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Sudoku - Classic Puzzle Game

Sudoku - Classic Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Pink Pointer located at Rua Domingos Turato, 166 - Campinas, SP, Brazil CEP 13098-587 - Loteamento Parque dos Alecrins. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Used to love this game but not it gives you ads after everything you do. Clicked on the wrong level and want to go back to the menu? You get an ad
Most times when I open the app, and try to click play game, then what difficulty I want, then the app has this awful dreaded loading screen that never loads. I've restarted my phone and reopened the app and is still doing the same thing. Time to download a different Sudoku app then. It was good until it lasted but I don't have the patience to not play a game of sudoku.
Excellent game, better platform. It does have annoying ads only at the bottom but you learn how to not click them. You can use airplane mode to block ads altogether but I bought the option to remove ads cause I like this app and the developer deserves his $3. Some tips: When stuck, make guess, use error finder. It's cheating but use on your own judgment. If 2 or 3 empty boxes in a 3x3 are all lined up with no other empties, the missing numbers will still eliminate boxes in nearby 3x3s
Best Sudoku game by far You can check for mistakes, you can get as many errors as you like... and it's free. Yes... the clues are a bit... "it can only contain one number"; I mean... meh. Overall it's a great game to play when you're bored
Based on my positive experience of the Kakuro app of the same developer, I downloaded the Sudoku version of the same. The UI is similar and all features and customisations are almost identical. Advertisements are a nuisance but are a necessary evil. The price for the ad free version is negligible though. Kudos to the developers.
This is a decent game and the adds aren't overbearing like other games. It has an annoying interface though and I plan to delete it.
Although it is perfect but needs improvement. When certain candidate is entered is a cell, it is not removed from rows & column automatically
It's an awesome game for time pass, especially for the people who like challenges. All of you guys should try this out.
It is a great app 👉📱 and also good for me but the only mistake in this is that if we ask in the settings that HOW TO PLAY it just tell in a order that is not understood by the beginners who are playing sudoko for the first time. These are the only things why I gave it 4 ⭐ otherwise the graphics and the gameplay is so good 👍 ....
It's one of the most refreshing game for me. I find the game very useful to distress myself and concentrate at one place. The application is easy going and I haven't faced any problems yet. Thankyou to the team to build such an amazing and user-friendly app. 😃
I could give this 4.5 stars, but too many ads. The 30 second video ads that you cant back out of are pathetic. It used to be few and far between, but the more you play the more videos you're force to sit through. Probably will end up uninstalling.
After the recent update, PinkPointer became an advertising agency rather than game. Although, few cents would remove adds but frequency of adds can be decreased. It will be appreciated. You were one of the best and for now game became annoying 😢😭
Played every puzzle in the game. Add heavy, but I get that devs gotta eat. (And, of course, while I never took the option, there is an in-app-purchase to remove ads.) Gameplay is fantastic with a huge toolkit of ways to automate your puzzle-solving experience or make it as feature-free as a paper puzzle, depending on your preferences. Good game.
I love this game. I just a wish a "custom game" Feature is added. With which we can solve puzzles other than already present in the app. For eg. Newspaper sudoku, we can enter that puzzle in the app and solve here. :)
good app. a lot of levels with different difficulty, nice theme, possibility to change numbers color, ads is not annoying. and there's is no any timers or some similar stuff - solve puzzle as you want/can - nothing limits you.
Love all the features. Evil level is challenging and I appreciate that! Also when I finish all the Evil games, I uninstall and reinstall so I can play them all again. It's easier than clearing them 1 by 1.
Everything is Great. But please just change to dark logo during starting the app. I play sudoku during night in Dark mode sometimes and whenever I open the app, the pink pointer logo is so bright for me. It is kinda annoying. Other than that no issues whatsoever. I even paid for this app...so I'd really appreciate it if the logo at the beginning is also changed to Dark mode.
This sudoku it's almost perfect. It will be perfect if notes at rows and lines erased when you put the number . For example if I have 3 notes with number 5 and I put in a cell the number 5 it should erase all other notes of number 5 in the same row. Thanks
I enjoy the games but there hasn't been any new hard content for a long time. Would enjoy some new games.
Not for me. The interface is a disaster and, in turn, the gameplay is incredibly more difficult because of it. I hate that pencil marks are not eliminated automatically once a number is found; I also dislike very much how numbers are highlighted: a small circle of the same colour as everything else around the pencil mark instead of the whole cell. The actual solving wouldn't be that bad but I just had to abandon this app after a few minutes because my eyes were crisscrossing. Needs improving.
I like this. A nice Sudoku game with a variety of different levels for any difficulty. My only criticism is that it would be nice once you input a number, any notes that are no longer needed or clash with that number are automatically cleared. If it had this this would be 5 stars.
Not looking for a ton out of a sudoku app, but this one has been great for me. Game play is simple and straightforward, and the interface is clean looking. There are a handful of settings, including a much appreciated dark mode.
Very good game but after the last update I can't play because the advertising was all the time all over the game so I uninstall it.
This is the most simple, straightforward sudoku app I've found. Tons of puzzles, not too many ads, and no annoying push notifications begging you to beat your friends' scores or whatever. Thank you Pink Pointer! Great job.
Easy to navigate, you can choose how many hints you want, and I like the wording of the puzzles' difficulties😁
I can't open it anymore. It just closes automatically. I also had problems with ads that take the whole space of the screen, and you can't close them, you just have to close the app and open it again. It's a bad experience.
Out of say. I'm a big fan of this game. It is mental refresment for me. One of the best game for me. Not only, but also beter in the best. It help me to bring up from all stress, and make sincere. Amazingly it’s free. Need no more Battery charges. No hidden cost. No internet. This puzzle make sharper to thinking anything. I use it a couple years though I always impressed. A heart full thanks to the developer for make it easy & simple but crispy. I'm loving it madly deeply and truly.
DO NOT GET. This app has very intrusive long pop-up ads, not to mention the distracting ad at the top while you play the game. There are better Sudoku games to get.
Simple and clean, can definitely guide you or leave you to your own devices. The difficulties that they have are pretty true to form, and the advertisements aren't overpowering when you are playing. I think it may be a little cool to compare timing scores or have a sort of random daily but currently, there is a large selection to go through and it feels almost never ending.
This game gives me loads of entertainment. This game not only fixes my brain but also gets along with me. I can't wait to see more levels!
The new ad for "Empire & Puzzles" has ruined this game for me and I will be deleting Sudoku shortly after this review. You allowed this ad to have the close "x" so far in the corner that it's impossible to close. So you have to play their trial game everytime to continue using the sudoku app. It's a waste of my time and frustrating. I understand the reason for including the ad but not able to opt out of playing is unbearable, especially after the 10x doing so. Very disappointed.
Terrible 30 second unskipable ads. Just got into the game I opened previously and the ad played. Then I got a spinning wheel and the game wouldn't continue, something got stuck (also started counting from 0:00). I tried backing out of it and I got another 30 second ad. Would give it a nicer score but the ads made it 0/5, though I'm forced to give you 1/5.
This app has been overtaken by intrusive Trump ads that take over the screen randomly during the game and require closing the app and restarting in order to continue the game. Uninstalling now. Do not install!
The size of letters in the game is small and thin. Moreover, filling is also not convenient due to the possibility of two counts in a single square removing the one desired to be retained.
There are other Sudoku games that are more user friendly. Too complicated a process to select field first then enter number. Better to select number and touch the fields you want populated. Complicated switching between selected and draft selection.
Forget it, cant get psst the ",select difficulty", not difficult, just impossible. I only give it 1star because I cant post zero.
Simple, with a lot of content. Has ads though. Overall, good time waster when offline, looking for something to stay entertained.
EDIT: 5 Stars! 4 hours ago the update to Google web view state crashing many apps which affected this one as well. After uninstalling their updates, your app works just as it always has!!!!!