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Sudoku for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fassor located at Codiert GmbH In den Birkenäckern 20 64291 Darmstadt Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Uninstalled because really annoying uncloseable ads. Too bad. Other than that would be best of sudoku apps I've tested this far. (Which is two total including this one.)
great apps.....helps me divert time and keeps me in toes as for logic in mathematical way...great job.....
This app has Joe Biden ads that the end of every game. It irritates me to no end. If they are going to play ad for one canidate, they should play ads for Trymp. Remove political ads and any ad having to do with BLM the new black KKK.
I love this game. I will never ever uninstall this. You can start with VERY easy for new starters then it has a medìùm which has less numbers at the start and lastly you are offered VERY hard which is what it says. I'm very good at all of them so i play whatever my mood fancies. You will be the same....
Will not allow me to compare my times. Says I need to sign in to Google Play. Google Play says I am signed in and will updaye my timrs when I sign out. Who cares what it upfayrs if I can not see them. At least it has no started making me watch videos between games. which is why I quit the Suduka I had used for years, until they started with ads between games.
The game allows for cheats. The leader boards have guys who have done it in less than 2 minutes, which is impossible. Just punch any number in any square, and yet it cannot be filled up in 30 seconds.
Im a sudoku beginner and this app has taught me how to play effectively and efficiently in just a few days as well as not penalised heavily for making errors (as all the others I have tried do), only a very small time penlty. Also, the ads only appear when the game is paused and I have never had a pop up or sound ad. Great app!
You can follow a trail in error till it sticks and check progress it shows errors and doesn't bomb out also if you spot an error you can change any tiles to correct just takes longer
I really like this game. It helps you to use y your brain. it has 3 levels so when you understand the first leg el you can go to the next.
I only play "Very Hard". If you need to guess you can 'verify' which tells you if you have guessed right or wrong, which is what I would call ' cheating '.
Fassor Sudoku has errors in the game. Twice when I filled in eight of the nine spots in a squareand there's only one possible answer for the ninth square this game told me the answer was wrong.it did not highlight any of the other answers in the squares as wrong even though some of them had to be if the last dancer I could put in with wrong. I wonder if they're running some kind of psychological experiment.
It's a decent Sudoku puzzle...just don't pay any attention to the easy, medium, hard and very hard. Basically, they're random. The easy can be way more challenging than the very hard. There are some puzzles where you will have to make a guess or three to solve. Since most of the puzzles are challenging and there is rarely a truly easy one, I like the game for it's challenge.
Very easy to see and correct errors before ads.pop up. Great way to use time wisely, while waiting for appointments or air travel.
The only app I've found that really gives you control over the assists that you get. Would give 5 stars if it gave a bit of vibration feedback while placing numbers; app feels "dead" without that.
you totally nerffed this game with this update. Now it's not challenging at all and very easy to complete. It's just for fun now, not to improve your brain knowledge. (idiots)
A very well designed app. It could be more challenging on the higher levels, but it's otherwise exactly what I hoped for: simple, clean, with relatively unobtrusive ads.
I have used and enjoyed this app for years. I exclusively use the dark mode. Recently I updated it any you changed the user interface (fonts, etc.) and I must say, I really, really, really prefer the old one. It was much easier to read and the background was darker. The new one pencil Mark's are too hard to see . At least now, when in dark mode you dont get a bright splash screen, but I would like the old UI back.
I hate how the screen goes off after a couple of moments while contemplating. get rid of that "feature". its obnoxious.
Been told by my best friend that this is the best Sudoku available. It is definitely better than any others I have tried. But, when I make a mistake, and catch it too late, if that digit is used up......
given levels do not correspond to actual level of difficulty. tools/features are adequate. Big negative is now a pop up occurs when game is complete.
Only thing that feels like it s missing is a more interactive competitive scene if something could be done to allow us to challenge other users in any way, then the game would have a perfect score across the board. Thank you for this great game!
I use this frequently and enjoy it. Is ten minutes a good guide time for the medium puzzles? It would be nice to have such a guide.
Decent but easy to accidentally enter wrong number. Ad supported but not too annoying. Overall this is a pretty good free Sudoku app to try and see if you like it, but there are much better ones that cost a small fee.
good game, but night mode is completely unplayable. there is no background shading or bolded lines to indicate the different parts of the board (unlike day mode, which has shading to show the 3×3 boxes), which makes it very difficult to track where my rows and columns are and causes eyestrain.
Very basic app. Like solving pen-and-paper puzzles with the only benefit of easy deletion. No automatic candidate update. (Eg a cell is determined as value "2", say. Any "2" pencil marks in other region sharing cells is not automatically erased) The difficulty level of the hardest level equates that of the easiest level of many other Sudoku apps. Okay for Sudoku newbies....
Since the last update I have been facing several bugs with the app restarting and the game progress getting deleted over and over again just within some seconds...
Love it its addicting and you can choose your level and try to keep beating ur times best sudoku i have found.
I don't care how fast I do the puzzles, I never beat the clock. Still fun. Keeps your brain sharp. I'm going to keep trying to beat there clock. Challenge accepted!
For an off line game, it sure uses a lot of datta. Could it be the adds I am forced to watch until I can close them. Five seconds after every single game? Come on. I guess I can find something else..
The levels are random sometimes easy have really tough ones and sometimes very hard have really easy ones. The game is simple and ad only pop after a level is complete.
It is an interesting app. Regarding the advertisement, if I feel annoyed about it, I do like a lot of users.... I play a game offline if it is possible (like this one). Suggestion: It would be great if the "mistakes" were highlighted without penality (w/o having to validate). Thanks.
Look, this Sudoku game is awesome. I was playing this game and felt so grateful at how wonderful it is that I had to come here and write and review and give it five stars. Like, first of all, it's an offline game. I installed it on my other phone that has bad WiFi connection and I just would play this game on that phone and it's such a wonderful experience. Everything about this game is right. This game can tell u if there r mistakes or there isn't mistakes. The aesthetics of this game-perfect
my go to sudoku app. it is simply the game. i hate downloading apps of classic games and there are a whole bunch of bells and whistles on it.
I love the game. However I would like to see how am I really doing compared to other players. It has been made impossible us some players cheated and now their scores are around 30 sec even for the hardest ones. If you can somehow deal with this it would be 5.
Very good, well-designed game, I love to play this version. Haven't seen an ad yet, and I've played a lot. Recommended!
I love playing sudoku! I think its a fun game. I love how there is barely any adds i only saw a couple ads throughout my experience!
Not my favourite Sudoku, for sure. I'd prefer a larger grid and a highlight of the rows/columns of the selected number I input. Also thicker rules around the 9 grids would make it easier to see them, right now they tend to blend together.
A feature I'd like to see is to lock in my progress, sometimes I accidentally tap the wrong square. I know there is the undo button. A similar feature is to save the state and be able to restore back to this state if I find I've made a mistake. Another handy feature would be a hint to fill in a square. There's also a small problem. If you come back to finish a game it asks if you want to resume it, if you tap outside the prompt it will close the prompt and you can no longer resume the game.
Maybe I'm just dumb but I can't figure out how to use the notes. I can't find any sort of button or option to switch to notes. I'm deleting the app and getting a different one because if that. Other than that, overall decent gameplay if you don't mind not being able to use notes
The hard and very hard puzzles are in fact medium level compared to some other sudoku. Good for beginners but not for others. Is it meant that way ?
I tried a couple of Sudokus before and this App is rhe best. I highly recommend the 'night mode' as it is easy on the eyes.
I really love this app, but recently almost every ad is Joe Biden. I will stop using this app until after the election.
Great app as I'm learning how to play this game. Also adds are there but really short so not a problem Great to be able to check your game is correct as you go !
Lowering my score because some paused games delete significant progress. I've had to pause a game a few times and when I go back the app asks me if I want to continue saved game. I say yes but notice all my work hasn't been saved and have to redo significant amount of work and the timer continues. It's very frustrating. If this isn't fixed I'll have no choice but to switch to another Sudoku app.
Puzzles with more than one solutions are not good SUDOKU, but this app have many with more than one solutions.
the numbers are much too small. I get eye strain trying to use it. It's a shame as the game is well developed in other respects.
good app, but i had one that would grey out the numbers you had completed filling in. i wish this had that.
Keys pressed do not always react, sometimes have to press 3 or 4 times. Unable to save a snapshot to revert back to for trying a combination. Otherwise good
Maybe have the level you're working on at the top of the screen, for reference. Helps when you resume a few days later & can't remember which level you were attempting. Otherwise great
Not at feature loaded as another app I tried but also doesn't suck the battery. Once I got used to some of the features I really prefer the interface. Good simile to a paper puzzle for how it operates; gives me the options to note things but doesn't have baby bumpers to protect me from logic flaws. I like that.
Too many of the very hard puzzles require guesswork rather than logic. And it is increasingly difficult to clear the ad after each game.
I like this game, but grey notes never left if a number was marked in a square and had to be removed manually which is annoying, and tedious, but I supposed it makes it more challenging... still uninstalling though. Good attempt, and night mode is great, but too dark. the grid blends in and there is no real way to tell when one starts and another begins.
Started playing it yesterday, already hooked. Must say, with my disability, it makes for good challenges...
People use bots, to cheat! The leaderboards are filled with people having exact same times of 30.01 and 30.02, on very hard! That is impossible! It takes the world record holder 1:30, or so, to solve one, that is very hard. Fix this, to where it is fair, where people can't cheat, and I'll give you five stars.
Nice Sudoku, can be hard to read-wish the main "cube" division lines were darker. Also, the color choices are dark (red, blue, green) making it difficult to see the numbers sometimes. Also penalized for everything (checking to see if any numbers are wrong I understand, but highlighting the number to see it easier shouldn't be a penalty--and I tried all 3 colors!!). Ads after each game when attached to the internet.
Nice App. Easy to start a game and navigate through. I like how its not over complicated. There are just enough features to enjoy the puzzles without tons of ads or compromising the screen size. I like it.
Just got the last update for this app and none of the assistants work anymore. No greyout No highlights No no anything. Even though all the boxes are ticked. Leave good enough alone for christ sake. Doesn't even rate one star.
very good, light and works fine with nice settings. It doesn't have crayon full fill and newer version is missing penalty time.
Very nice, as it allows one to play on his own level and does not plague the player with unwanted ads. A good way to spend your free time.
great app, i use it daily, had no idea how to play sudoku, so the fact that there is difficulty levels has been helping me in many ways. great work! will continue to use for many more moons to come.
The puzzles seem to be ranked about right (easy, medium, hard ). Gives a choice of kill some time up to challenge yourself. It works well and I've enjoyed playing for several years. And it's not all garbaged up like some of the others. I like it.