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Sudoku - Free Sudoku Puzzle, Brain & Number Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fun Game Studio Company located at 50 Jurong Gateway Road #02-15 JEM Singapore 608549. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You pay and still have ads I paid $7 for this app and still push ads to me... very annoing.... Would never bought it if new that ads will never go away...
If you put all the possible notes into every open square you'll end up with boxes with single notes in them and you can just play elimination from there. Kinda takes the fun out of it.
A very nice challenge. I love the boxes highlighting my notations especiallyafter entering correct numbers.. I also like the completed number disappearing so I don't waste time backtracking. Very enjoyable.
Actual game is great with only a couple quick ads between games. I uninstalled it because they spammed me with daily notifications even though I had permissions for the app turned off. Too bad!
I'm surprised by how great the gameplay is. It's completely challenging and yet easy design. Best brain puzzle
The commercials between each game sometimes wont go away, leave out or delay buttons to get away, causing the screw it uninstall syndrome.
FALSE ADVERTISING. I downloaded this game from the link in an ad, which was showing me irregular and bigger boards than 9x9, but there aren't any of such in this app. Also, one is forced to either play with very distracting MOVING ads at the bottom or turn off internet, but not everyone can always afford for that second option. Also, no option to turn off HINTS. I don't want any! And if I won't use any, that annoying lightbulb start jumping up, which is yet another unnecessary distraction...
I play this game regularly. It's very entertaining. If you enjoy puzzles games and logical puzzles, you must try this
Great UI and a great way to spend time while also getting a brain training that's vastly superior to what you get on Elevate and Peak
Please add option to disable hints or at least the pop-up for it. I will never watch an ad to get a hint so stop asking me. If I want to do that, I'll do it myself. Ads are annoying enough that I paid to go ad-free. It was well worth it. I had problems with the response getting slower and slower the farther into each game. That seemed to get corrected after paying for it too, which makes me think the slowness is related to the ads somehow. The overall game play is very good.
Sudoke game itself is OK, but the ads make me go look for a better version. Some ads still play music although I have sound turned off in the app, in my phone sound settings etc. Especially one that starts with a loud scream. I see others commenting about the same issue. Not cool, I'm uninstalling.
There are a lot of features which make it easy for beginners to get started with Sudoku. Like Highlights, hints, etc
Poor privacy controls. Can't reset stats without removing and reinstalling. Can't stop annoying and intrusive messages about challenges. Use if you like your privacy compromised.
I've always been a lover of Sudoku games. This is the app of choice for me for playing them. I can't help but wonder if the negative reviews regarding ads are meant for one of the other Sudoku apps. I get ads, sure, but nowhere near as frequently as others are describing and none that don't have a skip option after 5 or so seconds. My one issue with this app is that every once in a while I'll get a puzzle that's unsolvable without randomly guessing a number. Algorithm bug, maybe? It's very rare.
While it's mostly your standard sudoku game, there are some major problems with the game that are glaring and frustrating. First, and worst, the ads cause a major memory hole and slow the game down the longer you have it active (even in the background). Next, starting on a puzzle (and not a menu) is annoying at best. Third, the default settings make the game ridiculously easy. Finally, there's no way (in game) to turn off obnoxious phone notifications. Poorly programmed, all around.
Disappointed. I want to be able to play Sudoku without hints but they're constantly advertised and now they added an animation to the hint icon if you have one. They have great customization options for everything else, but still no option to turn off hints. It's distracting and I will be finding a different sudoku application to use.
Excellent game. It challenges d brain! When you have nothing to do or just want to keep busy sudoku is for you.
No option for New Game after you lose your 3 chances. You have to either see an ad for a new chance or see an ad for restarting the same match. I have no issue with seeing short ads but those are too long, and you need to add an option for new game instead of making us restart the whole app
I love the app. Everything about it is nicely laid out, no over bearing colors. Its simple and I like it. My only complaint is that there is a slight delay when you tap the Notes button. I've made some mistakes before because of it. Other than that, I love it.
You don't have to make many mistakes before BOOM you're watching an ad again, I understand it's a start up but wow common it's not a high graphic action game that took a whole team to develop. Good game but couldn't even make it through completing 1 game before I had enough of the ads. I'm putting this one down to greed
It is nice but when I was working on a challenge and pressed on challenge (the trophy) it reflects the challenge from the beginning and I lost all the stages I completed and need to start again from the beginning. There should be away to resume, I couldn't find away.
I have had this app installed a long time & have had no problems until last night when the app started acting weird. It would not come up on my screen & then my screen would completely black out. So there must be something wrong with it. Please fix. Thank you very much. I have changed my ratings because I'm glad to say that it's working perfect again.
Still not the one advertised on facebook. Lots are commenting the same thing. Why can't you make it the one that's advertised on facebook? There are many people interested in it. Looks like a fun way to pass the time.
False advertizing. Twitter digital ad seen on april 20 2021 shows completely unrelated math game. No such modes exist in this app. Google and users should be aware that this Guru is building apps for generic games while advertising as if they are creating new, unique puzzles. Totally dispicable. DM for proof.
Even after paying for no ads, I have to watch ads for extra tries... Edit: This has been changed, the only thing keeping this App from being absolutely a need has been fixed. I recommend this App for sudoku lovers. No ads means no ads now. Thank you.
Really like this app, clean and works well. Ads are fine as well. The notes facility is neat. Only one suggestion: could a feature be built in which allows you to watch a video to add all the notes to the cells? I know from hints the app can automatically add all notes. I'd gladly watch a video to do that and I like playing when all notes are in
Occasionally when I'm playing I'll put a number in the right spot and it will show up red as a mistake. I go through the ad and i erase it and put it in the exact same spot and suddenly it's correct? It's happened more than once and it's annoying to have to go through an ad when I shouldn't have to.
This app is designed with care, has lots of options and statistics but 2 things made me say bye to it. First - small number buttons. I lost half of my games because of accidentally touching a wrong button with my big fingers. Second - the number of ads... Ads all the time...and they play whole timer is running.. why don't you just make a purely paid app... With this number of ads I'd call it unplayable. If you fixed the number buttons I'd be willing to pay for full version.
The interface makes it hard to see what mode you're in, and penalises you for forgetting. Three penalties, and you have to restart the puzzle - very frustrating. And there's no button to automatically fill in the notes, so you'll want to do that first - which is tedious, and an easy way to make mistakes...
Too many hints. Automatic upgrade through to 'hard' so no chance to practise at lower levels. Therefore programmed so that there will be a need to watch multiple ads. Not for me!
It is enjoyable, accurate and challenging. Allows you to play according to your level. It is fun and free, Go for it
An excellent time waster. Though I've found that even on expert level the puzzles can be ridiculously easy to solve if you know some basic solving techniques. Maybe a difficulty beyond expert for the real sudoku masters?
TALK ABOUT USELESS! You make two mistakes (my touch screen has some issues) and game over. The real kicker is you can either watch an ad (which plays between EVERY level) or start over. There are better sudoku apps out there. Screw you people.
Quite good interface, a big minus for not having a menu screen first, so it starts directly on a puzzle. The errors are really annoying, if I mark a wrong number accidentally, it is a mistake and three mistakes and you're out. Also, I have bought an ads free version, so you don't have to advertise me the possibility to watch a video to get more hints. I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANY ADS!
The game is really good. Simple and great to play. But the reason why I am giving 1 star is because of the annoying adverts. After each game we have to watch the ads. That fine, but there ain't no option to close that ad, we have to entirely close the game. Its ridiculous. I am going to change the rating only once if this particular issue is resolved from your team.
Thank you game makers. I like the app and play it everyday. But the one thing that I really felt different was the games are assisted if you're making a wrong move then you get notified. Eventhough you can only make 3 mistakes it's enough to solve an expert puzzle fast. In real sudoku, when you make a wrong move sometimes you won't notice it untill the end. Thanks again for your efforts in making this game!
I paid $8 to stop the ads, but still get them all the time because they put the hint button where your thumb hovers while your thinking. To make it worse most ads you can't stop. Complete BS. Needs a way to disable the hint button at least.
Love the Sudoku part. HATE the installing random apps I don't want part. I keep having to uninstall apps I'm not even aware have been installed until I open my app drawer. Not cool.
Awesome game. I would just suggest that we should be able to choose the color of the highlighted notes i would much prefer them red.
Everything is perfect, no bugs except that there must be a tutorial for people who don't know how to play. People ply this game because they know the tricks and rules.
I've played this game from easy to expert. I don't mind the ads but sometimes when you won the game it won't show you the statistics unless you finished the ads. And there are some major bugs on your expert level, some of it won't solvable at all and so I thought maybe I would just use the hint. After a few hints it stop being solvable even as far as to not give hints anymore. Maybe the algorithm got bug and the numbers aren't in the right place? Hopefully you'll fix this issues.
Had a problem with accudental mistakes losing your game that you couldn't turn off. Devs responded that they added a setting to fix this, updating to 5 stars Well done devs! It's greatly appreciated :)
It's alright if you know how to play sudoku, which I don't! I wanted a tutorial before starting, but it puts you right into a game and you can only make so many incorrect moves before it restarts you. Other than that, its ok. I didn't play enough to notice how the ads were.
So many ads and makes you restart when you make a simple mistake constantly. It's simply not fun to restart over and over again just because you made a couple mistakes
I love the app, i have been using it to learn sudoku. The ability to put "notes" on squares is really nice touch! I would give this a full five stars except that if you make 3 mistakes you are kicked out & have to start all over. I do not like that bit.
Overall, it's an addictive game for sudoku lovers. However, how does the highlight notes work? It doesn't seem to highlight notes having the same numbers. When I choose 5,for example, all 5s (including notes) should also be highlighted. Would have given it a rating of 5.
This is a great sudoku app! I would have given this 5 stars except for the annoying ads and the lack of a option to pay to remove said advertisements
The game itself and the app is lovely and intuitive. I just HATE that you can't turn off the vibration when making a mistake. Laying in bed and playing a quiet game is for my peace of mind before sleep, and that *ZOOM* when you misclick just brings me so much anxiety:( also, a dark theme would be fab!
False advertising. I got an add for what looked like a word search but instead it was for number problems. It seemed very interesting, but sadly it appears it doesn't exist. False advertisement only gets you attraction, but does it really get you good ratings? The answer is a big no
I like this app & want to pay for it in order to remove ads (even though the £7.49 is a lot!). But having read the reviews, it seems the app doesn't remove all ads (those linked to hints especially) - which is unfortunate since those are the ones you will see more of if you get stuck on the hard puzzles. Dealbreaker. If you don't mind regular ads (some as long as 20-40 secs+), then this is one of the better sudoku apps. Otherwise, keep searching. Also, you should turn off notifications for this
I have found no problems with this Sudoku app. Hours and hours of challenging fun. Highly recommended.
Great game except when you get the addins that you can't mute ahead of time which is disrespectful of others especially when you have paid to remove the adds. Still keep it on mute, not sure if it still does it. Developers have been very responsive in troubleshooting some issues. Thanks
I've been on a hunt for games that make me think and help improve my concentration and memory. I tried a couple of them until I found this. Great app
Good game, some performance issues. Usually after playing a few games I get extreme slowdown, e.g. when the level flashes when you win it takes 5 x slower at least. This is on a decent spec phone which doesn't have issues with any other games I play. Other than this the game is good. Lots of modes. I play it every day.
I did like this version at the beginning, but after 2 days if you hesitate for more than 30 seconds a damn ad pops up on the screen, so now you lose your place and what you were thinking about.....if just one app would drop their ads, they would be the most popular ad on here.
Love it,basic/classic,not bad and it is ez and simple,the creators should work more affectively, thank you for creating this creators of this game...
so um I saw a review that said this unsolvable puzzle came up every now and then and then my second puzzle(medium level) was like that. two numbers (2&4) had the same one spot where they could go in on the 3x3 area, I took a screenshot because even though it doesnt bother me much, its still a problem and those arent good.
I like the app so I just paid for the paid version to turn off the ads. The only ad that is turned off is the ad after I finish a puzzle. But it still shows ads after one hint and after losing the game because of three mistakes. Charging money for a paid version to turn off the ads and not turning off the ads? That's the worst model for a paid version that I can think of.
The player has to sit and wait for all of the confetti to fall, then may go on to the next puzzle. My daily puzzles are exclusively expert level. I prefer some variety. I haven't been able to find a setting to change this. There are few holiday sets of puzzles. During a game, the hold time to enter the same number in multiple cells is a twitch too long. The first move is a mistake in the first cell instead of a number hold select. Too expensive for ad free given these juvenile problems.
I never thought that anyone could ruin this game for me.. this is the only game I keep on my phone, because it helps me get away from everything and grounds me. It's hard to do that, when the first 10-25 seconds is an Ad being forced down my throat. Everytime you start a new game, it takes away 10-20 seconds of your clock for Ads.
Not like the ad Edit: Developers seem like they care. Would be better if they decided to just create the game which is in the advert. The advert had a crossword style math puzzle game.
Nice and simple but it doesn't allow you to remove a individual note if all the 9 numbers are on the board. If you could make it so the numbers don't disappear in notes mode when the auto-remove notes option is turned off, it would help a ton
Sudoku is easy but this pos layout places numbers in random places as soon as you choose one then it says you lost when i was just looking to highlight the locations... there are way better free versions Uninstalling immediately
Downloaded and promptly uninstalled. Ad in Twitter made the game look like more than normal sudoku and something that might be interesting to try. That was not the case. Just plain old normal sudoku. It might be great but the ad portrayed it as something else, so only 1 star
1 star is perhaps a bit unfair, but this is an unusual one. I am not into Sudoku, but it was advertised with delightful chamber music. I installed hoping to listen to more of this. Unfortunately I could only find sound effects.
Good app. One suggestion is we don't know if you are in notes mode are not. Better to change color of the screen or another row for notes. One star is because too lengthy ads. Even after timer finishes, there is no close button appears. You have to touch once and this take you to the playstore. You have to comeback to the app again and close. In some ads, you have to touch close button several times to close the add. Very annoying.
All game functions work well. I like the highlighting and notes. Hints are also helpful for beginners
Would be nice to have a dark mode, if all the help and animation could be switched off. And if there was a way to color the cells (one by one, using 9 different customizable colors)
Bug, forgot to turn on notes, which became a mistake, turn back on notes, it won't let u enter that number on that same square, is that a hint!? Update: already pressed erase, still won't let u put note on unless click on another square 1st. The mistake feature is getting super annoying! Also the pause timer doesn't work properly.
I absolutely love this game !! I only gave 4 starts cause the time starts even during the add and its bother some . For me I like to get the puzzle done as fast as I can, I got the hard level down to 3 mins .
Nice app! Ads aren't that bad. Haven't had any issues with the app itself. The only issue I've had is I have a small screen on my phone and have sausage fingers. I push the wrong number sometimes. That's on me tho.. Would lke some harder puzzles though. For all the whining about ads for hints. Maybe buy some crayons or finger paints.....
Well made app but advertising made it seem like a different game. It would be nice to be upfront about what I'm downloading so there are no missed expectations.
Love that you can take notes! Notes help a lot as a beginner. Thanks for making this wonderful Sudoku app
Most Sudoku apps have a terrible interface. Too many colors, typefaces, and other distractions. This is clean and simple to use.
The ads do not follow Google policy. Do not see option to flag off inappropriate ads. Do something about it. Does not reflect good when a sexual ad is part of intellectual game.
Several problems are missing numbers to be able to complete it without taking hints. Some of their "hints" is to write possibilites (which doesn't supply an answer nor help to uncover a new number) Many explanations of the next move isn't possible and doesn't explain how to find a new missing number. There's a lot of flaws in these puzzles and I've played sudoku for years, made problems myself, etc... uninstalling. Edit: you're asking for more infos, really? You don't care about customers.
I'd like to suggest to add a "theme" option to select a dark mood. My eyes are very sensitive to the light and it's almost impossible to play at night :(
I understand they need ads for revenue but this game takes it to a frustrating level. In addition, the game acts like click bait because on the 3rd mistake they cover the board with a window you can click to get 2 more chances if you view ads, if not you can't view the supposed mistake that ends the game. Other than that it's a great game.
When people play sudoku they make mistakes and can easily erase them and try again. I hate that you only get 3 mistakes and then you have to start over after watching an ad. I wish we could just play and fix our mistakes as we go until we complete the puzzle.
Could have larger pencil notes font for readability. Otherwise, very comprehensive game. UPDATED (07Jan) : Six stars! There is a (new?) setting, highlight background of noted numbers. LOVE IT! The daily challenges will actually challenge us (on occasion) to use higher levels of Sudoku solving methods/tricks, not just the typical running through the numbers.
By far my favorite sudoku game. Really like the controls and stats. I understand the ads but it auto starts a game and I try to change the difficulty and it sends me to another ad.
Why does the next puzzle automatically start after finishing one puzzle? Please update to go back to main menu after puzzle completion. Otherwise okay Few more things: 1. When you open the app, it should be opened to the menu page so you can pick your own puzzle 2. The puzzle timer should pause everytime you switch a page or switch screens on your phone
I am really in love with this game especially with the feature of using notes and getting rejected after 3 mistakes i.e, starting the whole game again (someone may find it irritative but I actually loved it). I would like to thank the whole team for such a beautiful game. With this I also give my best wishes for you people's such a wonderful startup.
Although I've played several Sudoku games from different apps, however, this Sudoku app is one of the best in design & features. The main reasons I give 5 stars: - Simple interface - Excellent notes taking feature - Hints for tough to crack situations are logically correct - Minimal adv interference - Daily challenges I sincerely recommend this app for Sudoku lovers! Enjoy!!
Had to delete. I do not mind there being ads as i understand they need the income. HOWEVER theyve now added more ads that occur under the game the entire time that you are playing and they flash so much that you cant concentrate. Its completely ridiculous. Also stop removing my review. Its factual.
The add for this app showed other unique versions that weren't available when I downloaded the app. I already have an app that does what this app does (easy medium hard 9x9), I wanted to try the more difficult different shaped puzzles shown in the advertisement.
The puzzle is always suited to expected agility levels, I imagine. They are challenging but only up to acceptable 'lay-players' suitability. As an examiner of challenging systems, I recognise the tactics that one can use in order to find appropriate results. Sudoku puzzles are not challengable as such but I can postulate situations where matters do get difficult. Please keep it going, it helps my day!! Martin Trevor
The game itself is great. However, I have Sound Effects turned OFF, but when it goes to an ad there is sound. This is the only game I've ever played where an ad has sound when the game sound & effects are turned off. Can't play the game at the doctors office unless my headphones are on. It's a shame, found one I like but I might be looking for a new sudoku game!!!
****UPDATE**** I bought a new phone and I had no problems with the app. Thank you for responding. I LOVE THIS APP!!! I love sudok but for some reason this file will not open at all from my phone. I tried several times but nothing. Might try again at a later date.
It's all the best feverish brain strategy to regain more serious growth of your remembering long numerations I've been able to remember my credit card numbers easily! Tripped me out ya!
This app runs smoothly and functions well, but is far too easy. The so-called expert level is no real challenge at all.
Ever since I downloaded this game, other apps have been spontaneously downloading to my phone without my permission. Example: News app and then Candy Crush... I never installed any of these.*Update to support response First of all I do not know how these apps are installing, as I did not do anything to install them, I have one Game installed on my phone YOUR game.Second your ads are also quiet long and deceitful as when they end the "X" is hidden.Two steps should be required to instal ad app
Can open 1 day only. The next day cannot open the app. No error appeared but the app exit by itself . So disappointed
Ads everywhere, and hints always fill out the whole board solving the sudoku for you... A hint should not just complete it....
So often when I put a correct no.in it pages ' sorry you lost, watch an ad.for second chance' ! Which is tot BS just to get their ads viewed. Sad for the makers, I've just erased it ! No more ad views for me !
This game is one of the best Sudoku apps I've played! Ads each round but skipable after 5 seconds. Also the game producers reply to reviews.
Too annoying! I'm somewhat experienced at Sudoku and was using this app for the first time on an easy puzzle. I must have accidentally touched a wrong button. Up came an ad, which was okay, but when the Sudoku grid returned my plays were gone. I cannot imagine why anyone would design a game app to have to start over each time. I'm done!
Distracting ads right at the bottom or directly obstructing the view of the board. Also, no dark mode. Big down.
I dont know why people complain about ads. One per round, and they are skippable after 5 seconds. Extremely non intrusive. Only downside is this isnt linked to your google account. The game stopped working **EDIT** (This was an android problem which was patched, for LGQ70 phones. No fault of the game.) ** and i had to reinstall. Lost all progress, all game history, all my unlocked skins (more skins to unlock would be cool). Otherwise great.
Great game, excellent graphics and plays well. But, recently, maybe due to the last update on Aug. 05, it's become extremely crash prone. Starts flickering and then closes. Over and over. Tried restarting but still begins this behavior after a few minutes. Very unstable. Until this is fixed, it has become a pita to play and I cannot recommend.
Ridiculous app. It sets a timer and suggests you do nothing BUT the Sudoku game I like to play Sudoku, go away, come back to the game. BUT NO. I got the "2nd chance" and it runs through another USELESS GAME from the store ( hoping for a download) It then takes you to the playstore EVEN THOUGH YOU HIT DELETE ( X ) - you still end up at Playstore Once you go back - the timer again says TIME UP Edit I'd need to reinstall, play a game, take screenshots & email them to reply to your GENERIC response
Game is great. However even on expert its too easy. I was able to complete 'expert' in 6 minutes. Please make them harder!
Not sure why some are complaining about levels which are too hard, this is too easy even on the hardest mode. There's abit too many commercials and the controls aren't as good as other sudokus I've played. Otherwise it's ok
I love number games. Earlier I was totally addicted to 2048. It's fun but it's nowhere near as challenging as Sudoku.
Doesn't accumulate statistics accurately. Doesn't count games won to update statistics. Also, Expert in this game is equivalent to Hard on other games. But ok to play if you just want to waste time, but don't expect any reward for wins by seeing you wins accumulate in statistics.
Good enough Sudoku tests, but the ads were so annoying. I like to play when listening to the radio on my phone, but some ads would make the radio crash. Now I've got an ad for a game, and I can't even close the ad... I could restart the phone, or remove the game... I'm uninstalling...
This app actually guides you through the logic paths to teach you to play better rather than just filling in a number when you're stuck. Super clean user interface and a variety of settings to adjust to your play style.
Awful app. 3 mistakes and you have to start over with a new puzzle. Work down the drain. Kills the fun. Terrible. Would give 0 stars if I could.
Excellent Sudoku app for beginners. You can start with easy difficulty levels and learn the game with hints and other features and then you can play a more difficult level when you feel comfortable
Trashes your game after 3 "errors", which are extremely easy to make by accident when tapping a grid of small squares. No option to turn off 3 error fail mode. Uninstalling. Edit: I'm changing my review to 5 stars because I feel guilty for leaving bad reviews. But yeah it would be cool to add a zoom feature or something
This is horable. I'm trying to play the game and google have none stop ads blocking the numbers at the bottom. So uninstall!!!!!!!! Ridiculous! If I want it after one time I would install it. Very aggrevating.
This game is awesome and I really like this game. This game degine is very very good. But the adds are annoying. So this is the Reason I gave only 4 stars. And all the game is very nice when we leave that adds topic.
Sorry...could not deal with the splash ads that fill up your screen after each game. Nothing you can do. I wanted to like this but the ads did not give me the opportunity to try. Particularly when there are so many other versions of the game out there. I made it past two games then lost interest.
Don't play this game. I was looking forward to trying this out. What a poorly designed game. It has the ability to highlight all of the same number, for example 9s. This is great.. However, the method to insert notes is horrible. Once I used it, I couldn't get it to select the number highlight function. This is something that should be self explanatory. It is anything but that. A total waste of time.
It's entertaining. I like it. Only issue is the app makes my phone very hot and drains the battery fast.
Good interface but the puzzles are poor. On expert on level about half of the games have more than one solution and have to be guessed, rather than worked out logically. I'll look for better games. **My apologies, it seems I'm not as good at sudoku as I thought I was! I have a lot more to learn!**
It is a good Sudoko app but in Daily Challenge. If I ask for a hint, then that is exactly what l expect to get and not little note numbers in all the boxes which do not help me. It didn't use to be like that. If l wanted notes then l would activate them but l don't. Keep the app simple!
Seems to be exactly what I wanted. Has a notation button to use as if you would in doing one in a book puzzle. Minimal ads thus far allow you to finish a puzzle without interruption. Easy to use app that I've found to be exactly right and without distraction s.
I loved the game and other options but the ads were very triggering for me and some of those kept showing pictures of somethings that I have phobia of.
Despite being $10 CND to remove adds this is one of the better Sudoku apps out there. I like the daily challenges, not too easy but they can be figured out with some effort. This is my 'wake up in the morning' game. Enjoy!
Game play is great. The puzzle levels seem about right. It would have rated much higher but the game sends me notices telling me it is time to play. Even worse it will tell me it is time to play the daily challenge that I already completed. I don't need notices from games. I have already deleted 2 apps that send notices and it's about to be 3. It's a shame because otherwise it's a great app.
A great brain game to refresh your mind. Several difficulty levels to play. You will love all the game modes too
I enjoy many aspects of this game. I enjoyed the way that I can provisionally mark the squares, I enjoy the noises, I enjoy several other options it has. but there are several things I don't enjoy. I can't reset the statistics I can't reset the number of games played I can't clear any of that out. Of all the Sudoku games I've tried I like this one the best but it still leaves a lot to be desired.
I'm amazed by all the functionality this Sudoku app offers. With the tutorials, hints, mistake limits, notes. It's incredible.