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Sudoku Quest

Sudoku Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HashCube located at 3/1, Sri Narayana Mansions Deewan Madhava Rao Road Opp Krishna Rao Park Basavanagudi Bangalore - 560004 Karnataka India. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
LOVE THIS GAME! It's awesome, bright, and challenging. But there is one VERY ANNOYING bug. When I open the game on my Chromebook, it only opens 1/10th of the time. All the other times, the game just opens and shows the white hashcube screen with the logo. It doesn't do anything else. Please fix this so I can play!
absolutely love it! love gow it keeps challenging me and wanting me to go to the next stage. super fun.
The number to colorfull, my eye strain because of it. Sorry, uninstalled it. So far the game play is good.
I love this game.. so sad that it's got to hard to beat. I'm just not fast enough. I love it so much that I still play the daily challenge at least.
I love this game it's so fun and addicting and its really good game! If u did not get this app u are missing out on the fun! One thing is what do u do with your coins? Or do u just get them I love the game but could u add a shop so u can buy stuff with your coins? Or could u add a place to friend people so u can challenge a suduko race love the game if u add that I would love this game even more then I do now awesome game!😊🎄⛄👍💝
It's a good game as it helps you to concentrate, builds your mind to take stress and helps you to become patient. Seeking for more games like this!
30sec ads for a stage really 😒 put timer for a stage so ppl have to finish it quick, then shoved long ads for hurrying finish. Previously I'm ok with the ads and time challenge, but since now there no more opponent, even as high scored I can get feel effort wasted.
Good gradual introduction to sudoku, starting with trivial puzzles. Puzzles on a short timer, pay or watch ads to extend. Paid hints & power-ups. No way for experienced solvers to skip ahead, no option to turn off error checking. (It will not let you make a mistake.) Number buttons show how many left to place. Default interface is select a number and then place it, but can switch to select cell first. Color coding of numbers can be turned off. I'd like the bars dividing the grids to be thicker.
From easy to really really tough puzzles accomplished through a progressively larger and larger grid area makes learning Sudoku so easy.
This is one of the amazing game ever its very easy to play i really like this game its aslo worked very smoothly
So far, I do like that challenges that are offered but I feel there should be a description for the challenge, time limit to complete in the challenge description, and "boss" levels after a certain amount of completed levels. Different scenery, other than the 2 that are currently available would be nice but should be awarded upon completing either a "boss" level or earning a certain amount of stars. I'm still enjoying the game but I hope my thoughts will be considered
Eh. It starts way to easy. I get the whole progression thing but it's mind-numbing to get past all the entry levels. It would be nice if there were a hard, medium, easy campiagn and you could start on any. Also, I really, really dislike the colors. There should be a way to switch to black & white. EDIT: You can turn the colors off for the numbers off but its not easy to find.
The only problem I have with this game is that once you get up in levels, they give you not enough time to solve a puzzle and then make you watch ads for more time. But they usually only give you 20-25 seconds at a time for watching a 30 second ad. This means to finish a puzzle you have to spend more time watching ads then actually playing. I like the game a lot but it leaves me feeling like my time is being wasted, squandered even. So I like the game but I deleted it because it's not worth it.
Improves my short term memory, keeps me thinking like a time capsule, nice and study, steady! Great Game!!
I installed this quest because I thought it would be a challenge.The timer is meant to have, to see how fast you can finish not how fast you can beat it. Too easy for me and if you leave the game at a hard level and come back it goes back to being easy. I play Sudoku on a daily this was way too easy. As for those who don't really play it is a great app.
Enjoying it so far. Only thing I have noticed so far is that it would be nice if there were darker lines defining the different blocks of numbers... with all the colourful numbers, the border gets a little lost and it's just a bit confusing when they change shape and size in different levels. But I like it!
I love this game!! It really does stimulate the mind & helps you relax. It can get a little hard at times but when you pass a difficult level it is very rewarding!
Was fun, but (in the free version) too much pressure to always have to "beat the clock" or sit through an ad several times, to advance to next level ...no options that I could find to allow to play just a leisurely, but challenging game. Also does not give stats like avg times, games played, etc. On plus side, the colors and game variations were nice, but in the end I deleted after playing into level 50 something.
all bug fix and its exciting to play now knowing that i can save my progress with my google account i was on level 199 but dont have a facebook so when my phone broke all the progress was loss...working on reaching my rightful level
Love this app, but I wish there was some kind of music that played will playing the game. At the main screen there's music but when you start a level there is no music. Which it could just be my phone. Love ur game. thanks for making it free.
keeps ur mind sharp bc doesnt just 1 type of puzzles it goes bk and forth from easy 2 hard and some r timed and some r unlimited amount of time BUT should b a way 2 get more gems and other items by watching videos instead of ONLY paying for everything!! 2 me only issue ive come across
App description says "Engaging story". No story at all so far. I think I read somewhere that you can edit colors through pause menu during tutorial. This is not the case either.
I've been playing this on and off for months and it keeps me engaged. It's not fancy but it has a good solid easy to use interface.
Cool concept. I downloaded because I though the different puzzle formats could be interesting. I just wish there was a way to access more difficult puzzles immediately. I'm no expert but I like to challenge myself with "hard" 9x9 puzzles. This app starts with easy 4x4 and 6x6, which is great for beginners but not something I'm interested in wasting my time on.
I used to love this game. I would spend hours sitting outside playing each level. Now I am uninstalling it for the third time. The levels are unrealistic in the time frame given unless you pay money to get gems to keep going. I kept it installed for the daily quest and hoping that maybe after this level I would get one with a longer time frame. Im not that fast and expecting to beat a level in under 2mins is ridiculous. It takes the joy out of the game. Uninstalling for final time.
I like it, I feel my brain is more activated after some sudokus, they way in which is designed is amazing, it can be much less tedious than doing it on paper or other apps, because it has a colour associated to each number that helps to recognize the position of the numbers easily, I think that's amazing for old people and other people with vision problems. You can compare the punctuaction of each Level with your facebook friends, and have a good afternoon competing with your family for exampl
As much as I love the game, daily player, I hate that it kicks me out in the middle of the daily quest as I am in the middle of playing. I am unable to get back in even though I'm close to solving. Please fix this. The update also made the numbers so small at times you can't tell which number is which or whether that number is correct unless you use a cell check hint. Will update review when this issue is fixed.
Still the updated can't connect to my game. Can't connect to Facebook. Please fix this I enjoy playing but can't at the moment and not happy. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still not working.
I love this game, but I'm not able to connect my Facebook to it. Is that from a glitch? Please fix it so I can go back to playing.
I'm looking for a casual sudoku game to play when I have free time. The time limit on this one is a deal breaker. Having a time limit makes this decidedly non-casual
I love the game within s game aspect. However...I would much rather play without the timer. I'm deleting this game because of that. There should be an option of playing without running out of time.
Even though i had the Google play games linked, when I reinstalled it, I had to start from the first.
I enjoy the game so far, however the colored numbers need some work... the blocks of color are very distracting and the differences between the colors are sometimes hard to discern. I think it would be far more beneficial if the numbers themselves had bold colors but the areas around the numbers was not colored. The colorless mode is not much easier as the tan background makes the numbers extremely hard to see against it and with no way to highlight numbers without using a powerup the colorless mode simply becomes a confusing sea of numbers. With a few touch ups I think this game will be an excellent and innovative take on the typical sudoku experience.
I love it. The only problem I have with it is that it makes it kind of easy that it shows how many more times a specific number can be used
it's fun but frustrating because there are no instructions and I keep winning coins that do not appear to have any use.
I've been enjoying the game, but i finished level 126 and the rest of the levels are closed off. There is no explanation on how to unlock them. So, i guess I'm done.
This game was great. I could watch an ad and get a couple of extra seconds to play. Then I bought a couple of gems and no longer am able to watch any ads. Will never buy anything for this app again. And since I don't have the choice to watch the ads they won't get that money either.
I enjoy relaxing and playing the daily quest, but I hate being rushed to play the level puzzles. I just play the game once a day for the daily quest. Update: After 4 months of playing, I stand by what I said, if you add the ability to play timed or un-timed I will play this game every day, not just for the daily quest. This is the perfect looking and playing app for Sudoku!
I love sudoku and with the timed levels it brings a whole new spin to things. The levels are fast but makes you think on your toes! With daily puzzels and free spins you cant go wrong. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants a new sudoku experience.
Zero stars, Plus, games get tough with the timer. Minus, grid layout is weak taking valuable time figuring out which number game your playing (4,6,8,9,10). Colors are too destracting and no controls in settings to change them, so cross eliminatiin is very tough when youre timed. No disable of the timer in settings so there's no chance of finishing the game. Games are getting too big for the time given solve on this little phone screen Boooooo.
I had this game a while ago and i uninstalled it because the timer made things too stressful. and before you say it - I dont care if the level is still 'completeable' or 'is supposed to boost my skill'. I still think it's trash, and I still think that if you really want your game to be more successful you could put in some stress free levels but what do I know. I'm an INTP who loves puzzle games. Just not this one.
Hate the time limits but otherwise it's a perfectly fine game for Sudoku with lovely graphics. Side Note: Don't advertise that you'll give free gems if you download another app, if you're not actually going to give the gems!!
Just recently installed, but so far I'm enjoying it. Graphics are nice. Gameplay is nice. A phone without a pen might make selecting the correct boxes difficult on certain levels. And their really isn't a need for a storyline here. (Although, I've done quiet a few levels and dont really know and details about the story. It's kind of vague so far. ) But the storyline nor ads have interfered with gameplay much at all. Overall satisfied.
Edit: After several emails, I'm back on my correct level and enjoying the game again. This game is addicting and challenging, love it! I was almost to level 300 and enjoyed this game until it started me over at the beginning!!! I have sent multiple emails to support for over 2 weeks now and they don't seem to help. I have all of my coins and gems, but level 5?!?! Going to uninstall if it doesn't get fixed really soon.
Fun & Challenging If it wasn't for the ads I would 5 star this game. They are too many and too much. It would be nice to have a one time buy option to get rid of the ads. Or some sort of option to get rid of the ads would be nice. It's really annoying.
Bummed! Was stuck on level 337. It cost me $10.00 to move up 2 levels and now more money for extra time? I am an average player, I guess you have to be a pro or it can get rather. expensive. The least you could do is bring the price down. Guess I'll start searching elsewhere for less expensive layered Sudoku. Please Advise!
I enjoy playing this game, the different layouts are fun and challenging. The daily game is why I gave such a low rating. Since I downloaded the game over a year ago, I have only gotten 1 star for the daily level. The time frame given seems to be impossible. The fastest time I have finished was 5 minutes, and that seemed very fast. If there was a way to make the time range more in line with the difficulty of the level, that would be great!
I live the style and color, but the timer is way to short. I am fairly quick at sudoku but I cant go fast enough which makes it no longer fun. The timer should either be increased or have an option if you want to play that way or not. I had deleted it once before and thought I would try again but I see nothing is different. Plus it doesnt want to load now. Really really want to be able to give it 5 stars... I just cant with that timer.
just started so far i really like it. its pretty challenging for me. its good you can take the option of having no color on the game.
Most predatory Sudoku game I've ever played. I like the variant sizes of puzzles but the forced 10sec+ ads with tiny close buttons and constant harassment to use powerups if you stop filling squares for about 5 seconds is ridiculous. I understand that you have to make money but the constant nagging to use premium powerups is beyond annoying. It's Sudoku, the game is not unique enough to warrant this kind of intentionally focus-breaking monetization. Shame
This is a very good sudoku game but one thing that i hate about this app is the timer and makes me anxious because of it. But it's still a good game.
It's a strong brain boosting game. I am learning so no need to use gems or coins. I loved how in the colorful way the game is showing sudoko playing step by step. I will love to know if you have any chess game like this. Thank you 🌸
It started out good, but the constant ads that disrupt my audiobook, and shorter timers make this game an absolute pain to play. There's an ad when leaving the level, and again if retrying. And unless you want to pay to play, the time extensions are ridiculous. Uninstalled.
I hate timed games. I'd much rather not be stressed. If you gave the option of turning the timer off then you would have a perfect game.
Improves my short term memory, keeps me thinking like a time capsule, nice and study, steady! Great Game!! Tests mental capabilities under different types marijuana products! Good Tree better mental performance!!
I'm a little confused on the purpose of this game? You don't have "lives" so you can just keep playing it forever I think. Also what is the purpose of the points you get for each game? Nothing is being added to my coin count..it has been at $10k since I started and I'm 40 rounds in. Kinda boring...
Love this game, although with the timer, it can get frustrating on higher levels. Great for a challenge!
Probably one of the more clunky Sudoku apps I've played. Large puzzles will have the UI confused if you're trying to tap or drag and normal conventions to make playing this sort of thing easier are locked behind paid consumables. You can break the map screen by scrolling too quickly so it's a real quality product, obviously. The times to get good rewards from the daily puzzles are absurd to boot. You can do way better than this app on here.
They don't allow me to fix my previous score. First try got 1 star... Then tried again, suppossed to change to 3 star, but still 1 star.. Ridiculous...
not challenging at all. no "quest" twist to be found in this game. became redundant very quickly. though, graphics were very vibrant.
Fun and colorful! Only drawback is that it is a little awkward to get used to removing/deleting numbers in error and using the pencil-in notepad.
I like the variety of puzzles and challenges! They have puzzles with 1-8 and overlapping puzzles. Each level is a little different and the colored tiles make it fun.
Great game. Gives lots of different Sudoku not just 9-grid. I like the variety. Numbers are good size. Number-remaining of the selection numbers makes play faster. Ads are low impact and pay-to-play is not required.
It was nice until they started forcing ads on you for COMPLETING LEVELS. Punishing players for being good at the game is dumb. Since that update went live, they game likes to randomly crash during a level as well. Even though all other apps are off.
Good game but needs work doesn't give you the said prizes in daily puzzles that alone is why I'm deleting it if your not willing to give me the prizes I won so I have to pay for them then I'm not playing
I am new to "Sudoku Quest", And to be completly honest, I am actually new to the whole Sudoku Puzzles concept in general. And I have to say this game has swept me off my feet! The game quests start out easy enough for a beginner like myself to understand, complete, learn, and of course have FUN all at the same time! So needless to say this game is a deffinite "Must-try," For anyone who enjoys a good puzzle!
Your 23 seconds are very short. I would pay an annual subscription, but the way you have it set up. No! Getting fed up .
I really enjoy doing Sudoku's and I've played many, however I love ❤ this game. I like that it has a different game board each time, so it keeps things interesting and surprising. would definitely recommend. However one thing I've got to learn still, is where the delete/remove button 🔘 is?.🙂
freaking love this game!! challenging as you go further along. unlimited lives to replay levels when you run out of time. option to buy boosts, but not needed to complete levels. breath of fresh air in the app world to be honest. have had it glitch very few times and you can get little boosters each day on the free spin wheel I have no issues with the ads, as it is a free game and the only ones you have to watch completely are the extra time ads. THIS IS HANDS DOWN MY FAVOURITE SUDOKU EVER 👌🏻
this game is amazing!!!!!! the levels get progressively harder and it is finally giving me a challenge, thank you so much for making this amazing app!!!
This game used to be fun but there is no leaderboard or scoreboard with Google Play anymore even though they advertise as such.
Fun game. Removed because it gets frustrating when you hit to use pencil and it doesn't engage and you then have to hit 2 more buttons wasting Precious time. Ads after every game
I usually do sudokus to chill and get distracted for some time. I really dig the style and the colors are very helpful, by far the most goodlooking sudoku app in the market. But even if I love challenges, I'd love to have a gamemode without the timer, that allows me to just enter and do some sudokus without feeling that extra pressure and becoming stressful instead of enjoyable. Different moods, different game modes. Congrats to the devs :)
I would give it 5 stars if there was a way to make it so you could enter the same number in different cells without clicking the cell and then the number. That would make this so much better.
Challenging and fun! The level map is a little boring and repeats with only a few different designs. Overall an enjoyable game. Keep those updates coming!
Why do I have to wait 29 hours to play the next daily bonus game? Set the game so it can be played once every 24 hour day! Just stupid.
Why do I have to wait 29 hours to play the next daily bonus game? Set the game so it can be played once every 24 hour day! Just stupid. Why does it keep giving me the stupid magnifying glass twice a day? They are USELESS!
This game is amazing. Gives a fun twist and extra added challenges to Sudoku. I am enjoying every moment.
I keep purchasing gems and they keep disappearing and sometimes I finish with 3 stars and they go back to lower stars.
this game is nothing but a cash grab, ads after each 'puzzle' and buy more stuff pop ups all the time.
This game is so frustrating. They give you ridiculous time constraints. You spend weeks trying to pass one level. I unintalled it cause it felt like after level 45 I wasn't getting anywhere but frustrated because I would get everything filled but like 3 rows and time would run out. You barely give us a good start as it is.
I like the fact that there is more to the game then just random sudoku puzzles. It has levels and the difficulty increases. It is timed as well. These extra elements to the game make it much more fun! I love it