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Sugar Blast: Pop & Relax

Sugar Blast: Pop & Relax for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was REALLY enjoying this game. Now not so much. Now I am not getting any Quest points. And I keep getting sucked in to spend money. Going to get rid of this game. It's free until they want your money. And the Seasons need to go.
I love this game because it gets more and more demanding. Yet I feel it looks at the age of the person and does not discriminate with the level of play. This is my third time playing it!
The most enjoyable game I ever play! What's the point of playing a game if you don't enjoy it, right? I just started playing and I'm in lv.50. It might seem easy at first, but as the level up, it's more challenging. I like how the rewards and prizes aren't too hard to get. Not to mention how colorful and cute the candies are! It is truly a relaxing game! I like the various events as well, it's challenging but it's not stressful or frustrating to achieve. Please keep up the good work 😊
The ad made this game looks fun, but it's just another boring bubble pop game. YAWN! Played for a minute. Now uninstalling.
The LEVEL button on the main screen is fickle - it sometimes just moves slightly with no other reaction. Repeated tapping is sometimes the only way to get to the next level.
It's good but it's totally different from what I have seen in ads about this app. I have installed it because it seems good in ads but in reality it's good but not as much as I have thought πŸ’­
Cute game, but ultimately pretty expensive. The game's coins cost a lot for what they buy. Current glitch has a discount offer on coins, but the purchase isn't credited to your game. There's no way to contact support within the game even though it says there is, and refunds aren't offered through Google Play. Edit: my purchase showed up about 20 minutes later. Pretty frustrating.
I like this game, but I was just playing I had two cherries left to get to beat the level, but there weren't any to get. How can I beat the level if what need to get to beat it isnt there?
It's super cute, and the sound and music is relaxing, it reminds of those old Disney movies in the 50's πŸ˜† It's can get hard but not impossible to the point you just can't complete it and then you turn around and uninstall the game. It's fun and entertaining.
Great game! Love that you can receive 3 hrs unlimited game play at least a couple times a week. It's a fun game that keeps your attention.
Super match 2 or more game play , Lovely graphics, beanies sooo cute , fun events and team play too. The music is so very upbeat and cheerful, really helps to feel goid and relax. Much needed in these challenging times. All-around Well done developers 5 stars.
This game is totally fun. Game play is excellent and it is pretty simple to play but I know it's going to get even harder the further we go up in levels. And I would recommend you to download Google opinion rewards so you don't have to spend money and you can earn money and keep your money to pay what you need to pay at home.
I don't like the way you changed the game, the "events". You need to give more coins like you used to.
Progress saved? Why wasn't my progress saved? I connected to Facebook. But now i have to start all over. I was over level 400. Messed up.
Love this game! Play is just hard enough to be interesting yet still allow progress, and screen flow is fast with no lag time. And best of all - NO ADS! This is my new favorite game by far.
This is a fun and relaxing game had been looking for something close to gluey and this is about as close as I can get for my tablet
From yesterday onwards I am playing and clear the levels but couldnot collect Flowers and buzz for the HONEY BEANIE EVENT and also in Level race event before i got too many flags to collect in one level now i have to collect only one flag per level. Why is this happening. Please solve the issue.
Ha ah,, something's wrong. I reached 400 now it's saying I should update and when am going to play store I already updated the game,, so I go back to the game and it's saying still update so I click on update and they send me to play store via the game,, and aahggg no mahn,, what's wrong. I wanna continuiing playing the game. Please help. It's fine,, nobody helped and it's still doing that so I uninstalled. Good experience though,, buh for nothing
great graphics lots of fun, skill levels from easy to difficult. I'm addicted. New challenges . Great game. Fun and new play my go to game loving it loving the updates
Keeps taking away coins I watch videos for some levels have to play numerous times to complete not worth the time find a different game
Wow, this game was super fun. I reached to level 323. But I realized that the game is cheating sometimes. I clear the caramels, they disappear, but the wanted number of caramel candies doesn't decrease, as if I haven't cleared them. It becomes almost impossible to clear them unless game lets you to do so. And also on hard levels, it's not hard at all it's just that the game don't give you the wanted colors. That's not fair at all. So I was planning to give 5 stars but now :/ Unfortunately 2.
Fun, addicting time suck. Doesn't cost as much as other "free" games. You can actually get pretty far without buying help.
Excellent game! Very fun! The graphics are impressive. You can tell someone took their time on this. Thank you
Absolutely love this game. I find it's engaging enough to play during the day but also relaxing enough for me to play to help me wind down for sleep. Good fun, pretty colours.
Love this game but fir last 2 days haven't been able to play won't let me click on any of the options just seems frozen. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled several times and nothing works!!!!!
This is the holy grail for this type of game! No ads and it's actually playable without going broke making in app purchases. Other games like this become impossible unless you spend money. The developers for this game found the perfect balance of fun gameplay at a variety of difficulty levels and giving you enough prizes and bonus items so that you have a way out when a more difficult level does pop up. No game like this has ever been so well balanced. THANK YOU FOR THIS PLAYABLE GEM!!!!!!
I had given 5 stars but now it's 1 until I get to play again every time I log into the game it keeps telling me thank you for your purchase there's 12 hours free lives and I click on it it says okay and then it like it just stays there it won't go away so I can play the game and if I keep hitting the okay button it keeps raising free lives on on there so please fix this glitch or whatever it is so I can play the game I love the game just can't play
This game is getting worse and worse. I'm watching videos for coins or for unlimited 15mins, and after the ads, nothing is added .. no coins .. no minutes .. waste of time
Surprisingly, this game is actually pretty good. Doesn't force you to buy anything, keeps you entertained. Definitely one of the very few games that is actually worth playing.
Loved the game. Challenging but not impossible, lovely graphics, smoothing and fun. Stopped working, had to uninstall and though I can install it will play a few lwvels and gets stuck again. VERY DISAPPOINTED
So much fun. For a free this is really great not a lot of ads fun to play different little extras that you can do I'm really enjoying it
I see that other people are having the same problem since the update : the app will open but then the game won't launch and it's impossible to play. This is one of my very favorite games so I hope this issue is resolved soon.
I like this game so far. It's like a blast game but like angry birds too. You can play and not have to put out $. If you do it's not gonna break your budget ☺️.
I really enjoy the fact that its so different from all the other matching games. But I'm up to Level 50 and its still extremely easy. Hoping it will get to be a little more challenging soon.
Great game. But it crashes then takes away boosters. My coins disappear if I don't play for a couple of days. Please fix this.
It's more good not only in playing but it have different different challenges πŸ™‚ I liked it a lot 😊 It have really cute cute things 🀩 and the display is awesome 😍 Loved it
This is a fun and relaxing game. The levels are pretty easy until you reach the 30s then some levels become challenging. The graphics are awesome and you get prizes and rewards.
Just started playing and the game is fun, makes you think (which surprised me pleasantly. At level 40 I would recommend this game for children that know their colors & up, up and away πŸ™‚
Previously rated 5 stars...however, I've got to level 159 and it won't even open. So gutted as I was really enjoying this game. Will try again but if no better tomorrow will have to delete which is a shame
I liked playing this game before they changed it to this seasonal game. Harder to win the game. I was at over level 900 before they changed it, now I can't get anywhere with the game and you have to chose before the game starts if you want to use a booster. 😑😑
Really like this game. Keep playing past the first few levels which are easy. Like others have said, great game. Fun to play but not impossible to beat. Lots of chances to win helpful power up. Im enjoying it.
This was a great game and I'd previously given it a 5 star rating.... Don't know if it's the update to this new game with seasons and boosters but when I use a tool (booster? bomb? whatever!), it touches few IF ANY of the obstacles you have to clear to beat the levels. I don't get the point... The game is not fun anymore. Will be uninstalling.
Fun and relaxing plus you think each of your moves I still feel same about your game, and I like the new graphics
Yes this game is 'silly' BUT.... When is silly NOT fun??!! It's breezy mostly ez and PERFECT for unwinding, giggling and finding humor in the simple things in life again WITHOUT breaking the bank so you can actually enjoy and enjoy I do!!
Cheating at ball count, cleared all blue marbles but still shows i have 1 more to clear, if no connection you lose coins and rewards after levels, gives you to play one hard level, after you play it once it suddently shows you another hard level, standard levels much difficult than hard and extremely hard levels, purposely not doing what moves you select, 6-7 hard and extra hard levels out of 10 level series and list goes on
Just started this game and I'm already in the higher levels! It's fun, colourful, nice graphics and it is actually kind of relaxing. Lovely game! 🍭🍬🍫
Awesome game , great time killer not many ads at all . Everything is easy to acquire it really makes you think about your next move . I highly recommend !
I like this game very much it is quite addictive but it is also fun usually get something within 3 games the others make me mad you get so far behind with no helps that you get stuck not on this one keeps moving good game I like it
Totally Fun & A Blast to play! I haven't had to pay for a thing!! And not a ton of ads!!! You are offered to purchase boosters but not if you don't want!! Love this game!!!
Having a blast with the game and I am beating it with flying colors 3stars every level of the game and it reminds me of angry birds blast game app also so cuuutes as hell I wish to give you 20stars instead of 5stars have a blast on Halloween and be safe God bless you and your family and friends
WOW! So I gave it a bad review and the makers erased it. I don't like to be forced to use the special moves especially on easy rounds when I know I will need them later. Not the first game I've stopped playing because of it.
This is a fun game.I read some of the reviews and the ones I read said this was a good game.So far it is.I'm on level 20 right now and there hasn't been one ad that has popped up yet.Again so far.I guess we'll see in the weeks to come.I hope it stays like this.Really hate games that are overcome by ads.I know they sponcer these games,but they can get ridiculous at times.I just hope this one doesn't turn out that way.5 stars.Again we'll see.
Right now I'm pissed!! This is a great game but I'm stuck on a level and the game won't let me move on unless I buy! I am not going to buy!! I will give it one more day then I'm going to uninstall and give a lousy review. Ok, the game is not giving me the flowers!!! Fix it!
This is a good game. At first I was upset that this was exactly like Angry Birds Dream Blast. I thought they we just recycling a game. But after a while, I began to like it better, so much so that I actually play it. Angry Birds Dream Blast just kinda takes up storage, I do play once in a while, but not very often. So this is a good game, try it.
Nice and simple game with tiny thinking. It would be nice to have extra mode like surival mode (add back few sec for each clean.)
Played this game for over a year. Level 4100. I've lost 500 coins I'm owed. I can't buy anything. Nobody answering at game support. Latest update ruined the game. Answer my support request or I'm deleting both my profiles i use
For the last day I keep being told to update to the new version for more levels .. I am fully updated, I even reinstalled but I dont have any more levels.
Its so cute and once you start getting into the advanced levels it becomes more challenging BUT this game actually gives you rewards and boosters..You also have team challenges without all the annoying ads and pop ups pushing you to buy in app purchases..I really love this game so far..The graphics are really bright, detailed and plain adorable..
Be very careful when you tap the certain colors so that you will achieve the goal you are looking for. It is very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone. I have already completed number 50
Out of all the games I play this one is a pick or choose when they want you to pass. No matter how many extra helpers you use. It is like they shut it off...for days! Other games never do this bad. It is no wonder it isn't my favorite game! They should learn from the other games!
Current game progress didn't transfer to new phone! But your AMAZING customer service restored my progress onto my new phone and I am extremely happy! Great job Rovio Team!!
Uninstalling. So many levels are made more difficult by the fact you can't make use of the top few rows because the bar showing moves left and goals obscures them.
Absolutely adorable and fun to play. It is so nice to play a game where it isn't impossible to get boosters or power ups. My only critique is that the art for the Bungee Bean power up seriously looks like a hanged kid. πŸ’€
Was in third place, on the side game, with 150 coins. I kept beating levels & the game took 100 coins from me, then didn't add to my total for, at least, ten levels....."bad form!!".
Lots of fun while using my brain to figure out how to get the most bonuses per round. At 62 my brain can use all the work out I choose to provide it.
So far its pretty good and fair. Colors are great, control is practically on point and side quests are also fun. Let's hope it stays the same. I've reached level 100. The game is still great, quests are good and "do-a-ble". Chat is none existing (thank GOD). So still enjoying it.
Really cute game! I love the colors, charachters and candy. Having a blast with this one. I love Rovio games.
The ad I saw for this game showed a vertical slider game. Rows of ice cubes at the bottom of the screen slowly moving up while you are tapping matching colored balls to make them disappear and thus keep the ice cubes from consuming the screen. This was click bait. The actual game is absolutely nothing like the ad. The game is broken into levels and the levels are so easy and short that you spend more time watching screens change and level instructions than time actually playing the game.
It would be better but my game is not giving quests for the New Years Challenge and customer support refuses to respond.
It has been very pleasant to play. I like that they assist you in winning the boards and allow you to play without forcing you to buy. The colors are nice and the little beans are adorable. I enjoy this game.