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Summer of Memories Ver2:Mystery of the TimeCapsule

Summer of Memories Ver2:Mystery of the TimeCapsule for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by GAGEX Co.,Ltd. located at 東京都墨田区吾妻橋 3-3-2 吾妻橋アドバンスビル 5F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Well it was a very good game 😅took a little time to complete it but it was a good experience. The storyline are all so loving and touching. Well matching with the Sosuke and his story, I also felt sad when Nagi left and when he was going back to Tokyo. Really that was so smooth. If I think about it, this game experience is now my favourite of all other. Well thank you for making this game and I respect your all your hard work.👏🏻
So many ads. I clicked 3 buttons within 1 minute then an ad pops up. Who designed something like that???? So annoying. The story is fine.
It's a simple game with beautiful arts. The feeling of being a child again exploring a whole new world of village warms my heart. Sosuke's simple way of thinking makes me jealous but then the grown-ups also being supportive and wise that I learnt again from them. The concept of summer vacation is great. The rewards are generous, so it really helps me to get or buy things. Yes, the pop up ads are quite annoying, but it won't hurt if you don't keep looking at the menu. It's good. Thank you.
I got the good ending. I did not get all the treasures and all the story of people though. The game is great but I suggest that there should be a mode wherein you can return to when Sosuke got home form his adventure and not the end of the day. Also, add more expressions to the characters and fix the dialogues. But overall, the story is great! I did not expect the ending. Glad it is not the cliche ending hehe. My question is, do I need to restart the game to complete the treasures and stories?
It's really a lovable game. Loves the story lines. Relaxing and warm. Still hoping for a longer story though coz i love it so much 😍
It's a short summer holiday story. But somehow I got attached to all the characters all the same. Story, graphic, gameplay it were all so simple yet so enjoyable. And the collection album makes me want to complete them. Recommended for people who want to take a bit of off time from hectic daily life. The bgm is so relaxing.
Another Gagex masterpiece, somehow it takes me back to my summer childhood that never happened, haha. I dont have many memorable childhood, especially like this one, but somehow it still feel nostalgic for me. Great story, I got all collections and people stories. Hope the dev keep making game like this.
As expected from Gagex, this game has a very good and heartwarming storyline. It brought a sentimental feeling to me. BGM was relaxing, no hurries in playing, no need to P2W, and easy to control. Especially, I LOVE THE ART! Pics were beautifully made! One thing I dislike about this game was intrusive ads. But you can always choose to pay for not getting them. So as free player, I still thank you for giving us very beautiful game. Please keep the good work in making this kind of game. 🍀❤️
This game is so so beautiful, I enjoyed the story line, but, one things, the ads is just too much.. every single times you wanna change menu options, the ads always pop up, please consider to fix this
Very well written. Gameplay is fairly minimal, but the star here is the story, and it's written very well. Don't bother working extra hard for a 100% run, as it won't impact the story much if you miss a few things. I went back through a second time to get everything and it wasn't really worth it.
It's just too beautiful! This game reminded me I should have had more fun and memories while I was a bit more younger. Life is a bit complex now. It's an amazing game, I don't think I'll ever forget this one :)
Words can't describe how good this is. This is the only game that I actually liked in a very long time. Got attached to the characters. It's much much better then any game out there at least for me. I've been so happy that I accidentally stumbled upon this and now I'm waiting for every next release from your studios. Thank you so so much for this awesome thing. I hope to see more stuff like this in the future based of Japan. I love 🇯🇵. I'dliketowritemore butI'mreachingthe500wordslimitsosorry.
I have been a huge fan of this game developer for awhile, and this game didn't disappoint. Lovely art style, a sweet story line, and a relaxing game pace.
Pop-up of advertisment in the middle kinda was annoying. The only reason I give 4 stars, as I really love and adore the game and storyline!
This is another heartwarming game by Gagex. I could feel and experience much nostalgia as if I was vicariously living through Sosuke. Playing this game really reminded me of my own summer memories as a child, making me yearn for bygone days. Please play this game, I'm sure you would enjoy it. It's not a high maintenance game at all and it's nice to check in every once in a while.
I might be biased because I enjoyed all Gagex's game that they've released in English. I wanted to support them so badly, I ended up paying for VIP 😅 The story seems typical "estranged family" you'd find in manga/anime, but I'm still invested in these characters. The art and story you get to unlock is pretty to look at. An idle game that keeps luring you back. The music is simple but enhances the atmosphere. As someone that never had "Summer", I get to enjoy it through Sosuke's eyes 😊
It's rare to find such a unique and thoughtful game in the crowded free-to-play mobile market, but Summer of Memories is a sweet natured and moving game that employs mechanics I haven't ever seen before surrounded by a visual novel style narrative presentation that warms the heart. It's ads are sparse and the structure of the game is more respectful of one's time than a lot of mobile games. I'll remember Summer of Memories, and I'll come back to it another time to see my friends again.
Beautiful story writing, especially the grandma's in the main story, I think I loved that the most. But the dialogue is often wrong with which character is talking, it would put it under the wrong person's name. This is a bug that should be fixed. I also can't unlock all the dialogues for all the characters, in my second play they most often just don't appear on the map. Edit:Just realized the main story the 2nd time playing changes. That was my missing dialogue haha.
This is a brilliant game. Very interesting stories and cute graphics. The game is really beautiful and I personally loved it a lot. Overall view, it tells about a child named Sosuke who visits his paternal family for summers. And when I played the game, I wasn't just playing it, I was feeling it. It's one of the best games I've ever played and know. Thank you so much Gagex for making this game. Thank you so much 🙂🙂
It's a very relaxing game, with interesting conversations in between making you feel as if you are in that moment. It doesn't rely on real time, or daily rewards so I think it's a big plus that you can play on you own time.
I'm surprised to see that everyone is rating this game so highly. How are you really supposed to be able to enjoy anything for more than two minutes without a ad popping up in your face. Gagex, I love you, and I've played all of your English games (I even bought the DLC in Oden Cart 4), but I'm pretty disappointed in this. This is supposed to be a relaxing game, yet you chose to insert aggressive ads. Why?? The video bonuses are fine, and I found them useful, but the pop-ups need to go.
Hello, I've been playing your games since Showa Candy Shop 2 was around, they're really great (especially the stories). This game is amazing too! Keep up the good work :) And if anyone wants to know, some treasures can only be obtained after unlocking dialogues with certain characters.
Idk what to say about this masterpiece cuz its not enough wow the story and the dialogues specially is incredible and so deep It deals with almost everything that a person goes through during his life periods, whether from the moments he lived, the feelings he goes through, or someone misses him or some stage he passes through. It is amazing that you cannot describe it. Thank you thank you for this game❤👏
Another beautiful and interesting game from this publisher. <3 Feels like being kid again and it's also great for learning more about Japanese culture. Very calm and relaxing
What a nostalgic game... I got a Normal Ending just now and had to write a review. Its one of those games where you just chill and open the game once a day, yet it was written very well, and everything feels very real and natural. Thank you for this lovely gem.
This game is perfectly splendid, I love the story, the pictures, and the bgm too. I could imagine how it would like to have summer holiday on Japan. The story really touched my heart :) such a good game.
This game made me so happy and touched im crying 😭, im very happy for sosuke. i like the struggle and storytelling and I wish i got all of this convo when i was a lot younger.. Gameplay wise this game is great to accompany you while eating or having a quick break. No rush at all! Cant wait to play another Gagex's game!
Thank you again for another lovely game by your company. I've always admired your way of telling stories through your game. Most of my childhood memories were of simpler life with my grandparents and this game brought back fond memories of long walks and family stories. Looking forward to play more of your lovely games 💜
The story is, wonderful. It really makes you feel. I don't have any good memories of the summer, however the ending really made me feel many things, like I had great summer vacations as well. It's really well-written and overall cute. I love it!
The game is nostalgic, it was similar on my childhood days. The graphics are beautiful, the stories was nice. A good idle game.
Beautiful story, lovely art, and a bittersweet experience. Strongly recommended! Useful Tip: there's a map which can show you where people are and how much you've explored a given location. The location tickets and the camera are really helpful too. Only downside to this game is the abrupt ads can be super annoying at times but I'm glad I stuck with it to the end. I love it so much! 💖
I love your apps. I wish I could get your peaceful audios somewhere official to download from and listen to even when I am not using the app. Thank you. I respect your work and appreciate it with all my heart :) ♡
This is a very relaxing game. It picked my curiosity to finish the story, to know who will I meet next, to collect the collection, and many things else. Keep up the good work!
Too much ads, they are basically forcing you to pay otherwise you'll have a hard time playing. Plus it is expensive (paid ver). Great game and storyline though, and the art is spectacular
Very good story, characters, art, places,EVERYTHING. A great job overall. For those who haven't played this game yet give it a try, I promise you it's SO good.
I Really Like This Game So Much!! ITS SO AMAZING. Mostly I Like In This Game Is The Story! It's Pretty Funny& Heartwarming! Gagex Please Make More Of These Amazing Games! I Really Appreciate It, And Try It And Enjoy It Yourselves Everyone!! Have A Nice Day And Be Safe! (The Other English Games From Gagex Is Offline So Don't Worry To The Ads To Pop On Your Face, Just Turn Off Your Wi-Fi/Data, Also For An Example: Hungry Hearts And Showa Candy Shop 3. Enjoy!)
Ok I'm almost finished with this game but......I want it to last forever 😭❤ This game made me feel THINGS! Laughter, tears, heartache ...SO MANY FEELINGS! Sosuke and all the characters are rich in personality and characterisation. The setting of the game is just amazingly fleshed out in all character interactions. Wonderful use of "Show and not tell". You have questions in the game that are answered by many characters in different ways, like Japan in WW2 as well as family drama....Amazing! ⭐
The game was absolutely beautiful! Just like Gagexs other games they deliver on characters, great emotional stories, and relaxing gameplay. If I could give it more stars I would!
I really loved this game, i am really glad i have found it here, honestly i dont really care about the ads i mean yeah it was very annoying because it keep on popping up here and there but the game in overall is amazing. i have the best experience ever.😊
If you keep moving from one tab to another over it plays a bunch of ads. Very annoying if you wana just check up on things. But pretty much you send the boy out and leave the game and come back later to see what he did.
Love this game, the art and its story. Would have preferred more endings. Another person already mentioned this issue before but I would like to say it again so it can be resolved: There are times where I would watch ads in hopes of getting more in-game money or tickets, I would receive no reward at all. Aside from that, great game.
Amazing masterpiece! 😍this game is really soothing and addictive at the same time. A warm story about Sosuke's summer adventure is all I need. Kudos to the creator!
The day does go by fairly quickly so you have to check back somewhat often if your trips out are short do that you can send your character our again. If you do not then it automatically ends the day as you have to "pack" a bag to send a character out. The game pauses at the end of each day so even if you come back to it in three real life days it will be the end of the same game day. My only gripe is I bought the package as it says I wouldn't watch ads and I still do.
Just finish the game. What a great game! Fill in with sad and happy story.. Just a lil bit mistake, some dialog and the character aren't matching. I hope you'll make another story game like this!
i will give this 5 star if not because of the error in the dialog... there are a lot of dialog with the wrong name and person talking... if you can fix this it will be a more engaging and fun game
An amazing excellent game that has two visual design issues. When you check the map, the markers are different colors on the top and bottom halves to represent whether or not someone is there and how famailiar Sosuke is with the location. It's difficult to tell when someone is there or not, why not use a bright color like yellow or orange? When checking your collectibles, the items flash which is really annoying.
GAGEX games always have that calming music plus that comfortable pace as you go over the story, made it a relaxing game for me. Their games are all worth playing. Thank you creators for this new game. 💯
Very cute game! Does not require a ton of time to play. My only gripe with this is that as soon as you open the app and sosuke is back, you MUST listen to him before doing anything else. But it's a small gripe. I got a little bored of it after a while :(
Fr almost every single day in this game, I feel like I'm gonna cry any moment soon. I did cry a few times 🤧 this game is absolutely amazing 100/100 👏 the storyline is beautiful, the end is very bittersweet but its realistic. Not the ending I would have preferred, but its the perfect ending for this story. Probably the best game I have ever played on Android. I will replay it again 🧡 Please make many more games like this in English, thank youuuu ❤💖😁
In short: I won't uninstall this game. Keep it in my phone forever. This is one of the best. I have a recommendation for anyone who is gonna play: buy the VIP and use magic clock to get all the stories in your first play. It brings this super sentimental feeling and you'll never want to forget it. Request to game dev: (1) please link the data with SNS or play service, and (2) please let us have gallery mose so we can read the story after we finish the game (and don't want to start again.)
Such a relaxing game. I have already finished it and it's such a good way to pass the time. I just wish I could download the amazing pictures shown in the game.
It feels like reading someone's diary. It encapsulates the most memorable moments of childhood, both the innocent joy and the helplessness of finding that, in many ways, the world is bigger and more complicated than you thought. It's too bad it doesn't have separate picture gallery. There's a lot of those images that I wish I could see again.
Love the game!!!! 😍😆 I don't mind the ads you can just turn off the internet on your phone 😊. The story is very heart-warming~❤️
This game is a very calming but fun game this game is so simple I really love it.the story is very interesting,very wholesome,and sad.when I finished the game I was gonna cry in a good way I really recommend this game
Pretty good app!! One gripe, i started a new day and then turned off my phone for 10 minutes and the new day was over when i turned it back on! I didnt even get any adventuring in at all.
I fell in love the first time I played this game, even though I'm not Japanese and we don't share same experiences it did made me feel like if I was in my young summer. I cried, smiled and felt happiness everytime I played. I find myself always coming back to Sosuke, I love him so much and I love the game so much. Thank you so much for made me feel like a little girl discovering new things again ❣️
The stories and characters are great. But some of the dialogues are labelled to the wrong person and the many pop up ads are annoying.
Just finished this game and got a good ending.. after the day 31 the game resets to day 1 and got free 10 magic clock because of it.. I tried to play it again when it resets to day 1 because there are some scenes with other characters that I haven't unlocked yet and collectibles I haven't got yet, Problem is I am now at day 12 and haven't meet the characters since it resets to day 1.. I've been looking at the map too to find someone but there's no one..
This is a nice relaxing game. Full of cute characters and it's really just a chill game. It's like that game... Tsuki's Adventure? (Sorry, forgot the name of it) Normally, I don't like playing these kinds of games, because they move so frickin slow... But I like the storyline.. So I'm going to keep playing until the end. Edit: The dialogue in the game (most parts) are incorrect. It was confusing as to who was talking.
The best Gagex game so far. Great story and very heartwarming. We definitely need more games like this in difficult times. I'll return to it multiple times, I'm sure. Thanks for the great game!
I really love this game. It's soothing and endearing. So far I'm really interested in all the side stories. I enjoy reading the dialogue and inferring the back stories. Honestly I wish this was an rpg for the switch! The art is great and the music is sweet. Some bugs with switching between character labels during dialogue but it doesn't interfere with enjoying the game. Buying it makes getting coins and raffle tickets kinda too easy but it easier to enjoy and stock up on items that way.
DAMN IT so addictive... I want part 2 this is a masterpiece if you ask me. The storyline, the characters, the places it is all... You guys are amazing. To be honest I really ads but to this game makes me wait for a while for the ads option to show for sosuke to return quick without wasting a day. You guys are amazing please... please... please... Let their be part 2
Unique and charming. Seems inspired by digital pet games, but the pet is a little boy who goes off on adventures and comes back to tell stories. There are some bugs and issues, but nothing game-breaking. The story is engaging, but there doesn't seem to be much connection between the items you pack and the story you get. Even the devs seem confused sometimes about the direction of the story. If I could change one thing, let the players choose when Sosuke sets out so there's time to plan and pack.