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Sudoku for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by ScieNext. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Quick and easy, minimalistic and it has a lot pf puzzles, don't need anything else to solve some sudoku puzzles when bored.
It's simple and easy to use, shows the times that takes to solve and it highlights if you put an number in the wrong place. Actually it's easier than solving sudoku on a paper, I'm getting addicted to itπŸ˜‚
Just a suggestion: would it be too much of a giveaway if, instead of greying just the line and column of a selected instance of a number, the app marked line, column and square of all occurrences of the number? Hmm? πŸ˜‡ And a question: is puzzle 9:28 actually solvable by logic, rather than trial and error?
I really like this game,first I copy in a paper later I do it and if its correct I copy it in this application but some times if I can't do it I tell to my self that this game is incorrect but next day I erase it and its correct.. i really like this game πŸ‘πŸ‘
Good game a level above Very Hard say Expert would be good, as I've completed all the very hard games. Used the Random Hard game would still like some thing more of a challenge.
Even the very hardest are way too easy & when turning on pencil, the highlighted, similar cells become unhighlighted.
I was playing this game for so many years and was liking it so much. I gave 5 stars before before i get the ads while playing, and the supportive staff did a great job. Thanks the best game and best team of developers
Perfect. It is everything a sudoku game should be like, no other sudoku app I've downloaded satisfied me like this one. It's super customizable, you can choose to have a timer or not and also they have customizable themes as well. Highly recommended.
Easy to use and can backtrack or reset games when you've made an error. Also allows you to put multiple numbers in a square. Some ads but not as bad as many other similar games.
free. minimal ads. simple and clean. works well. LOTS of boards to play. And I really enjoy the dark mode, so I can play a game if I can't fall asleep. Best out of a few sudoku games i've tried.
Have had to uninstall as game options no !Inger function as described. Worked great yesterday but has gone caput today.
This is by far the best sudoku game there is. It gives you the option to show u ur mistakes or not unlike other games. There is no ads. Exepet for the bottom. And there is 4,445 different puzzles of all difficulty levels combined. They add 1 more puzzle per day. So it keeps growing. My only problem with this game is that it's very easy to miss click ruining the pencil markings. You just have to pay attention. Amazing game.
Its simply the greatest pass time while keeping your reflective and intuitive abilities in check! Love it!
Nice sudoku app with less complicated ui and good options, good part is no much ads, ease of access, one thing I feel to good to have is trail and error mechanism. like, if we have two options of numbers for a cell, if we have an option of grayed/highlight that number, will play further and see if its wrong, then its easy to erase that number, undo option will erase all the numbers added after that, please give a try
More than half of the games in this app are wrong. Placements of numbers don't add up correctly. There are spaces where, no matter which number you put, it will be repeated either horizontally, vertically or in the square box. So you just won't be able to complete those puzzles. Other than these faulty ones, it is fun to play on this app.
Better than most of not all the others. Numbers aren't so close together that you constantly sre httitng the wrong one, only do this on occasion. Big pet peeve for me is the constant adding of an additional second how the timer when the screen clearly shows I completed the puzzle in one less.
While selecting any digit, all rows & column of that perticular digit should be highlighted as an option.
I greatly enjoy this app. It has many options for both the beginner and the expert. Load it and give it a try.
Pro: tons of puzzles, of different levels. Highlighting by number, Pencil marks Con: When highlighting a number, it only shows boxes with a decision :( it does *not* highlight pencil marks of that number. This makes it much more difficult to see patterns and work out logic. I would suggest adding a Settings option: "Include pencil marks in highlighting? Yes/No" That would raise the app to a 5 IMO. Thanks
The only thing that I don't like is when I have perfectly good lay out but it doesn't match their answers. Other than that I love this game. It's very relaxing.
It seems to me that, there must be a provision of minimum number of error counting.And after such number of error game will be dismissed
I used the app on a very regular basis. Depending how you feel you can choose the difficulty level, or you can do a daily challenge. It is great that adverts don't interfere with playability.
One of the few Sudoku apps that allows you to choose which puzzle you want to play. Good for those who wants to challenge friends. The UI is simple and clean, controls are easy enough. Only complain I have is that when an ad plays, the timer of the puzzle continues running. I do have 1 request. I have finished all the very hard puzzles. Devs, please add more if possible. Thanksss.
Used to be 5 stars. Now it gets 2 because the ads have changed. Thete are unskippable ads at the beginning of the puzzle while the clock had already started, forcing me to restart each puzzle. Also the ads are extremely loud and usually have a crying baby sound, meaning that I have to have the volume off on my phone while I play to avoid weird looks from people around me.
Lots of puzzles at varying levels. Sometimes a bit too easy or difficult within the same level but overall a good mix. Get three chances of getting help when stuck, or if a novice you could switch error checking on to such a degree that you could just put in one number at a time until you get the right one!
I like the various levels of difficulty. The daily puzzle is challenging and I LOVE that I can go back and do the previous daily puzzles. This is the easiest to use, least-cluttered Sudoku app I have used.
It is not correct. Many times I faced this. This is not a proper one. You need to rectify your answers. There are bugs in your software
Fiddly input stops this being a 5 star review. Needs a sticky swipe type way of filling the notes cells Or Making it easier to select a number without changing it in the grid at the same time. Otherwise the puzzles are fantastic. Be aware of the very dodgy adverts though. Lol
love the game. to many adds. and the stupid fish game it keeps advertising plays bubble sounds constantly. gets so aggravating.
Very good version. Also display how many numbers have been placed in frame. Only problem is very loud adverts. Wakes up the person next to you.
Some of the puzzles are designed wrong and few are missing data needed to solve without using hints. There's not many of these but it gets frustrating if you're battling time. It also doesn't show the average time for each level, or the record time.
Hi If i click a number only vertical or horizontal is getting highligted. Can you add both? Suppose i am going to enter a number if alteady the row or column is also cross highlighted then i can easily desist from entering the number
Has constant ads running. Have dark mode on and playing at night? You're going to get blinded by the bright white ad flashing at the bottom of the screen. Or maybe one of the pop up ads after you complete a puzzle. May your eyes rest in peace.
Don't Mind my Message..but It's Wrongly Designed puzzles..it makes it harder to Do Correction especially I put 6-8 it keep showing red after 5 moves it Stuck at 45 minutes The game is good but with flaws
Works OK. Would like to be able to choose a number and then select a cell in addition to the current method of selecting a cell and entering a number. Also would like the program to delete pencil marks when a number is entered in an intersecting row, column, or the block.
The game is awesome, it also has daily challenges, but one thing dissatisfied me that, nos written in small hand doesn't clear automatically, after entering a right no. Due to which it takes a lot of time to solve, near about double time, what it should exactly take.
Research indicates that challenging cognitive excercises, i. e. those you have to work at, are supportive of cognitive health. This app offers multiple levels of difficulty from which one may choose. It also offers hints which I try not to use. The app also allows you to pick more challenging games as you progress.
Not that much good. Once one game completed next game should come automatically. But here v keep select.
I like Sudoku; however, it seems there is an ad AFTER EVERY game (sometimes, 2 games). The "Easy" puzzles not always so easy;careful if you have fat thumbs. Hitting the other number next to the one you mean to press is aggravating. I've changed my rating after tonight. My volume is off and yet the two different advertisements after a game blared LOUDLY made me jump out of my skin!! Email w/outfit is a joke. As is their reply below. "Be Co-operative"? Nothing but. I have been.Turned vol off, duh
I like the app, I've tried some similar sudoku game apps on playstore, but I like this more because it has so many puzzles and packs. The only problem I have is why does my phone keep rebooting in the middle of the game? It only happens when I play the game. I've checked what causes the problem. Nothing's wrong with my cache memory, I always do device maintenance, and plus my phone is android 8.0 type. Hope you could fix it soon cause I love this app. Thx.
I like this app much better than any other, the puzzles are really hard. Plus, there is a touch of being close to real life solving in soduko. The right answers won't come out, you have to solve it. It's really nice.
thinking is the most difficult work and this app help in thinking me this app is on a logic - insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
simple to use, works without any problems, but the ads became more aggressive in the lastest version - be careful when you play in a quiet place. Wish I could easily copy my results to a new phone!
Other Sudoku games auto fill boxes for you and tells you as soon as you make a mistake. This is a classic version with alot of puzzles and can be difficult
This app is fabulous but i have marked some sudoku which don't complete. In level hard there are some.
1000s of games, easy medium and hard... A must for sudoku lovers. Not much ads, not much graphics...simply great app.
Love this Soduko, have played till could't play more. Have done them all. Certainly hope I can get more of them. I've tried others but they're not a patch on yours. Thank you
Impossible to finish game. Internal game checks don't function correctly. Hints fill the correct option but game doesn't allow it.
There are s ton of games to get through! I still have a long way to go! But they are a fun way to keep my brain working
This app teaches me how to play sudoku quickly . Very Good App and thanks for including many puzzles.
I really like the app, but the ads are annoying. Once you open a puzzle then the ads starts to play but the timer is running in the backgorund. Pls fix it I like the past versions better.
My favorite! But I already finish all the game. I want to reset so I can play it again but there's no reset option. So sad :(
Great app to distract you or waste time. There are so many levels that will take a while to finish all of them. I've had it for a month or two and still havent even finished all the way easy ones.
Don't get why so many claim the developers are begging for 5 stars... I have played through several games now and never once has it even asked for a rating. I think the game has very good controls that are easy to work with, plenty of packs so as not to run out of puzzles. I'm a sucker for a good brain-buster.
Progressively difficult, patterns of layout unclear and unpredictable. All game functions work well. Unfinished games retained intact in memory with elapsed time. Only one game out of about 10 played, ended in an apparent design error. I am a beginner, but choosing medium difficulty. Perhaps more than one design solution was possible in the unresolved puzzle.
The game is great overall. The controls are smooth and notes feature is nice. Just there are is a bug that requires fixing, whenever you see number of levels completed on pack screen (near pack name), it shows a number greater. For eg. I just conpleted a pack, so on the screen showing packs, it shows - Pack 1 (31/30) If it would get resolved, it would be a nice help in terms of statistics...
Fun , and mind exercising. Only downside are some adds but they're not too frequent . Only when you win or something. Also the game features supports and hints but nah. Easy playing!
Just got close to a solution on a Very Hard puzzle, only to find there were two legal solutions, the "right" one, and another just as legal. No wonder I couldn't find a way to solve Very Hard without resorting to guessing. Uninstalling.
nice game and good size, BUT the current version outright tells you whether or not ne number placement is correct even if there I no other numbers in line with it. found this glitch in past collection 10 of the hard pack.
Nice app. Happy with it. Edit 10 Jan 21: The ads are taking over my phone in totality! The video ads keep on playing, I can hear the sound coming over from the speakers even though I switched the screen off from the power button!! Deducting 3 stars.
I like Sudoku to keep my mind sharp. This app has lots of variations, but there are occasional mistakes where a number registers as an error (red) when it isn't or when a clue/hint is incorrect. Despite the font color change, I am able to play through most of them.
Love this app! Favourite sudoku app thus far! All the tools you could possibly want! SO MANY PUZZLES! minimal advertisements! Simply the best! Unfortunately, the obtuse developers are presumptuous and possibly chauvinists.. If you don't mind them assuming you're a male because you have a rare name, you'll love them and their app. πŸ˜’
Hi, its fun is that i miss a lot. fingers tips to big an i try to do it fast so the number ends up in a onther a box getting better with that,
I have tested others sudoku apps and this one in particular has been well done, is simple to use. I haven't played all the levels yet, only the hard one, and I can tell is really hard, I just missed one feature from another sudoku app, that shows how many errors you have had while playing. Besides that I'm loving it!
I finish puzzle, close it out and it says resume when I reopen each time. Why when the puzzle is completed?
Good sudoku app but in the latest update the ads have no x in the corner. So to close an ad I have to exit and open the app again.
After 2-3 different sudoku apps, I decided to try this one. It has a certain number of sudoku packet system and it helps me keep a track of how many I solve (and feel smug about it). The sudokus are difficult and really puts your gears in motion. The UI is neat but can be neater, and the themes can be improved upon. There's a google play ranking system which is nice. Although there should be one for the time taken to solve a certain puzzle as a (depending on difficulty) as a criterion too.
The games fine but it's some times unfair I tried the first pack I wasn't able to complete it one of the squares had a missing number but I couldn't place it because of another number blocking it. WAS THIS A TROLLπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ™πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
It really should be 5 stars. Great design and the list with various game optios is awesome as it allows us to choose a game we've tried before. The downside is the single line keyboard and the toggle for notes, two numbered keyboards, one for notes and one for answers is 10 times better. Lost count on how many times I got frustrated with the UI, so I just downloaded one with that feature despite this app being better.
I agree with the post that states that even the hardest are to easy. Well it's like I said. I've played numerous sudoko apps and I buy the sudoko books. Of all the apps I've played there just doesn't seem to be any that are extremely hard. I mean difficult to the point where you have to actually put a lot of thought into solving the sudoku. Hopefully my post will help the maker of this app be the one who gets to the top of the ladder in making this sudoku app the most difficult to solve app.
I tried five sudoku apps and this is the best. Instead of generating a new puzzle each time you play, it has lists of hundreds of puzzles of different difficulties that you can go back and look at once you've completed them so it feels more like working through a book. I like the sense of accomplishment I get when I see all the puzzles I've finished. This also means you never have to give up completely on a hard puzzle - just start a new one and come back to it later. Note mode is easy to use.
Knowing the game timer is running while I am watching the ads is discouraging. I suggest updating the app to start the clock after the ad... when the user may begin play.
It's almost the perfect sudoku app. I absolutely love it. I know its unavoidable to have ads cus you have to get the money somehow but i hate that the sounds of the ads are still on even though my phone is on silent. i know i can turn off the sounds off but thats after the ad already pops out. makes it hard to play in public because the sounds pf the ads are so loud! Other than that , the app is perfect and I absolutely love it. Have been playing it nonstop since I downloaded it.
great past time game, really love how It start from easy level to hard level.. Great app for sudoku lovers
The graphics are great and love controls of it and challenging gives a lot of brain exercise with just small space consumed in your memory well done!
great , real hard puzzles at "very hard" level , all susokus are solvable by logic (don't have bugs in puzzle ), resume and pause for each puzzle ,all what you need form a Sudoku game
Extremely relaxing. Great for newbies as well as experienced players. Clean and simple without flashing lights or distractions. Very well thought through "Settings". Reasonable number of ads displayed. Overall a 10/10 experience. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you, game creators and developers. :)
I see no flaws in the game. I just love it. Most people are always surprised that i only play "VERY HARD", it relaxes the mind
Of course, I don't care for the ads. I wish the "hints" could also explain the reasoning behind why a particular square is that number.
I've tried the very hard mode but it seems like there's an error with the sudoku in pack 1 puzzle 2. There's double number so i couldn't solve it. Btw, I've tried abt 3 times so i couldn't be mistaken. And i hope after i upgrade this game, it's fixed
Very hard, puzzle 2 has wrongly placed numbers and there should be points and bonus points and not the time
Excellent app. I appreciate and recommend the app. I not only helps to kill the time but also improves logical reasoning.
I've been doing Sudoku for many years. But this present app has significantly helped me clarify the processes of problem-solving I brought to the game (this was a surprise to me !). Your very clear graphics and the ease of note-taking needed for finding solutions has clearly helped here. Full marks!!
still on first round but it's a well designed game. easy = really easy a previous version I used did not require the "pencil" to enter multiple possibilities, putting a second or third choice automatically reduced the size so that all digits could be activated in a square. this is an easier version and excellent for beginners.
I prefer the sudokus that let you select the number and then boxes but I like the option to auto remove repeated numbers once the large ones are placed.
I love the game but it sucks because I can't transfer my progress from my old phone to new phone. Hate redoing the same puzzles over and over so will probably just quit. No point in continuing if I can't keep the progress too. Just my opinion though and the way I play my games.
Entertaining. Very nice to have the option to write the possible numbers in small print in the squares.
Yes, has sudoku. Allover, everywhere, sudoku. No bull, no crappy commercials. I play sudoku so I play this app. Good sht at night :) and you can pause it. Is a lot in there. I need no more.
Easy pack 26 puzzle 17 appears unsolvable as the bottom row needs a 2 and a 9 but the lower left corner cannot have either because the first column has both a 2 and a 9.