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Sudoku - The Clean One

Sudoku - The Clean One for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Dustland Design located at Ääre 10-2, Tallinn, Estonia. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm gonna be very honest here, I never review apps. No matter how much I like it, or how many pop-ups other apps try to force on me. But this is the best app I've ever used. Hands down. The UI is clean, it's easy to use, and looks magnificent. I need more apps like this one. They truly understand what people who love puzzles really want. Other sudoku apps are ugly, busy, and have obnoxious sounds or themes. But this app is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for making this app.
such a great app! I love how it doesn't have a life system, unlike other sudoku apps, and how the u.i is so sleek and and user friendly. honestly, if I could it more than 5 stars, I would!
Love this app, several levels from easy to exprert. Fast moving with minimal ad-time. Appealing graphics for less eye strain.
One of the nicest Sudoku games. Really lives upto its name, providing clean and sleek look. Basically, all you can ask from a free sudoku game. It would be really nice if devs added knight and king's move, modes too.
My wife and I played this constantly on our old phones (both Moto z2 Force). Recently, though, we both upgraded to Pixels 4A 5G with Android 11 and now the game stops unexpectedly seconds upon opening the app on both phones. Please advice.
Edit: I tried it again and it's working! I'm so happy This was my favorite sudoku app, but for the last few months I can't use my note 9's stylus without a lot of frustration. The buttons in the bottom row will not respond unless I click on the top most few pixels. It looks to be a padding issue when the navigation bar is set to "swipe" as it works fine when it's set to buttons. The app is still amazing, very clean- but this bug has pushed me elsewhere :(
Very nice experience, but I really don't like pencil marks layout. Pencil marks in each cell should be arranged on little 3x3 grid with fixed position for each digit. It makes them way easier to analyse. I use that method on paper and I saw it in some digital ones. It's a gameplay killer for me and only thing that stops me from playing Your version.
Pretty sudoku app, but puzzles could be harder. I will stick to using CTC online but I recommend this for anybody who doesn't do sudoku all the time :)
Dear developers, I think, you should give us an opportunity to change edges of the board. I mean, there is no edges, so I personally want to see them, because it would be much more pleasant to me to play with them. Thank you. Apart from this, gameplay and controls are really good. Best regards.
It's a perfect version for a simple, elegant sudoku. The only thing I would like to see would be a different shading for penciled in numbers vs real numbers.
A really nice skin for a sudoku game. Helps me with seeing each numbers too. There's also some option for practicing and it really helps me.
This was great (if a little buggy at times) until they put annoying, unskippable adverts which stream video whether or not you want to - not cool when I'm connected to a limited bandwidth account and this costs me money. Will be finding an alternative sadly.
Really easy to navigate and play. Bonus being able to change the colours to something that suits you rather than be restricted to what the developer thinks is best
The design for this game is great with minimal ads. Idont have any thing bad to say I hope they make more since they only have this and minesweeper so far.
Very good looking app and great to use. One suggestion is to be able to switch to/from pencil using your volume keys.
Decent app i guess, but it has alot of creepy ads showcasing other apps where you video chat random girls, the girls in the ads look underage and are shown as if theyre about to take off their clothes.
Perfect Sudoku App. One thing I can say I miss: Making different kinds of pencil marks like maybe different colors. Besides that nothing more to add. Love this!
Just a really visually appealing sudoku app with a variety of themes and difficulties. Ads only appear once you've completed your puzzle and you can pay £2.59 to get rid of them, which seems pretty fair. I like it!
Great sudoku app with a very clean aesthetic. Very minimal IAPs which dont affect the actual content. My only suggestion or request is a feature to colour in some of the numbers in the cells, like a highlighter but for the notes. I just saw a video by Cracking the Cryptic and they have a very interesting technique which is very difficult to use with the current features.
Looks good, plays intuitively and has a fair model of showing you an app at the end of a game rather than any time during it. Top marks.
I play this game every day, I love using this app so much. With the different colour settings and can play before going to sleep at night with a dark mode, or change to a bright mode when I want to wake up in the morning.
Super smooth, looks lovely. Supports split screen, has no sound and there's no ads covering the numbers! Overall best sudoku app I've EVER used (and I've gone through about 20 apps btw) super relaxing and amazing for playing while watching asmr before bed. made my day, super happy.
The interface is nice but could be improved, for example the note numbers could be applied by fast vs. long press instead of always having to change the mode. Anyway, I'm going to look for another app, this didn't used to have ads before but nowadays they're really getting on my nerves. Also, the extreme level sudokus are too easy.
Awesome app, been using it and your minesweeper for most of a year now as my chill out games. Clean design and works perfectly.
A great app. One thing that annoys me though. It would be a lot more usable if the pencil marks were greyed out.
Same as the Minesweeper one, I considered giving 4 stars, with a fifth for being a free app. But I've come to terms with paying for apps that I like, and I do so enjoy the clean style of this one. The ad based one isn't very bad at all in this one either, so you can run that one unobtrusively, but I'll support this one with a purchase of the ad-free version. Hoping to see more.
This is really fun I always wanted to learn how to play this game and the creator really put time and effort into making this game, and not a single ad, that is very rare for a free game now a days. When i have nothing else to do I just play this game, really good
Clean app, good features. Although...the Extreme difficulty is so much easier than the Hard difficulty. I can solve Extreme 10 mins average, but Hard 30 mins+ or sometimes impossible (for me).
Even the hardest puzzles aren't too challenging. It would be nice to see other versions of sudoku for a greater challenge
I love this app the only thing I would change is that I would love to be able to keep track of how many sudokus I have completed and not only the best 10 based on times... Please consider adding this feature it really motivates the user to keep solving more
Nearly perfect! Just wish it were a little harder. Ads are only between games, never interrupting anything. Interface is smooth and easy to use. Fantastic sudoku app.
This sudoku doesnt do only reason why i rejected playing sudoku on phone It doesnt draw those stupid lines and showing me where all other numbers is Noting numbers system isnt awesome too but in the same time it isnt flawed like its bad but there is no better way And it has a dark mode so its automatically 5 stars
These are the best developers. They make such good and clean apps emphasis on "clean" absolutely love it.
cleanest interface hands down, not a single ad before you finish the one you're solving and after that you can always restart the app to avoid the ad completely; it could use some harder levels though, hope they implement them in the future, in which case I would gladly pay for it
OMG I have logged over 80 hours in this. Lost it to my phone deciding that it had enough of my "addiction". Anyways its so nice and doesn't end the game just because you made mistakes. Like some apps. No limit. Make as many mistakes as you want. You don't even have to be good at this. You can check if you made any mistakes too. Or realize when you think your about to finish but your just staring at the absence of the win screen. Well I strongly recommend this app. Cleen Rockone would approve.
As the name suggests, it really is a very clean game. But 3 days after purchasing ad-free, I was shown ads today.
A really wonderful app. It's very clean and there are no apps in the main game, which makes it fantastic to play. Really intuitive layout and smooth play.
Just installed and played the game. In the very first game I had 2 same numbers in one of the squares. Why so many mistakes? It's a shame because I really like the design and gameplay. Please update and correct the numbers.
Publishers, if you are reading this, please make more games. Your minesweeper game is the best version of minesweeper I have ever played. I have never been a sudoku player, but your app for it is clean enough to keep me coming back. The amount of customization you offer in both of your apps blows my mind. The different difficulties and the time trial leaderboard of your best times makes these games continuously satisfying to play. Please make more.
Best Sudoku app I've come across for Android. Clean and responsive. Definitely recommend! My only qualm is that it increases the volume of media whilst running by a tiny bit for some reason whilst focussed. Treat this as five stars if you don't listen to music whilst playing this sort of game.
This was my favorite Sudoku app until the UN-SKIPPABLE ads started rolling in. I understand putting ads into the app but why are they mostly un-skippable? Users are not getting anything as a reward for watching an ad so why is it there in the first place.
Pretty fun! Havent had any bad experience. I really enjoy it not only because its free obviously but you dont have a stack of books and youre saving trees. I would recommend this to you.
It is a mind blowing game. In this game, mind focus is increases. This game is very neat and clean.thank you 💫💫💫
Simple and really handy!! Was looking for a good sudoku app! It has all the features you want and need. You can easely remove and add the extra help featurs. No time and easy to see your own proces! Love it!
Terrible. The harder difficulties are just grids with very few numbers which aren't strategically placed. Many of the puzzles can't be solved by skill and must require guessing because not enough information is provided.
I don't want to give 1 star but there is minimum only one star just because. my game is completed just two boxes left and i put same number mistakenly and the (X) option doesn't work. Useless worst app
Neat & clean, as it's name. Great numbers, themes, and other helpful tools for beginner. Maybe you can reduce the timed ads so we can enjoy without waiting the ads time.
it's a clean one. I bought this from the developer after trying out their Minesweeper app. I didn't really mind the ads, but for a couple of bucks to remove them and support the developer? I'm good with that. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.
Always been the best sudoku app, period. its been one of the first things I install for 3 phones now. I do wish they'd make it so that placing a number that breaks the rules was highlighted in red, though.
Really nice app, just needs harder puzzles. Can complete all of the extreme puzzles, please add harder difficulty. The game looks great
Beautiful, smooth, functional. Relaxing to use, without any garish designs to pull you out of it. Everything you want in a Sudoku app!
The gange seemed alright paid to get it with out ads, then 2 months later start getting ads again. Don't pay for this.
It's okay but the bubbles that highlight the numbers you've picked are just annoying and it's not a clean game play.
minimal and distraction free. i learned how to play with this app, and i would highly recommend to people who think they're smart, whether they've played sudoku or not. even with ads, the satisfaction of completing the highest difficulty in 8 minutes outclasses the petty bother of one small video; they don't even interrupt my gameplay. very awesome. compliments to the chef(s)! p.s. the Tell us more below the text field incorrectly lists this game as action puzzle, rather than logic puzzle.
Although the design is more aesthetically pleasing than some other Sudoku games, the visual design actually detracts from the game for me. It was less easy to scan the board than it is in other sudoku apps I've tried. Also there are little things that make it less efficient to use, like the fact that any numbers "pencilled in" move around depending on how many numbers there are, whereas in other games they are in the same location in every cell, which makes it easier to spot patterns.
Pretty and has useful tools similar to those you would have with pencil and paper. Only issue is that I cannot seem to get the score system to record my times properly
I like how clean & minimal it is, and that it has dark mode & I can choose the color. I wish I could choose for it to lock my screen after an amount of inactive time, rather than just staying on. I play this to fall asleep, and it has drained my battery more than once :/ otherwise, it's perfect!
the app is a perfect mix of good design and simplicity which is really difficult to achieve ad even though it has ads but the placement is brilliant kudos to the dev and design team
Went to another app seeking daily challenges but oh my god their interface is garbage. Yours is so nice and easy to use. I will stick with this. Would love daily challenges.
I think it would be good if once you validate the numbers you can't change them because I keep accidentally clicking on them and they disappear.
I appreciate greatly the additional theme options. It helps visibility or balance eye comfort or even mood. I would like to see an option to customize the colors on all elements or custom theme settings. Also I would like an option to increase the size of the small notes numbers.
A really nice sudoku app. Looks nice and gets out of your way with no stupid pop ups. Could only be made better with some subtle sounds to provide feedback for placing a number.
With features to backtrack during increased difficulty, ... ABC; and even 123. (I had 50/50 chance fork in the road on a full board, an empty digit emerged, so I backtracked until fork.)
Exactly what it says on the box. Clean, simple, easy to use. A few more stats would be nice, at the moment it only captures your 10 shortest times.
I love minimalistic design, this app is excellent for me. I would like an option to toggle sounds on/off . 5 stars for devs, keep it up!
I played 2 extreme difficulty games that we're wrongly designed with no correct solution. Waste of time.
It's Sudoku all right, and not only that but it's also super clean. I like where these devs are going. Whats next, I wonder? Perhaps clean Solitaire? In any case, this is good Sudoku for all skill levels.
Ui looks and works nice. Would be nice if there is a function to see which numbers are pre-filled (fixed) and filled in by the user with different colors.
Solid pure Sudoku game with minimal fuss. If all you need is a fix then this will sort you right. Now personally, I have a couple picks: First, I wish it wasnt possible to overwrite numbers you've already put in without first erasing whats in the cell. Second, the game could really do with something to properly notify that theres no more of a specific number to put in or when a row/line is complete, a little light up flourish or something. Other than that, its great.
I really like this version of sudoku. Very user friendly with a clean layout with I really appreciate. I also like how it doesn't automatically validate a square or line, makes it feel like a real paper version
I really love this Sudoku but I missing something to: 1 - Clear all edits (maybe a long press on the edit or clear button). 2 - Disable edit or change a cell manually completed (should be cleared first). 3 - Redo. 4 - Clear undo history (to get back to certain point of history) or something similar to go to a point back in history. And sometimes I have problems setting the edit mode, long time ago with my S3 have problems with most of the keys, have to press many times to get the action (even the key change color), now, with a A52 have the same problem, when I press a button, the color change but the action is not complete. Another problem that I found with this new cell phone, if I press on the top right cell, near my phone right panel, the "click" goes to the cell number 7 counting from left to right, so, I need to click cell number 9 but the click goes to cell 7.
My all time favorite sudoku app but ever since the last update, I can no longer open the app without it crashing. I hope the developers fix this issue because like I said, this is the best sudoku app out there.
The only improvement I can imagine for this app would be a pure black theme for OLED displays. In the free version, the ads are very unintrusive. The simplicity is perfect, and the user interactions are well thought out. This is the kind of experience that makes you want to buy the app to support the developer instead of just getting rid of the ads. My wallet is ready for the update with the dark theme!
I'm a fan of Sudoku because in my opinion it's one of the great time killers in the world! The developers really need a raise because they created a simple yet very elegant design to this game! A 10/10 graphic design and game experience.
I love the innovativemess of the gameplay - it's changed how I approach sudoku in real life! This app is created by a company that clearly cares for its users. Recommended
Everything you need for a sudoku. Clean UI with many color schemes, both light and dark. 4 difficulty levels, and a personal leader board for each difficulty, which keeps track of how fast you can solve a sudoku. A validation feature to check if you've made any mistakes (moves your time to a different category for fairness sake). Little to no ads. Overall, 5 stars. Also, on a side note - my best time of solving a sudoku on the hardest difficulty is under 2 minutes.
Ads with SOUNDS that come after finishing a game is very infuriating and ruins a very peaceful experience. If possible, try to mute or reduce the volume of the ad, by default. Also, I would like to make a suggestion to add an option for rotation. All the cells and buttons will stay the same, but all the numbers and icons will be rotated 90° smoothly. This could be very useful in-game, since I personally notice rows faster than columns.
Decent game. Great UI. I like that you can select the number first, but I would also like to be able to drag to enter multiple numbers without having to tap for each individual one. Also add higher difficulties.
Love the layout. You have a lot of options for both the look and assists (like highlighting numbers, checking your answers, ect.). And since sudoku isn't a short game, an ad after a level is very reasonable.
annoying. 1) current selection has not shown properly it often accidentally set with picked number we even not realized it until the error spread further destroying the puzzle. 2) stupid programmer, can not AUTO-FILL candidates? is it too hard to ask? literally EVERY OTHER sudoku has it. and 3) this is THE ONLY APP I found UNDO without REDO, STUPID. -- I just give stars because the graphics quite decent. roleplay/features and programmer ability just below average.
Does what it says on the tin, which is exactly what I want while playing a simple puzzle game like Sudoku. No unnecessary features or distractions, and lots of different difficulty levels so your friends/kids can play it too. Great app.
Honestly can't fault this app at all, haven't found a single bug, the app is responsive and lag free (on an older phone), the ads are relatively tame and sparse, and can be exited instantly. The UI is clean and fairly customisable, and very user friendly. Honestly I've never purchased an app or bowed to the relentless force of pay-to-win microtransactions, but I'm honestly considering buying the ad-free version as a thank you to the developers.
Excellent, enjoyable and relaxing to play on this app, no distracting backgrounds etc. Would love a Killer sudoku variant mode - love those puzzles and a bit different from the usual extreme difficulty puzzles
A very clean app! You get quite a few choices for colours in the free version, the animations are perfect and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Great app!
I'm not sure if it's possible to increase the difficulty from Extreme but if it is, I'd like to see an implementation of it. Even better if there are other modes with more exceptions (more puzzle like). The base game is perfectly play le here and the clean aesthetic is great.
This app is SUPER relaxing! a real fun thing to do late night and early in the morning! thank you so much for creating this app!
This is my favorite app EVER! I love the clean interface and customization options, basically letting you play the game exactly the way you'd like to. It's so convenient to play, thanks to the good ui, that I find it more comfortable to play on this app than on paper (which was not my opinion prior to this app, having tried multiple other sudoku apps). Nothing gets between you and the game, and the ads are not intrusive at all. Definitely recommend.
Overall fantastic. It seems to have trouble at times with the number guessing mode switch button at times in that it will randomly not register my input. Besides that it's great.
Review got deleted. Fun but extreme mode has puzzles that can only be completed by guessing. I solved 2 and had more then 5 i had to restart because of multiple answers for eachspot. Ive played sodoku forever and never ran into puzzles i couldnt solve without guessing.
I appreciate the dark theme of this game as it's good for solving at night when my wife is sleeping! However, I paid to remove the ads but they continue to pop up sporadically. Would like someone to fix that bug for me!
Really good dark theme, simple controls, good for beginners, also awesome for good player you can change the settings appropriately, amount of ads are fine for a free game! 10/10
U gotta be kidding me,this is the best user interface I have ever got in a game,very simplistic and the dark themes are just awesome,never annoyed by the adverts
This has to be one of the best sudoku apps on the Play Store. The graphics are clean just as advertised, and overall it is a good experience. I highly recommend this app for anyone who just wants to play sudoku without any nonsense.
I am very impressed by the sick, clean design, as well as the high level of customizability in every aspect of the program. My favourite sudoku app out there.
This is literally almost as good as you're gonna get. Super respectful of the user, clean, design-conscious, light and dark modes, simple, clean, non-intrusive ads.
By far the best experience of the many different sudoku apps I have tried. Not only does it look good, but the different ways you can toggle through the numbers and notes mode as you are solving means you can be faster. My only complaint is that I think the puzzles on extreme mode aren't actually extremely difficult and I believe I've solved my way through all of them. I'd love to see some new harder puzzles.
Very clean and simple, I'm also a fan of simple features like lighting up all the same numbers on the board whenever you chose to highlight any.
A "clean" design is actually a pretty difficult task for an app, especially for a game. But, I can say with certainty that this version just nails it!
Sorry but the ui is just too non standard. I get that its the main feature but everything together, the colors the shapes the amount of distinct visual elements.. its to distracting and makes it harder to focus, so it makes it not fun right from the start unfortunately. Shame since id love to see a sudoku game with improved visual style, but not like this. Same with their minesweeper game, its too frustrating to want to play.
Love playing this app. Paid to remove ads but they've started displaying again. Please fix they drive me nuts 🥺
Has everything you would want but no more, beautiful pastel colours, the app is intuitive, you can control which assists are on, and no hints where the force you to watch ads (I've seen very few ads overall) adding to its clean esthetic. One complaint, I wish there was a way to see all my times without setting filters, though I do like the filters and that the games a differentiated. I'm actually glad that there's no online leaderboard because it's less relaxing if it's a competition. A
Grids are not symmetrical, and the algorithm for deciding the difficulty level is unsophisticated: those issues cost it one star, but otherwise excellent. Ads are relatively unobtrusive and can be skipped.
More or less the ideal sudoku app except for the fact that the amoled fully black colour sets are a ridiculous price ($3 CAD!!!). Disappointing they aren't included in the base game, but nobody's perfect I suppose. Interface, difficulties and assist tools are great.
These are the best developers. They only have two apps on the play store (this and minesweeper) but they're both incredibly clean and simple. The ads are minimal, with a five second ad after each game, and the controls are intuitive. There is no sudoku app I would recommend more. I hope they come out with a new app because I will be the first to download. This is how you develop long-lasting customers! Take note.
It's incredible how they can make a simple concept into something obsessive, without even changing how the game works. The smoothness and responsiveness makes me want to play all the time. I will be watching for other games they release and waiting in anticipation.
It's the best Sudoku app I've tried, clean interface, pleasing to use. The reason for my 3 stars rating is that the app consumes a lot (and I mean it, A LOT) of battery in comparison to how much it is used. I hope this gets fixed soon. Otherwise, it is an excellent time-killer and it helps me fall asleep when I'm too anxious to doze off on my own.
Clean, responsive, minimalist, but full of features. I've downloaded plenty of disastrous sudoku apps before that were slapped together by code monkeys. This app is quality. The only improvement that it needs is harder puzzles. "Extreme" difficulty can be challenging but most of the time it's not. 90% of them take me between 4:30 and 6 minutes... Devs: add some harder ones, please!
1. The ads have become unskippable. While I understand the rationale and I'm using the app for free, I have to lower the rating because it's a change for the worse from the user's POV (and don't reply to me to pay and remove ads, I'll never do that). -2 stars 2. This has to be the sudoku app among all that generates the easiest puzzles, even the Extreme puzzles can be solved with relative ease (compared to other apps), without needing more advanced techniques like X-wing, swordfish etc. -1 star
Solid, simple sudoku app, although I do wish it had an option for even more difficult puzzles. Even at the hardest difficulty, I feel like I rarely come across puzzles that challenge me
Pros: fluid controls with responsive animations. Combined w/ the tasteful UI, the experience is engaging and welcoming. I like the highlighting: only same number matches, no HL'ing of the whole row, col, and 3x3 square: this looks good and is more challenging! And HL'ing backgrounds only, not numbers themselves. /// Stuff I don't like: cell divisions are hard to see for the black themes, so I settle for the gray themes. The high score list is only 10 entries long. No tracking of wins & losses.
The app is designed well. But for experienced sudoku players, even the "extreme" difficulty is extremely easy. I would like to see a higher difficulty.
Needs to add the ability to log in with Google account. Track progress and purchases across multiple devices. Might also be worth adding a first time start up sequence that explains the assists and let's people toggle them on/off. I nearly abandoned it because I assumed they were permanently on. Apart from that it's a functional sudoku app that is very aesthetic.
Great for beginners without hand holding. (as long as you understand what you're looking at.) Colour options are -really- appreciated and less screen clutter. very nice :-)
I love this app! When I'm bored I usually open do a few sudokus on here. Only thing that is annoying is that it only shows you the 10 best times you've gotten. I'd like to also see the bad times i have gotten if that's possible. :)
Very clean and intuitive. Other apps require 2 presses every time you want to input/remove a number, even if you want to use the same number several times. This one allows you to select a number and use it as many times as you want. Makes a huge difference!
You still get ads after paying for no ads. The app is great but when you complete puzzle I am still getting video ads even though I paid to get rid of them.
Excellent app and super nice design with assists that you can turn on or off. Extreme is too easy though. You'd think they'd be really difficult but with pencil marking they are pretty easy. Would be nice to see an impossible mode added for example
Fixed cell and variable cell highlight should have different colour. Fixed cell circle color needs to be dimmer. If invalid numbers had differnt color on keypad, it would have been easier to calculate. If cell highlighting also included row and column highlight, it would be a great help.
Awesome. Love the way ads are integrated. Totally non obtrusive. Learnt to play sudoku using this. Love it.
Pleasant and well designed. I love the colors it offers and it offers a good way to unwind and play some sudoku without being logged down with ads. 10/10 would reccomend this game.
I really like almost everything about this implementation of Sudoku, so I bought the ad free version to support the developer. However, there should definitely be a "redo" button in addition to the "undo" button. I've accidentally pressed "undo" more times than I care to admit and I always miss what just got undone, which becomes really annoying! Please, do not sacrifice essential controls purely for the sake of minimalism!
the most simple and comprehensive sudoku app ever! also like the in app design as with plenty of customization options.
I used to enjoyed it a lot, but lately the adds are way too annoying. I cannot play in bed, before sleep time, because the add at the end of each game is too loud. It doesn't matter the phone is on mute, vibrate, minimum sound level, do not disturb etc, the add will just start shouting. Too bad. One game, one add. Too much for me.
This Sudoku app stands out from the other Sudoku apps but it is inferior in three key points: 1) There is no sound whatsoever. It's like you get only 65% of the app. 2) Even though there are ads you still have to pay if you want the AMOLED theme pack, and you have to pay even more if you want to remove ads. 3) There is no Google Play Games intergration so you progress/stats is not saved.
Started off on beginner and within a minute I was being expected to place a number in a row where there already was one of the same. The game looks nice but the grid generator clearly doesn't work properly. I'm just glad I wasn't doing a harder one and tearing my hair out trying to solve a broken puzzle!
Plays annoying music with no way to turn it off. Before there was no music and it was perfect. Now I downloaded a different app
nice, can you add some music or sound effects. also, what does validation mean? i dont understand it after i finish a sudoku
Neat & clean, as it's name. Great numbers, themes, and other helpful tools for beginner. Please make new game for Killer Sudoku. I'd prefer the clean one rather than the others.
Great but if you install on more than one device you will get the same puzzles in a row when playing on second device. I would like to be able to rotate to landscape mode, especially when playing on a tablet.
A very clean experience. Minimalistic ads, multiple difficulties, an option to verify your progress, time tracker. It's perfect for me.
Minimal ads (I've only seen them at the end of games, and harder difficulty ones still take a while for me, so the ads aren't intrusive), customizable colors are nice, and a very minimalistic design. Very simple, clean, and solid Sudoku app.
Very clean, as described. Works well, but loses a star because I paid for ad free yet will still be shown an ad on rare occasion
Nice, clean feel! I love the themes, and the difficulties seem well scaled. Honestly, I'm surprised that one can get an app as good as this for free! 5/5☆
Very nice and smooth gameplay. I need dark screens to see, so the various screen modes that it comes with are nice. There is an amoled pack you can buy. I am considering this. This game looks like a keeper. The only thing that would make it better for me is a light sound when I finish a game. Like a chime or something. An audio sound recognizing you completed or won the game is so nice. This is why I keep the NYTimes free mini puzzle on my phone. 😍 The sound when you finish is 💜💜💜
Does justice to the title; clean one indeed. No disappointments whatsoever. One suggestion for the developers though, can you also make a clean version of tic-tac-toe?
Amazing UI. Beautiful design, intuitive controls. My only gripe is that I need a higher difficulty than Extreme, because now I'm having trouble beating my own times, so it's no longer a relaxing experience.
Yeah, this is great! I honestly don't have any complaints. Would love to see you make more clean versions of thesw classic games!
Great app - perfect customisations and very minimal advertising. This app is a golden example of well designed mobile gaming. if you like digital sudoku and you like good design this is a delightful app.
Clean, minimalist and awesome. They don't shove ads down your throat, and the ads noise level is reduced to not scare you to death after a peaceful game. Best Sudoku app out there. Plus, there's a paid option to eliminate ads
Beautiful design with some great color options. Just pure Sudoku, no gimmicks or other BS. Exactly what I was looking for. Please make more apps (I have the minesweeper one, also great).
I've been playing this version of sudoku for years and I was never able to find a better sudoku app than this one. It is sleek, frustration free, and overall enjoyable anyway you look at it I like the ability to change the board colors, especially for when I play at night or just to switch things up after a lot of playing. I purchased the extra colors and love them but I would suggest to the devs to add a custom color add on to buy where we can make our own board colors. I would definitely buy!
This is my favorite Sudoku app by far. It has a simple and elegant design, and it comes with a fair amount of themes that you can use for free. It is easy to use, so you can focus on resolving rather than writing the numbers. I also find it harder than other Sudoku apps, so I would recommend it to those who like challenges. If you are worried about the ads, they aren't invasive and won't interrupt you nor will affect your score. I haven't had any issues so far.
The app itself is fantastic, but I keep getting ads, even though I've paid for the "ad-free" version. It seems quite inconsistent too - the app will run for a month ad-free, then the ads will reappear randomly for a week or two. The app really is great though; lots of theme options, and a nice, distraction-free UI. The difficulty levels are setup fairly well, though I wish there was a consistent "extra extreme" difficulty. I would rate 5-star if the ad issue was fixed.
I normally don't write reviews. But I felt the urgent need of going on the app page and give all the credit this app deserves. I'm enjoying it so far and without unnecessary menus and overwhelming design.
The best thing about it is its minimalism. It is a good app overall, however, it would have been great if there were no ads!
I have been playing this game for about 6 months now and all i can say is that everything is okay and great but the levels seems to be a bit mismatched as I was able to finish the extreme level way more easier than the hard level (i won about 5 or more times on hard level while i won atleast more than 20 times on extreme level) so if it can fix it's level issue then that would be great
UI looks awesome, only thing what I felt is even hard level seems to be like extreme level, but it helps to improve the thinking by squeezing the brain
I rarely leave reviews, but this work of art is making me do it. Finally someone grasps the concept to make a clean version of a game. No frills or microtransactions or anything. Just plain old soduku. Please make more games, I love you.
The controls are very different from other sudoku apps. In some ways they are more intuitive, but in others they require excessive tapping (it might be my style of logic and playing the game). In general though, the look and feel is just incredible. I'd love to see more features (like checking for wrong notes) and even more visual flexibility (further tuning the interface, like paler circles). Amazing work.
Simple design is really nice but I don't see the point in puzzles having more than one solution. Everytime I solve an extreme sudoku. The puzzle has a another solve. That's not how sudoku is supposed to work. That needs to be fixed.
Great app, but frequently misses button presses when switching between pencil and entry. Only issue other than some aweful ads.
Beautiful and intuitive Sudoku app. Worth the price of the game (£2.59) at time of writing to remove ads, but lost a star for the price (£1.69) of the extra AMOLED themes. While there is an argument that they should be included with the game (why should AMOLED owners be penalised?), I could forgive £0.99 as an extra, but £1.69 for almost zero extra dev time... you lose a star. EDIT: Rating edited/lowered based on Dev feedback. Theme engine already exists in base app. Yes, original theme engine requires development; however additional themes (basically colour changes) requires minimum time/effort as engine already exists from initial purchase. If that's your business model, that's ok. Accept your model and consequence. You've been called out. I still endorse a fantastic Sudoku app... but now disappointed by a deceptive Dev response. Another star gone.
It's beautiful and simple to use while still giving a nice challenge at harder difficulties. I'll always hold on to this app.
Very clean indeed! The minimal and affordant design make Sudoku much more fun to play. Very chill. It doesn't even try to guilt you for using validation!
Pretty! Just wish the amoled colors weren't behind a paywall. Doesn't even let you see what they are/what they look like. I don't want to pay $2 for a "surprise"... Other than that, 'is very nice.
Love it. Picked a darker theme as it's easier on the eye. Extreme isn't hard enough. Easily a 10 minute max puzzle lately
Clean graphics, intuitive controls, minimal complications, unusually short ad at the end of each game which is more than acceptable for a free app. Lovely😊. Thanks Dustland, the first Sudoku I haven't uninstalled after a few games.
Awesome, fluid design makes sudoku feel new and fun again. Will be keeping an eye on their other offerings!
This truly is the clean one. Its the best and cleanest sudoku game I've found thus far, and after how good this is, I've stopped looking. Its also in a small package. So do yourself a favor and get it. Though the ads are quite annoying but I understand the struggle.
Great looking and feeling sudoku app, I just wish it had an option for Snyder notation (penciling into the corners of cells), it really is a vital feature.
Is exactly what it says: it's a clean sudoku. Easy to use and comfortable to play. Would have loved it not to have adds after a game or 2 but it's not that big of a deal considering it's a good app
Bad: I paid. Sometimes ads show anyway. If I close it then reopen it then it says I own it. Good: Could you please add the ability to select a certain puzzle? My son and I like to compete on the identical puzzle.
This is the best mobile Sudoku app, period, even after 2 years using it. Really wish there was a way to sync my high scores though.
Thank you for update, dear developer. Working well now. Rate it five star, very minimalist. Have a Nice Day Guys.
My favorite sudoku app. Simple, straightforward, and the ads are not intrusive at all so I don't even mind them.
I made the purchase to disable ads, but I still sometimes see them. I'm very disappointed and won't be making the 'Remove ads' purchase within other apps, knowing that some apps will just ignore this.
Probably the only app I've left a review for. Get this it's addicting and has very nice themes. Devs.. You could add more themes and sounds maybe? Very nice app indeed thanks for this.
One of the best sudoku games out there. Brilliant design, and as a designer i am jealous of ur app :p
So damn good. Beautiful interface. I think this clean theme would fit other puzzles (for example, tents) very well too.
Very simple UX. Can be improved a bit though w.r.t. touching of numbers with or without the pencil marker. Also, an option to create your own Sudoku can be added and eventually an option to automatically solve the same with step by step solution can be provided. But, overall keep it up!
This game has a fun interface, just as advertised, and a lot of great options. Some of the puzzles, unfortunately are not solvable. The puzzle difficulty is not always indicative of skill level, some low level puzzles take hard logic-ing to figure out, and some puzzles don't actually have a solvable answer
Absolutely my favorite app to play sudoku!!!! The minimalist interface and aesthetic with hardly any ads is just everything I could ever want. Do wish the developers make more games with this minimalism design! (other that minesweep)
The assists aren't applying. Update: I found the assist functions in the settings, the other one is redundant/broken. the bubbles over the numbers confuse me, I can't focus, not clean enough.
I really like the design of the game but the hardest difficulty is so inconsistent. First of all most of the time they aren't hard at all. This would be ok but sometimes you get really hard puzzles and the times you get on this puzzle is not comparable to the others. I don't care if the puzzles are absurdly hard or easy but the inconsistency is what's not so good.
Finally I found my favorite Sudoku app! Simple design make it calm. It saves your progress, that makes me happy. The colors are great.
This was my favorite sudoku app, but for the last few months I can't use my note 9's stylus without a lot of frustration. The buttons in the bottom row will not respond unless I click on the top most few pixels. It looks to be a padding issue when the navigation bar is set to "swipe" as it works fine when it's set to buttons. The app is still amazing, very clean- but this bug has pushed me elsewhere :(
I like this version of Sudoku. The only suggestion I would make is to add a pattern simulator for training purposes. I like playing against the clock and the more advanced patterns are a stumbling block for me.
I always enjoy playing sudoku. I love the interface, no lag. And you guys provide 2board for the score! Amazingg. I've try the 'hard' one, I figure I need to validate to help ease the progress hahaha.. As improvement, I would suggest if you guys could include better effect when completed, maybe like holo, or confetti with nice sound effect. Would be even better if I can share the board to my social media. This will need login function maybe. (^o^)
My biggest problem with other sudoku apps is that the difficulties sometimes feel mislabeled. That's not a problem here, and in the week or so I've had this one I've played probably too many games. Love that it keeps track of the best times. The themes are really nice, too. The dark blue is definitely my favorite.
Amazing but please add the ability to long press to add a number when editing, this makes the gameplay way faster for people who like to beat their times. I dont care about erase, maybe a toggle between the two?
Love it, the UI, look and feel are fantastic, great way to pass the time. Could I make a suggestion? Maybe allow different number characters as an option, would love to do this using Japanese characters.
sets my mind at ease. no harsh colors. after a crazy day at work, it's the little things you depend on
Added Ads without warning. Used to love playing this game for the clean aesthetic. Now I get an ad every other game and for years this wasn't the case. Very disappointed.
A super nice game, I play it all the time. Although, if I have one request, it would be to make the leaderboard at the end of each level optional. I've been playing so long it's pretty much impossible to break onto my own leaderboard again, but I feel compelled to keep playing until I do, and if I can't, I feel terrible. I know this is more of a personal issue, but not showing the leaderboard at the end of each game would help so much.
I realy liked previous version, where I could choose number first, then click pancil and start putting that number in. Now it is so... uncomfortable. Picking place first and then ten thousand times click one and the same number... Hate it and love the app though...
Really nice app. Best UX of the Sudoku apps I've had. Only complaint is that it's easier than some of the others I've played. Even Extreme difficulty is easier than some other apps' Hard. On the whole, tho, best Sudoku app I've had.
This app has a great interface and design. I really enjoy playing it. The only thing it lacks, for me, is truly advanced puzzles. None of the puzzles in the most extreme difficulty setting require more than finding a naked or hidden triplet. No quadruples, no wings, and no fish are needed to solve any of the puzzles.
Hands down the best sudoku game available on the play store. I have played a dozen other games and this one stands out among every single one. The gameplay is clear and you can easily focus on what you need without getting bothered. The one thing that i like the most is that it keeps different scores for each different level. Absolutely amazing!
Loving the UI. Some aspects took a bit to get used to, but now that I'm betting used to it, I don't want to go back :D. I would love a killer cage app!
Great game. But found a bug. Finished a game on medium and the game didn't accepted my inputs and still waiting for the result that it wants. I think the game wasn't made to check if the inputs are correct, instead it's made to wait the the exactly pre-made result. In games where there's more than one possible result, this bug could happen.
Live this app, been using it for years! I love the clean design. Feels elegant, and user experience is flawless.
Good apps. I hope, this app can save my best time, so my best time won't be deleted if i change to another phone.
I love it, its minimalistic its easy to use, it helps you beat the game, its fun, the themes are great