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Sudoku Free - Classic Brain Puzzle Game

Sudoku Free - Classic Brain Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Volcano Entertainment located at Unit C, 9/F Winning House No.72-76 Wing Lok Street Sheung Wan Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've tried quite a lot of Sudoku apps. This is the most user friendly by far. Ads are not intrusive. We get coins when solving puzzles, and those can be used to activate the Hint feature. Worth my 5 star!
So far impressed. Will keep on playing and do another rating later, if it does not crash after a few days play, like some other apps.
very good in playing when there is doubt,we should get checking,more and more instead of borrowing gold coins Rajasekaran puducherry I am quite old aged.sudoku help me to get rid of borring feeling and make me little active.
Enjoying the game, but the bell goes too soon. Correcting the numbers makes me feel like I am learning afresh!
Would prefer if it let you know as soon as you press a wrong key. This is in my case difficult to always hit the key you wanted but due to health not always possible
Easy to use and learn Sudoku. Should have blank squares to enter outside puzzles. This will enrich the given set.
Ads ruin the gameplay experience. Static ads would be ok but they are now literally flashing letters and animated. You can only subscribe to remove ads, can't buy outright. Very greedy dev's.
It's a really good app.😍 I like it so much, but unfortunately I don't know why I can't sign in so I'm not able to have championship with others!😢
Excellent very addictive brain working application. One question: when input method is automatic, how to change between cell first and digit first?
I've been a big fan of Sudoku for about ten years now,and this app is the most comprehensive and demands my undivided attention
Great app, allows you to record multiple numbers so you can keep track of missing numbers. Nice ping when you've got a row right. Easy to use and takes seconds to know how to use everything, even without reading instructions
I was enjoying playing the game play until the game board changed its appearance. Now, it is not as much fun. Thanks anyway.
A great little app, no apparent bugs. Very sceptical over other players timings when they are so fast.... it's almost as though they were entering a known solution😂. Adverts not too annoying. Would be better if you could disable the help icon shaking and making a noise (without having to put it on mute).
Good lay out. Easy to use. Ads are ads and they are always the cost of a free game so no complaint there.
Fun game, get hung up sometime, mistakes are easily erased, and fill in feature lets you see all possible solutions.
Love this game & L❤️VE this app!! Very simple to use. Challenging levels to help the brain stay in tip top shape:) Thank you so much for a great app!
Straightforward gameplay. It took me about 2 minutes to understand the mechanics of this game. In enjoying the games - and the adverts are not too intrusive. Thank you!
Enjoyable, frustrating,satisfying, entertaining, all the ingredients for addiction. I missed out logical.
I love this and i have solved over 500 of the very hard variety. I learn some tricks here itself which I would never know otherwise.
You have to watch an ad to open the app. Ad after each level. I get that ads are necessary for money but this is bs. Uninstalled.
So all these games coming on try to see that games are more important than what is happening now so some of the Sudoku I don't know every color the greens but I did remember playing as an expert and I enjoyed it until they put drugs on us to change our attitudes
I was very happy with the selection of the levels offered to me and the help available for me if I a need for it as well as giving me the opportunity to try to correct the error myself. This program is a great learning tool.
Good colours and brightened keys for ease of play. Can let you go on with a wrong number placement though.
I love the high number of puzzles available at different skill levels. Allows for challenging puzzles over time or quick ones throughout the day to exercise the brain.
Sudoku puzzles solving is an excellent app I like to play. It's a very nice game with unlimited trick and formulas.
Good game that suffers GREATLY from errors in Champions Challenge. I'll frequently beat the time listed only to be told that there was an error signing me in. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to this; roughly 80% of my times that beat the champion are randomly invalidated due to this error. This has also cost me over 500 coins. Fix it and I'll adjust my rating.
Just learning to play this game and this app seems to be easier than others I've tried to learn with. Less confusing and makes it fun!
I tried other apps, this suited me the best. When I installed on my first phone I rampaged about 150 hours of it. Nowadays it's great to open it once in a while, and it doesn't suffocate you by sending random notifications. It is a great. I've been playing sudoku since I was a kid. The easier ones are just relaxing to solve. If you're into more, this app provides you with a number or different types of sudoku - interesting and challenging. The overlay design is convenient as well.
Great app to work the brain cells. I like the tips it gives and the different level of difficulties. I would give it 5 stars if I had more control over which ads are used. For me, some are inappropriate.
No Settings to have THE ONE TYPE OF PUZZLE I EVER USE, AUTO-OPEN upon starting app. Cannot conveniently change position of MORE THAN ONE NUMBER in the wrong place. Needed to reverse a 3 and 5 in ONE BLOCK. Impossible. Able to pull out the 3, but the 5 RELENTLESSLY STUCK. Only way to remove that 5, was HAVING TO ACTUALLY USE BACKSPACE KEY, NON-STOP, so as to delete MOST OF THE NUMBERS I'D SET. JUST QUIT whole puzzle, to start it over again.🤔 Splash Screen ads. Uninstalled.
User friendly, I like that there are very easy levels, I like that it allows for pause and highlights the number being focused on. Also, that it indicates when a number has been completed.
Lots of features have been removed. Used to be able to go into a "training mode" and the game would walk you through an entire puzzle of your choice on how to fill it in. You could also used to choose which puzzle you wanted rather than a random one from each difficulty. Why remove good features?
My the favorite game. Every day I send a couple of hours playing this game. I like game's grafic and colours.
Once I learned how to play, I really got into it. I like this app a lot, the color coding is really helpful.
This is very helpful. And I enjoyed to play this game. I will recommend you to play this game. This is helpful for fast searching mistakes and numbers. It's very important to fast learning And yeah there are many other options to play different level and also online.But in this game you passed up to 20 levels then you will get coins.but it takes more time to play all levels .
Ok play, but the adverts at the end are annoying for the timeout and when they occur during the game are disruptive, especially if you hit the wrong icon to get rid of it, then you can only close the app. Have considered deleting, but the game is ok.
It's very friendly and helps to really get into the game to solve it. Thanks for making such a lovely free game. Best wishes,
Was a good game until they put this add in that freezes the game and makes it so you can't see your time any more.. time for a sudoku
Challenging!! Helps focus and calm my mind after a long day of "mental multitasking". Perfect right before bedtime or while enjoying an afternoon cigar. From beginner to maven, this game is for you...
The ads are minimal making the game playable, the fact that its playable offline to avoid the ads is a plus.
Didnt like the puzzle check under the #9.. but then i figured out how to move it. Love the puzzle again.
Had this app installed for many years. The recent change to placing adds after every single puzzle, many of them with annoying audio and most unable to be skipped for five seconds, makes the app unusable. I can deal with ads, the devs need to make money, but audio enabled ads which override the app's sound settings are a deal breaker for me
the hint system is very good, and I personally like the app's feature to create a custom puzzle... a majority of sudoku apps out there simply don't have this much needed features...kudos developers!
No good pencil marking. Ads too annoying. But if you're into challenges with community and stuff like coins to earn, I highly recommend this...😑
Good fun, though at times, the medium level puzzles are rather easy. Or perhaps that's the time of day I'm peaking.
I don't play online, but I have found the hints instructive and they have enabled me to move to higher levels of puzzle. Thanks.
Excellent controls for entering numbers in the way you want. Puzzles are properly formatted (symmetrical) unlike so many other games available. Love this!
I enjoyed this game but the adds are a real nuisance. Too much time spent while the same boring video is repeated before you see the next tip etc.
Sometimes advertisement appears suddenly and corrupts my mind. When I write some small numbers in square according to probabilities it refuse to accept same number in same raw,column or square !!!!
You cant reverse labels and red crosses if you unintentionally click 'tips/help' button. So irritating
I like the idea that you can put your own puzzles in and solve them. If you use help as I do to solve harder and harder, help does not like pencil numbers in more than one cell and tells you which are right and wrong. Fix that and I would give it five stars.
Straight away requests to invade your privacy, get all your private data, and send you adverts.... Or PAY TO NOT RECIEVE Adds. But will still collect your data.. Not on my phone you don't....
I have generally enjoyed this app very much. The controls are easy to use on a phone, as opposed to many apps that are clunky unless played on a tablet. My only real complaint is the functionality of their ads. The lendingtree ads lock up the game, forcing a restart. At that point, the lendingtree ad is the only one you will see unless you restart your phone. Even that wouldn't be that annoying if it didn't prevent your from seeing your ranking for that board.
Love this game. Played hundreds of times; stats are very helpful and appreciated. No hang-ups, no problems.
Good controls, nice format options, smooth play without any glitches, minimal ads, would recommend to anyone.
Great game, I play every time I have a few minutes. I love it. I play medium level which for me at 77 keeps the brain ticking over nicely.
I wish there was an erase button, rather than the multiple click on the error. Old review. New version has button.
Why am I seeing numbers in bold? Can I have them in normal font? I don't like this bold numbers. After a looong time I installed the app and disappointed with the bold numbers.
One of the best Sudoka apps I have had the pleasure of playing. Love the very helpful hints especially when playing the Very Hard category. I have learnt a lot from the hints especially identifying the very complex combinations that help eliminate neighbouring numbers. Thanks guys.
Very fun. You can add notes on possible numbers a box is and when you're done? If there is a row and box wrong it highlights it for you. Lots of levels so you don't get bored too.
Ads come up on the bottom of the screen half way thru the games and shrink the size of the puzzle on the screen making it hard to see without glasses. You'd think the app writers would not sacrifice their game at the price of the ads.. Wrecks it for me.
Love the game but not being timed or hint flashing. I find it stressful. Just want to enjoy the game at leisure.