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Sudoku Fun

Sudoku Fun for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Smoote Mobile. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too many adds. Adds that will not close. Have to shut down ap and restart tpo get an add off the screen. App itself is great!
many puzzles in each of 5 levels. great pencil tool allows drafting in options before narrowing down the decision. not all other apps have this option that highlights all of a particular number for aide in thinking through the decision process. lower levels of play made transition to expert seamless & reassuring. most puzzles are in the correct level. easiest level is good for teaching the very young or those new to the game. expert is very doable. pause allows answering the phone, etc then cont
Very challenging..has multiple levels of play. I like the way the squares light up when you touch them.and even if you exhaust all the games in a certain level you can replay them and try to beat your times cuz it keeps track of how long it took and how many mistakes you had. Very well put together.
Love this game..I have problems with numbers...all my life...this Sudoku game is teaching me to "see" the numbers ..the colors is a great help! Keep up this game in this manner...love it.. able to handle the medium level now!!!!....but wow....for senior ppl this is actually super encouraging to exercise the brain! I'm 80..and a bit...I can now do the HARD ones..special early mornings work out for the grey matter! Thank you guys 😊 👦 💓
Love his Sudoku. Pit yourself against the clock and make no mistakes to earn 3 stars. If you fail first time you can go back and try again until you achieve both goals, so you are basically playing against yourself. I have tried a lot of Sudoku games and I have found this one to be the most satisfying and play it everyday.
Good but the Pause feature comes up too often in the middle of the game. Very annoying. I take back the five stars. Give it two. Timer is annoying, pause is annoying. Really annoying.
Animations slows down game play -1 star, meaningless and time wasting counting up time it took to complete the puzzle after you are done -1 stars. Look and feel of the keys, -1 star. In addition it's generally unresponsive. After medium difficulty doesn't increase. Expert level isn't more difficult than medium or hard level. It is a sudoku that could have been good.
Enjoy this game. Games for Beginner /Medium /Hard/Expect. Great layout and figures used are highlighted throughout the board.
It works very well, has all the little helpful hints if you want them. The range from beginner to expert is fantastic. I had a problem with the app freezing up and I told them about it and they fixed it. GREAT APP--I have tried others but this one is the best. BAB--6/12/20
So Addictive! Love the feature that allows the user to temporarily place multiple numbers in a square, it allows the user to both learn AND improve their skills! It also allows a user to pause and resume games (by exiting the game), thereby keeping within the specified time frames per level to obtain the highest scores possible.
The slow count of time spent in a round is way too slow. What was programmer thinking? Fix it please.
Fun all stars with an average time of 6min. Found the medium levels harder than the hard levels. But the expert levels are really good! My average time on those were 12 min.
The game uploads games as you progress. My problem with this one was as you do progress it looses your information on Completed games. I had it up to about 750 games with 248 completed. It is crazy doing these games over realizing that your game looks like one you already did. Looking back over your completed games and seeing the scores on many of them are missing. VERY FRUSTRATING. you will never finish these games...
I love this game but i wish there was a pause button for when i need to put down for a minute. I did notice a problem with the time. The best time should be the shortest time but you give the worst/highest time as as best time. One of the reasons i like game is because can try to beat your time and can retry games.
I enjoy the game, though i will say there are much harder versions out there. This is a great "pass the time" while waiting for appointments etc. I also like the fact that i can just hit the home button on my phone to take me out of the game and the timer automatically stops until i come back to it later.
I would love to give this game five stars for ease in playing, graphics, etc but it has a bad habit of kicking you out of your game....a lot. I still prefer this game over the others if you could fix that one glitch it would be perfect!
I love the game play, but the board is stretched with my new phone and it's driving me nuts. The difficulty on these puzzles is reduced, the only ones I do with this app are expert, which is not what I would normally play elsewhere.
Agree with Bengtsson's review, hard and expert don't seem significantly different in difficulty. I think the look and feel of the game are fine but can't continue while the animations are playing. Overall, I like the game. I hope the devs will extend the number of puzzles at each level, 'cause I've maxed out medium and hard levels.
you cant do it faster because it hides when you press the number you want. my star maybe less than one if you compare with other soduko games.
Great version. Need to see if I can turn off the animation in the numbers as it slows down the play. I also enjoy versions where they tell you how many of each number have already been found. Not sure if I like the strike out model or the fact that it crosses out my notes as other numbers were found. It makes it to easy in some regards.
This is the real sudoku game I've been looking for so long that really developers you your mental skills. I have seen and tried sudoku apps in the net currently but they all are scraps compared to this one. This is the reason why I am very much recommending this one. And this is the very reason why I am giving this app 5 stars. Good job developers!
I don't like the speed that when you touch you have to wait for the frame to appear (that takes time ) to be able to enter your numbers. Also don't like that the errors are shown in red, takes the challenge away and is like cheating to try to solve the puzzle
I like the app very much and have played it various platforms for years, however, there it no way to reset the game. So, if you reach the end of the provided games like I did in "Hard" mode (which is 300 games), there I is no way to reset and play the games over from the beginning.
This is a fun version of Sudoku and I've enjoyed playing it. However I really don't like the animation of the numbers. It's distracting and impacts the completion time. Colors are good as is general visibility. Thanks for an excellent game.
Absolutely adore the game but I recently upgraded my phone and lost all my data. I hate that there is absolutely no way to login or restore where you were. I was on level 136 and am now being forced to start over all the way from level 1 which is complete garbage.
Yes, its pretty and probably the BEST in Sudoku design layout BUT this app is a magnet for the worst really, really distracting animation advertising. They have jumped on board, so you WILL need to tape up part of your screen! And some ads are full of passion to encourage you to start Betting, I don't have money to lose and I don't want to become addicted, so I removed the tape and decided to Terminate this beautiful game, real shame, but there are plenty other decent freeby Sudoku games around
Best Sudoku so far having played over 22 minutes. Clear and easy to use for people like me who are visually impaired. I would be happy to watch worthy commercial advert in order to have more games available to us "freeloaders" who do not have the luxury of being able to spend money because real life is taking it all. Thank you for being generous with your creative talent .
I really enjoy playing this version of Sudoku. The tools and graphics are great. I took away 1 star because I didn't see an explaination of how you win ( or don't win) each of the three stars at the end of the game. Also, you see your score at the end of the game but when you move to the "awards page", there is a digital clock that counts up to your score by seconds. Although fast, it is still an unneeded delay that quickly becomes irksome.
Besides helping me with construction andfocused. Sudoku also takes my mind off everything going on with all the craziness going on with the Covid-19 and Politics. I'm so over 😒 🙄 😑 all of it; so Sudoku and a couple of other games helps me out.
I LOVE it so much, it's my favorite. The only thing that bothers me is that it does not keep progress for when I use a new mobile. And, it does not add any progress to my gaming profile on google like other games.
I have used this app for many years. The ads were quiet and it was ok. Yesterday, at night, the first ad came with the sound - ugly and extremely LOUD.. Uninstalling ...
I've never played Sudoku before but I was told that my brain needs the exercise and to start with simple level games and move up slowly. And I have been doing that and having a BLAST in the process. This is a wonderful game and it doesn't move up levels until I make it do so. That way I will not get discouraged.
Love the game. My only complaint is ads. More and more frequently, ads want to interact with player and encourage the player to perform sample game moves and play music or such ... I have the in game sound turned off for a reason, people. I get that you need to show me ads, but my preferences should extend to ads. It's enough to make me consider alternative apps.
It is ironic that a game in which its' only reward is time, that it penalizes you at least 4 seconds for each correct number, it is almost 5 seconds. When on beginners you have 35 squares to fill × 4 seconds = 2 minutes 20 seconds. I have finished games faster than this. Your scores are not kept at Googles' games site. There is no cool theme between the board. There is no color theme you can select. The pen/pencil, one looks like a pen that clips to your pocket, the other, a fountain pen.
Good game and layout, good colours, but very easy game! Can finish expert level in 5 minutes, not exactly taxing! Also number 9 goes in top right hand corner 9 times out of 10 and also in bottom left hand corner. Number 8 usually in top right box next to the 9. Top left corner nearly always is number 1. Top line and top left box quite often numbers are in order.
After the most recent update of this game, the game asked me to confirm my age. What in the world does age have to do with Sudoku? Absolutely nothing. It is a number puzzle. Are numbers somehow different depending on your age? I don't think so. I refuse to confirm my age for this game. There are way too many free games out there to put up with some BS.
I love this game and its a good app. My only complaint is this app makes it difficult to tell if you are putting the number in for a possibility or for the answer. Also you cant repeat the same number, you have to keep repicking it.
Great app! I love playing games that exercises the brain. Great work! Loved the challenge of thinking while listening. Having relaxing music while playing very thoughtful of the developer. Keep up the AWESOME work!
Love this game..I have problems with numbers...all my life...this Sudoku game is teaching me to "see" the numbers ..the colors is a great help! Keep up this game in this manner...love it.. able to handle the medium level now!!!!.....I find it very ANNOYING that when I have only 2 mistakes, make all the rest in 7 or 8 minutes....the CLEARED is not reached....getting tired of this....for senior ppl that is NOT encouraging at all!
Love this app, from the relaxing music to the way it highlights the numbers it's just great. Had this for years now.
I have loved this app forever. Was it previously owned by another company or did the company's name change? It's a great version of Sudoku, either way.
Great game but recently ads at the end of game lock up game. Only way out is to switch apps and then delete from recently used list.
I love this sudoku game from easy to very difficult I prefer this version it's good for memory and very addictive love playing it
This game is pretty. This game is so extremely slow. The pretty animated graphics are slow and you can't play your next move until the animations stop. I LIKE the app, I just can't stand the slowness.
Very nice. Haven't seen any other free sudoku app like this. Very easy to use, easy to scan the rows and columns
Excellent. Enjoying every moment of my spare time thus far. The beginner and easy levels are fairly easy but the medium mode started off slightly like the hard/expert level and difficult to solve within it's time frame. But all's good and the fact that it has resume, restart, hint and fill modes, one can always "rewind" and get the level(s) completed at you pace. Finished all levels with 3 stars.
I only tried the first 3 levels so far and if you're a novice it's to easy for you unless your out and don't want to have to think hard. Level 1 is really basic and to easy. Level 2 doesn't get much harder. Level 3 makes you look for some things that you didn't have to before like eliminating numbers by them being in rows or boxes. I'm going to try level 4 next. I like this app because it's off-line.
I really like the game, I have had it on three phones so far and have almost completed it twice. One word of advice though: Make the ads mutable or quiet! I don't mind watching them, but I play the game without music and getting blasted by loud ads makes me not want to play. If some one has the sounds or music turned off, it should automatically mute the ads as well.