening of servers too fast kills other servers. im S14 and it went dead in 2 months. and lastly guild war. horrible guys. only the guild leader or deputies can atk? this was supposed to be a guild event but it doesnt really allow our guild members to partake in the event other than signing up a team.
Please do not waste your money on this game. I am one of the oldest players and I am telling you this, the devs do not care about fixing the bugs. We have been reporting the same bugs over a year and nothing has changed. Michael is a clear example, since she was released a year ago, she does not revive from a counterattack, which makes the hero useless. Their reply has been the same over a year "Hello, your feedback has been sent to the devs..." but they really do not fix anything!
Fix your game are you trying to give people seizures? Game is frozen and won't go past the seizures screen. Edit: fixed now. GJ devs.
Love the game but every time I try re opening it it gives me some kind of bug where the screen flashes like crazy as if trying to give me a seziure
Was ok before latest update, now unable to get into game. Keep getting comparing server edition and failure msg.
EPILEPSY WARNING! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! If you download and get the screen glitch it can cause a very serious seizure. Do not download!
It's a good idle game. It functions almost exactly like Idle Heroes, but with a much more cute art style. I appreciate that there are no limited time hero banners here. All heroes are available to you, they just take some work to get, and some RNG luck to either pull, or have appear in a shop. Some packages are good deals, some are a little too expensive for what they offer. My biggest issue is the chat, it's very buggy. Overall though, worth a look.
Introduction to the game had no button established in the game code. 2 and 3 stars for fusion at random still needs more thought. Random Number Generators or Random Number Decimal Generator was never a favorite; shows lack of development. In other words a filler for failure; so people spend money. As developers, ask what did Riot Games have before going to the dumps? Riot Games a nobody, and it pushed for Esports. Where are you going to be in 5 years? Keep rolling those dice!
Very pretty asethetics but apart from idling, activities are limited though with time, I do hope more activities will be avaliable. One major issue, however is that the refresh and item pricing for some shops are atrociously high for the amount you do get from actions (Soulmart and Guildmart). Drop rates during idling for needed items (purple shards - I don't even get 1 for a full day after the most recent patch, not to mention getting only 25 gold souls). 4 stars - assuming improvement
So I changed my rating, this really is a great game. All rounded with great rewards. Not to mention all the cute girls... Still needs a bit of work but they have a great game and their hands. Fast to respond to any problems you have. Keep at it I will defenitly hang around to see this game bloom.
Well i love the game but its just that when i entered the game there will always be a flashy screen for some reason..
My review was originally two stars, but the devs deleted my original review. The game is horrendously buggy. The start up screen flickers so much, it's hard to even look at. I keep being kicked out of the game because my wifi signal isn't strong enough when I'm practically sitting next to the router. The packages are overpriced to the point where you'll be spending $70 for things that are going to virtually be worthless when you lose your account. The servers are dead too.
Boring....... Low reward system.... Everything is about money........ Play tap Tap... Much better than this money grabbing games.....
Too hard to level up cards. I started bear release of app and still do not have a level 6 card. Gathering cards to merge also takes an unrealistic amount of time. Making this a daily grind for months that grants nothingness. You as a game developer need to check your chance to drop algorithm for your required cards for merging. You will find that the chance to drop time is way too long and people will leave your game becuase of how long it takes to get all the cards to merge.
Was having a blast with the game until it sent me back from level 54 to level 27 for whatever reason, and no, it was not a server switch and I'm not gonna start over again, too bad cause the graphics are amazingly cool, uninstalling with sadness. Edit: will give it another try trying to keep it linked to a facebook account hoping that it doesnt happen again
I just now started downloading this game. And I opened the game, it started downloading but the bar wouldn't load.. it kept saying error and all types of words on the bottom of my screen and that my connection wasn't working. So I checked my connection and it was fine, opened the game again and it still did the same thing. I downloaded it on a tablet btw.
So, games fun and all that but I almost had AN ACTUAL SEIZURE because of the "bug" that they won't fix where when u open the game sometimes, it FLASHES uncontrollably fast! It really hurt my eyes and head and I'm honestly surprised I DIDNT have a seizure cause I felt like i was gonna have one!
So ive returned after months of uninstalling and the new events now are the same from past months (or last schedule) because it says ive done the event when i uninstalled this game for 2-3 months ago,, So returnee cant do the new events and bugged being stucked at the last event they logged in before uninstalling
Overall, I really enjoy this game! It's a great time killer for this pandemic right now, and I love getting these unique princesses! My only reasons this isn't five stars are that the loading screen can get very flashy (which I don't normally experience with other games), and boss rewards aren't very much. However, this still is enjoyable nonetheless, and I can't wait to see what comes next!!
Edit: Interesting how devs decided to delete my comment. I didn't know Devs could do that to a customer. Copied and pasted to a word doc, don't delete here or I'll repost. This game is colourful and has quite a number of characters to collect, but watch out for their extremely slow gameplay and money grabs. Very basic game with very little rewards for playing long term, you advance faster when you pay. Has VIP system which gives little to no advantage for F2P.
I really like this game but after the nearest update, I can no longer open the game after second time. Keep having to reinstall the game every single time and then play through the tutorial before I can switch to my server. Please fix this bug! - An Android loyal player. Updated: Wow the issue has been addressed and quickly fixed. Amazing team!
Now that I've actually had the chance to play the game for a while, i can leave a proper review. First off, the game is very broken when you first start. The best thing to do is just to turn off the tutorial if you know how; I did so just before an update and now nothing is missing from the game and I can actually play it. The UI is a bit funky (though that might be because I'm used to a different but similar game) but that can always change with time.
Great game! It's fun and easy to play with lots of cute, cool, and strong heroes to collect! I also like that you have the option to watch adds to either get gems or speed up the progress in missions! They also offer great benefits of you do decide to spend money on the game! It is an idle game so you can't actively chose attacks or targets but, that's not a problem, I can play something else while my heroes fight and collect the loot after! Otherwise it's a lot of fun and keep up the good work!
I really like playing this game but since the new update I'm unable to start my game. When uploading it does a strong light effect and I have to back out an come back into the game to get to the title screen. Once there it doesn't load. Please fix the game I'll change my rating and really don't want to uninstall.
This game would be good if you guys put a restart on heroes, and please give out more rewards. Please try to make things cheaper. Dont put walls on account level when pushing the maps. PLEASE FIX THE FLASH SCREEN, THIS WILL CAUSE PROBLEMS TO PEOPLE!!! Photosensitive seizure!!!
Ive been playing this game for 2 days and now im stronger than my guild leader well im a well experienced rpg gamer I played a lots of games but this game is different. I love how this game works its really enjoyable but the daily missions makes me boring it only have few missions which it takes me 5 minutes to complete it and now im already at lvl 56 please dev. Add more missions and make good events ive been watching many ads in this 2days to support thus game ;》
Seizure warning - would love to play the game but as soon as I open the app & the little mascot pops up, the screen goes spaz mode and turns into a lightning fast blinking nightmare that would DEF cause someone with a seizure disorder, to have a seizure. Yes I've Uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, nothing changes.
I don't hate this game because I always play even more worst chance rate to get 5* than this one but the problem is that the loading screen before enter the server sometime keep blinking like crazy and it hurt my eye ,please help, im dying ;(
Edit: I have already sent an email that both describes the seizure inducing screen AND provides evidence via screen recording of this happening. Waiting on your team to review and respond (if you ever actually respond to emails that is). Ball's in your court, Tojoy
Cute game, but no method of saving progress besides Facebook. Since I don't use Facebook, this is likely to wind up in the pile of games that I've abandoned for that exact reason. Two stars for not even using Google Play Games to save progress. EDIT: I will continue to play for now. I just won't start over if anything happens to my data. :-) I raised my rating by a star.