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Sudoku Free

Sudoku Free for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Been playing this for years now as a way to relax. Ads seem like they are getting longer between games (before your can close them), but the features are nice and at least the ads don't pop up during the game! For a free sudoku app, it's pretty good.
Enjoying this game. Of course it's a basic sudoku game, and this allows you to choose a difficulty level. I have not encountered any glitches.
It's a really good free app. It's not at all intrusive with its adds and has 5 difficulties with 500 puzzles per difficulty. Great app for wasting some spare time
There should be a way to clean away the partially done sudoku and turn back to the time zero in order to start it over again.
This has been one of my favorite apps for years..but now I can't play it. What is with the FLASHING background and numbers all the sudden? Have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still won't stop. Instant migraine!
The 5-01-20 OS update solved the puzzle freeze when ads started. Thanks from AI Factory support for some workarounds before the OS System updated. This is a very good puzzle.
Basic sudoku game, but hard to tell what numbers have been completed when not in an empty cell. Colors are such that it is difficult to work with. I enjoy other gamea from this developer, but this one is not worth the trouble of installing.
Everyone has their own unique routine while solving the puzzle. I am able to feel comfortable with how I choose to work each puzzle. 😀
Used to love this app, but ads have become extraordinarily obtrusive. They used to pop up in the program, but now they open either a browser, or the app store each time. It's scummy at best, and possibly dangerous. I definitely don't trust the app maker to decide what is safe for me to visit, assuming they exercise oversight at all.
This app is illegally accessing my volume control. Their ads play the loudest sound even when my phone is on silent mode and 0 volume on ALL volume controls INCLUDING MEDIA VOLUME. I was not born yesterday.
Beautiful, cleanly and competently working interface, good graphic design sense. Possibly the prettiest free Sudoku app. 3 stars for recent spike in obnoxiously placed full screen ads.
So far I really like it, doing puzzles in order.There are a few faulty puzzles that can't be solved,testing having been improperly done,obviously. Don't just assume it's all OK. I was wrong about this. I am back to going in order, from puzzle #1 to #122 so far. This is a great Sudoku app. I highly recommend it.
great game features. From the hint feature I've learned how 2 play better. & the ads R appropriately done, not in your face as most "free" stuff does. Rather than straight out avoid & ignore I've actually looked at the ads & downloaded a few. Kudos 2 both the program & the way it's packaged.
Frustrating digit entry: cell first method requires two clicks, on the cell then on a digit at screen bottom. That gets old really fast. There should be a digit first option, to allow entry with just a single click.
Love the multiple levels. Most difficult is truly difficult, but possible. Timing how long to completion lets user track progress. Overall, well done, especially compared to other sudoku apps.
Well, its sudoku... well executed. The highest difficulty is still doable without having to evaluate on more than one level. There always is at least one place where you can start to unravel the puzzle. No idea if it would be fun solving a sudoku where there is no way to deduce the first number, but I'd like to try.
Love playing this game. It has different difficulty levels, easy to see board and options to use small numbers while trying to figure out what number goes in the box. I love all the games from this company, AI Factory Limited, and have them downloaded. The boards are great, cards easy to see and non distracting.
It's ok. The one I like has diff colors for each number, but couldn't find for this phone. Will keep looking.
I love that you can choose your own level of challenge. There is no gimmick that can keep you from winning. Your game is saved so you can come back to it any time. It is a great way to spend a few minutes a day to keep your mind active.
I like that all like numbers light up when you place a number. I also appreciate being able to change the appearance of the board. Two big cons kind of ruin the game for me, though. For one, instructions for play are terrible. I had a hard time just figuring out how to play. Also, it would help a lot if--when you place a number--all like numbers in notes in adjoining rows & columns would disappear. You waste too much time removing them manually.
Constantly crashing. Have played this game for years and always loved it. Now it is freezing up and crashing constantly. Not sure if it's ad related but seems to happen most when it's loading a new ad.
I'm sorry but I can't cope with the presentation of this game, it's just awful. I've tried changing the setup but it's just not going to work. Its too fuzzy and smudgy for me. Therefore I am uninstalling.
fun, but more memory intensive because you can't distinguish a tentative single assignment from a certain one unless it introduces a conflict.
I've played this game for a long time & thoroughly enjoy it, until yesterday when it keeps crashing every time I open it. I've tried everything. Any ideas please?!! I've rated it 5 as up until now it's been A1
Excellent game app. Different levels to help you progress, or for when you don't have much time and just want a quick game.
Excellent game. Been enjoying it for years so when I renewed my phone, it was the first app I downloaded
Nice UI. I used to consider this a 5* game but now ads getting too intrusive to enjoy. The game used to work flawlessly on my galaxy s7 but crashes on startup on my new pixel 5.
Is ok ui is fine and ads arent too annoying would buy if they had google play integration, after switching devices i had to start all over again :( Edit: This is not a useful 'solution, with my old phone rendered as useful as a paperweight and their response is alienating to anyone not tech savvy . As a software developer myself i know that there are API's for uploading and downloading files from the users drive, so whats the hold up?
My go-to Sudoku app. No fuss, no iaps, and a good price to get rid of ads. Had this app over 2-3 phones. Even the free version is fine imo, the ads arent excessive or intrusive.
Keeps crashing, causing phone to lock up. Have to hit Samsung back key more than 3x to get out of app. They have known of this for months and have developed no solution. Email I see in other reviews is identical to the one I received months after those posts. So many other sudoku apps to choose from. My money will be better spent elsewhere: I expect some continued investment of developer time to support customer base with reasonable results, especially in a sea of competitors. Disappointed!
Each new level requires a little more push. which is really challenging but when you finally figure it out, you feel good. Having the ability to enter the small possible numbers is a great help.
This is my very favourite Sudoku app. A challenge without being impossible is what I like.I made it through all 300 puzzles in the 1st level of difficulty and a few in the 2nd before my roommate accidentally uninstalled the app, so I am starting from the beginning. I do not mind,though. The challenge is on!
if you like Sudoku, then you'll love it. Nice to see "previous best" on one's you've already tried so you can come back later and try to beat your time.
Used to be good. Now there's an ad after every level. Ads and greed absolutely ruining games. Time to find something else. Blocking all AI factory games. Edit: y'all, there are FREE sudoku apps with NO ads. Do yourself a favor and uninstall this. Force AIfactory to fix their broken greed. Edit to response: i know how ads work, thanks. Why would I sit through your ads when I can get a better version with no ads???
Great version of Sudoku but it's suddenly started using masses of mobile data. 1.2Gig in about a month. Sorry, it's got to go.
Fun game! Unlike other Sudoku games which conctantly interrupt your focus on the game with ads, this Sudoku game displays the ads in a small box on top of screen while you are playing. I wish this game had a "Help" bar to click when you really couldn't solve a puzell.
No unwanted hints, or achievements for using hints, or addictive mechanics to make you watch adds. adds are unobtrusive, in a banner and between games. Just sudoku on a nice interface .
This game is not too complicated to play but does take a great deal of concentration and attention to detail. The option to make notes in the squares helps to make a very challenging game doable! I'm midway through level four and haven't encountered any mistakes in the game that would make the level unsolvable but I have made mistakes I've had to backtrack to fix.
I've been playing for years. Now all of a sudden the app keeps aborting after about 5 seconds of play. Phone restart and clear memory cache do not help.
this is my favorite sudoku. I've tried lots of others but always come back to this one. it's easy to read, the interface is easy and it offers just enough options so i have to do most of the work. (their backgammon and spades are fun too!)
The game itself is perfect. Layout and graphics are better than any other sudoku app. The inescapable video ads, though, are driving me crazy. And you can't upgrade, so you're stuck with the ads.
This is one of the best Sudoku apps out there. 5 different levels of difficulty with 300 puzzles in each. Plenty to keep you occupied and learn.
Like another user said, I've played this for years, and now, all of a sudden, it kicks me out and closes the app in the middle of the game, and it doesn't save my progress. This has happened at least 20 times over the past few weeks. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times. All of my settings and software are up to date. It's really frustrating.
I have been playing this game for years. Have been very happy even recommend it to other people. Now everytime an add pops up at the top it won't let me play anymore. Couldn't figure out how else to let you know. Fix the bugs & I'll fix this review to 5 stars where it should be.
A superior implementation of the Sudoku puzzle game. I would like to see an "auto note" feature (for when I'm feeling lazy)
Editing my review: When trying to use the app, everything freezes, I get a black screen and can't do anything but going back to my homescreen and killing the app. ****** For the past few weeks app crashes before even opening. I've been using it for a few years now, but am not able to use it any longer. I understand I'm not the only one experiencing problems with the app lately. And no. Please don't send me to look for system updates or anything like that. Everything on my device is up to date.
Clue notes need improvement. Needs to be more automatic as far as disappearing when numbers are discoveredand illuminating upon redundancy.
Playing this app for years, with ads, still think its great for sudoku players. You can turn off settings that help make it more like a book; or turn on the assistant that let's you know when you make a mistake.
Great game for relaxing! I will be upgrading to premium version but glad to report the ads dont interfere with game play in free version. Nice interface, no glitches. The "notes" section is handy. Only wish I could disable timer. 2nd game I've downloaded from this developer because of the quality. Awesome!
Best Sudoko app I've found. One of the first apps I install on every new phone. Yes, there are ads, but ONE ad per game really isn't going to ruin my day, especially when you can back out or X out of the ad after a few seconds. Thanks for being reliable all of these years - you guys have done a great job!
There is a new add called "I am legend' that suggests pornography and I find it VERY offensive. Ads are one thing but I should not have to be expose to ads like this!
Easy to play even difficult puzzles. Ads are not too intrusive. I wish there was a pay version. Thanks for the update instructions: very good. I no longer want ads to support my use of software. Thanks for the pay option.
I would like the ability to put a single "quick note" in a square, but apart from that a very good app.
Poorly designed controls make the game cumbersome and annoying. In the highest level it took me more time to fill in the notes (21 minutes) than to complete the puzzle (20 minutes): it's also too simple! The most annoying features? Notes don't highlight when selecting a number, when I start removing notes of a selected number that number is no more highlighted, when I find the right number for a call and enter it the notes in that cell do not disappear. Why not fill in the notes automatically?
Nice to be able to put several numbers in a square to figure it out. Would have been nice for more instructions on that, but I figured it out. Nice brain exercise!
There are far better sudoku apps than this one -- not having the ability to switch off the timer and not having an auto-note function are both deal killers for me.
Have been playing Sudoku Free on both my Samsung phone & ASUS tablet for a couple of years, and love it! Yes, it has a few ads but they're short & easy to close. The levels are easy to set and change, so if I need a quick game while I'm waiting in the doctor's office, I can bring one up. Or, if I feel like challenging myself, I can pop the level up. What's not to love for a free game???
Used to love this app, but for the past few weeks it has been frequently freezing shortly after the app is started. Sometimes the app just closes
Well done game. I enjoy the Free version. I enjoyed it enough to consider the Paid version (i.e., to dispense with the ads). Problem is, I can't find any disclosure concerning the cost. I'm going to give this game 3-stars until I find out what the cost is. I will happily revise my review if the cost disclosure is made, but for now I do want to mildly dissuade people from purchasing the Paid version of this game.
I love this game. I used to play it with a pencil in the little booklets that they have until I found a digital app. I like how this one has a area for your notes I really enjoy playing this game.
Free, multiple options, great learning tools, such as 5 levels of difficulty and the ability to have "notes" turned on or off (when your confidence grows, you won't need the help)
Good, but flawed. I also managed to trigger the flaw that will not stop the timer, puzzle 6, difficult 4
Rewarding and mind stimulating 11APR20 I believe that some on level 4 may not have be set up correctly.. but I have no way of verifying In your updates can you either add completed table Or in your hint add an option to not only what box to work on but what is the number.. Believe me a few I have worked and reworked them but come up not solving👍 Thanks
Game is great but once the advertising started ignoring the do not disturb settings and blasted out sound even though the phone is muted, decided to remove it.
good product, i miss an option to completely reset the game to the start value. just changed my opinion from 4 to 5 stars, this is because the developers responded almost instantly. perfect show of support.
Excellent game and user friendly. I have installed it on every new phone. Finished it a few times and always seems to become more challenging after a fresh install once at level 5.
I have had this game for years. Love it. Recently I'm having issues with the game flashing different colors. The background, number buttons, etc. It's very distracting and I am thinking about not playing for a while. Has something changed? If not could you please let me know what may be happening. Thx!
Very simple to use and adequately challenging for many levels. Wish there was a color for cells that only have one number in them but have not yet been solved.
I have played this game for years, always loved it. I was pretty far along when the app started freezing. Tried everything till i finally reinstalled it. That didnt fix the problem and deleted my progress. I guess im done. I appreciate the game, but this is the second time it started freezing. Tired of starting over.
This is a very nice app; I am enjoying it. However, Quicknotes could use some work. It is not possible to have just one number in the quicknotes format on screen, so when I delete the second number, the remaining provisional number looks like I have decided that's the correct number for that square. I have had to restart the puzzle a few times because of the mistakes this causes. apart from that, very slick, thank you.
I simply love this app. That is, I used to. Great interface and a lot of puzzles. But now on my new Nokia 6.2 (Android One) once completed puzzles seem to reset randomly. I started level 1, puzzle 1 and so on. No some earlier finished puzzles are reset. So I do them again (I want to complete them all) and then other puzzles "vanish". What can that be? The app has permission to the storage. Update (march 8) It seems that the main memory of my phone is damaged. Thanks for the support (by mail).
I would really like ad free. But didn't seem available. The game is great but the ads detract and distract.
Love this game! It seems to get harder as I learn it, which pushes me to play more. I started on level 2 since I had some experience and have worked my way up to level 4 so far, and looking forward to 5!
I really like the UI for this game & the paid version is even better because I don't have to deal w/ads!
I have used this app for long time. I did not mind short ads. Now ads take longer than the game. Just so you, the developers, know: I did not buy whatever you advertized before, and won't buy in the future. So by making these ads so long you irritate a long time user, make me switch to a different app, and force me to give you a bad review. Seems like a poor business model
number is added asa note only if r added more then one number at atime, if I'm adding one number it will be big by default which is confusing
I've only just downloaded the app and it seems great. The ads are not irritating and the game format great!
Really enjoy the game. Entire effort is well executed. There is a bug in timing the games however. If you pause a game, and resume it the next day but at an earlier hour, the elapsed game time is absolutely wrong. It only affects statistics, not the play, so no big deal. Just a minor annoyance.
Great sudoku game, the best around and have it installed on all my tablets and phone. Don't find the ads intrusive either.
I enjoyed this game until it was updated and the background began flashing. This has become a distraction and now I dislike the game. I'm sad about this, because it used to be my favorite game. I will be deleting it from my phone. I hope you're able to ignore the flashing. I wasn't.
Whilst it is a well laid out game, easy to use, I now find the adverts too intrusive. They used to be acceptable (you expect adverts from a free app), but now they are far too intrusive as you have to wait for the advert to play for some time before you can move on to another level. Very disappointed. I used this app for many years, but I am now uninstalling it.
The game is fun to play but the problem is when we complete the soduko it neither said completed nor the timer stops so your game sucks!
free app, great for beginners, as your skill advances, you can make the puzzles more difficult, then you can take off the "quick notes" function for greater challenge.
The user interface is perfect for phone game. I enjoy playing it when I have 5 to 10 minutes to burn while waiting. Ad placement between games is a nice but some of the ads are not polite and make it difficult to return to start a new game. Not the game's fault.
I really like the flexibility (fonts, # of games/skill levels), and ability to write notes or # combinations on the board.
I believe you will like this app if you are a serious Sudoku player. The easy levels are good for learning as mistakes are easy to correct and the expert level can be a real challenge.
great game. pop up ads only come up when you finish a game. sometimes a couple. be sure to turn off sound or add noise can be embarrassing.